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Lost Girl 5x14 Recap and SPOILER Thread: We’re Off to See the Succubus

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Bo on The Yellow Brick Road

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including for Season 5, Episode 14, “Follow The Yellow Brick Road," which aired Sunday on Showcase in Canada. We'll re-share this Bo/Dyson-centric recap when the episode airs on SyFy in the U.S. in early 2016!

Bo wakes up in bed at Hilton Hovel dressed in a red and white gingham dress with a sweetheart neckline and a red belt. The back of the dress is all ruffles, like a modernized bustle. Her hair is braided in two pigtails tipped with red ribbons. She looks like she stepped off the farm for some Wizard of Oz-themed campy show. Hang on…

We know we’re not in the real world because everything around Bo is black and white and there’s jaunty music. The jaunty music is always a dead giveaway. Bo catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. “I just woke up in a Lucy rerun.”

Out on the road in the succumobile, everything is still bleached of color. Bo slams the breaks at the back of a line of cars at a traffic light. She dials Dyson but gets no joy. “Grey means go!” she yells, honking the horn. Honey, do I know your pain. When no one moves, she gets out of the succumobile and learns there are no people in the cars. “I am so not in Kansas anymore.”


Back in the real world, Bo’s bedroom in Hilton Hovel is drowning under flower arrangements as a picture of a smiling Trick with the caption “In Loving Memory” holds center stage. There’s also a bunch of medical equipment. Doctor Lauren sits on the edge of the bed where Bo lies unconscious with monitors attached to her temples. Dyson and Tamsin enter and he tells the doc that he’s barred the windows and doors. So much for Bo tearing the boards off and letting the light shine in. Interesting that we started the season with her doing that and now are ending the series with the boards going back up.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Tasmin checking on Bo in Coma

“We’ll take every precaution till we know what our next move is against Jack,” Dyson promises. Tamsin looks about 5 or 6 months pregnant, which is some seriously swift gestation advancement. Doctor Lauren sadly updates them that the unconscious Bo shows no response to stimulation whatsoever. They posit that when Bo found Trick and Aoife, her mind couldn’t process the trauma. Nice to see they first changed her into a leopard print nightie. At least she’s not poisoned by a demon so that she thinks she’s in a mental hospital and the last five years of her life have been a delusional dream. Which is all vaguely familiar…

Dyson gives everyone marching orders: they’re in lockdown and nobody leaves Hilton Hovel alone. Tamsin approves this plan and volunteers to buddy system with Bo. Dyson: “We’ve all got Bo.” The doc agrees and tells them that voices, smells, and touches are key to give Bo a chance for recovery. “She’ll recover,” Dyson vows. “She has to.” He goes to do another sweep and Tamsin reminds him to check the attic. After he leaves the room, she notes that Dyson is still carrying around Trick’s will and wonders if the doc thinks he’s read it, but Doctor Lauren thinks that’s doubtful because he’s still grieving. Tamsin gently tells the doc to take a break since it’ll give her a chance to figure out what’s affecting Bo. The doc grouses about how she’s had no luck on that front so far, but heads out after Tamsin promises to call her if anything changes. Alone, Tamsin looks at Bo. “You have no idea how much I want a drink right now.” Preach.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Bo and Tasmin in the Alley

Back in FaeOz, Bo seems to be the only person around. Naturally, she strides over to a nearby alley. “The part of the movie when the girl goes down the creepy alley all alone,” she mutters. And yet, you’re still going! Before she can get around the corner, Tamsin jumps out and pepper sprays her. She thinks Bo was following her into the creepy alley. Bo wonders why Tamsin’s dressed in a black velvet jacket from Black Label. NotTamsin thinks similarly of Bo’s outfit. “Pigtails, huh? You’re really leaning out.” Snort. She offers her card. “If you need a property, you need a good person.” Turns out she is a real estate developer and introduces herself as Thomasina. “And I’m dreaming!” Bo concludes. Quick on the uptake there, kiddo. Thomasina: “Standing up? I thought only horses did that.” Bo wonders where everyone else got to. Thomasina explains that when the Pyrippus came, the Fae colony cleared out, which is why she’s bulldozing. “Everyone needs a legacy. Thomasina Towers!” She pauses in front of some street art of the Pyrippus. Bo says she thought the Pyrippus just represented the Lord of Darkness: “My father.” Thomasina freaks out at that news and prepares to pepper spray Bo again. Bo snatches the spray from her hand and claims she doesn’t know whether or not Jack is the Pyrippus yet, but she knows he’s evil, “which is why I need to wake up and get back to my life!” Thomasina says it sounds like Bo needs the Maestro, who knows everything, but he’s unavailable. She tries to cajole Thomasina to lead her to the Maestro, but her succujuice doesn’t work when she’s in her own head. She snarls that Thomasina is going to help even if Bo has to force her. Thomasina laughs and clocks Bo in the face with her large purse. Heh.

Back in Hilton Hovel, Doctor Lauren gives Tamsin some human prenatal vitamins given that there’s not a lot of information on Valkyrie pregnancies. Tamsin has sad face though and is quiet. Doctor Lauren gently advises that Tamsin can’t ignore it. “Don’t call yourself an it, Lauren,” Tamsin snarks without her usual sting. “You’re a person.” The doc admits that she can’t pretend to know how Tamsin is feeling but the pregnancy won’t take care of itself. “Neither will Bo,” Tamsin reminds her and urges the doc to focus on her instead. Doctor Lauren doesn’t move. “Leave me alone, Lauren,” Tamsin sighs. “I don’t want to leave you alone,” the doc immediately counters. When Tamsin holds firm, the doc agrees to go but not before making clear that Tamsin is not alone. “You will never be alone. Not ever.” She urges Tamsin not to ignore what happened and then reluctantly leaves. “I have no idea what she’s talking about,” Tamsin jauntily tells the unconscious Bo.

Back in FaeOz, Bo pursues Thomasina down the alley pleading her case. The gist is that Thomasina got left behind by the colony because she had no one to go with and now feels all alone. Thomasina: “We’re born alone and we die alone.” Bo thinks that’s pretty heartless. Thomasina thinks the heart is overrated. OK, so she’s the Tin Man equivalent. Check. Bo thinks she says that only because someone broke her heart and she guessed this because she’s pretty good at reading people. She suggests that the Maestro may be able to help Thomasina too. Bo again asks for her help and Thomasina admits she can’t help. “You need to follow the Red Brick Road and only ‘The One’ can see it.” Bo perks up at this given how many times she’s been told she’s “The One.“ “That I may be able to help with.” She decides she just needs to remember what red looks like. Uh, you’re wearing it, Bo! She names a few fruits and Cyndi Lauper’s hair, and then closers her eyes. Immediate she flashes back to all the red of Aoife and Trick’s blood streaming from their cut necks.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Bo and Tasmin Field Brick Road

Now Thomasina and Bo are in a field. Stretching before them is a brick road that splits up ahead. As they watch, it flushes red. Bo strides off down the red brick road and as Thomasina hurries behind her, color floods into the scene. And they’re off to see the Maestro!

Tamsin watches Bo in a coma. Boma? Boma. She slowly gets up and calls for Doctor Lauren with increasing frenzy. Turns out the baby’s moving in her belly. Tamsin: “Holy shit.” Doctor Lauren confirms: “Holy shit.” Tamsin smiles. “I’m having a baby!” One of the monitors beeps and the doc has a minor freak out when she realizes the IV isn’t enough for Boma; she has to feed to survive. “If we don’t wake her up, Bo is gonna starve to death.”

Vex and Mark hurry in to Hilton Hovel each burdened by a stack of old books. Oh. Mark’s back. Yay. Dyson reams them for not staying under lockdown but they risked it to get Trick’s books in case an answer to the Boma sitch could be found in them. Vex: “More than once he opened up these bad boys and presto, the answer was there.” Dyson’s pissed they took Trick’s books from Tolkien’s Lair since that’s where they belong. Mark: “Trick’s gone but somebody needs to step up.” Dyson: “What and suddenly, you can read ancient scripture?” Mark whatevers and moves on ignoring Dyson when he calls him back. Vex chides that Mark is mourning too and Dyson admits Trick was always better at dealing with Mark. Vex: “Trick was better at dealing with everyone than you.” Dyson boards up the door and admits that’s because Trick believed in people and no one more than Bo. “And you,” Vex reminds him. He suggests that not looking at the books isn’t going to change anything. Dyson ignores him to go check on Boma.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Bo in the Wiz meeting the Lion gif
TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Meet Dyson the Lion
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Back in Oz, Bo and Thomasina are being led around in circles by tree nymphs. Bo’s isn’t too keen about the whole Blair Witch Vibe in the woods. The trees around them whisper Pyrippus, Pyrippus, Pyrippus. Thomasina: “Great. Talking trees.” Bo gets the sense they’re being watched. Thomasina wonders if it could be the Pyrippus, but Bo again says she’s doesn’t know. Thomasina: “Great. I’m gonna die in the woods with a girl who wears gingham.” Bo: “How did I find a meaner Tamsin?” Heh. Someone steps up behind them and Bo pepper sprays the new arrival. “Ow wow wow wow woooo!” Dyson howls. Only it’s not quite Dyson. He’s a blend of wolfed out and…lioned out? Leoed out? He’s got fangs and claws and gold fur on the backs of his hands, a prominently enhanced forehead, and is wearing a vest, but it’s camouflage not leather. So Dyson is the Cowardly Lion in this scenario. Check. Honestly, I’m just glad they didn’t make him Toto and think it funny and not in a good way.

He introduces himself: “Sergeant Major Nosyd of the 67th division. Operation Pyrippus Watch.” He demands to know why they’re in a restricted military area. Bo: “Lemme guess: you’re not Dyson.” Nosyd peers at her askance. “Like the vacuum cleaner?” Ahhhhh. Five seasons I’ve waited for that joke. Almost was worth it. He tells them they’ll have to be prosecuted for trespassing but Thomasina tells “Private Ryan” to relax. Bo’s puzzling this one out faster than she did Thomasina and asks what happened to Nosyd’s platoon. “They moved on…I didn’t move with them,” he admits with shame. Bo realizes he’s a deserter and is hiding from the Pyrippus. Nosyd admits that it’s true. “Some hero, huh? But you have no idea what it is to be responsible for the safety of the colony.” “Oh. Really? You don’t think so?” Bo snarks. She decides FaeOz is beginning to piss her off. Thomasina: “Don’t look at me. Everything was fine until Dances with Wolves here showed up.” Snort. Bo: “Everyone looks like someone they’re not, you’re all afraid of something that you don’t know, and the only person who can help me is some mysterious Maestro no one knows how to get to.” Nosyd counters that he does know someone who knows how to get to the Maestro, but Bo is distracted by some tapping that’s pushing through from the real world.

At Boma’s beside, Dyson mindlessly taps Trick’s will. “First I fail Trick,” he confesses to her, “and now I’m failing you.” He begs Boma to tell him how he can help her. “I’ll do anything…”

Back in FaeOz, Bo dabs pepper spray away from Nosyd’s eyes as he says “…but I won’t do that.” Immediately, Meatloaf leaps out from behind a tree and rips on an electric guitar. I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of, but I won’t do that. OK, he doesn’t, but that’s a real missed opportunity right there. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Nosyd thinks it’s too dangerous to find the Maestro, which makes Thomasina accuse him of lying about knowing anything about the Maestro. Nosyd: “I know the Maestro is the keeper of the secrets and the sanctuary.” Bo decides if Thomasina is Tamsin and Nosyd is Dyson, then the Maestro must be Trick. “I’m Nosyd,” Nosyd reminds her, clueless, “and I’m flattered you want my help, but like you said, I’m just a deserter. You need someone braver.” Bo deploys reverse psychology and agrees that Nosyd is right. She leaves him behind and calls Thomasina to go with her. “Wait,” Nosyd calls after them. “You don’t know the way and you can’t catch your own food.” He wiggles his claws as a silent example that he can catch his own food, and, honestly, the milquetoast whimper with which Kris Holden-Reid delivers “food” cracks me up.

Bo declares they’ll just have to starve to death and Thomasina laughs outright. “I’m gonna Donner Party that shit.” Nosyd concedes they won’t find the Maestro without a guide. Bo agrees they probably won’t. “My sense of smell is pretty terrible.” The ladies move to leave again and Nosyd gives in to go with them. “You’ll just have to do it my way.” Bo agrees. Nosyd: “You’ll follow my lead?” Bo: “Trust me when I tell you, I’ve been waiting for this day.” She holds out a hand to each of them in invitation. “Off to see the Maestro?” As they each take her hands, Bo hears Dyson’s voice from the real world: Bo, can you hear me? I’m here, Bo. Bo, would you wake up?! She realizes it’s the real Dyson. “If I can hear him, then…” Dyson: “Come on, Bo!” Nosyd: “What is she talking about?” Thomasina: “Oh, she’s crazy.” Snort. Bo realizes her friends know she’s “asleep.”  “They can’t wake me up!”

Back in the real world, Dyson again demands that Boma wake up. Doctor Lauren comes in with Boma’s test results where she’s located toxins she doesn’t recognize and doesn’t even know how to treat them. And that’s saying something, considering this isn’t her first time with an (ex) girlfriend in a coma. Dyson starts rifling through the clothes Bo was wearing when she first went into her coma to follow the evidence train. “Gotta stick with what you know, right?”

Doctor Lauren clues in to Dyson’s state of mind. “You know you didn’t fail Trick, right? You know that, Dyson.” But that’s exactly what’s messing with Dyson’s head. “I was his lieutenant, Lauren. I should’ve had his back.” The doc assures him there was nothing he could’ve done but Dyson believes he could’ve saved Trick. He’s distracted by a scent on Bo’s clothes and finds a hole indicating something bit Bo. Doctor Lauren realizes the biter could be the source of the mysterious toxins. Dyson slowly picks up one of Trick’s books, accepting the implied responsibility. “Now I just have to figure out where they came from.”

He finds information on the Shtriga Moth that feeds off pain and suffering of victims of traumatic events. The doc surmises they must have brought it back from the funeral home in the flowers. The cure is in the disease, so they have to find the moth because the only way to heal Bo is to have the moth spit her blood back into her mouth. Gross.

Back in FaeOz, Bo, Thomasina, and Nosyd find an elevator pod in the middle of the field. Nosyd confirms this is where the scent leads. Not sure what scent he’s following, but okay. They get in the car, which is the same elevator car from Mount Olympus Penthouse.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Lauren is upset she can't heal Bo

Meanwhile, Doctor Lauren is trying to find a cure for Boma to no avail and she’s pretty damn pissed about it. “Why can’t I cure you?!” she yells at Boma.

Back at Faux Mount Olympus Penthouse, Bo is uncomfortable but Tamsin loves the place. Nosyd notes a pot of Nepenthe on the coffee table, the Grecian drug of forgetfulness. Bo remembers pulling the cord on the portrait of Trick and Aoife’s dead bodies and decides she wants to go. “Stop right there,” NotDoctor Lauren threatens. She’s sporting blonde dreadlocks and is pointing a gun at Bo. Nosyd never noticed her, too caught up in the plant. “Dude, if you’re here for the kegger, I’m gonna need the secret password.” Heh. Turns out the gun is a water pistol full of fruit punch. Nosyd creeps over and introduces her as Lola who can guide them to the Maestro, but she’s lost the map. Lola: “Bummer. Did you ever think like, ‘oh shit, I forgot to put my pants on! But then you’re like ‘no, I didn’t?” Nosyd nods behind her as though he knows exactly what she’s talking about. Heh.

Nosyd prowls off to search for the map while Bo takes on the earth mother. Lola licks a brownie and waxes on about its medicinal purposes. Bo asks if she’s ill and Lola tells her she has too many thoughts. “Overanalyzing,” Bo sums up. Lola says the Nepenthe brownies make it all go away. So Doctor Lauren is the brainless Scarecrow. Check. Bo counters that the plant just makes things foggy for Lola. She realizes the map is in Lola’s head and she has to get her to remember it. Lola scrunches up her face thinking hard and suddenly remembers, “it’s all…”

“…in here,” Doctor Lauren finishes back in the real world as she points out the moth page in Trick’s book. They don’t actually have to wait for the moth to take human form to transfer its spit. She can inject an elixir that will speed up the transformation. Tamsin: “Since when do you offer storybook over science?” Dyson smiles gently. “I guess there’s a little Trick in all of us.” They go moth hunting.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Dyson finds Bo's cure

Mark and Vex clear the attic, which doesn’t look much like it did when Kenzi used it as her bedroom. They commiserate over Trick’s death. Mark wonders what happens to a colony when the Ash is gone. Well, there’s a formal ball, during which a cut throat election amongst the social elite happens to nominate candidates followed by a race as they hunt a Fae stag. Sorry, did no one check the season two repeats? 

Vex claims he never bought into “the whole Ash thing” though the Morrigan’s offers of absinthe, bottle service, and pixie dust off a nymph’s naughty bits was irresistible. Let’s not forget drowning the midwife Luann’s children in the tub and forcing a vampire to stick is hand in the food crusher. “But things change,” he admits. Mark accuses him of being a man with two faces and Vex scoffs that he’s been hanging around Dyson too much. “You wanna know if I’m full of regret, is that it?” he asks Mark. Mark admits he just wants to know if Vex is sorry for the things he’s heard Vex has done in the past. Vex: “From the bottom of my rotten, aching, repugnant soul, you wanna know if I’m sorry? With every fiber.”

Bo and Nosyd walk into a hall of mirrors. There’s creepy whispers and too many images. Bo wonders where “everyone” has gone and Nosyd fearfully points out “they” were right behind him and Bo. A disembodied voice announces: “In the name of the guardian of the gate, who dares to see the Maestro without first paying the toll?” Vex appears in a red velvet robe. He’s a Janus; a two-faced man, one face with a large red scar across his face, the other clear-faced and earnest. Bo: “Vex. Always the two face.” Behind her, Nosyd is freaked out, growling and snarling at his images. Bo looks at her two faces in the mirrors. Nosyd demands to know what “they” are doing to her. Bo: “It won’t let me look away.” JanusVex: “Ever hear the one about the soul-sucking mirror?” Nosyd leaps over with a growl to break the mirror, but JanusVex stops him. “A broken mirror without the toll always equals a broken soul,” he singsongs. Nosyd changes direction to attack JanusVex but JanusVex switches faces to his stammering better self and Nosyd disappears. “What did you do?” Good JanusVex chatters. “Brother is meant to be in the front, not me.” He switches back around to Bad JanusVex who calls “Here, wolfie…”

Thomasina is suddenly there and she begs Good JanusVex to let them pass but he says he can’t. “Brother never listens to me. I’m not supposed to speak to the travelers!” Thomasina tells the returned Bad JanusVex that she used to not listen to her heart just like him. He growls that he doesn’t have a heart, but Thomasina says Good JanusVex does and he knows what Bad JanusVex is doing is wrong. Bo is still transfixed by the mirror. Good JanusVex takes over and tells Bo to hurry if she wants to see her friends. “You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. But yet within that very place, my face you often see,” he recites.

Lola has decided to join the party and realizes the toll is a riddle. “He’s showing us who we really are! Nosyd’s brave. Thomasina’s heart is big…” Bo finishes it for her. “…and Lola, you’re smart!” She realizes the answer’s in the mirror’s reflection. The mirror suddenly shatters revealing a red velvet curtain behind it. Slowly, Bo reaches for the gold pull chord. “I am seriously ready to meet the man behind the curtain.” She pulls the chord and enters…The Dal.

There she finds the Maestro who is…Bo herself! “I’m glad you came,” the Maestro says. “I’ve been waiting for me.” Bo doesn’t understand and begins to protest that the Maestro is supposed to be Trick when she’s overcome by the flashback of finding Aoife and Trick dead and mostly dead, respectively. The Maestro leaps up to keep Bo from falling down. “Only when the master is gone can you become the master,” she tells Bo. Bo cries that she’s not the master. “I am lost without him.” The Maestro tells her that without Bo, her friends wouldn’t have been able to find what they were looking for. Well, neither has U2 and they seem to be doing okay.

The Maestro offers to send Bo home—“There’s no place like it”—but Bo cries that without Trick, she doesn’t know where home is anymore. She looks over her shoulder at the bar where Trick was always stationed only to find his spot now empty.

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Kenzi is Breaking in and Entering

Tamsin and Dyson climb into the attic where Tamsin has heard someone trying to get in. Just as they arrive, that person kicks through the boarded up attic window. “Can someone please explain to me why the whole clubhouse is panic roomed?!” Kenzi yells. Kenzi’s back! Dyson demands to know what she’s doing there. “Showing up for my BFF in her time of need!” She heard about Trick and Aoife and apologizes for not arriving sooner. She and Tamsin hug and doing so, she feels Tamsin’s baby bump. Tamsin and Dyson exchange speaking looks that do not get missed by Kenzi. “OK, cryptic glance, boarded-up windows, midnight lantern sing along…what is going on?!” Tamsin admits they have to tell her something and as Kenzi moans about how sentences that start that way never end well, an enormous white moth flitters into the beam of Dyson’s flashlight and settles on the back of Kenzi’s shoulder. Dyson holds her still while Tamsin raises a badminton racket behind Kenzi and warns “Don’t. Move.”

Downstairs, Doctor Lauren has put the moth in a display jar. She doesn’t understand how Kenzi knew to come home. Wait, no one called her and said “Trick’s been killed. Get your ass home”?! WTF?! Kenzi says it’s all thanks to snail mail and hands over the letter she got that she assumed Doctor Lauren had sent. The doc realizes Hades sent the letter and obviously has a reason for bringing Kenzi back. Fed up, she decides not to wait for the moth to resume human form but rather to extract the needed spit and blood from its bug personae. “It always stores its victim’s blood in its sack” Kenzi silently reacts to this. “All I have to do is locate the sack.” Kenzi: “Remind me to make a sack joke once we save Bo.” Snort.

Back in FaeOz, Bo has arrived home to the Emerald City version of Hilton Hovel. She yells for Nosyd, Thomasina, and Lola with no reply. “Don’t tell me I’m still alone.” When she turns, Kenzi is before her, but she’s dressed like Dracula’s bride in a white nightgown that has big arms, almost like wings. Bo: “Kenzi, please tell me that’s you.” Kenzi: “BoBo.” Bo embraces Kenzi, crying, “There’s no place like home. Oh, Kenz!”

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Kenzi in all white

Doctor Lauren injects the blood she extracted from the moth into Boma’s mouth. Along with Kenzi, Dyson, and Tamsin, she hovers around Boma waiting to see if there’s any reaction. Boma starts to seize and the doc’s equip begins to go haywire. She thinks the blood is working on neutralizing the poison inside Bo, which means, “As we speak, the Shtriga could be transforming inside Bo.

Back in FaeOz, the fake Hilton Hovel suddenly goes all dark. They KenziMoth is also getting squirrely, seizing much like Boma. WE cut back and forth between the KenziMoth and Boma. Suddenly, the KenziMoth starts flapping and flying around Fake Hilton Hovel, attacking Bo. Her dress turns black. “Kiss me, Boby.” She says in a creepy voice. Back in the Real Hilton Hovel, Boma’s seizures are getting worse. “We’re losing her,” the doc shouts. Dyson posits that maybe it’s not just physical. “Maybe she needs to want to accept the Shtriga’s cure.” He yells at Boma to accept as Kenzi climbs on top of her. “It’s me, Kstar. You have to accept it. You have to want to come home.”

In Fake Hilton Hovel, KenziMoth attacks Bo and finally, like Kenzi back in the real world, takes Bo to the ground and climbs on top of her. “What do you want?” Bo asks, KenziMoth’s hand on her throat. “Accept it, Bo,” KenziMoth snarls with wild eyes. A repulsive sack emerges from KenziMoth’s mouth and as she leans down to kiss Bo, Bo hears Kenzi repeating “You have to accept it to come home.” Bo accepts the sack.

TV Recap: Lost Girl Dark Kenzi Attacks TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 Accept this Bo. It Will help gif
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Bright Light flares and when it recedes, Bo is still on the floor, still in gingham as she hears Kenzi’s voice repeat, “You have to accept it, Bo.” Bo rouses to the sound of a horse snuffling. She sits up to see KenziMoth back in the white dress and no longer a moth avatar. “Are you the Pyrippus?” Bo asks. “I thought you were bad.” KenziHorse: “You were bad until you found your way. The Pyrippus is the same. You possess the key.” She holds up the horseshoe weapon Hotphaestus made for Bo. “The power is in the one who holds the reins.” She tells Bo to go home and find the Pyrippus, but Bo again cries that Trick is gone. “And I can’t fight my father without him. I don’t have the answers.” KenziHorse tells her the answers will come, but Bo wants to know when exactly that is going to happen. She hears Doctor Lauren say “we’re losing her” and Dyson calling “hold on, Bo. Hold on!” KenziHorse tells Bo she must find the answers herself. “You know where to look. You are the one who holds the key. Accept it, Bo. You have to accept it or all will perish.” Bo cries that she can’t do that without Trick. KenziHorse just smiles and says goodbye. Bo closes her eyes and clicks her heels three times. “Goodbye Trick.”

Boma wakes up. Kenzi gets off the bed as Doctor Lauren, Tamsin, and Dyson each try to get a response from Bo. She looks around at them all as she slowly sits up but stops when she sets her eyes on Dyson. “He’s gone,” she says to him brokenly. “Trick’s really gone.”

Everyone’s gathered on Bo’s big bed with Mark in a chair behind it and Vex in a chair next to it. Dyson somberly hands Trick’s will over to Bo to read aloud. “I didn’t want to open it until you were…” As she unwraps the scroll, Dyson flips open the chest at his feet. Bo reads. “To those I hold dear, it is with great pleasure that I, Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, member of the Clan Finarvin, leave the following: To Kenzi—the Ring of Yggdrasil. This ring shall grant you freedom from claiming allowing you constant passage between the Fae and human worlds.” Dyson hands Kenzi the ring while Bo smiles at her. Why Trick didn’t give the ring to Kenzi years ago is anyone’s guess. “To Lauren: my tomes of the occult. There is a happy marriage between science and magic. I hope you find it one day.” Doctor Lauren laughs softly. “To Tamsin, eternal wanderer, perennially without habitat, I leave the Blanket of Skeemotah, woven from the sky.” Dyson passes a woven blanket over to Tamsin as Bo finishes reading. “As long as we are under the stars, we are home.” Bo smiles at Vex, eating Chinese in the arm chair. “Vex, he left you something too.” Startled to be a participant rather than simply audience, Vex puts the food down and stands up. “The Compass of Nirad,” Bo reads. “You have found your light in the dark. Here’s hoping that your path remains true.” Dyson hands the compass to Vex who takes it with reverent hands. He sighs, visibly touched, and then sits down again. 

Bo looks down at the scroll, takes a deep breath, and then steals herself as she address Dyson. “To my lieutenant, Dyson, to you and Mark, I leave my beloved bar, The Dal Riata. A place of sanctuary for the colony in dark times. There is no man more able to provide this service. You are my son, Dyson, now and forever. Please show Mark the way.” Overcome, Dyson looks away, jaw locked.

“And last but not least, my Isabeau,” Bo reads, choking up. “I leave you my heart and my eternal gratitude for what you have given me, my granddaughter. It is with deep pride that I look at the woman you’ve become—honorable, kind, strong.” She stops, unable to continue, and Kenzi gently offers to finish reading the will. “Life is not about finding your path, it’s about creating one. Please don’t forget…” Bo finishes the statement Trick choked out before he died. “…You are my blood too. Always and forever.” Kenzi strokes her hair. Bo reaches out for her hand. With great emotion and resolve, one by one, they each take the hand of the person to their left and right, forming an unbreakable circle. A united front. The camera leaves them to focus on the photo of Trick, smiling behind his beloved bar.

Vex makes his way into the attic calling for Tamsin as he’s got her “skee-mee-jee-mee thing” aka the Blanket of Skeemotah. “Hideous piece of cloth is bound to scare away any monster, that’s for certain.” Heh. The attic is empty, but Vex notices the window Kenzi kicked in is still opened. Ruh roh. He goes over to shut it, but the Big Bad is already in da house. “The Dark Mesmer,” Hades taunts. “Trick gives you a compass and suddenly you’re on the straight and narrow.” Guess he was listening in to the reading of the will. “Shame. You might have been useful. Still could.”

TV Recap: Lost Girl 5x14 You are my blood family!

Vex lunges up to mesmer Hades, but his powers don’t work on the god of the underworld. With his glowing hand, Hades grabs Vex’s hand and yanks him close with a cracking sound that promises it hurt. “I don’t play that way no more,” Vex manages. “I finally found a team that’ll accept me.” More cracking as Hades yanks his arm again, harder. “Then I’d like you to give your team a message for me.” Vex laughs derisively. “Lemme get my memo pad.” But Hades thinks his message is pretty self-explanatory. He reaches over and slices Vex’s throat. Gurgling grotesquely, Vex grabs his neck and falls to the attic floor as Hades calmly cleans his knife and departs.

End credits.

Only TWO episodes left!


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1. nypinta
I most definitely got a 'Galadriel giving of gifts that come in handy to the Fellowship' vibe from everything Trick left for the gang in his obviously recently updated will. (I mean, Mark has only been in town a few weeks at this point.) He must have updated it when his oracle wife told him they'd be together soon. The timing of the gift for Kenzi is irksome, but I also don't think it would have done her any good when the Una Mens were in town because Evony got all humans declared as terrorists so I don't think any piece of jewelry would have trumped that. Plus, they were corrupt and wouldn't care even if it's supposed to. But it seems like a long time solution. Where as the books he's giving to Lauren seem to be a short time one. Giving her what she needs to find answers about the immediate problem. But I"m confused because although Trick's attitude towards both Kenzi and Lauren has been mostly positive, he still very much kept them in a seperate category in the same way all fae do: They are not fae. Period. And although he did grow to understand that following rules for the sake of following rules can be bad, there is a real valid reason for keeping the fae secret from humans (what happend at Taft's just a few months previous being the most obvious example) and handing off volumes of books that are proof they do exist, that list their offensive and defensive powers as well as include instructions on how to defeat each and every fae is a baaaaaaaaaaaad idea. Even to someone Trick has decided he can trust. He really should have had some other trinket, magic whats-it that was a blend of fae magic and human science instead. The books should either stay with Bo or with the Way Station keeper. Not sure how a compass and a blanket will come in handy, but I'm sure they will. The blanket for the baby probably, and Vex uses the compass to help them find something.

Pretty sure Vex isn't dead. And I think it's because Jack doesn't want him to be and the cut was just enough to send the message that he can get to them whenever he wants. Plus, I think he took Tamsin. (Or because she's got his child he was able to control her into leaving?)

I still think (because I said it somewhere else already, maybe the previous episode thread) that the moth fae didn't just target Bo randomly because her grief was a tasty treat, but was trying to help Bo realize what she needed to do to stop Hades. I do think they should have made that more clear. Because I don't understand how or why they decided that Bo would go catatonic at find Trick and Aife, but then add on a fae reason for her that happened afterwards. So she went from naturally catatonic to fae-related comatose? Okaaaaaay. It's those kind of details that they completely ignore or leave so vague that have hampered this show since the beginning. I don't know why I'm still annoyed when it happens.

I think the next episode they'll hit the ground running, especially if Tamsin is gone. They'll need to find her and then Hades will spring his trap, whatever it is, and then we'll get a cliffhanger ending again because it looks like our heroes will lose, and then the final will be the conclusion and everyone stating their future plans before the final fade out.
2. nypinta
OK, I wrote a super screwy sentence above. "Because I don't understand how or why they decided that Bo would go catatonic at find Trick and Aife, but then add on a fae reason for her that happened afterwards."

That should read: "Because I don't understand why they decided that Bo would go catatonic at finding Trick and Aife but then add on a fae reason for her state aftwards." Sorry.
3. J.Fall
This show runs from one idea to another so it's not easy to predict from what came before but what do all the characters want, apart from Bo?

It's too much about Tamsin to think she'll go into Valahalla without a fanfare and taking passengers.

Bo's family now has a real sister to offer. Will that be enough to extract her from the triangle to advise her sister with genes as tricky as her own. All that's in question is who will go with her. We're all supposed to think Tamsin will die but ... you know, she's not done that yet and I'm betting she isn't going anywhere. Maybe B/T/K will retire to Kenzi manner to play Sister/Moms.

Bo could build Lauren a big clinic bring Nadia back and Dyson could do something rather than get beaten by the Big Bad every five seconds and appease his guilt or whatever and dote on Mr and Mr Mark/Vex while not dead Ciara waltzes in and asks for a drink.

All kushdy.

Not exactly a huge rush of interest in the last few episodes. Looking aorund boards there is a huge malaise. Very few give a damn!
4. nypinta
I think it's partly because love triangle shenanigans weighed down the show for so long, but now it's all on the back burner so there is nothing to look forward to if you're a shipper, but also because there really is nothing left to try and figure out. The mysteries have all been answered, (but not all that well, IMO.) Now it's just a straight shot till the end. No reason to analyze for clues and speculate on what's to come and what certain things could mean, etc.
5. J.Fall
Hmm, well a big battle of some sort with Hades is on the cards but how Bo wins and what she sacrifices to do so is still up in the air. I've read that Bo might write Hades and therefore herself out of history but if that's the case ....

Dyson would still have let Ciara be married off to the man who murdered his best friend.

Lauren would still have guilt over the pipeline fiasco and go from being on the run into the hands of the Fae.

Kenzi would be either raped or killed by the creep in the elevator.

Tamsin would never find her heart and a full head of hair.

Trick would be hated still by his daughter and never know the love of his granddaughter.

Vex would never follow his redemption path.

Plus all the wrongs Bo rights would never happen.

I know LG will probably gloss over everything pretending life carried on hunky dory but it would just crown the show with another giant fubar.
6. nypinta
I had been playing with the idea of her writing herself out of history too somewhere but I do doubt it'll happen.

But, the thing with Dyson doesn't make sense. Bo wasn't even alive when Ciara was claimed by the King. And she was married to someone else who agreed to go on a suicide mission so Dyson didn't really have anything to do with it, other than not being willing to give up his wolf for some dumbass willing to let himself be killed and his wife carted off. I don't blame Dyson one bit in that situation. But if Bo wrote herself out of history, chances are Dyson and Ciara would be reunited and he'd be able to love her this time and they'd be happy now.

Kenzi might have been attacked by that guy, or that guy would have hit on a different bartender because Bo wouldn't have been the one hired to work at that bar.

Trick would still be hated by Aife, but without Bo to interfere, Trick and Dyson would be able to stop her and get her put in that mental hospital the first time she came to town. So he wouldn't have used his blood to help Bo and that means the Garuda never would have shown up, etc... all leading to: Trick wouldn't be dead.

Nor would Hale.

Lauren would still end up with the fae, but Nadia probably wouldn't be dead either. Actually, of all of them, Lauren is really the only one who's life would probably be worse if Bo never showed up.

Tamsin and Vex are both two characters that made their own choices and if they wanted redemption, they'd find ways to get it with or without Bo.

Of course, if Bo did write herself out of history, I'm sure she would include provisions so that only good things would happen to the rest as a result. But even if she were to do that, she doesn't really have the right to. It'd be an interesting and, with exception of this random speculation, unexpected, but no way they do this. No way they'd disappear their hero, because it'd basically be Bo admitting defeat or deciding she doesn't deserve to live. That's not her living the life she chooses.

I'm just curious how they're going to subvert the expections all the fans have of the outcome regarding the triangle. Most of the options have been covered. The first being Lauren now, Dyson later. Second Bo becomes human. Third, she had to take up residence in Hel and leave everyone behind. The first is the most logical. Bo is still very much attached to her humanity and Lauren is a part of that. But she's fae. Living as a fae while everyone human around her ages and dies is going to have an effect and she'll finally grow up and fully accept being fae. But even this early in her life I don't see her turning her back on being fae just for one person. If the show hasn't made it clear by now that changing oneself completely for another person is a bad idea then people haven't been paying attention. Plus, Lauren's already left Bo three times. If I were Bo I wouldn't have enough trust that Lauren would once again leave her even if she's human and that's a lot to give up for something she can't rely on. And I don't really like the idea of Bo having to become a replacement for Hades either. She's spent the past several years thumging her nose at the arbitrary laws of the fae on Earth, so I can't see her being OK with accepting a life she never wanted.

I think the true battle is for the pyrippus. Dream Kenzi indictated that the pyrippus is neither good nor bad but it's nature is determined by who is in control. Hades wants control, but Bo has the tools to win the pyrippus and make it good. What happens when she does that? Will it change Hades? Or will that kill him? Is all of this just to win a horses affection? That'd be hilarious.
7. TheConclusion
Hopfully this show doesn't turn to the classic " Start the world over" ending! PLEASE spare me that hour of my life that i cannot get back. Things need to be left the way that they are for the ending to be clear. Not "let's bring everyone back from the dead "or some alternate ending. Not only would it be a cope out it will mean that most of show/storyline never happened! The character of Bo should be moving forward.
8. BoandDyson
What did bo mean when she said to dyson " trust me when i tell you i've been waiting for this day"?
9. J.Fall
Well, originally Nypinta Dyson tried to expiate his guilt re Ciara by helping Bo. He said he made a mistake in the past and didn't want to do it again presumably by letting his loyalties to Clan or in this case Trick get in the way of what he thought was right. Not sure how keeping Aife's whereabouts secret fits in with this, it seems like regression especially when he swore fealty to Bo.

Bo is a touchstone in the story, where people who may have always been unhappy with themselves and regret past acts find someone or a cause to believe in. If she doesn't exist then it would follow that they may continue to be unhappy but not act on it as they've already lived hundreds of years without doing so.

Yes, Bo could make provision for this, re-writing their history. Maybe we get little cameos of them all living happy lives before Bo poofs out of existance. Tamsin's baby would poof out of existance too, not sure how T would feel about that.
10. nypinta
@BoandDyson, Apparently they've decided that Bo's been wating for Dyson to be a "leader". I guess they forgot that Dyson did just that in S2 and then they decided to make him wrong just so Bo had to be the hero after all. It's a set up so that we know Dyson has a purpose for himself if Bo leaves at the end. Because Dyson, who has gone off on his own before when he broke away from his pack after he realized they sucked, needs someone who has only been aware she's fae for 5 years to tell him how to live. (If I sound bitter, it's because it's a common trope for these kinds of stories, and it always bothers me because it's usually insulting to one character while the other is lofted up too high. Example: Cas on Supernatural. Any story with a character that has been alive for a very long time but needs to be taught life lessons from a noob while the noob stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the life and experience of the other character.) It bothers me because it could so easily be avoided, or subverted.

@JFall, Bo being a touchstone I get. But like my gripe above, they've taken it too far in most cases and the idea that no one in her circle of friends could have discovered a better path for themselves or still been happy is grating to me because then it gives Bo a pass on all the crappy ways she has done things that everyone ignores because she is supposedly the only reason the good things that have happened to them all could have happened. I'm not objecting to someone being an inspiration by example, but it should be mutual and it shouldn't always be at the expense of the other characters. But it's all a moot point because I really don't think that's what she is going to do.

It's possible that all Trick really meant is that Bo could, if she wanted, unwrite the Blood Laws or change them after everything is over between her and Hades. That she isn't just a child born of Hel, but she also has Trick and Aife in her.
11. J.Fall
I too have a problem with Bo's character and everyone falling in love with her, though the latter, I'll put down to being a Succubus. Bo never seems to learn, she just ends up being right by some happy accident and other people are wrong by depending on the information available to them. Bo, therefore, becomes omnipotent and leaves the others with nothing to do but follow.

Do you mean the division of Fae society in Light and Dark by the Blood Laws, Nypinta because I thought with the Unamen dispensed with and The Morrigan and Trick gone, those Laws have gone. The Faeworld has always been so fuzzy and ill defined and lately it's just been ignored for the gang against some SuperFae big bad.

The only thing we've seen referred to lately is the Council, that could be the remnants of The Fae Elders.
12. nypinta
I do think the Dark and Light divide predates the Blood Laws, because they were at war when Trick wrote the laws and forced the peace on everyone to this day. But if Bo who is his blood too, something he felt compelled to say more than once, it might mean she has the power to change them. So they might shoehorn in Bo ending the division between the sides in the last moments after all. Because yeah, that council member Trick called when the nyx was released was the only mention of any of the fae heirarchy in... two seasons? But the preview for tonight's episode features Dyson and Mark and suddenly Dyson back to "Dark suck, Light are awesome" because I guess they forgot him telling Bo they're just labels and don't define a person and that his best friend is a Dark valkyrie and that Vex is part of their team now. So when the writers said they wanted to bring the show 'full circle' what they really meant is that apparently no one has actually learned anything at all and are reset to S1 temperment.

I do think that is one of the problems with the show, the lack of definition to the structure of the fae world and the laws. If they had taken more time getting all of that sorted then the episodes would all have a strong foundation. Instead they seemed to make them up as they went along and then just ignored them all together. In S1 Luann's children are murdered because she chose a human, in S2 a women spent 80 years in fae prison for wanting to marry a dark, but in S4 Bo and Dyson are obviously getting together and yet nothing happens because of that. I think that the Una Mens are only called in when things start to get too out of control in any colony. At least that was the impression I got. And that their arrival in town was directly related to Evony declaring claimed humans as terrorists and the fae being taken by Taft. They aren't necessary for the Blood Laws, but are the heavy hitters when too many fae are breaking them... But Bo was supposed to be a character that by defying tradition and choosing a side was able to travel in both circles, yet be looked down upon by both sides and have less available to her as a result. Instead she basically just does whatever the hell she wants and why wasn't that an issue that anyone had a real problem with? I think Evony was the only one that ever had a real problem with it, because Bo does represent a danger to the entire fae society and threatens to tear it all down if other fae start thinking they don't need to listen to the Morrigan and Ash and do whatever the hell they want too. They side stepped it in S4 with her having aligned Dark, and I guess to the Dark she probably still is, regardless of her tearing up that piece of paper. But then she never really considered herself Dark and the Dark don't have a Morrigan to try and reign (ha, I can do horse humor too) her in. I dunno. Maybe she'll surprise everyone and become the new Morrigan and Dyson will become the Ash and they'll reunite the sides by virtue of their relationship. Ha. (Sorry, just rambling.)

I guess I'm a little bummed because there is so much of the fae world that was never really fully explored and with Bo being so new and needing to have so much explained to her or for her to find out but we never really got that. Maybe she went to Trick off camera and got fae history lessons, but she never seemed to mention anything and she was always surprised by everything that she encountered.
13. J.Fall
Erm, well I'm sticking with the belief that Bo is always right so no worries. No wonder she's always been wary of being THE ONE!
14. nypinta
I dunno. Mark is pretty sure he's always right now too. Maybe he'll be the one to defeat Hades and shocking twist, the show was really about a Lost Boy.
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