Oct 30 2015 3:12pm

Romance News: Charlaine Harris’ Midnight, Texas Series Tapped for TV

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Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse creator Charlaine Harris has another book series in development for TV. Her Midnight, Texas, series—which executive producer David Janollari told Entertainment Weekly has “great secrets and great romantic entanglements happening with this big mystery backdrop, though it's the supernatural that will scare the hell out of you”—could be hitting the screen in fall 2016, though it's very early days. Feeling out of the loop? Read Carol Malcolm's take on the first book in the series, Midnight Crossroad. Then weigh in here: Did you like the way the Stackhouse series ended? How about True Blood? Would you give this series a shot?

Tiffany Reisz's The Bourbon Thief details are emerging ahead of the book's June 28, 2016, release. Here's the official description:

A forbidden love affair between a teenaged bourbon fortune heiress and the illegitimate son who should have inherited it all and the dark family secret that threatens to tear them apart...

The Bourbon Thief is a story of revenge, betrayal, lust, and bourbon inspired by real events in Kentucky history.

Looking for more on Reisz? See why she made Jennifer Porter's list of 10 erotic romance novels you should read.

Halloween candy in your near future? Find out which wines pair best with Skittles, M&Ms, Snickers, candy corn, and more with this rad candy & wine matchmaker infographic. And do not forget to stop by our no-costume-required Halloween sweepstakes for the chance to win a bucketful of paranormanal romance novel treats.

Deal Alert: Diana Palmer's Wyoming Bold is currently marked down to $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Amazon (via BookBub).* John Jacobson's first romance was a Diana Palmer novel and he wrote a lovely retrospective about that experience.

Show off your latest historical romance read in a selfie and share it on social media with the #FallBackinTime tag this Sunday, November 1, along with the Historical Romance Network authors! Look for pics from the H&H team on Twitter and Facebook this weekend in solidarity, 'cause we <3 historicals.

Scandal: The High School Years? Jimmy Kimmel dared the cast of Scandal to reimagine the series in a high school setting, and the results are spectacularly sophomoric. Check that out and then help yourself to all our modern day Scandal coverage.

*We don't know how long deals will last, so grab 'em while you can!

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Rachel Immel
1. 715helva
After the train-wreck disaster that was True Blood, I fear for the value of another Charlaine Harris-derived TV series. The first episode of True Blood was good and followed the book pretty well, but from then on, it was not the Sooky-verse that Charlaine had written or that became so popular. To change the characters' characters so completely, and inflate the minor and secondary characters so out of proportion to their value, ruined the series for me. I only watched season 2 a couple of times, and didn't watch the rest of the series at all. So sad if this happens to Midnight Crossing, a book series that I really like, but in which I don't have as much invested as I did the Southern Vampire books. I like to see my favorite authors succeed, but turning books into TV shows or movies usually doesn't end well. (Last great success was Gone With The Wind)!
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