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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Karolsen: What to Expect from Supergirl’s Kara/James

Note: This post contains spoilers...if you haven't watched the extended trailer for Supergirl. This post will contain heavy amounts of speculation, fangirl squeeing, and shipping. So. Much. Shipping. You've been warned!

Hello, fellow fangirls and lovers of romance and swooning. I have two questions before we get started today.  First, have you been watching Supergirl?  I’d like your answer to be “yes” here, but no matter if you haven’t.  It’s actually question two that’s the important one.  Have you seen the extended trailer for this season of Supergirl?  No?  Ok, tell you what, I’m going to give it to you here and then give you a couple of moments to go take a look. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.  Go…watch...I promise, it will make the rest of this post so much more fun for you.  ……………………….(←patiently waiting dots→)……………..  Ok, I’m going to assume we are all caught up so let the fangirling begin! Did you see those swoonworthy moments?  Squeeeeee!

To quickly get us all caught up, there have been three episodes of Supergirl , so far. The extended trailer was released after the first episode aired and we have seen some of these scenes so far, but we still haven’t seen them all.  It seems clear, though, that we are supposed to be rooting for Kara and James Olsen (James, not Jimmy, thank you) and, let me tell you, I am firmly in their corner! They are just so cute with each other.  The chemistry has been there since their very first meeting.  James knew her secret before she even told him, because of his friendship with her cousin (Clark Kent/Superman), so he’s been her secret confidante longer than she even realized.  She was immediately attracted to him. We’ve been treated to stolen glances, shy smiles, over giggling at his jokes, swooning and, quite frankly, a lot of personal space invasion.  Seriously, the two of them seem to want to share the same set of clothes when they are talking. A stray wind would put them in the most compromising position, I promise you. Suffice it say, the attraction is obviously there and they both feel the same way. It’s all good, right?  Ahhh, not so fast!

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Kara is so ready to be the hero that National City needs that she often forgets that she’s a new superhero-ing and bites off more than she can chew. She keeps finding herself in danger and has had her ass served to her on more than one occasion. No matter; she’s a superhero!  She bounces back and is ready to fight the good fight again, whether she’s hurt or not.

Supergirl's Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen

James isn’t quite ready to let that happen. James is used to seeing Superman usually triumph and when Kara met a villain that even Superman had not been able to defeat, he was not willing to let Kara handle it alone.  He used his handy dandy “Superman, Save Me” button on his watch to call him in to save the day.  Which did not sit well with Kara, at all. Because girl power, rah rah, I got this, I don’t need you to save me, I’m a strong Kryptonian woman and I don’t need….OH NO YOU DIDN'T CALL MY COUSIN!

Ok, Kara didn’t say all of those things…really any of those things but that was definitely the sentiment.  It may have actually been me that screamed “oh James, you did NOT call Superman!” this past week, but Kara felt the same way I did—even if she didn’t express it like I would.  Either way, Kara was mad and James acknowledged it but didn’t back down from his decision.  “You know, Kara, you may be mad at me but I’m not sorry you’re alive.” 

Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan as Winslow "Winn" Schott

While our, hopefully, soon-to-be couple were on the outs, in swoops the rival for Kara’s affections. Kara’s other co-worker and confidante, Winn Schott.  Winn, from the beginning, has seemed to like Kara as much more than a friend, but Kara doesn’t seem to return those feelings.  I know there are Winn/Kara shippers out there but I’m not on board that train partly because, hello…JAMES, but also because I know that our dear, sweet, earnest Winn is destined for bad things, if he follows the path of his namesake from the comics.  But, we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet and since she shared her secret with him, Kara and Winn have gotten closer.  They shared a dance that both seemed to be enjoying, but before I was able to go into “oh no, what are they doing?” panic mode, James cut in to dance with Kara. PHEW!

He then let his guard down and let Kara see his vulnerability.  He admitted that he’d gotten used to using Superman as a safety net, calling on him whenever things get tough.  “I press that button when I get scared and I was scared that I was going to lose you.” Awwwwwww; huge, hunky James is a big ol' soft puppy! We also got the context of one of the heart eye emoji moments from the trailer.  “Kara, you are amazing.  You leap into the sky, headfirst into danger and you don’t seem afraid of falling.”  “What’s so bad about falling?”  The close body to body contact during their dance while they spoke those words let us all know that they were talking about much more than falling into danger.  Oh yeah!  James was even able to show Kara that he did believe in her by putting himself in danger, trusting that she would save him.

Supergirl's James and Lois sister

Things seemed back on track for our couple until, before we could even finish forming our dopey, dreamy smiles,  Kara rushed headfirst into James’ office and found him there with Lucy Lane.  Boooo, hiss!  We know from the trailer that Lucy is his ex and may be trying to get him back so I instahate her because no; we’re working something here, missy! I’m not going to be too upset yet, though because did you see how that trailer ended?  “I don’t want to let go.”  “I don’t want to either.”  Oh my gracious, ALL of the swooning! Winn has his eyes on Kara.  Lucy has her eyes on James.  But I’ve got my eyes and heart firmly set on Kara and James and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I LOVE THIS. Before I even saw the first episode, just looking at promotional pics of Kara and James, I had hopes. I never thought they'd be delivering so early! I am a little worried they'll get together too fast, but then again, I'm sure some roadblock (maybe Lucy Lane, maybe not?) will come up to keep them apart (eep!) to leave us in suspense for longer... Thanks for this, Pen. Can't wait to see where Karolsen goes!
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