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Sleepy Hollow 3x04 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: “It’s Not Your Time, Dear Friend”

Researching with Ichabod and Abbie

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 4, “The Sisters Mills”
Ship(s): Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), plus some great Abbie & Jenny sister bonding

Ichabod and Abbie Season 3, Episode 4 Captain's Log

Sleepy Hollow giveth and Sleepy Hollow taketh away. During Crane’s recovery scene last week, shippers rejoiced at the fist bump Ichabbie shared … isn’t a fist bump equivalent at least to holding hands in Colonial days, if not an actual kiss if we’re going to go the Shakespearean route (remember that whole palm-to-palm thing in Romeo and Juliet?)? Even better was his telling Abbie, “I am most grateful, Leftenant, that you and I have found one another once again.” All great stuff, even if it required that Crane be hopped up on pain meds. Unfortunately, Pandora spying on them through her magic cam kinda put a damper on the whole thing, made even worse when another black flower bloomed on her Treevil.

Sadly, shippers, this is more of a monster-of-the-week episode than an episode of shipping Ichabbie, although it does allow Crane and Joe to get to know one another (and demonstrate some pretty fine rapport), and for the Mills sisters to share secrets.

Crane visited the dentist and Pandora brought the tooth fairy to Sleepy Hollow this week, but this tooth fairy isn’t the one you remember from childhood. No, it’s Abyzou, and it sucks the souls from children losing their baby teeth. And so it goes, a truly revolting spidery, Golemy monster with a tongue even longer than Gene Simmons, sucking this little girl’s life force out of her as her sister watches.

Ichabod says can you hear me now to Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 3x04

Meanwhile, back at Abbie’s house, Ichabbie engage in verbal foreplay. Crane is playing video games and eating junk food rather than doing his homework, which is to study for his citizenship test. If that’s not “all-American,” I don’t know what is. Abbie decides a pop quiz is in order, and when Crane gives provides a factual answer that doesn’t match the book, he goes off on one of his adorable tirades. I wonder what he’ll do when he learns that, in order for department stores to sell bed linens on sale during the third Monday in February, the government combined Washington’s birthday with Lincoln’s and called it President’s Day.

Their banter is interrupted by a phone call from Joe, who alerts the Witnesses to a little girl in a coma whose sister Saffron “claims that she saw a monster.” Nobody believes Saffron’s fantastical story. The Mills sisters know a little bit about that, and try to coax her to open up, but the kid’s as stoic as one of the Queen’s Beefeaters until the next day when Crane takes a pratfall in her playhouse. Saffron draws a picture of “the tooth fairy.” And wouldn’t you know it? Just like last week, Crane experienced something similar that “nearly destroyed Betsy Ross” back in the day. How does Tom Mison look serious and rakish all at the same time? I don’t know, but I do know that #TomMisonIsAdorable.

It seems Betsy Ross’ niece fell into a coma like those that killed 16 other children in their township who had just lost a baby tooth. She sends for Paul Revere because he uses his dental skills (yes, he was a dentist as well as a silversmith) as a cover for supernatural activities. After Revere arrives and goes into the girl’s room, Crane sees a flash under the door, and soon enough, she wakes up. Crane’s own experience with Revere’s dental skills  is the reason he hasn’t seen a dentist in, um, centuries.

Crane’s gift of the grift is on display this week. He presents himself as the “curator of the soon-to-be Hudson Valley Historical Society and Armory” not once but twice in the episode. First he goes with Miss Jenny to a local grade school to discover which kiddos are about to lose a tooth. Later, when Abbie’s FBI credentials aren’t enough to have Paul Revere’s dental bag sent to them by a museum, he gets on the phone and says that he hoped, “perhaps a little beatle-headedly,” that Revere’s dental bag (the contents of which he believes would help take down the tooth fairy) would be just the thing to make the society’s grand opening a grand success.

Abbie and Jenny in Sleepy Hollow 3x04

As Crane and Joe sit in one car and Abbie and Jenny occupy another, they stake out the houses of the two possible victims. To pass the time, Joe teases Crane about fix-up, texting with Zoe, and emojis while Abbie confesses to her sister about stalking their dad. Jenny reveals she did the same thing five years ago, and just as the two are seriously getting into it (rest assured, at episode’s end Abbie vows that no fight will ever keep them apart again), the little boy Abbie and Jenny are watching runs out of the house. Did I mention that only kids can see Abyzou? So this kid is running from what looks like nothing while nothing sneaks up on the sisters and knocks them out. Only one wakes up, and her name isn’t Abbie.

Can Ichabbie actually be Ichabbie when one half is unconscious? Because when he tells Jenny that Abbie is the “strongest person I ever knew, in this time or any other time,” and says to Abbie while she lays in a coma, “This isn’t your time, dear friend” before tearing up, so did I … almost … until I remembered the rumor I read online today that in next week’s episode, Ichabbie may have a more-than-friends moment.

When Revere’s dental bag arrives at the archives, Crane discovers the tools fit together to “create a greater contraption,” a weapon to defeat the tooth fairy monster. He and Jenny dispatch the monster as it prepares to kill Saffron, and her little sister and Abbie awaken from their comas. Crane dreams about the time Betsy Ross told him he overthank and laid a liplock on him. Cut to him in a dental chair, coming out from the anesthesia, puckering up for another kiss, oh-so-grateful for the toothbrush and dental floss the hygienist gives him, and loopily telling Abbie, “I’m adorable.”

Pandora visited Abbie in the hospital, (“Hello, sleepyhead” was rather great, wasn’t it?), tormented her, revealed her strange back story, and called Abbie an unidentifiable word. Crane realizes it is Sumerian for “destroyer,” which appears on the prophesied tablet. So their Pandora is Sumerian, but are the Witnesses going to destroy the world? Maybe Pandora—watching on her magic cam as her Treevil continues to grow—knows, or maybe she doesn’t.

Memorable Lines

Abbie: “We live under the same roof, Crane. I know a lot of things I can’t unknow.”

Ichabod: “My jaw aches just thinking of  how Revere manhandled me.”

Charting the Course:Crane is more modern than he realizes, Abbie and Joe discover Crane is easy to tease, Abbie fesses up to Jenny before almost dying, and Pandora was once mute.

Next Stop: Season 3 Episode 5, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” part of a two-hour crossover event with Bones.


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1. PhoebeChase
I don't care how hackneyed crossover episodes are, I can't wait to hear the verbal sparring between Crane & Brennan.
2. nypinta
I'm not so sure about the cross-over. But I do agree with Crane, he is adorable. Glad this time Jenny got the win. I get that Abbie and Crane are the witnesses, but sometimes they sideline Jenny, who has been artifact and demon hunting longer than them and seriously pretty badass. So let her be!

I like Joe. But I miss Captain Irving.

Weird how all of Crane's situations from the past that are related to the now feature Betsy Ross, as if his wife just no longer exists... ;)
Laurie Gold
4. LaurieGold
The whole Betsy Ross thing worked for me until last night, and then her anachronisms got to be too much. She's like a the reverse of Crane, a modern woman tt'd to the past.
5. nypinta
Well that would be a twist! But yeah, last night's Betsy was a bit too modern. Took me out of it for a bit. But then Crane woke up stoned at the dentist and I was AOK again.
7. nypinta
I just really do hope there is a scene with Crane and Hodges discussing conspiracies. I really need that to happen.
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