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Arrow 4x05 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Our Ship is Solid

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night's episode 4x05, “Haunted.”

TV Recap: Arrow 4x05 Captain's Log Olicity

Show/Episode: Arrow Season 4, Episode 5, “Haunted”

Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

Last week’s episode spent quite a bit of time setting up potential friction between Oliver and Felicity. Both their former flames—in memory and in body—returned to reignite grief and loss. Felicity listened to Ray’s final message at the end of Episode 4, and it was destined to bring up more between her and Ollie. In Episode 5, Oliver learns that Sara is back, via Lazarus Pit.

Instead of spending time apart and ruminating on what this means, Oliver and Felicity spend some quality time on the couch in that fancy loft and talk like adults. I love it! It’s so wonderful that the show is treating their relationship with respect. Oliver admits that he thinks about all the people he’s lost, but that the way Sara was brought back doesn’t heal anyone’s pain.

TV Recap: Arrow 4x05 Oliver and Felicity bonding

Felicity tells him about Ray’s message and her fears about listening to it and what it would do to her. There’s no jealousy or petty squabbling. Just two people who love each other being honest about their feelings and knowing the other will support them. I don’t need a drama ‘ship, I need a romance ‘ship. That’s what this is: healthy romance.  Now, if only she could find that ring…

While the majority of the episode dealt with Sara, and bringing her soul back. Oliver stayed focused. He traveled with Laurel—you know, his ex-girlfriend—to “the other side” with Constantine’s help (such a great addition to the show) and found Sara—his other ex-girlfriend—and brought her back. Once they return to the real world, Oliver’s first move is to rush to Felicity and hold her. Even as Sara takes her first breath, Ollie is wrapped around Felicity. He’s true to his friends, but Felicity is his heart.

TV Recap: Arrow 4x04 Oliver and Laurel

There’s so much potential for love triangles and the like in this show, and it’s wonderful that we aren’t being toyed with thusly. Hopefully we’ll get to continue to see their relationship be the bedrock of Team Arrow and what keeps them both whole and grounded, especially as now all know that magic is legit.

Memorable Lines

Curtis: Some serious Nicholas Sparks level stuff. Don’t judge.

Thea to Oliver: You have been in love with Laurel, and Sara.

Felicity (over the PA): This is your overload, Felicity Smoak.

Constantine: I’m on the side of the angels, mate.

Constantine: If I’d known I’d be surrounded by so many pretty girls, I would have stopped by sooner, Oliver.

Felicity: I’m just glad the latest person from Oliver’s past is not a gorgeous woman.

Thea (about Constantine): He’s a very specific kind of yummy.
Oliver: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you say that.

Charting The Course: Despite spending most of the episode apart, Ollie and Felicity continued to strengthen their relationship this episode. However, now that Felicity has discovered Ray’s alive, there may be complications. He isn’t going to come between our OTP, but the next episode has everyone hunting for Ray. Still, there’s potential for the quest to find Ray/restore him to become Felicity’s side project. We need more Olicity scenes, not less!

TV Recap Arrow 4x02 Olicity gif
TV Recap Arrow 4x02 Olicity gif
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Next Stop: Arrow, Season 4, Episode 6, “Lost Souls”

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