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Lost Girl 5x13 Recap and SPOILER Thread: Succubus Picture Day

Lost Girl 5x13 It's time to figure everything out.

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including for Season 5, Episode 13, “Family Portrait," which aired Sunday on Showcase in Canada. We'll re-share this Bo/Dyson-centric recap when the episode airs on SyFy in the U.S. in early 2016!

Home at Hilton Hovel with Tamsin, Bo is frustrated that her super forged-by-the-gods-just-for-her weapon is a horseshoe. Tamsin attempts to come up with a few alternative uses for it, but only succeeds in breaking the glass in the vending machine, which is not a total loss given how hungry she’s been since taking down Freyja. She points out that Trick did say the horseshoe would protect Bo from “Jack in a glass box.” I’m more than a little ashamed I didn’t cotton onto that Jack-in-a-box pun sooner. Pun-fu fail.

Bo asserts she’ll need something sharper than a horseshoe to wield against her father. Tamsin pulls out the Amethusto Dagger she stole from Zee and Hera a.k.a. the “cut your daddy out of your life” dagger. Yup. That’ll work! Tamsin wants Bo to make a move against Hades before he can make one against her, but Bo resists the idea of a frontal attack. “Fine,” Tamsin snits. “If you want to call your emotionally unstable ex, even after we…” But Bo isn’t listening, as usual, and instead rambles on about how they’ve been told all their lives about the importance of family and like it or not, Hades is hers. “Or are your family the ones who’ve been there for you all along?” Tamsin counters.

At a Fae mental institution, a newbie is being trained in how to give medications to a high-risk patient.
“Don’t talk to her. Don’t look at her. And whatever you do, don’t touch her. (Pop-up video tells us the mental hospital scenes were filmed at the old Don Jail in Toronto that was recently renovated to house the administrative wing of a rehab hospital.) Say, it’s Aoife! Aoife’s back! And still totally and completely bat-shit crazy. She chokes out the orderly and sucks down the nurse and escapes.


Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Bo is ripping Trick a new one over Aoife being alive when last she knew her mother had died in Taft’s Lab. Trick explains what happened with Aoife while Bo was riding the crazy train with Rainer in season four and everyone else forgot she even existed. Once Aoife’s memory came back, so did her bat-shit crazy, and Trick was forced to confine her to the Fae mental institution. Bo stalks off to find Aoife and make sure she’s safe. “One of us needs to care!” Trick sobs with regret after she leaves.

In the shower at Hilton Hovel, Tamsin freaks out when she sees her hair is falling out.

At the Fae mental institution, Bo is now riding Dyson about not telling her about Aoife. Dyson excuses that it wasn’t his news to tell, because nothing says “end of the show” like regurgitating bullshit that Dyson and Bo put behind them by the end of Season 1. No way Dyson and Kenzi, of all people, would keep shit like this from Bo at this point, but whatever, show. We get it. Doccubus is dead, have to quick come up with something for Bo to be pissed at Dyson over, even if it’s conflict they resolved ages ago.

Dyson explains that, with Bo’s memory loss after she jumped train, they figured she had enough to deal with and didn’t want to add to it, then the longer they waited, the harder it was to tell her. “Oh well, sorry it was so hard on you,” Bo snarks. But at least this time, Dyson has learned to cut off her petulant drama before she can drum up any real pique. “We know it was the wrong choice but we made it because we love you. That’s what family does.” Bo sighs but she gets over it as she looks around the hospital and muses over how awful it must’ve been for Aoife. “If I were here, I would’ve escaped too.” Dyson is not unsympathetic.

The nurse lets them into Aoife’s room where they meet Estelle, Aoife’s roommate (what the huh now?!) who is catatonic and hasn’t talked in 300 years after her family was murdered. Bo and Dyson do that charged nonverbal communication thing they do so well—

Her:Lemme talk to her alone.
Him:Yeah. OK. I’ll be right outside.
Her:I know. Thanks.

He steps out into the hall to give her privacy to question Estelle and stands casual guard, watching, as she succusucks Estelle back to the land of the living. Estelle tells her Aoife talked all the time about her little girl and points out the pictures of Bo as a child that Aoife pinned to the wall, presumably given to her by Trick.

Bo doesn’t understand why Aoife kept pictures of her above the bed if thoughts of her daughter drove her mad. Estelle doesn’t know why either, but she heard the doctors talking about releasing Aoife because she was doing so well. Then, one day, a frightening change came over Aoife, “as if everything that was once wrong came rushing back all…at…once.” Estelle fades out and Bo gives her another shot of the succujuice, this one enough to make Estelle kiss her and grab her breasts. (Pop-up Video says “Bo’s youth, contrasted with the woman’s fragility, is a fascinating portrait. A projection of Bo’s future with Lauren, perhaps.”) Despite re-juicing her, Bo merely thanks Estelle and then stalks out.

She tells Dyson they need to find out what triggered the return of Aoife’s madness. Dyson orders the nurse to provide them with all of Aoife’s records. It’s then that Doctor Lauren rings Dyson with the news that Jack escaped his box. At the clinic, Dyson inspects the box’s opened door while Bo concludes Jack could’ve been going in and out without them knowing for a while. Ah, yeah. Turns out, Hades also left a note thanking the doc for her hospitality and a pencil portrait of his daughter for Bo. Dyson notes that first Aoife escaped and now Jack has and Bo follows that bouncing ball to wonder if Hades had something to do with Aoife’s escape. Ya think? She realizes he might hit the back door to hell in his quest for a dark army and Dyson lopes off to check if the cinvat (a.k.a. the ziggurat in the Spiritual Center for the crazy pony ladies or SCCPL) has been reopened. Tamsin agrees to hang out at the clinic in case Hades returns while Bo heads off to “check the only residence fit for an Ancient.”

Holy Mount Olympus Penthouse, Batman.

Bo enters Mount Olympus Penthouse to find a formal table set in the dining room. Aoife makes an entrance looking smashing because Inga Cadranel is simply stunning. “My God, you’re gorgeous!” she exclaims upon seeing Bo. “Of course you are; you take after me. Mostly.” Bo tries to get her to leave but Aoife is baffled as to why. “You’re just in time for dinner!” Hades exclaims. He sidles out from the kitchen sporting an oven mitt and a spatula and announces he’s preparing Aoife’s favorite. Bo demands to know what’s going on. Hades and Aoife cuddle. “Now Bo, aren’t you happy?” Aoife trills. “Your mom and dad are back together!”

It’s been a while, but say it with me, Bo: DRINK!

Lost Girl 5x13 Bo joins Hades and Aoife for dinner

Aoife and Hades play house while they try to convince Bo they’re all just one big happy family. Bo wants to know what her mother is doing with the man who tortured her and kept her in a cage. Aoife insists she wants to be there. They invite her to stay for dinner but Bo isn’t jumping on the family dinner train (this time). She’s sticking till Hades frees Aoife, but he insists he’s not keeping Bo’s mother against her will, that’s more Trick’s style. Aoife interjects that Hades saved her from the Dark Dungeons. Hades: “Toldja.” Aoife says Hades is now saving her from the institution and reveals that Trick didn’t only know where she was, he was the person who committed her to the Fae mental hospital in the first place. I’m sorry, was that not already clear?

At the clinic, Doctor Lauren is freaking out over not noticing Hades was escaping from his not-at-all-secure glass box of a cell. Tamsin calms her down. “You’re only human; you couldn’t have done anything anyway.” Doctor Lauren gets in a snit about being called out on being human. Not for nothing, but in this scene and the earlier one at Hades’ cell? It’s like they’re barely even trying to hide Zoie Palmer’s pregnancy anymore. Photoshop, guys. Look into it.

Tamsin asks if she’s still recovering from her “god swap” with Zee. Doctor Lauren: “What’s to recover from? The guilt? Humiliation of almost getting myself killed? No big deal.” Tamsin thinks it all worked out in the end. “Sorta.”

The doc takes a moment and then asks if Bo said anything to Tamsin about their (third) break up. Tamsin badly dissembles. The doc doesn’t want Bo to feel alone with everything that’s going on and wonders if Tamsin got the chance to spend any time with Bo. Tamsin, still thinking she slept with Bo the night Doctor Lauren broke up with her, “Ah, no, no, not really.” But the doc is distracted by the pieces of hair that have dropped from Tamsin’s head. “You’re molting!” Tamsin tries to shrug it off but the doc immediately starts examining her and asks if the hair loss ever happened before. Tamsin: “In past lives, when I was about to die. It would fall out when I doubted as a sign I was about to expire.” The doc is shocked to hear Tamsin is dying, but Tamsin is much more sangfroid about it. “Yeah, with no legacy. Not a big deal.”

She wonders if she overtaxed herself doubting heavy-hitters Acacia and Freyja. Doctor Lauren determines she’ll do a full work up to find out what’s going on. Tamsin: “Yeah! ‘Cause that’s how I want to spend my last few precious moments. In this clinic. With you.” The doc asks if she’s eaten anything odd recently (Cheese-Its from Bo’s vending machine) and then if she’s used any new beauty products, like a night mask.

Tamsin: “I don’t night mask.”
Doctor Lauren: “Right. Of course. You just…wake up like that, naturally flawless.” 

Snort. She asks about Tamsin’s recent sexual history and, after her eyes bug out, Tamsin decides it must be her shampoo and heads off to get a drink at The Dal. Doctor Lauren decides to go with her so they can go over more symptoms together. A humdinger of a night there, for sure.

Back at Mount Olympus Penthouse, Hades is waxing on about the biologic importance of sea urchins. (Pop-up video tells us sea urchins were out of season when this was filmed, so the Art Department painted a rambutan shell black and filled it with jackfruit.)

Hades: “Artificial spawning.”
Aoife: “Feels like the ocean just spawned in my mouth.”

Ew. Bo declines to join them so Hades reveals the main course: his and her options from whom Bo can feed. She declines and orders them to go free despite the woman claiming that to serve “Jack” is an honor. “Aren’t you grateful?” Aoife interrupts to partake in Bo’s stead and nearly kills the woman, who’s really all too happy to go with a smile on her face.

Hades decides to get serious and asks Bo if he’s ever lied to her. Bo: “I do know you’ve been creative.” Honey, you’ve no idea. She calls him on leaving his cell without telling her, but Hades reminds her they agreed he’d give her space. Aoife asks Bo to think if Hades has ever lied to her about the important things, like the past, and Bo has to admit that he hasn’t as far as she knows. Aoife: “Can you say the same about Trick?” Hades decides it’s time they told Bo the truth.

They recap how Trick turned Aoife over to the Dark Fae for execution during the Great Fae War after she killed a Dark Elder in retaliation for her mother’s death. Instead of executing her, they kept her as a prisoner and tortured her. Bo adds that then Trick found out Aoife was alive and tried to save her but Aoife counters that he didn’t and she, quite literally, went bat-shit crazy. Until Hades found her and saved her.

Bo asserts that Hades took advantage of Aoife but she counters that Hades loved her and she loved him. “You were born of love.” Teary, Bo tells Aoife she saw the cage in Tartarus where Hades kept Aoife, but Aoife is glad he caged her so that Bo was protected from her mother. “I had PTSD and in my darker times, I threatened to kill you.” They claim they sent Bo away because Aoife was unwell and Hades was bound to Tartarus. “Trick found you first,” Aoife finishes, “and all he did was feed you lies.” Bo reminds her that Aoife lied to her when they first met, but Aoife explains this away as being because Bo claimed to be unaligned, but was clearly with the Light, so she didn’t know if Bo could be trusted.

So I guess when Aoife killed the nanny and stole away from Hades to deliver Baby Bo to Luann so she could run off with her it was all part of their Big Plan? Ho-kay.

Hades delivers the final sales pitch. “We understand justice. It is time for us to rise, together, as a family.” Bo gets up from the table and stalks to the lift as she snaps, “Don’t bother scheduling a family portrait.” Her parents call her back, but she needs to go and think. Hades has one last shot: “Consider one thing. Perhaps all this time, you’ve chosen the wrong side of the family.”

Stunned and emotional, Bo makes her way to the succmobile before she breaks down in tears. But before she can get a good cry on, the passenger door opens and Aoife gets in the car. Bo demands to know what her mother is doing. Aoife: “What are *you* doing?! You are off your game, young lady,” she chides but Bo doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “We’re sending your father back where he belongs. Hell.”

In Bo’s bedroom at Hilton Hovel, Aoife is trying to decide on an outfit. “I wanna be your hell bride red or belle of the underworld black?” Heh. I feel certain those are real descriptions for Party City Halloween costumes. Bo wants her to relax and tell her what’s going on, but Aoife is focused on getting the right threads for the ultimate conquest. “Mother and daughter working together.” Bo concludes that everything Aoife said in Mount Olympus Penthouse was a lie, but Aoife admits it was all true. “I loved your father. He was the ultimate bad boy. Handsome. Charming. A cunning linguist.” She wants to send him back to hell because she thought there was good in him, but she was wrong. Bo wants to know what Hades did to Aoife, but her mother says it’s not about her, “it’s about you.” Bo gets teary but this is all too much vulnerability for Aoife. “Oh come on, Bo,” she tosses off. “Haven’t you ever fallen for the wrong guy?” Well there was Rainer, but that was a cluster of epic proportions. Wrong girl, however…

Aoife goes off to change and Bo stares after her for a beat, worried. Dyson ambles in and Bo greets him with relief. “I didn’t know who else to call.” He looks over her shoulder, clearly not happy to be dealing with Aoife again, but asks how she is. Bo: “Well, she went from eating his sea urchin to wanting to destroy him, so up and down I would say.” He asks how Bo is doing and Bo admits she’s confused. He gives her a small smile of support, which she returns, and they hold hands. Sigh. Aoife interrupts this tender moment to ask Dyson whether the halter dress she’s wearing would seduce him. “Oh wait,” she laughs. “Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?” And she winks at him. Because rape is so funny, ya know?

Pissed, Dyson ignores the crass classification of Aoife’s raping him in season one as “seduction” and instead asks what Aoife’s plan is. She claims it’s actually Bo’s plan, which confuses Bo because she didn’t make no plan with her momma. Bo gently cautions that whatever Aoife’s planning is going to get her killed.

Confused, Aoife tightly reminds Bo they came up with the plan together. “What are you talking about?” Bo asks. Aoife claims Bo came to see her at the institution where they schemed up a plan to take down Hades. Bo has to confess that she didn’t even know Aoife was in the institution in the first place. Aoife starts freaking out and asserts that Trick told Bo Aoife was doing better so she visited her mother and they came up with The Plan. Bo repeats that she never visited Aoife. Aoife starts to lose her shit and decides that Bo tricked her and has joined Hades side, which is exactly what Hades wanted. She then concludes that Bo isn’t real and nothing around her is real. She turns away and Bo asks what she’s doing. Aoife: “What I should’ve done a long time ago.” She draws Bo’s dagger from the wall and tries to stab her, but Dyson catches her wrist before the downward stroke. Aoife looks at the dagger as though she doesn’t remember drawing it. Bo sadly concludes that it’s true that she makes her mother crazy.

At The Dal, Tamsin and Doctor Lauren are having a beer together. The doc starts to talk about Bo and then realizes that it’s totally weird to be doing that with Tamsin. Tamsin agrees but grudgingly invites her to continue. The doc wonders if she made a mistake. “I wanted to be Fae for us, so we could be together forever. Is that so wrong?” YES. Tamsin admits that she gets it. “I made a really bad deal for seven extra lives.” The doc thanks her for being real and adds that it’s something for which she can always depend on Tamsin. This is too much for Tamsin and she confesses that she slept with “Bo” the night she and Doctor Lauren broke up. “I feel guilty for not telling you, which is crazy because I normally don’t care what you think.” And we love you for that, Tam Tam.

She pulls a hand through her hair and more of it comes out of her head. She admits that if she’s dying, she’d like to do it with a clear conscience. “I think the guilt’s making me lose my hair.”  The doc decides she doesn’t care about Tamsin sleeping with “Bo” and continues that she doesn’t have the right or the desire to control Bo’s actions. “She’s free to do as she pleases.” Hallelujah. Tamsin’s a tad surprise to see the doc taking the high road. “Can’t you just punch me in the face like a normal person?” Doctor Lauren: “When have I ever been normal?” She wonders if Bo’s texted Tamsin yet but she hasn’t.

That’s because Bo is lurking in Tolkien’s Lair to confront Trick (again) about all she’s learned from Aoife and Hades about their past. She had to put Aoife back in the Fae mental institution, “because what you did broke her.” Trick is sorry Bo had to go through that, but Bo doesn’t care. She’s decided she knows why Trick never told her the whole truth: “Because you’re guilty. You are *not* a good father.” Trick admits that she’s right. “But I tried the best I knew how.” Bo accuses him of abandoning Aoife to the Dark Fae. “You drove her crazy and when she needed you more than anything, you locked her in an institution, because that’s how you solve problems: you lock them away.” But the worst part was that he kept her mother from Bo because it’s all about Bo. “Do you want to drive me crazy too?” Trick denies this.

Bo, tears in her voice, tells him keeping her in the dark does not protect her, “it makes me want to scream.” She cries that she doesn’t know what to believe and that her father told her he saved her mother from the dark dungeons and tried to save her from insanity. Trick shouts that Hades didn’t save Aoife, rather he took advantage of her illness. “Think, Bo! Her strength and powers combined with my blood?! The perfect, fertile ground for what he wanted to create: YOU!” He asserts there was no saving in her parent’s relationship, only the intent to create and use. Bo accuses Trick of being no better than Hades since he used Aoife to make an example of his rules. Trick admits he’s not perfect and that he’s destroyed lives and cursed noble warriors and torn families apart including his own, “and if I’d told you all of that when I’d met you, you never would’ve let me into your life!” Bo confirms this is exactly what she would have done and she wishes now that she never had.

Pop-up video recounts here that the script text at this moment says “Trick’s heart breaks into a million pieces. As does Bo’s. Too much has been said.” Boy. Howdy.

Trick announces that when someone recounts a part of the past it becomes a story and each person recounting it has their own narrative of it. “And now you, Bo Dennis, have yours. And for it to be true, you need to draw your own conclusions. Find your own truth.” He hands over an accountant’s box filled with Aoife’s files from the institution and everything he has of her past including medical records and tapes. “It’s time. Nothing is kept from you anymore.” Bo stands up and grabs the box, but Trick holds on to it and apologizes one last time. Without a word, Bo snatches the box from him and leaves.

 Strewth! That was emo central!

Home at Hilton Hovel, Bo sets up a projector. Let’s just assume for argument’s sake the projector was in the box with the reels of tape and nothing something Bo just happened to have hanging around in Hilton Hovel, although, were she still there, it would not surprise me for a moment to learn that Kenzi had a projector all this while.

Tamsin and Doctor Lauren arrives sans any tension whatsoever. Bo barely glances at them as she flips on the projector. The doc rifles through the files as Aoife comes up on the sheet Bo hanged as a screen. In full-on, bat-shit crazy mode, Aoife goes on about how there’s evil inside of Bo and “they” have to let her out so she can kill her. In her mania, she attacks the doctor. Doctor Lauren gently reassures Bo that Aoife didn’t mean it, “She’s not well.”

Lost Girl 5x13 Bo watches homemade movies

She finds DVDs in the box of recorded visitations. Tamsin pulls them up on the laptop and the ladies watch as Trick comes on screen, bringing a calmer Aoife a box of stuff. Bo realizes Trick didn’t just abandon Aoife at the institution and the doc points out that Aoife’s response to her father is positive. They continue to watch as Bo herself comes on screen and visits with Aoife. Except Bo never went to the institution for a visit. Bo remembers Zee’s warning that Hades’ evil takes many forms. They realize that Hades was impersonating Bo whenever he escaped from his not-at-all-secure, glass-wall cell. Bo rushes to the phone to call Dyson. “We need to get Jack. Now.” Meanwhile, Tamsin remains crouched over the laptop as the horrible realization comes over her that she slept not with Bo, but with Hades disguised as Bo.

Bo realizes this is why Aoife thought she had made a plan with her daughter. “She’s not crazy.” Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Bo: “We need to get him!”
Doctor Lauren: “Before he does this to someone else.”

They move to the door but then realize Tamsin isn’t with them. Haltingly, she tells Bo how she was with “Bo” the night she broke up with Doctor Lauren. Bo’s eyes well up as she understands how badly Hades played Tamsin that night. Tamsin vomits with revulsion.

Bo gently promises a trembling Tamsin that Hades won’t get away with what he’s done, but Tamsin violently resists her comforting touch. “I’m gonna kill him,” she vows. “I’m gonna rip him into a million pieces and I’m gonna feed him to dogs.” Say, a three-headed dog, perhaps?

Tamsin’s in the lead, Bo and Dyson flanking her, as they stalk into the Mount Olympus Penthouse. Hades cackles at them. “Impressive entrance. I like the formation.” Without a word, Tamsin slugs him repeatedly across the face. He laughs at her. “You done?” he asks when she stops, breathing heavily. “Not even close,” Bo spits and she plunges the Amethusto Dagger in his chest. Unfortunately, it has no affect. Bo and Tamsin gape at him as he yanks it out. Dyson wolfs out but before he can leap on Hades, Hades flings the dagger into Dyson’s gut. “Are you regretting it?” Hades sneers at Tamsin. “You said you would before we...” Bo sharply cuts him off and demands he not even look at Tamsin. Hades gloats over how he stole Zeus’ gig of impersonating other people in order to sleep with their spouses like Zeus did when he impersonated Amphitryon to sleep with Alkmene . (Pop-up video informs us that Zeus transformed into a swan to seduce Leda, wife of Tyndareus, King of Sparta. This resulted in her giving birth to two of Zeus’ kids. Strangely enough, nobody appears to have thought it odd that Leda believed her husband to be a swan.) In Hades' case, he can only do it with people with whom he shares a blood bond. Like his daughter.

Tamsin goes to attack Hades again, but Bo pulls her back because she needs help getting Dyson to Doctor Lauren, “and I’m not leaving you here alone with him.” Tamsin vows she’s not done with Hades. The ladies get Dyson in the lift. Hades waves as the doors close between him and Bo. “See you soon,” he promises.

At the clinic, the doc has bandaged Dyson. He’s more worried about Tamsin. “I’ll live,” she promises then looks at the fresh hair in her hand. “I think,” she amends. Bo wants to know what’s happening with Tamsin, but the Valkyrie doesn’t know. Bo has had enough. She grabs up the Amethusto Dagger Doctor Lauren pulled out of Dyson. “I don’t want to be part of that ever again.” She uses the dagger to cut through the Glowing Hand Print on her chest. Back in Mount Olympus Penthouse, Hades feels Bo sever their connection as his hand turns translucent.

Bo stumbles over to Dyson and grabs him up for a suck down. Doctor Lauren warns that Dyson is weak but Dyson’s really OK with it. “Let her,” he murmurs as he grabs hold of Bo’s wrist. It doesn’t last long but it’s effective. “I’m sorry,” she quickly says to him. “Don’t be,” Dyson gasps. Heh. The doc wonders if it worked. Bo: “It better have.” “Now we kill him,” Tamsin snarls. But Bo objects that instead, she first needs to see Trick. “I made a terrible mistake; I have to talk to him.”

“We’re coming with you,” Dyson declares as he struggles to get off the examination table. Bo insists she has to do it alone and then orders them all to stay together. “No one travels alone.”

At the Fae mental institution, Aoife’s cuffed to the bed by restraints. Trick arrives. “Leave,” Aoife moans. “Not without you,” Trick promises. He knows Hades is coming and is desperate to get Aoife out first. Aoife moans that Hades has won. “Since when do you give up?” Trick prods. “You’ve always been a fighter. My little fighter.” Aoife groans that Trick has always hated that about her. Trick admits that he failed Aoife. Aoife knifes up and embraces her father. Trick tears up as Aoife tells him that he saved Bo. “And one day, she will know but she has to find out for herself.” As they embrace, the door behind them swings open to reveal Hades. Aoife gasps with fear and crawls back in the bed. Trick steps up to stand in front of her. He tells Hades that he’s taking his daughter home. “This ends tonight.” Hades agrees.

Bo runs down into Tolkien’s Lair to find another projector set up for her. She flips it on to see another of Aoife’s sessions, this one in which she’s teary and crying out for her “Daddy” to please not leave her alone. Bo hurries to Mount Olympus Penthouse. She calls Dyson to tell him that Aoife wasn’t at the institution and she’s now checking Mount Olympus Penthouse. Inside, Bach is playing, Aoife’s favorite, but the suite is empty. Bo heads over to a dangling pull chord that retracts the curtain hanging over a picture entitled Family Portrait. She gasps to see Aoife and Trick inside the frame. Trick is seated on a throne-like, high-back chair. Aoife sits on the floor next to him, her face leaning against the chair’s hand rests. Both of them have had their throats slit.

Trick, though, is still (barely) alive. Bo helps him down from the frame and carefully lays him on the floor. She cries that it’s her fault for letting Hades in. When she moves to get help, Trick asks her to stay with him. He smiles up at her and caresses her face as he struggles to speak. “Granddaughter. My granddaughter. Always remember, you are my blood too.” With one last rattled breath, Trick dies. Clasping his hand to her heart, Bo breaks down.

 Sob. The Trickster! Trickopedia! Kenzi is going to FREAK out.

Lost Girl 5x13 Lauren is having a baby

Back at the clinic, Doctor Lauren runs one more test on Tamsin: an ultrasound. Tamsin is pregnant with Hades child.

Dyson, stumbles out of the lift, holding his side and calling Bo’s name. She’s frozen on the floor between Trick and Aoife’s bodies (so I guess she got her mother out of the frame before losing her shit). As Dyson gets close, he sees Trick’s dead body and drops to his knees next to him, openly weeping. A second later, Dyson wolfs out with a howl of grief. “Where is he?!” he shouts. When Bo doesn’t respond, Dyson goes into triage mode. “We have to get out of here.” He moves to pick up Trick. “Bo, come on!” he shouts. When she still doesn’t respond, he finally clues into the fact that something is wrong and looks more closely at her. “Bo?” But again, she doesn’t respond. With Trick’s blood smeared across her chest, Bo has completely checked out.

End credits.


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1. nypinta
Trick's final words to Bo means something, obviously. I suspect (although I'm not usually right...) that Bo is going on a vision quest type thing, like what Trick did in S2 during the blood moon. Dyson was weak when she took his chi, so her wound might not be completey healed and if she got Trick's blood on her and in her... would that be enough to do it?

I like Aife the character. But Bo's got serious rose colored glasses concerning that woman. It's like she's completely forgotten that she's batsh!t crazy. (I'm thinking she was even before she was sent to the Dark for execution.) I don't understand what she meant though that after Trick found out she was still alive that he still hadn't helped her. Are they saying that Trick discovered she was in the Dark's dungeons even before Hades "rescued" her and did nothing to get her out? Because I don't buy that. I mean, Trick has done some horrible things, but I can't imagine after finding out the Dark broke the laws and hurt Aife for all those years he'd just leave her there. Nope.

I too am calling shenanigans on the idea that Dyson and Kenzi were also in on Aife being in that asylum. There was no lead up or hint that either knew anything about it. The episode after Trick is confronted by Aife when their memories came back it was pretty clear that Trick did something to Aife, but didn't tell Dyson what it was and that Dyson was referring to being romantically linked to Kenzi while Bo was out of their memory. Even Kenzi later only reacts to Bo's line about Kenzi never lying to her by then guiltily confessing the kiss. There was nothing else on her face to indicate she knew anything else that Bo would want to know. Also, in the S3 finale Bo was not reacting like a woman witnessing her mother dying nor do I think Bo would have left Aife in the arms of an unknown cabot fae just to go off with Tamsin if she thought Aife was dying. So the whole idea is out of the blue, which is annoying because they had plenty of opportunity to drop hints about it if that was what they were going to do. But they needed a reason for Bo to be angry, even though it only lasted a few mintues anyhow, and this was the quick and lazy way to do it. It reminded me of them having Lauren lie to Bo about her health but then Lauren turns around and calls Trick instead just so in the next episode it's Bo vs everyone about Kenzi. (I think I actually rearranged that episode on my blog because it bugged me so much.) They should have skipped the idea of Bo thinking Aife was dead, and if they wanted Bo and Dyson arguing it would fit more if neither Dyson or Kenzi knew she was in the asylum but he was attempting to defend Trick anyhow. Because the lie Dyson told Bo in S1 was never for Bo's protection. His job was to find Aife & at first they didn't know if they could trust her or if she was apart of whatever plan Aife had. Very quickly Dyson started arguing with Trick to tell Bo what they were doing and was going to, because he knew she could handle it. The idea suddenly that she couldn't deal knowing her mother was fine and in a hospital? FFS.

I'm thinking though that all of the events up to now that in a way separate Bo from everyone, (but don't really), is a bit of a red herring so we'll believe she is going to go off the deep end because she thinks she's lost her support system. Because she hasn't, even with the break up. (Which I am starting to see why it feels like a waste to some. If it was needed just for Bo to be vulnerable, I'd feel manipulated too by the writers. Except Lauren's reasoning was so Bo wouldn't be vulnerable, but so she could focus on the task at hand, which was taking down Hades. But then I'm not a fan of them having Tamsin fall for Bo just to end that like they did if it was just for Tamsin to get some new valkyrie doubting level up. Have Tamsin fall for an lose someone else, push back any reigniting of a relationship till the end, instead of re-starting it just to stop it again.) At least though all of the relationship twisting is behind us. Too much to do to keep mucking about with ships, I think. (I hope.)

Not sure what to think about Tamsin's pregnancy. I didn't hear her say the thing about her not having a legacy. Uh, she defeated and unseated Freya as the ruler of Valhalla and sent her to oversee Tartarus instead. That's pretty big. So if they're going the route of Tamsin finally finding completion via a child... *sigh* I dunno. But Tamsin never said anything about not wanting kids either... whatever. If she dies in order to have the baby though I'm going to start flipping things.

I knew Trick was a goner. Surprised about Aife. Feel bad that Bo wasn't able to explain to Aife that she wasn't wrong about seeing Bo, but it not being Bo but Hades and them getting at least one true moment between them. That might be the most tragic thing on the show.

So I'm thinking next episode is inside Bo's head, then Hades makes his move in the penultimate episode, then the finale happens and he is mostly likely defeated. I figure this probably means at the end of the show Dyson will take over the Dal and run it with Mark. Bo either jumps off a cliff (since they seem to be borrowing so heavily from Buffy this season...) and Kenzi either raises, or helps Tamsin raise the new hellspawn. If Bo dies, Lauren goes with Tamsin and Kenzi. If Bo lives, they might leave together or go with Kenzi. But I'm pretty sure most of the women are going to head out of town after all is said and done.
2. Tambofan
I think Tamsin's pregnancy has something to do with Hades's plan. Remember Acacia said that Hades needed a general to lead his army. And then Bo being his daughter he knew she would be against him, so he decided to break her by taking down her family one by one, first Tamsin he got her pregnant because the child of a valkyrie would grow quick and being a warrior it would be a perfect warrior of the dark king his own blood who he could impersonate if needed, the Trick and Aiofe, then he stabbed Dyson, now that Bo is broken, Hades plans to awake her dark side which usually comes out when she is in danger or is angry. Since she already severed her ties with him this is his way of making his plan work. Just my thoughts.
3. nypinta
Messing with Tamsin was definitely part of his plan. Or he took advantage of an opportunity. I'm not so sure about the pregnancy... I mean, he might have hoped, but is there really any way to guarantee something like that?

I don't understand why Hades wanted Bo to take the candle and free Zeus and Hera though. Was it just to trick Bo into freeing him? That's quite a gamble.

I wonder if Hades killed Trick and Aife because Bo cut their link? He didn't seem to go after them until after she used the dagger on herself. And will the dagger work on Mark too? And if it does, will that kill him?

And a few episodes late but it just occured to me that part of the reason Lauren probably broke up with Bo is because she feels guilty about not catching Evony's illness before because she was so focused on the research to make herself eternal instead, so when she said that Bo needs to focus on being a protector and she herself needed to focus on being a healer, she meant Evony. Huh. I wonder if Kenzi coming back soon will finally have Evony calling in her favor. Will there be enough time with everything else going on? Hmm.
4. CorkyStClair
I thought Trick and Bo's fight and his death scene were well done, and I appreciated Lauren and Tamsin's believably civil interactions. And finally someone had a proportional visceral reaction to being sexually violated. I will be super pissed if Tamsin decides to keep the rape baby, which will probably happen because they wouldn't go there if she was just going to have an abortion.

This show has relied far too heavily on announcements of new information that we are expected to believe various characters have been concealing just because. It makes no sense to have Dyson and Kenzi lie about Aiofe, just as it made no sense for Lauren to be hiding a girlfriend in a coma (I know, I know, it's serious) or even for Trick to have hidden Aoife in the mental hospital for this last stretch when it would have made sense to indicate that Hades might go after her. If you're going to have characters keep secrets from each other for the sake of plot/dramatic tension, we have to believe that they have real motivation. At least Dyson's dishonesty in the first season had a reason and we saw him feeling conflicted about it. This last lie is a mess.
5. nypinta
Another thing, what did Bo mean when she said Aife lied to her the first time they met? Aife didn't really go into any details so.. what was the lie? She told her how a Dark fae king had held her captive for years after being turned over to the Dark but she didn't tell her who her father was. She didn't really go into detail about anything, actually. Am I missing something?
6. nypinta
Agree @CorkyStClair That's exactly what they do. Dump new information on the audience and then we are forced to reconcile it with what we have seen of the characters so far, but it almost always never adds up and as a result the we get frustrated and can't trust anything about anyone. Who's to say that Kenzi hasn't been working for some Taft like company the entire time?

Wild speculation time!

Randomly considered this: what if Tamsin asks Lauren to turn her human? She's already had a second set of lives, and now she's pregnant with another child of Hades, but if Lauren turns her human that will probably (via Lost Girl science magic) turn the baby human too and remove Hades influence over it and her. She'd get a normal life span and the child would get a normal life. She will probably leave to go with Kenzi. And maybe Bruce will go with them too.

I am beginning to think either Bo and Lauren go off together or Lauren dies. That "while I walk the Earth" line was seriously weird and not in a 'happily ever after' sort of way...

Dyson stays in town and he and Mark take over running the Dal, where Vex will naturally run a tab and be as annoying as he possibly can to Dyson.

Evony pulls in her favor from Kenzi and gets some magic whatever to make her fae again.

Bo defeats Hades (obviously) but either takes over in the underworld (except Tamsin took care of that by making Freya in charge of Tartarus...?), or she goes off with Lauren, or she just leaves to wrap her head around everything that has happened. Or, she writes herself out of existence all together and none of what happened to anyone in the past 5 seasons does and the last episode is everyone in their lives sans Bo.

Kenzi may or may not have found the fae anyhow, but she's a survivor and probably would have run into Nate and they're together.

Dyson would be reunited with Ciara & later his son Mark.

Trick nor Aife would be dead. Or Hale.

Lachlan releases Nadia from her curse in exchange for Lauren's help against the Garuda and afterwards she leaves the fae for good and gets a real job with a non-psychotic scientist.

Evony is still Morrigan.
7. nypinta
Cinefilles put up the Q&A today:

Not keen on the "box" joke at Tamsin's expense, but whatever. Only a few comments. I think one person meant "hoist" not "foist" in the pedestal remark, but I bet Lauren wouldn't want to be on a pedestal either so the position would be forced upon her, so it could work....?
8. J.Fall
I feel another yawn quest coming on. Is Dyson getting a late renewal or will he be offering to be give a 'hand' and be told Bo can actually come to some sort of conclusion on her own. Bo needs to find her direction and rally her troops not just be chaff blown in the wind and ending up winnning by accident or by her SuperBoness which really leaves an entry to her Dad.

Tamsin's pregnancy ... least said soonest mended. I sometimes think this show blunders through every genre cliche with merciless lack of any continuity or coherence regarding the plot.

Trick and Aife been killed by Hades. If Bo had knowledge of Aife at the mental institute would she had been better abled to judge Hades. Boo to Trick, Dyson and Kenzie for that but I think Kenzie was included to make Dyson look like he had crowd support and therefore dissipaite the guilt of a guy that said he bore fealty to Bo, yet kept this opportunity from her. He hasn't moved on from Season 1. Still not his own man and still accepting the logic of being a protector rather than lettting Bo make her own decisions.

All characters have been reduced to stuipidity and lack of growth to allow the lame plot to limp on to whatever nonsensical conclusion they hatch in the writers room. I do admire those that still fight their ship corner, it must take an awful lot of optimism to root for a one true love that is so tarnished by the show.
9. The Gardner
I'm just not feeling the second half of S5 here. It's all just so meh, with Valkyrie High being the crux of a mixture of really boring episodes. This one was no different. It had some good moments, but ultimately fell flat.

Trick has been a non character for awhile, despite his connection to Bo, I wasn't invested enough to care about his death. I guess it was good that he finally told Bo the truth, but as with the Lauren lifespan issue from the previous ep, it was way overdue. I'm not a fan of them dredging up the S1 Dyson & Trick lying to Bo for her own good, and dragging Kenzi in to boot.

I guess this was more of Jack's plan to isolate Bo, but where does Tamsin's baby fit in? I hate this story, with every else that needs to be tied up, they are going to add a rape baby to the mix, ugh. My bet is Tamsin sacrifices herself so the baby can live, then Bo and Lauren take it to ease at Kenzi's Castillo. Or the baby breathes fire and shoots laserd out of its eyes, goes on a tear destroying all of Faeronto, killing our hapless heroes.
10. The Gardner
*that should read raise not ease.
11. J.Fall
Why does Hades need a General to lead his army? He's not a 'lover rather than a fighter' kind of guy and didn't he have that bewildered zombie army of the dead all ready to stumble forth?

How is Bo being isolated and mad going to serve him if he's what she's mad at. It just gives him a really pissed enemy.

If he needs a blood relative of strong Fae origin to win the battle then Lauren can quite easily make all candidates human.

My guess is that while Bo meanders on her nightmare quest which renders her useless to all around her, Lauren and Tamsin will be playing hide the baby. I'm not expecting Kenzie until the last two episodes and I expect Dyson will be inserting himself into Bo's nightmare literally or figuratively and showing her he's always there for her and a reliable chap all round and truly loyal now that Trick's gone.

If Bo's journey takes her to Trick who gives her the wisdom to fight Hades then I'm going to ask why this had to happen when Trick could have told her all along while alive and kicking. I know, I know, it's all an allegorical journey for Bo to sort out what she's is and how she's going forward but I'm expecting it to make as much sense as The Dawning, which is very little sense at all.

Shipperwise: Bo/Dyson .... Lauren/Tamsin and baby makes three????? Would they really? Chuckling in anticipation.
12. nypinta
All Kings need generals. They just like to have someone to issue orders too. It's a heirarchy thing. ;)

I think the idea is supposed to be that if Bo doesn't have (or doesn't think she has) a support system it will be easier for him to use her, not so much to get her to join his side. But he did seem to be trying to manipulate her to join him, but when that didn't work and she cut ties with him via the mark, he knew he had to switch tactics and drive her over the edge instead. Because I do think it wasn't until she used the dagger on the handprint that he decided to go after Aife and Trick.

I'm not sure what they're doing with a mind walk episode now. A way to look into the past so we can all finally see what the hell actually happened? I suspect that maybe they knew this season was going to be the end but the extra three episodes was a surprise and that the Kenzi ep, Tamsin in High School ep, and this one are filler.

I'm not sure they're going to tie in Lauren's ability to fae or de-fae to the battle itself. Because that would actually be interesting. With exception to S2, they seem to always keep seperate whatever she's doing from the rest and it's never integrated into the overall story. But, despite some seriously questionable choices, it does seem that they are trying to make up for past mistakes and maybe they will tie it all in.

Ship wise? No idea. I'm not sure that's actually a priority, but they could add it on in the last episode. Buffy ended with her finally being able to leave Sunnydale. The question of whether or not she reunites with Angel isn't even addressed, other than her giving him the "cookie dough" speech. I think the legacy of Lost Girl might actually be how not to write a love triangle. The only other work of fiction I think handled it worse was Twilight, and that's just because Jacob falls in love with a freakin' baby... and oh god if they do that to Dyson, that he bonds with that damn child of Tamsin and Hades I'll go out of my mind. It'd be on par with giving Rose the Doctor 2.0. "Oh look, they each get one!" No. Just no.

But is there really a way they could end that and make everyone happy? Everyone has been saying since S3 that Dyson is not going anywhere so the obvious solution was for him to wait it out, but that's so... lame. I say go for broke and really mess with everyone and have Rainer come walking back out of Valhalla and sweep Bo off her feet. Hahahahahahaha.
13. nypinta
So that happened and I don't know what to think. Haha. Great moments for each character. But I'm confused about why they inserted a "fae of the week" without a real explination other than one that seems to mess with their really lousy timing. And a cliffhanger that's not much of one becuase of promo material... haha. Also, that ring that Trick gave Kenzi seems familiar. Hmm! Did I read about something similar in a fic somewhere? Yes, yes I did. And I'm curious just when he wrote that will. Did he write it after getting that cryptic comment from his oracle wife? Because it seems weird that he had things in it for all of them *at this time*. I don't know too many people who update their wills on a regular basis.
14. J.Fall
Just same old, same old, marking time until the final two episodes. They've never been good at filtering the arc in a meaningful manner. I had hoped the baby birth drama would be over sooner rather than later, so we've got that to look forward too ... groan.
15. nypinta
I think it's more like the calm before the storm. They had to deal with Trick's death, and one scene at a memorial wasn't going to cut it. He's been on the show since the beginning, so I think they felt they needed to do more. Plus, the cast themselves are saying goodbye the show as well. I liked most of it, using Bo's comatose dream state to exagerate everyone's issues while the real world characters also confronted them, but with more subtlety and gravitas. I think everyone in that regard did a great job. Even Mark. Mark! Who woulda thunk it. ;)

What I don't get is the randomness of the fae of the week. I mean, I get that the fae was attracted to grief and Bo's would be a super tasty meal... but that brings up why was she in a catatonic state in the first place and did they really have a funeral for Trick while Bo was unconcious? Did Bo go blank first and then the moth took advantage because someone brought something home from the funeral or was Bo bitten by the damn thing at Hade's loft? Why not have the moth fae be connected? I mean, Bo is going up against a pretty evil guy. Other fae are fully aware something bad is coming, which we saw in the Tamsin flashback episode and why Freya was on the run. The underworld is fully aware that Hades is walking the Earth again and they are not happy about it. Why couldn't the moth fae have bitten Bo on purpose just to pass along information that she needs to fight Hades because *other* fae actually give a damn too? It seemed to me that it was trying to tell Bo something via Kenzi, giving her the clue to stop the pyrippus and defeat her father. Why not embrace that so that Bo knows that it's not just her and her friends on the line but all of the fae and that some of the fae are actively backing her, in their own small way?

I did like most of the visuals, especially Kenzi doing a much better "mare" portrayal than the woman in S2 (no offense to that actress, since it had more to do with the effect than anything KS actually did.) But I could have done without the forced bug insertion kiss, because ew.

I think the baby is just going to be a baby. But IIRC I think there's a shot of Tamsin in the promos kicking a guy in the face and she's not got a pregnancy belly, so she must have it next episode.
17. Marc
Trick's final words to Bo, to me meant that now he had died, as Aeofe also dead, that his Blood King 'power' would transfer to her, and that she now has the power to rewrite history. I'm sure before the end of the season more of her friends will die and she will use her blood to bring them all back, even at the risk of a greater evil being released.

But my big theory, as unlikely as it probably is, is that Bo could use her blood to write herself out of existence. If she never existed then the 'truce' between dark and light would never have fallen apart, and many deaths would have been prevented because so much that happened over the course of the series was because of prophecy surrounding the 'unaligned succubus' especially in the later seasons. If Bo never existed then everything may just have gone on as normal and Bo's friends for the most part would have had much less chaotic lives.

Of course that's a paradox.. if she writes herself out of existence then she never existed to write herself out of existence.. but this is the faeverse, standard rules need not apply.
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