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Arrow 4x07 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: In the Light of Day

TV Recap: Captain's Log Arrow 4x07 Olicity

Show/Episode: Arrow Season 4, Episode 7, “Brotherhood”

Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

Last week’s episode was heavy on the Olicity action. There was fear, conflict, a mother in town, kissing, making up. Basically, last week was a ‘shipper’s dream. So, of course, going into “Brotherhood,” we had to slow it down. There was a lot to cover with Digg and uncovering his brother was still alive. Thea is battling the effects of the Lazarus Pit. Ollie is still on target to run for Mayor.

In other words: It’s damn busy in Star City.

On the Olicity front, this week had zero smooching, but we did get a little flash of Stephen Amell’s abs as Felicity tended to Ollie’s wounds following a nasty battle with the Ghosts.

I know we’ve talked about it a few times this season, but I’m so fully enamored with the healthy relationship that Oliver and Felicity have. Last week may have given us big-time growth (and a plethora of awesome bedroom scene gifs), but in episode 4x07 we get to see how their personal relationship is growing and how Oliver is growing tangentially.

After run at Ra’s al Ghul and kidnapping Digg’s wife (we could still argue about how “real” that was), Oliver has come back as part of the team. It’s been about a group since his and Felicity’s return to Star City. That doesn’t mean Oliver doesn’t have opinions. What’s interesting, though, is this episode we were able to see him discuss his choices with Felicity before bringing them to the big group. In this case, he thinks he wants to take Damien Darhk up on the offer to work together on his mayoral run. He thinks he can get in with Darhk and get more intel, especially as Captain Lance’s ability there has been compromised.

TV Recap: Arrow 4x07 Olicity Chatting it up
TV Recap: Arrow 4x07 Olicity Chatting it up
TV Recap: Arrow 4x07 Olicity Chatting it up
TV Recap: Arrow 4x07 Olicity Chatting it up
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Our wonderful Felicity, of course, told him she thought his idea was awful. She actually recounted the bad ideas he’s had since Arrow’s inception including “dating the Huntress” ‘natch. However, he clearly is sharing his viewpoint and trying to include her in this huge decision he’s making. He actually listens to her. Instead of running headlong into the bad choice, he takes her opinions under advisement, and by the end of the episode (with a little bonus discussion with Diggle) he ends up not going the undercover route with Darhk.

The evolution of Ollie is wonderful. It’s even better alongside the evolution of Oliver and Felicity.

Memorable Lines

Thea to Alex: Well, he’s not the boss of me.

Felicity to Oliver: I’m just listing all the bad ideas you’ve had over the last three years…

Damien: In any chain of command there can never be too much compliance.

Digg to Oliver: You have this inexplicable way of excusing everything just because it’s family.

Oliver: …no matter how much darkness infects us, I need to believe we can come back from that.

Oliver: Everyone clear on the plan?
Thea: You know, I wasn’t the first eighty times we went over it, but now I think I’ve got it.

Oliver: Military crates marked G-65. Does that mean anything?
Felicity: Maybe they’re playing Bingo.
Oliver: Let’s assume that’s not it.
Felicity: Deadly Bingo.

Damien to Thea: It’s Merida! Aren’t you out a little past your bedtime?

Digg to Oliver: My brother needed me. The green one.

Charting The Course: We’ll have next week off from Arrow, but when we come back it’ll be a cross-over two-episode arc paired with The Flash. While that means a big bad to fight and a lot of action, it also means seeing Barry around with Ollie and Felicity, and we know that exes aren’t trouble for our ‘ship these days. Maybe we’ll get a few moments of alone time. I mean, they have two full hours.

Next Stop: Arrow, Season 4, Episode 8, “Legends of Yesterday” (But watch the first part of this cross-over arc on The Flash, Season 2, Episode 8, “Legends of Today”)


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Sheryl Nantus
1. Sheryl Nantus
Best line of the show for me:

”Well, this has to be a better way than how you usually spent your evenings. Dressing in leather and tying people up.”

Right there.


2. ChelseaMueller
@Sheryl Nantus - LOL. I loved that, too, especially with the woman passing by and her reaction.

I'm still giving the ultimate win to "Deadly Bingo."
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Chelsea -- This season is almost like a dream! Shipper paradise. I hope the writers are having fun with it too. I guess my fear is they're setting viewers up for a major Olicity devastation because it'd be "cool"--but maybe that's just my heartbreak from BSG, X-Files, etc. talking. Do you get the sense they're setting Olicity up for end game, or are you nervous too?
4. ChelseaMueller
@HeatherWaters - I don't get that feeling at all. It feels more like they're making these characters stable so the relationship becomes part of who they are and how they cope with things. It's the safe backbone while the world falls apart.

...but then I'm an optimist. :)
Sheryl Nantus
5. Sheryl Nantus
The writer in me says there's no way they'll destroy the Olicity because of all the hard work put into it writing-wise. Not to mention the fans who would walk away (including myself, hubby and a slew of friends) if she's the one in the grave.

There's a difference between being "edgy" and being "stupid". I want to think the writers put all this work into keeping the show on the air. They might put Felicity into danger but I don't see them killing her off because of the show's demise if that happens. Rather like Daryl on TWD - you kill Felicity, we riot.

6. ChelseaMueller
you kill Felicity, we riot.
I love the way you think, Sheryl.

Team Smoak for Life!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@Sheryl Nantus -- "There's a difference between being 'edgy' and being 'stupid.' " I couldn't agree more but I'm not sure everyone realizes this.

@ChelseaMueller -- Give me alllll your optimism!
Sheryl Nantus
8. anzo
If Felicity dies, Arrow will never live it down. It'll be one of those shows that always makes the lists and slideshows of mistakes. Up there with cutting another Felicity's hair.
9. ChelseaMueller
So much of this season has been about ressurrection—of loved ones, of relationships. It's possible that the person in the grave at the opening of this season is someone who came back to life that maybe shouldn't have. Having Barry there does suggest Felicity, but I think that's a Red Herring.

Again, I am the optimist.
Sheryl Nantus
10. Sheryl Nantus
My money's on it being Daddy Lance - he's in deep with Darhk and there's going to be a reckoning for that.

And, let's be honest, Barry would be a whole lot more upset about losing Felicity than running in, tapping Ollie on the shoulder, and running out. The two of them would be well on the way to murdering who ever's responsible.

JMO, of course.


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