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Lost Girl 5x16 Recap and SPOILER Thread: Faenale

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including for Season 5, Episode 16, “Rise," which aired Sunday on Showcase in Canada. We'll re-share this Bo/Dyson-centric recap when the episode airs on SyFy in the U.S. in early 2016!

Burning down da house. Hilton Hovel is in flames. Dyson is barely holding the final roof beams from caving in, thus bringing the whole place down on top of them. On the floor, coughing for air, Doctor Lauren notices Bo left the Hotphaestus Horseshoe on the mantle (along with more of Trick’s books destined to burn in effigy. Sob.) Sure, but where’s the red kimono?! Suddenly, a ripping sound comes from behind them as Bruce tears the wall away from outside to provide an exit. BRUCE! “Hey, guys,” he says as though they just met up at a café.

The gang makes it outside Hilton Hovel. As one, they turn back to watch it burn. Sniff. Bye, Hilton Hovel! “It’s the end of an era,” Bruce says sadly. So it is, Brucey. So it is. Bruce tells Kenzi that Bo called him and told him to meet her at Hilton Hovel. Mark (correctly) takes that to mean that Bo set the fire. Kenzi immediately protests that Bo called Bruce to save them and also planted the Hotphaestus Horseshoe to help them. “I’ve seen it shield Bo from fire.” The doc concludes Bo knew it would shield them from the fire until Bruce arrived. Mark doesn’t understand the point of trying to murder them but Dyson picks up that Bo did it to prove her allegiance to Hades and it must be part of her plan. A shaky Kenzi guesses that Bo wants Hades to think they’re all dead and so they have to play along. Dyson: “We need to move. We need to get to the elders.” Doctor Lauren wonders how they can travel and still stay invisible to Hades. Mark has an idea. Kenzi turns back to say goodbye to her home. “Bo, this better be the greatest plan ever.” Dyson herds them all on their way, including Bruce, and brings up the rear, his gaze glued on the burning Hilton Hovel before he turns away.

Up in Mount Olympus Penthouse, Hades is gloating. Bo makes a demand: get rid of Tamsin. Hades chortles about sibling rivalry. Bo: “You only have one daughter: I’m it.” She insists on doing it herself and goes to Tamsin’s cage where Tamsin begs Bo to snap out of whatever Hades did to her. “You have the power to fight him.” Bo remains silent, then gets to her knees and kisses Tamsin through the bars of the cage. Pulling back, she draws Tamsin’s chi from her until Tamsin collapses unconscious. Bo stands and looks at her father leaning in the doorway with an evil smile on her face. “Time to get my destiny on.”


The gang is in the Vexmobile—Vex’s Winnebago where he apparently has been living. And apparently, Mark knew that. Pop-up Video reveals that there were two campers used for filming—one for exterior shots on the street and another for the interior scenes back at the studio. Mark is in the passenger seat while Vex drives and Dyson hovers over his shoulder. Hang on, where’s Bruce?! The guy saves their asses and they don’t keep him around for the big fight? Mark is so keen on getting as much help as they can, he called both the Dark and Light Elders to Dyson’s conclave, but Bruce, they ditch? WTF?

Dyson insists the first thing they have to do is get word to the Elders back at The Dal. In the back, Kenzi and Doctor Lauren fight to keep their balance and search Vex’s cupboards. Kenzi finds a long strip of multicolored condoms. Classy. “Who needs weapons when you’ve got…mascara and heels?” she quips. “Hey, those Louboutins could take an eye out,” Vex replies. Pop-up Video recounts that some women’s self-defense classes teach students how to use high heels as weapons, so Vex’s Louboutin defense plan isn’t that far-fetched. Big “duh” to that one. The doc wants to know where Vex keeps his first-aid and pharmaceutical supplies but ends her query screaming “WATCH OUT!” as a SUV cuts in front of the Vexmobile. Once clear, Vex orders no back-seat driving from the peanut gallery then yells at Kenzi to put his teacup back where she found it. “You know, of all the creepy fetishes, how is *this* your weirdest, hmm?” Kenzi taunts, holding up the teacup. Vex retorts that it’s German Weimar porcelain. “I’ve got a life outside you people!” Pop-up Video reports that Weimar Porzella, the German dinnerware company, has been in business for more than 200 years, so they’re pretty damn old teacups. Pop-up Video is very chatty tonight.

Dyson pats Vex’s shoulder. “Get us there fast. Get us there safe. We’re in your hands.” Vex waves his hand and mesmers the SUV that cut him off into the next lane. OK, I officially want to be able to mesmer asshole drivers out of my way. That would be *fabulous*. And would make my commute a gazillion times more stress free.

Hades brings Bo out onto the balcony where the picture of the fire-breathing Pyrippus is etched into a stone altar. Hades corrects that those aren’t flames coming from the horse’s mouth, but rather streams of life force, i.e. chi. “Consumed by my daughter, my Pyrippus.” I dig Bo’s wardrobe change here into some kick-ass red threads a la Stevie Nicks. Why is it always the evil ones that have such good fashion sense?

Bo slowly climbs the steps to the top of the altar and realizes Hades intends for her to feed off the entire city. “First the colony, then the continent,” Hades confirms. After that, the world, all the humans and Fae. Hades reveals he knows Bo didn’t kill Tamsin and has been playing him all along and he allowed it in order to get her where he wants her—on top of the Pyrippus stone altar. Something from the stone seeps into her boots, locking her in place.  She looks down to see her boots transformed into a thigh-high boot version of the Hel shoes. Actually, they look really fucking cool. Hades made them to keep Bo where he wants her until she feeds.

She vows never to do it, but he reminds her it’s in her succubus nature. “You can’t deny what you were born for.” She claims he can’t make her since she removed his glowing handprint. “I emancipated myself from you; I have nothing to do with you!” Hades claims their connection goes far deeper than a glowing handprint or Hel shoes or blood (but that didn’t stop him from using all three.) Also, he replaced the glowing hand print at the end of the last episode, so there’s that. “I created you,” he chortles. “For me.”

Bo denies that he raised her. “I was raised by a good mother, Mary Dennis.” And when was the last time you saw her, hmm? She claims Hades doesn’t have a say in Bo’s life. Hades concedes he didn’t raise her, but Bo still found Death all on her own. He reminds her of Kyle, her first boyfriend who she accidentally killed. Bo reminds her father that she’s learned a lot since that mistake. He taunts that death just keeps following her: Hale, Rainer, Trick, and Aoife to name a few. When she accuses him of killing Aoife and Trick, Hades claims he did it to bring Bo to this exact moment. “Death is your birthright; it *is* your path.”

Bo again swears he can’t force her, but Hades tells her it’s time to embrace her true path. “Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. You will love it.” He knows she can feel the hunger and the power. Bo is struggling to deny both. He taunts that she tried to run from it for years. Bo asserts that she stopped running a long time ago (like, say, 5 years). “I found my family.”

Hades begins to rip apart Bo’s family. “Kenzi? Did she stay? And Tamsin, poor Tamsin. She falls in love with you and you break her heart. Did she stay?” Well, yes, actually. Or at least, she came back. “And then the thing you wanted most…imagine a succubus wanting a Friday night date at the movies kind of relationship. How’d that work for you? Dyson! That didn’t last. No.” That’s because of The Norn. (Freaking Norn!) “And Lauren. Lauren dumped you not once, but twice!” Preach the truth there, Daddy. Though by my count, it was three times, but whatever. Hades isn’t done though. “And even if it had worked out with Lauren, eventually you would have to watch her wither and die with age, because death is a part of who you are!” Bo screams a denial but she’s losing control quickly. Hades grabs her shoulders. “You and I. We’re not capable of love.” That final shot, the thing she’s believed since she killed Kyle, that she’s not capable of love and worse, not worthy of being loved, breaks Bo. At Hades command, her eyes go succubus blue. “Only I will choose who lives.” She starts to feed on the city, each streaming of blue energy feeding the Pyrippus etching beneath her.

With punk rock blaring on the speakers and a vanity plate that read PPTMSTR, the Vexmobile rushes through downtown Faeronto. In the back, Doctor Lauren holds up what she calls an improvised sedative gun. “Thank you, Karen Beattie.” Are you kidding me?! Dyson: “A woman of wisdom and eco-terrorist weaponry.” Seriously, are you fucking kidding me with this shit? They’re dropping the Karen Beattie, eco-terrorist responsible at least for accessory to murder due to her eco-terrorist activities related deaths like she’s a hero?!

Ya know what? It’s the finale. I sincerely do not even care anymore. Carry on!

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Dyson is glad they’re on the same team and Doctor Lauren is glad that Dyson is leading them. “We’re gonna go get our girls,” she says. Dyson pauses and then confesses he used to worry about Bo all the time. Doctor Lauren says that the nature of a succubus, but then Bo found her family. “No, she found you,” Dyson counters. Ah, so now in the finale, they’re gonna have Dyson drink the toxic Kool-aide too. Naturally. Leave no one behind! He claims that when Bo and Doctor Lauren were together he didn’t worry so much (except for all those times in season one and three where he was pretty goddamn worried all the time and said so, but whatever. Toxic Kool-aide for everyone!)

Anyway, Doctor Lauren admits that then she pushed Bo away and Kool-aide Dyson decides to advise her that the doc is wrong to think she can’t be with Bo, that even though it’s messy and complicated, it’s worth it. Well, he would know. Doctor Lauren admits she used to worry what would happen to Bo when Doctor Lauren died. Then she realized she doesn’t have to worry about that. “She’ll have you.” Kool-aide Dyson reaches for her hand and they have a silent moment.

Kenzi calls them up to the front of the Vexmobile. They all look out the windshield to see all the blue chi streams flowing up to Mount Olympus Penthouse from the dead people in the street.

Vex: “Either this is Aurora Borealis or that Jerry Garcia weekend is coming back to haunt me.” Snort.
Mark: “Who is Jerry Garcia?”

Yup. Still a douche.

Dyson: “It’s Bo. She’s feeding.”
Kenzi: “I just peed.” Vex frowns at her. “Only a little,” she amends.

Heh. The doc realizes it’s a group suck (Boy. Howdy.) and that Bo’s gone full on Dark Queen. Kenzi: “Or Dark Pyrippus.” The doc can’t figure why they aren’t affected, but of course, it’s because they have the Hotphaestus Horseshoe.

Back at the top of Mount Olympus Penthouse, Hades chortles as Bo sucks down the city and fills the Pyrippus stone altar with chi. Dark Bo has arrived. FINALLY. Been waiting for that since the end of season two.

The gang runs into The Dal to find all of the elders, Light and Dark Fae, dead. Good job calling in both sides there, Mark. They realize everyone in Faeronto except them is dead. Ya know who’d be a good guy to have brought along right now? BRUCE.

“Jack’s completely taken her over,” Doctor Lauren moans. “She’s lost.” Kenzi is trying to hold her shit together and figure out what’s really going on with Bo. “BoBo what have you done?”

Bo pauses between swallows for a little palette cleansing pontification. “I can be more powerful than all other Fae,” she says in her Dark Galadriel voice. “Everyone will kneel at my feet. There will be no more Dark and no more Light. There will be only me. My true army cometh. Humans. Fae. All will bow before me. I am your Queen.” She’s drunk on chi and begs Hades to give her more. He counsels patience. “In order to rule, we need soldiers. An army.” He’s going to fill them with his will. What exactly does that taste like? He scoffs that followers are all the same and Bo coos that they just need Daddy Dearest’s direction.

Back in her cell, Tamsin wakes up and sings “It’s in Her Kiss” as she carefully extracts the key to her cell from her mouth where Bo put it when she kissed Tamsin. A trick she learned from Kenzi in the season three prison premiere, which is still, to date, the worst episode of Lost Girl ever. Though Trailer Trash Kenzi *was* a riot. Tamsin uses the key to open the cell and escape.

Outside, it’s now daylight. The gang walks streets strewn with bodies, including cops. Dyson bemoans they’re deaths as they were good men. Clinging to hope, Kenzi denies that Bo could have done this and blames Jack. Doctor Lauren tries to tell her otherwise, but Kenzi won’t let her. “You think she did this?!” The doc has to admit that Bo is the only one who’s capable of doing it. Kenzi insists that Jack is controlling Bo and the Pyrippus inside her, making her kill all these people. “Just like he made her almost burn us to death?” Mark snots. Shut up, Mark. Kenzi appeals to the one person she knows believes in Bo as much as she does, but even Dyson is having a moment of doubt. He softly encourages Kenzi to look around and see what Bo has done. Kenzi smacks his chest. “Oh, you think that she’s evil now too?! You know, I’d really expect this from somebody else, but not from you.” But even Kenzi has to face reality. She starts to lose it at the idea that they might have lost Bo, but Dyson immediately promises that they will find her again. “We’re not giving up!”

Up at Mount Olympus Penthouse, Hades realizes that something isn’t right. “There is still free will in the territory.” Bo confesses that she protected her “former allies” with the Hotphaestus Horseshoe. Hades realizes that’s what Zee was up to. “She knew it would be used against me.” Duh. Obviously. Bo takes a knee before her father and begs his forgiveness. He orders her to find the gang and take the Hotphaestus Horseshoe back. She gets to her feet and her eyes go succubus blue. “I will devour them,” she promises. Hades nods. “Hell on Earth, baby. Make it happen.” After she leaves, Hades calls for the guardians of the city to rise. Immediately, the dead cops surrounding the Vexmobile rise up as zombies and aim their guns at the gang. Doctor Lauren: “I think I just peed.” Kenzi: “See?!” Heh. Dyson wonders how many of the sedative guns the doc has, but it’s not enough. Vex: “Here’s one for ya: how many stiffs does it take to destroy a motorized caravan and all its inhabitants?” Dunno. How many condoms did Kenzi find in the back of it? *Rim shot*.

The doc wonders if the Hotphaestus Horseshoe will protect them from the Zombie Cops. The Zombie Cops fire. The Hotphaestus Horseshoe, still in Kenzi’s hand, immediately throws up a force field against which the bullets deflect. Kenzi: “I am *so* marrying this thing when we’re done!” The gang backs up to the Vexmobile and as they climb in, the force field extends to cover the entire caravan. The Zombie Cops block the Vexmobile. “We pledge our service to Hades, the Dark Lord. Surrender or be terminated!” one Zombie Cops shouts over a bullhorn. They’re Zombie Cops and they still need to use a bullhorn? Inside the Vexmobile, the gang gapes out the windshield at the Zombie Cops, Kenzi hilarious holding the Hotphaestus Horseshoe before her and right underneath the disco ball that hangs from the rear-view mirror (along with a Celtic Medieval cross, by the way. Vex, apparently, covers all bases.) Dyson realizes this is how Hades plans to raise Hell on Earth, not by raising souls from Tartarus but by raising the souls of the dead still on Earth but only after he first drained them via Bo’s chi suck. Vex: “How ‘bout we talk about this over tea, when we’re not being shot at, eh?”

But Kenzi has noticed Tamsin coming their way, strutting her stuff right down the center of the street. The Zombies Cops all turn their guns on her, but Tamsin’s face is in full-on doubt mode. “I know you guys didn’t want me on the force, but this is a little extreme, don’t ya think?” Hell of an entrance. “You’re shifts up,” she tells them and, as one, the Zombies Cops collapse back onto the street, dead again. Tamsin climbs into the Vexmobile. “What’s up mother-faers?” The gang gapes at her. Dyson: “Your doubt overcame Hades.” Doctor Lauren points out Tamsin is carrying Hades’ kid. Kenzi, delighted: “You’re doubting for two!” Heh. Tamsin wants to know where Bo is and the gang has to let her in on the fact that Dark Bo, aka the Pyrippus, has finally arrived but Tamsin explains how Bo was faking it and slipped her the key to help her escape. That was so 10 minutes ago. Doctor Lauren asks if Bo gave Tamsin the key before or after she fed off the city.

Before Tamsin can answer, there’s a huge crash as someone lands on top of the Vexmobile. Guess whoo-oooo! The gang rushes out to confront an unusually silent Bo. Kenzi lunges forward; Dyson holds her back, promising her he’ll handle it. But Kenzi reminds Dyson she’s the only one who can bring Bo back. “I’m her heart, remember?” She climbs on top of the Vexmobile with Bo and gives it her best “BoBo/Kstar” try. She reminds Bo they’ve been through this stuff before. “Djieiene spiders. Kitsunes. Even Tamsin went Jack Nicholson evil.” Mark leans over to Dyson and asks “Who’s Jack Nicholson?” OK, he doesn’t, but it’s not like he wasn’t thinking it.

Kenzi reminds Bo that they always come back. “Because we got back. And this Kenzi-conda don’t want none unless you got buns. Hun.” She says she knows she left, but Bo was with her all the time and that won’t change “because you’re my sistah from another mistah. Until the end. So please come back to me,” Kenzi begs. Bo stares at her through all this without saying a word. Her eyes go succubus blue and she stalks Kenzi back a few paces. Kenzi: “So what if your eyes are glowing a shade of hell. I know that it’s not you!” Kenzi winds things up with “I need you” and Bo seams to respond, saying Kenzi’s name as her eyes go back to brown. Kenzi hugs Bo. The gang looks up from below (Vex is actually grinning which is hilarious), but Bo’s embrace quickly reaches pain level. As she pulls free, Kenzi sees that Bo took the Hotphaestus Horseshoe from her while they embraced. Bo’s eyes immediately return to succubus blue. “This is mine,” she says and then shoves Kenzi off the Vexmobile.

Dyson lunges and catches Kenzi at the last second before she hits the ground. Bo breaks the Hotphaestus Horseshoe in half and immediately begins to chi suck the gang. But along with their chi comes memories of times of love with Vex, Tamsin, Doctor Lauren, Dyson, and Kenzi (including the original “fireworks in my mouth” kiss with Dyson. Hoo. Shah.) This is enough to break Dark Bo free of Hades’ influence. Bo jumps down from the Vexmobile. Dyson and Kenzi are the only ones still conscious. Bo crouches before them. “Oh God, what have I done?” she gasps.

Back in the Vexmobile, Vex is driving with Mark in the passenger seat as everyone recovers from Bo’s chi suck while Bo self-flagellates. “He broke my spirit. He showed me what I really am: a killer. He wants to use me to feed so he can build his Dark Army.” Yeah, we got there about 5 minutes ago. Catch up. She decides she needs to go Pyrippus on Hades. “Don’t you mean Dark Queen?” Tamsin mutters from the corner. Bo says they’re one and the same and getting stronger by the minute, but she can’t control the power and won’t risk hurting them all again. Dyson reminds Bo that she’s tapped into that power before without Hades, when she saved Doctor Lauren from the Litch and brought Dyson back to life after her YDawning. Bo insists though that it just happened, she didn’t control it either of those times.

Tamsin inserts that’s because Bo is evil. “Not helping,” Dyson snaps. Doctor Lauren intervenes. “You know what? Let her. She’s actually pretty good at this.” Heh. Tamsin goes on to tell Bo in a hard voice that everyone has good and evil inside them. “If he created a monster, let’s use it against him.” Bo insists she doesn’t know how. Doctor Lauren reminds her that way back when, Bo didn’t think she’d ever be able to control her succubus power. Bo admits that’s true. “But you did,” Dyson says. “I was there.” He reaches for her hand. “And I will be there when you learn to control it now. I will *always* be there.” Bo puts her free hand on top of their clasped hands and smiles fondly at him. “My mom wasn’t able to suck the Dark Lord’s chi,” she tells him.” How can I fight him?”

The doc asks Bo why she didn’t kill them. Pretty sure she just gave it a damn good try. “What made you come back?” Bo confesses it was all of them. “I remember how each of you taste. Your love brought me back. You guys are my family and I love you all very much.”

Vex interrupts this tender moment by slamming on the brakes. The Fae elders are now Zombie Elders and they’ve blocked the road in front of the Vexmobile. Dyson: “Twelve of the most powerful Fae and it’s down to a fist fight.” Tamsin gasps as her water breaks. Kenzi: “OK, that is *not* pee.” Snort. Pop-up Video tells us only 15% of women experience their water breaking before the start of labor. The other 85% have their water break after contractions have begun. So all of us with vaginas planning to have children have that to look forward to. Welcome to the 15%, Tamsin!

Bo gives out marching orders while she strips off the red Stevie Nicks threads. Doctor Lauren and Kenzi will deliver Tamsin’s baby. Vex, Mark, and Dyson will keep the Zombie Elders off of them. “Remember, nobody dies. They’re under Hades’ control.” She sprints up to look out the windshield and smiles. “I’ve got Big Bad Dad.”

Vex, Mark, and Dyson line up in front of the Vexmobile to face off with the Zombie Elders. Dyson asks Vex how many of them he can mesmer at once. Vex: “We’re about to find out.”

Inside the Vexmobile, Tamsin is in full-blown labor, screaming through contractions and crushing Kenzi’s hand. “I feel like I’m being torn in half!” she snarls at Kenzi. Doctor Lauren tells her to breathe and sends Kenzi for blankets. Kenzi shrieks “I don’t know ‘nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies!” OK, she doesn’t, but what better place and time for that line, no? She gets the blankets and hurries back yelling “I’m here! I’m here!” to Tamsin. “Kenzi, that is so frickin’ sweeeeet!” Tamsin yells through another painful contraction. Scrambling, Kenzi reminds Tamsin of when they took yoga at the Y. “You gotta Pranayama that shit, okay?” Pop-up Video tells us that Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning the extension of breath, or life. Kenzi helps Tamsin breathe in and out until another contraction takes over. Tamsin screams again. Kenzi hollers, “Namaste!”

Outside, the guys are fighting the Zombie Elders while Bo stalks over to her dad as she counts off his sins. “Isolate me from my friends. Break me up with my girlfriend.” Ah, no. That last one Doctor Lauren did all on her own and has even owned up to it more than once. But this wouldn’t be the Lost Girl finale without one last retcon, would it? “Kill Aoife. Kill Trick. Try all you will. You will not break me.” Actually, you just said he *did* break your spirit. But, whatever.

Is that Vex’s shirt she’s wearing, or did someone grab Bo a change of clothes while Hilton Hovel burned?

Hades is there for his baby though, not for Bo, which is why he let Bo keep Tamsin in the first place. Bo vows that he’ll have to go through her first. “Time for our first Father/Daughter Dance.” Hades promises to give her a fight if she wants one but already knows she’ll lose. He raises up his glowing blue hand. Bo freezes in place. No! Not the glowing hand!

Vex is mesmering the shit outta everyone left and right. “The child cometh! I can smell it!” shouts Light Elder. Pretty sure that’s amniotic fluid you’re smelling, fella. Dark Elder entreats Vex to give them the child. “It belongs to Hades!” That baby is a “she”, not an “it,” jackhole. Check your pronouns. Inside, Tamsin is upset she’s not outside fighting. “I’m a warrior!” Doctor Lauren snaps that what Tamsin is about to do is brave, possibly the bravest. Outside Dyson and Mark throw around some Zombie Elders.

“This, this right here, is what it means to be a warrior, okay?” Kenzi tells Tamsin. Tamsin nods and starts to push as Kenzi looks out the window to check the status of the others. Bo puts her hand up against Hades’ and it too glows but with a reddish gold light. Kenzi: “Okay, it just got Sailor Moon out there! Bo’s giving the best HJ of her life!” Snort.

Bo’s losing the hand jive, (baby). (Yes, I know that’s not what Kenzi meant by HJ.) “You’re dying Bo,” Hades tells her. “I’m killing you. You forced my hand.” Pun intended, I’d wager. “All because you wouldn’t accept what you truly are—evil.” Energy crackles between their glowing hands. Struggling, Bo repeats what Tamsin said, that everyone has good and evil in them. “Except for you. That is why you chose Tartarus. It’s empty. It’s hollow.” Although he was trick into ruling Tartarus, so…

He tells her she was created in the image of Hades. “We are the same!” Bo tells her father he may have created her, but he never cared for her and that’s where they differ: she cares. “I am Trick’s blood too. His love makes me stronger than the evil that consumes you.” She starts to get the upper, erm, hand. “You will never use me,” she vows. “You will never control me.” Grunting, Hades begins to fall beneath Bo’s, um, hand. “I will live the life that I choose,” she declares. She laughs as she sees he’s weakening. “I love you, Dad. And I’m gonna give it all to you. Until the day you die.” She lowers her hand and takes a deep breath. With her eyes succubus blue, she breathes fire onto Hades, burning him to a crisp. Bye-bye, Daddy! Exhausted, Bo drops to the ground.

Music plays as Bo comes to while Tamsin screams through the last moments of childbirth. Bo climbs back up on top of the Vexmobile and breathes red chi back into the population of Faeronto, human and Fae alike. Tamsin gives birth just as the guys enter the Vexmobile. Good timing, guys. Doctor Lauren lays the baby next to a trembling Tamsin. “Hi,” she says shakily. “I’m your mama.” Pop-up Video says that the script text here notes that despite Tamsin’s weakness, she receives the baby greedily, taking in this new little person with unbridled love. Everyone looks at the baby the way everyone looks at a newborn baby.

Vex and Mark exit the Vexmobile and confab. Mark tells Vex he was amazing. Vex agrees. Vex congratulates Mark on shifting. Mark reveals he didn’t choose a side and probably won’t. “I have made one choice, though,” Mark says. He holds out his hand to Vex who takes it. Above them, Bo finishes feeding chi back into the city’s populace.

Doctor Lauren monitors Tamsin’s heart rate while Kenzi holds Tamsin hand. Dyson watches over them from his place guarding the door. Bo enters the Vexmobile and Kenzi tells her the baby is healthy through and through. “Same can’t be said for Tamsin,” Dyson says softly. Doctor Lauren explains Tamsin’s vitals are dropping. “She’s fighting just to stay alive.” Bo slowly approaches them and then repeats what Hades told her: “All Valkyries die in childbirth.” Doctor Lauren steps to Bo’s side while Kenzi cradles Tamsin’s cheek and they share a private, final moment. The doc tells Bo Tamsin has been asking to say goodbye to her. Crying, Kenzi steps up to Bo’s other side without comment.

Bo comes to Tamsin’s side vowing to save her by breathing chi into Tamsin. Behind her, Dyson holds Doctor Lauren and Kenzi as they watch from the door. Tamsin tells Bo it’s her time. Crying, Bo begs Tamsin to stay. Tamsin promises that she will always be there through her daughter. “She’s my legacy, Bo.” Bo promises to do everything to protect Tamsin’s daughter. Tamsin tells her not to cry for her. “For Valkyries on our last life, it’s not called dying. It’s called rising.” She pulls Bo down to her daughter and names her Dagny. Kenzi sobs into Dyson’s shoulder. Tamsin sighs and with one final look at her daughter, closes her eyes and dies. As Bo, Kenzi, Doctor Lauren, and Dyson watch, Tamsin’s body dissolves into sparks of light that rise up into the sky in the shape of a Valkyrie in flight. One single white feather drifts down to the bed to lay on her sleeping daughter. Sniff.

Later, Bo buckles Dagny into a child’s car seat. Bo tells Baby Dagny (whose about 9 months old now) that she has Tamsin’s eyes. “You’re my sister. I have to protect you.” But now she has dangerous work to do and rather than risk Dagny, she’s sending her away with Kenzi until she comes of age. “Even though I can’t take care of you right now, I’ll watch over you. We all will. I promise you will not grow up a lost girl.” She kisses Dagny’s forehead and closes the car door, startling Kenzi from her sunbathing on the hood. “Precious cargo,” Kenzi says. Bo chides Kenzi to take care of Dagny and herself. Kenzi tells Bo she never lost faith in her even when she did. Kenzi: “I love you.” Bo takes both of her hands. “You’re my heart, Kenzi.” They hug it out. “Tearful goodbyes are so last season,” Kenzi quips. She kisses Bo’s cheek, gets in the car, and drives away. What, no limo?

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Bo wanders over to the succumobile where Doctor Lauren is waiting for her, also by sitting on the hood. Bo climbs on the hood and ticks through their accomplishments. “Hades: gone. Baby: safe. Future: completely uncertain.” Doctor Lauren thinks it’s not completely uncertain and then takes this moment to declare a vow to Bo to spend the rest of her human life with her. Bo recounts how she never thought she’d be able to have a relationship and then she met Doctor Lauren (neatly skirting the fact that she’d started a relationship with Dyson before the Norn (Freaking Norn!) took his love. “And you broke my heart.” The doc admits that she made that mistake twice and swears never to do it again. Yeah, right. Because two times isn’t already too many? Eh, whatever. Finale!

Bo reminds Doctor Lauren that they’re messy and complicated and that hasn’t changed. The doc hopes it never does. She asks if Bo thinks they can “do this” and Bo thinks they can. They mack. As they do, Dyson ambles out from the rough bare-chested as he shrugs on his shirt. He approaches the succumobile; startled, Bo breaks off from the doc and swings around with her dagger drawn before realizing it’s Dyson. “Easy killer,” Dyson teases. Bo chuckles and relaxes. Dyson: “Kenzi’s obeying the speed limit. No texting and driving. Little singing and eating…” Seems he shifted to track Kenzi and make sure she was okay. Bo laughs at the description. “They’re safe,” he concludes and the doc observes that she, i.e. the baby, is in very good hands. Dyson asks if Bo is ever going to tell Dagny who her father is. Bo voiceovers as Kenzi drives away with Dagny in the back seat (now facing forward when Bo buckled the car seat in in backward.) “Just because he’s gone,” Bo says, “doesn’t mean he isn’t still out there waiting and watching. Evil never dies.”

Two blondes make out in the backseat of a car. One of the girls breaks off and acts as though something physical is bothering her. “What the hell?” A cop knocks on the window and tells the girl she has to come with him.

Mark, in a police officer’s uniform, leads the girl into The Dal. He takes a stool next to Vex. “She has no idea what she’s in for, does she?” Vex says. The girl looks around The Dal, then steps up to the bar and tells someone to “beer me.” Dyson looks up from where he stands behind the bar polishing a glass. He knows she’s underage (he was there when she was born after all) and instead pulls over the ledger and gently instructs her to sign it. She knows what it is and asks what’s next after that, “Choose if I’m Light or Dark?” Dyson: “Not in this colony. We’re fighting to change some old rules.” Doctor Lauren steps up and jabs Dagny with some medical thing, probably stealing DNA again without asking first. Again. She adds that they do this so that one day, no Fae anywhere should have to choose. She tells Dagny that now she’s hit Fae puberty, the doc will do another full workup. “She’s still aging into adulthood at an accelerated rate,” she says as though Dagny isn’t standing right there. “Just like her mom.”

Dyson tells Dagny that she probably doesn’t remember them, but they’ve all been watching out for her since she was little. Dagny says that Kenzi told her this day would come. She points out all the players. “The mesmer. The wolf. The rookie. The doctor. Wait, there’s one missing.” That’s Bo’s cue. “Hi Dagny.” Dagny turns to her. “God, you’re beautiful.” Yeah, she gets that a lot. Bo tells Dagny that the last thing her mother said to Bo was her name. “It means ‘new day’.” Dyson comes out from around the bar to stand between Bo and Doctor Lauren as Bo tells Dagny it’s been hard watching her sister grow up from a distance, “but Kenzi kept you safe among humans. Until now.” Startled, Dagny looks down as Hades’ glowing handprint becomes visible on her chest. She asks Bo what it is, and she tells Dagny it’s evil. “I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but it’s coming for you.” Afraid, Dagny asks what happens then. Bo smiles warmly. “We’ll be ready.”

End credits.


A special thanks to all my readers, some of whom have hung in there from the beginning, some of whom have come out of lurkdom along the way, others who have joined us late in the process. I’ve enjoyed our deep, detailed, and layered discussions over the years. Lost Girl was the first show I ever recapped, my first foray into fandom, and a lady leaves the dance with the one who brought her. It has been my honor to be your H&H Lost Girl recapper. May you all continue to always live the life you choose.


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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1. nypinta
I think it's a testiment to the actors that as I was watching I was moved by what they were doing in the immediate moment so that when it was over I was initially satisfied. The scene with Bo and Tamsin especially hit all the right sad buttons and I think was the only time I really was upset. Not sure that says good things about the finale over all though.

But after wards I started thinking about the episode and things started to bother me. They way they kept inserting lines from the show name and opening montage was a bit heavy handed. She won't be a "lost girl" and telling Hades she'll live the life she chooses. Ok. We get it! So clever. (No.) And the way they kept repeating things or not just letting the thing be the refrence. Like the kiss key swap. Fans will know what that was a call back too. It's ok to leave that kind of stuff alone.

Then the last scene itself was really bothering me, as the timing made no sense, nor did the handprint on the new girl, and what was with Lauren randomly sticking her with a needle? Dear show, we know Lauren is a doctor. Don't have her stab people without asking! I read the cinefilles piece, but I still don't understand why Kenzi wasn't there. The explanation they gave doesn't fit with who Kenzi is. She only left because she was still mourning Hale. She didn't mean to leave Bo, she just had to get away for a while. Not forever. And especially for something as important as this moment for a girl she apparently raised like she was her own. Which leads to the other thing I didn't like. The fact that Bo handed Dagny off to Kenzi in the first place.

I've had a lot of complaints over the seasons about Bo but the biggest is the confusion the writers seem to have between Bo and her love of freedom and Bo just refusing to take on any responsibilites. She just walked away from her brain adled mother, she refused to get a job ever, and now she passes off this job onto Kenzi. The line about them having work to do doesn't cut it, for me. Bo just doesn't want to be saddled with anything. (Horse pun totally intended.) And it kinda bugs me that for several seasons she's been pushing back on the idea she is some chosen one or a champion because she's never wanted to be a leader, but neither has Dyson. He has never expressed a desire to lead and yet they spent that past few episodes pushing that on him as if he was somehow wrong for not wanting it. Like Bo saying she's been waiting for him to take the lead, Trick giving him the Dal, Mark jabbing at him about it, and the writings seeming to make him the defacto leader of the colony at the end. Why is it that Bo shouldn't be pushed to do something she doesn't want and her fighting it is a good thing, but it's OK to push responsibilities onto the other characters whether they like it or not?

I did find it funny that Dyson didn't point out to Mark that they'd have half as many fae elders to deal with if Mark had done what he asked in the first place. But someone should have. And hell yes they should have let Bruce come with. Why would you not??

I guess mostly at the end it didn't really feel like an ending, because the show has never been good about sticking to their guns and they've inserted just enough that they think satisfies the two main ships with the 'Lauren now, Dyson later' plan set up by Lauren and Dyson... so it didn't feel like a finale at all. Because all they really did was maintain the status quo. It doesn't really feel like Bo won anything because the change to how the fae do things all happened off screen. (Shocker!) And that was Bo's true "mission" in the first season. She hated that the fae thought they could tell her how to live and she was fighting against that. But they lost that struggle in S2 and never got it back, so they tacked it onto the end.

Dammit. Now I'm bummed again for the show that should have been. To be honest I've only been watching for the past several seasons because I love the cast and I love pondering the potental, tearing apart the episodes and putting them back in new ways. Now that it's over, I wish it had lived up to the potential on behalf of the cast and the fans.
2. nypinta
Oh, and wanted to add that I'm fairly certain that they established that Hades actually chose Tartarus and he just pretended that he was tricked into picking it because he didn't want the others to know he was planning something. They thought it was him gathering all the dead to use as an army to take over the Earth, which was supposed to be Zee's domain. But that doesn't explain why he supposedly was the one that sent all of the ancients to limbo, unless like the painting that story is a lie? But why? Just to mess with Bo's head? So he can pretend to be on her side by giving her all the information about the painting to help her "banish" Zee? But why save Zee at all?

OK. I'm going to stop thinking about that for now. Because I feel like I'm starting down another rabbit hole.
Suzanne Metaxas
3. SuzyM
Amen NYPINTA This show has gone steadily down hill for years now and the finale ended up sliding into a dung pile :( I really was hoping for so much more. Lauren, Bo's supposed great lover, had to be convinced by Dyson that loving Bo was messy but worth it! Really? Plot fail. Would have been so much better were it written that she came to that conclusion on her own! The whole Tamsin having the baby plot line was ridiculous, Valkyries cause doubt they don't suck chi so Tamsin's baby would be useless to Hades. The ridiculous car scene with Dagny and her girlfriend was also dumb, was Dagny going to doubt her to death while making love? Signing the ledger scene was another plot fail. You were supposed to sign your name and the name of your parents! You missed a chance there writers. She should have signed her name, her mother's name and then say she didn't know her dad's name. Sheesh these writers really need to go back to writing school! What could have been a home run ended up being a pop foul :( NOT HAPPY I could go on with many of the other things that were plot fails and plot holes but I'm getting really depressed, so I'm done.
4. nypinta
I was assuming that she'd know who her father was because Bo would refuse to keep that from her, even while she was growing up? But that is a scenario they could have played out. As she's signing and says she doesn't know who her dad is, Bo comes up behind her to tell her the whole story, ending that cycle of keeping things from people. But Bo says from the moment she comes on screen that Dagny is her sister so I think Dagny knew Hades is her dad. Don't hold me to it though.

I did write up a quick alternate ending and posted it on the bastion of maturity: tumblr, because the way it ended for me created more questions and plot holes than it did leave things open ended, which is what they were going for. I'd rather Bo actually left with Kenzi and Lauren and that a grown Dagny comes into the Dal on her own and at a little bit older, Mark is the only one there (even if he is kind of an idiot), and when she signs the book he reacts to her name and says something about being there when she was born and she says she knows, meaning she knows all aobut her own history, unlike Bo who came in clueless. And that's how it ends, with a new generation of young fae while our heroes are off somewhere else living their lives. Dyson could be there in the store room, or he could be in Australia for all we know. With Dagny grown Kenzi maybe went back to Spain. Bo and Lauren could bein Africa. Doesn't matter. Their story is over.

I didn't like the conversation between Dyson and Lauren either. It just felt like they were divying up Bo's life like she was a blueberry pie. Lauren's waving off the dessert but Dyson's telling her how good it is, and she takes a slice and Dyson gets the rest. That's kinda creepy. Even if it was supposed to be reassuring or something.

Did love the red jacket thing Bo was wearing. Find it funny she stopped for a wardrobe change before taking on Hades though. Ha.
7. J.Fall
It's the kind of show that you wish someone would buy the rights to and do properly. It had a quirky charm, mostly because of the actors and the humour but it failed really in it's world building which was haphazard and contradictory.

Dyson uniting the Fae and supposedly gaining help against Hades turned into a damp squib as Bo just sucked the life out of them all before they had a chance to squeak in opposition. Bo farting rainbows and defeating Dad with love was a re-run of every other time her friends were in trouble and SuperBo came to the rescue, apart of course when she doesn't for the tragic deaths of Hale and Tamsin.

Baby Dagny had to go to Kenzi because Valkubus fans would have been sticking pins in effigies if Bo and Lauren had ended up bringing up Tamsin's baby. But if ten years are supposedly passed, then how come no-one ever visited Kenzi or vice versa. They supposedly watched over Dagny but never bothered with a howdydoody, what with a big pair of binoculars???

Never a big fan of Tamsin, so her death is like, yeah well, I was fonder of Hale. Tamsin was okay when she was being Tamsin, it's when she exapanded to fill in nearly ever other role that she became irritating, not only that her supposed arc was the most confusing of all.

The victory of Hades seems a bit pointless. So what, he'd turn everyone into a zombie and rule the zombies. Why not bring back Ryan and have him tinker up a bunch of robots for Hades to play with, it all seemed a bit pointless.

It was fun that despite Dyson getting a time share on Bo, it seemed Lauren had conquered ageing, either she'd found the cure for ageing or Bo had bartered her spa days at the fountain of youth, you can imagine Dyson stoically polishing glasses muttering 'when's it going to be my turn, damn you!' but I guess there's still the healing bang to look forward to.

I shall miss the ridiculousness of it and the rather barmy fandom but I wouldn't wish for it a longer life, I wish more programmes would have a defined lifespan with a proper ending, the longer they last, the more diluted and distorted they get and tend to fade away rather than come to any conclusion.
8. nypinta
Can't disagree with a thing you said.

For this finale in particular I think they would have been better off if they had just started "Dark Bo" from right after Trick's death. Dyson finds her in that partial catatonic state and the next episode starts with her giving into the Dark Queen. So our heroes have to gather and it's them that track down Luann and realize the pyrippus is in Bo and have to get it out so we get two episodes of the battle with a final to set everyone up for whatever future the show is giving them. But this show seems to excel at waiting to the last minute to do everything and ignore all the other characters in favor of Bo doing it all.

The other thing it excelled at was introducing objects that might be usefull to all of the players but then completely ignoring them as well. This season alone had a bunch. The Jack in the Box, Iris's bracelet, the container that Evony kept Eros in, the fact that Evony and Vex once trapped an ancient yet weren't consulted on how to do it this time either, & Trick giving Lauren the books seemed like a waste too. And the thing with Dyson gathering the Light and Dark was pointless, except to give the guys a small gang to fight on the street and it was the same as him going on that vision quest to see the wolf spirit fire woman just so he'd come back filled with ideas he's supposed to defeat the Garuda but all of it was just so they'd fail and Bo would realize she has to be the "champion" after all. Other than Kenzi, who as a human is supposed to not be able to compete against fae, I don't think there is a character that was kneecapped more by the writers. Well. Except for maybe Rainer. That season will forever puzzle me. I am 100% certain they were going to do something completely different with his character but something made them change their minds and it basically made that entire season pointless.

But if they had started "Dark Bo" earlier and Dyson had called the Elders (with Mark pulling his dumbass stunt) then maybe when Hades got her to do the group suck, it was of all the humans and the fae were left alone but the army of humans were turned on the fae, which would have been a great reversal. That way it'd be the team, plus a group of fae that are trying to stay alive in this city that suddenly wants them dead. And it makes all the fae realize that they have to work together to survive and that Light or Dark really doesn't matter and give them all a taste of their own medicine for the way they've been using humans all this time. But that requires paying for extras and include choreographed fight scenes and, well, that wasn't gonna happen. Maybe they should have given the three extra episodes back and asked for the money for those three to be put into the original 13 to do it properly. (I will give them credit for doing as much as they did with their budget, which I don't think was that much.)

I do find it funny that Lauren at the Dal in the last scene still looking like Lauren has already fueled speculation that she found some secret forumla for eternal youth after all when I just took it as the show being to lazy to bother trying to age her for 5 minutes that was really all about Dagny. Even for that they couldn't stick to their guns. At the very least put her hair up to show "maturity". Because all of them at the Dal looking exactly the same, even dressing the same, (except Mark in his cop uniform), gave me the sense that none of them are actually living. They're just stuck. Doing the same things over and over and what was the point of all that fighting if nothing actually changed? Sure they don't make fae choose a side, but what if one wanted to? What about the fae who had already chosen? And like it? And what about the real pesky problem of how the fae look at humans?? To me that was the biggest issue of all and it got put by the way side so long ago I think the show forgot that the fae, with regards to humans, are not good.

I keep seeing the phrase "left so much on the table" from fans talking about the show saying that there is more story to tell, but it's more like they didn't bother thinking through the story they did tell. It's not that there is more story, it's that they didn't finish this one satisfactorily.
Susan White
9. whiskeywhite
Thank YOU, Kirsten, for being our fearless (and I do mean fearless) leader and recapper over these years. This was also my first (and probably last) foray into fandom (but who knows, eh?). I too adored the deep and thoughtful discussions. I chuckled and laughed out loud at your wit and admired (and sometimes frowned at) your determination to stick to your guns about your ideas on characters (especially you know who). Are you really not going to do another series? Not even if we say "Please"?

Thank you to all of the faithful participants as well. I learned so much from you -- about plot and characters and TV writing and communicating on line. There was also a trove of wit among you. And passion -- that occasionally went over the top and was reeled back in out of respect for each other and our conversation.

Participating here was huge fun for me, a new experience. I found a home in the Lost Girl discussion world, as others have said. It was a chance to work on my writing -- I stayed up so many nights until 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning pondering the comments, thinking about what I wanted to say that might make a useful contribution, and then writing and rewriting and editing and correcting. Instead of sleeping so I could go to work the next day.

I'll miss you all.

Now to the finale. I wasn't disappointed because I didn't expect much.

My favourite moments:
- Tamsin screaming in childbirth and Kenzi screaming along with her. I was OK with Kenzi raising Dagny as she did Tamsin.

- Mark saying that he had made a choice and reaching out his hand to Vex. Awww. Predicted here but I wasn't sure that they would go there. But it's safe to do at the end so they don't have to deal with the actual relationship. Note also that in a series where there is continual mouth-to-mouth action, all that Mark and Vex get to do is hold hands. Apparently men kissing is a no-go zone. (I know, I know, having them jump into a happy clinch would be trite.)

Least favourite moment: as @SuzyM says, Dyson convincing Lauren
that "loving Bo was messy but worth it" (preceded by, "I worried less about Bo once she had you"). Then Lauren responding, "After I die, she'll have you." So we get, as @J.Fall calls it, a "time share". And they hold hands. I'm all for them being friends and dumping the damn triangle, but I was making retching noises at the TV.

I was OK with Dyson leading the colony into a new experiment with togetherness. Given his age, him taking over the 'father' role makes some sense. He gives up his vehement allegiance to the Light a bit too easily, but a younger generation (Mark) is showing leadership, and besides, they had to wrap up the story quickly.

Odd moment: I agree, @nypinta: "What was with Lauren randomly sticking (Dagny) with a needle? ... Don't have her stab people without asking!" My thoughts exactly when I saw it.
Suzanne Metaxas
10. SuzyM
Hi Whiskeywhite :) Yes, it was fun discussing here what was and what could have been. I'm going to miss it, but truthfully writing was so bad the last 2 seasons I sort of lost my appetite for reviewing the episodes. Way too many plot fails and holes. I will miss the camaraderie of those who discussed the episodes but not those who sniped. Hopefully we will find each other again in a new forum :) Maybe Killjoys?
11. KKW
But along with their chi comes memories of times of love with Vex, Tamsin, Doctor Lauren, Dyson, and Kenzi (including the original “fireworks in my mouth” kiss with Dyson. Hoo. Shah.) This is enough to break Dark Bo free of Hades’ influence. Bo jumps down from the Vexmobile. Dyson and Kenzi are the only ones still conscious. Bo crouches before them. “Oh God, what have I done?” she gasps.
You might want to re-watch that scene.

gif source: http://rudeness-is-epidemic.tumblr.com/post/131960295248/what-made-you-come-back

Also the kiss with Dyson, in the flashback scene, was actually from S4, not the S1 'fireworks' kiss.
12. nypinta
When Bo first gets off the RV and is walking towards all of them only Dyson and Kenzi are up and moving. The rest are completely flat on the ground, passed out. It isn't until Bo walks up and kneels down that Lauren moves. She is passed out until then.
13. BaldSonsin
This blogger definitely watching other tv show.

14. KKW
@nypinta The point is that she 'crouched before' Lauren.

Oprah knows what's up.
Suzanne Metaxas
15. SuzyM
This is a discussion of the episode not a contest between Lauren and the rest of the world.
16. KKW
Well thanks for that clarification, but it's helpful if the 'discussion' is based on what actually happened in the episode.
17. jk
Correcting the author about what actually happened in the show is discussing the episode. Why is it when someone corrects the author, the followers attack like wild dogs? Pretty sad that important things are being ignored because it does not go with your headcanons.
18. nypinta
Who is attacking like dogs? Someone posted what they thought was a correction. I looked at the scene again myself and posted what happened. All of them were passed out except Dyson and Kenzi. Lauren doesn't move until Bo walks over to them all. What's sad is that people seem intent on trying to start a fight where there is none.
19. RLL
Gotta give credit that Ms. Krum is upfront about this being a "Bo/Dyson centric" recap, and not just a recap. But I mistakenly assumed that meant she would present an objective recap that was accompanied by her own personal commentary which would be from a Bo/Dsyon centric POV. Nothing wrong with that. But the bias was not limited to commentary and instead we get a revisionist retelling of the story that is laughable in its desperation.
Susan White
20. whiskeywhite
Kirsten's recap reminded me of something. I was disappointed that Bruce had such a small role in this episode. I had been looking forward very much to his return. As Kirsten rightly asks, they need all the help they can get and they leave Bruce behind? I also missed his interaction with Kenzi - not that that they weren't part of the same conversation, about the house burning down, but it wasn't that special cute thing they had going on. Sad.

Another good reminder: Kenzi to Tamsin: “You’re doubting for two!” Possibly my favourite line.

You got a lot more dialogue out that birthing scene than I did, Kirsten. When will I give in and turn on the sub-titles? Oops, too late now.

Why did Dyson emerge from the bush putting on his shirt? I assumed he was turning back from being a wolf. But why? Was he following Kenzi's car in wolf form, checking her driving?
21. The Gardner
It's hard to believe that was the end. No really, that was it. More of a whimper, less of a bang, but not a total shitshow, well except for that final scene with Tamsin Jr. To me, the better end would have been Kenzi driving away with the baby as Bo's voiceover looms. I'm not opposed to a flash forward, but it was rushed and focused on some character no one gives a flip about. I get what they were trying to do, I just think it could have been better, a lot better.

Hades was the best villain this series has ever had, the final confrontation between him and Bo was pretty lame, but still better than the Garuda where everyone stood around talking for five minutes before injecting him with the Naga venom. I did like how he wasn't the least bit fooled by Bo's ruse, and used her insecurities against her.

What happened to Bruce, did he just bounce after helping the wonder squad escape the fire? Maybe he had an early yoga class or something and couldn't stick around, very weird to have him show up only to dip right back out.

Don't care about Tamsin, her stupid rape baby or anything to do with that God awful storyline. Glad she is dead, wish she would have stayed that way after season 3 since she added literally nothing to the show. She has been alive for hundreds of years, never redeemed herself and sticks the woman she obsessed over with her kid, ugh.

The Benzi goodbye felt really flat. I don't know if it was the writing or acting, but I was not feeling the sisterly connection between those two in any of their scenes.

Lauren and Bo got back together, big surprise. It was stupid to break them up the last time as the lifespan issue should've been addressed two seasons ago. DyBo has been dead, TamBo never was outside of Tamsin's head, and Bo has repeatedly been shown/said she is in love with Lauren , so it was either going to be Doccubus or Bachelorette Bo. I feel like there was so much going on with the ancients and everything else, they should've have just gotten Bo & Lauren back together at the beginning of the season and omitted that Tamsin delusional love story crap. I know it's TV and having a couple just being together is boring, but it would have freed up so much time for other stuff, like the Lauren conduit mess that was slapped into two episodes. Or Evony being human, or Trick reading a book, I dunno, just something. Such wasted opportunities...

I liked seeing Dyson behind the bar and Mark as a rookie cop, it feels like a natural progression for them. What is Mark & Vex's ship name; Mex, Vark, Pesmer?

I have never in my life been as passionate about a show as I have been with Lost Girl, even when it frustrated me to no end. I will miss it and I will miss discussing and debating it with other opinionated fans, I already do.
Susan White
22. whiskeywhite
I was hoping we would hear from you, @The Gardner. LOL moment of the evening: I vote for 'Pesmer'.

I have to defend my favourite big bad, the Garuda. I always loved the business suit. I fantasized that it was a subtle dig at big capitalists (though it probably wasn't). I have to admit that Eric Roberts was really good.

Speaking of acting, I fear to say this, lest bricks come flying out of my computer, but I thought my man, KHR's, acting was less than stellar throughout this half-season. He kept using what we have come to know as "that voice" but in inappropriate situations. It just sounded like he was whispering all the time. Why?
23. nypinta
Yeah, I really don't understand why they didn't take Bruce with them either. Except just becauset he wasn't part of the "core group" so they just ditched him. That's cold. At least give the guy a scene saying he's gotta go check on Evony or something so we feel like he's doing something. (Plus awww he's worried about Evony.) Or Vex says he won't fit. Ha. Something!

I'm probably going to surprise everyone but my favorite line came from Mark. It's after they get out of the burning house and Dyson wonders how they can travel and Mark says he has an idea and they all look at him and he knows they're thinking "of FFS" and he says, "It's a good one, I promise" so him acknowledging how crappy his plans usually are amused me.

@whiskeywhite Yeah, I do believe that Dyson was running along side Kenzi as she was driving away. I guess it was a very subtle joke about dogs chasing cars...? But he was changing so quickly after Kenzi took off so just how far could she really have gotten? I think they just saw it as one last opportunity to have Dyson without his shirt. Or they did it on purpose to put him in the frame with Bo and Lauren to remind the audience of the dessert splitting scene in the RV.

Re: KHR, I never got that sense. Was there a particular scene that stood out that you recall?

@The Gardner In Tamsin's defense, it wasn't like she planned on saddling (ha!) (sorry) Bo with the baby.

But I wasn't a fan of that whole story line either. I'm not sure why they thought they needed to put her in the Kenzi role when KS left, because that wasn't really fair to Tamsin's character. But Bo doesn't seem to do as well on her own either. She needs someone to bounce off of. (Not like that.) But then they added the one sided love and I was in no way a fan of that. I miss S3 Tamsin who took no one's shit, especially Bo's. And if she was going to die (because after everything they did to her I can't really see how else to finish her storyline) it should have been in action, because that's who Tamsin was.

I wasn't 100% sure they would end with Bo and Lauren. I really did think they were setting it up for Bo to leave with Kenzi and Lauren would stay because she promised to find a cure for Evony. So when I was thinking that was going to be how it ended, the break up made sense. It was a bit of a re-tread, but it felt like they were going over a lot of ground in order to do it right, because their whole relationship (and break up) in S3 wasn't treated properly IMO because it was all done to fit the "humans vs fae" theme and both Bo or Lauren came across kind of jerky, but the writers never addressed any of that, so instead they just re-did it. But after reading some post Q&A thing with MG they knew from the beginning they were going to end with Bo and Lauren so in retrospect the break up doesn't make sense. Why not use the time they did on that to actually have Bo and Lauren hash out some things instead? Like the fact Lauren never told her the Karen Beattie thing. That should get way more attention than it did. (Or they should have figured out a way for it to be not true, because it sucks sucks sucks.)

Both the Garuda and Taft could have been great villains, but the show either didn't have the budget to do them properly or foresight to use him as allegory, (the Garuda), or they couldn't do the bad guy justice because they didn't seem to trust that the audience could see why he was doing what he was doing and still have it be wrong, (Taft).

"The Benzi goodbye felt really flat. I don't know if it was the writing or acting, but I was not feeling the sisterly connection between those two in any of their scenes." I actually think it's the hair. No joke. But Kenzi didn't seem like Kenzi because she's so different but we didn't get to see her grow into this new Kenzi. So her and Bo now have this gap between them and yeah, their supposed bonding moments did seem to fall flat for me too. :/

I know there is a petition for a movie. But Lost Girl and the world it lives in would probably make for a great series of comics, IMO. And they could do anything they wanted. The kinds of things the show couldn't afford.
24. SpellboundGrounds
I have so much to say, but I don't have the time just yet. One thing I will say is when did it become so wrong to have a different perspective or opinion? I truly don't understand how people drop by here, write their first post and negate the perspective of the recap. Perspective is fueled by our own opinions and experience so to say someone's perspective is wrong is just, well... WRONG! And the hate - no, the venom - that is spewed for sharing a perspective is really saddening. These types of shows are meant to help break down walls and boundaries by helping to show that was once taboo is more acceptable. It's all about changing perspective! And, yet, instead of engaging in INTELLIGENT conversation there are drive-by boo-ings. It just reinforces an "us-them" mentality that is so responsible for the hate in the world. Ugh. I wish there were, what is the word I am looking for...oh, yeah...tolerance for different opinions. More later on the actual show.
25. stacymd2
@Kiersten: I wanted to thank you for your wonderful H&H recaps (both for Lost Girl and Orphan Black) over the years. They have been whitty, informative and fun to read. You've always been classy, respectful and nice even when dealing with vile trolls and doccu-bullies. You've mentioned their cyberstalking and name-calling, but I'm sure it was even worse. (We've all been on many Lost Girl sites, seen & experience ugliness. This is why H&H is so special.) Your tireless efforts are appreciated. You're truly the only reason why I stuck with Lost Girl through the awful, plot hole filled Seasons 3 to mid-Season 5.

Although Doccu-bullies have turned me off of fandom, I can't say I'm done -- there are too many Sci-Fi ships to make sweet love to (Arrow, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Musketeers, Supernatural, Orphan Black, Kill Joys, etc.). On the topic of Kill Joys, EA redeemed herself a little. While not a great show, it has potential. I worried the writters woud do a John/Dutch/Davin triangle from Hades, but TPTB had mercy on viewers.

My deep love and absolute respect for AS, KHR, PRA, EV, KS, RH and RS knows no bounds after S5. I also love KCC, LB & IC, wishing them good fortune as well as the rest of the cast & crew. Everyone did the best they could, given the poor writting and show's small budget.

I gave up on Lost Girl many episodes ago. I wish I'd skipped 5x16 so I could be left with fond memories of the program I once loved. Actually, I wish I'd dropped it after S2, before Lost Girl slid into a cesspool of terrible writing, Dr. Mary Sue the Heroic Terrorist, MD, character inconsistencies and plot holes.

Speaking of Hades...reviewing the massive amount of plot holes in 5x16 is a total waste of effort, but since this is the last time, I'll share my thoughts on the finale and Lost Girl over all.

This will be a long series of posts so I apologize to H&H in advance.
26. nypinta
Killjoys is Michelle Lovretta's. Emily Andras just wrote a few episodes. And I think someone has better control over the scripts because the one thing I adored about the season finale was how everything from all the episodes before all had a point and were tied into what happened. Plus the secondary characters all get their own POV instead of just being there for the main cast. ML has already said they won't be doing a love triangle with Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin. So refreshing! Can't wait for S2.
27. stacymd2
What to say about 5x16? Wow, what a pile of dung.

Lost Girl's villains start out great then fizzle into flat soda. Eric Roberts was fun & charismatic in his role. Amanda Walsh & Noam Jenkins did great work as well. Hades, just like Zee/Heratio, seemed like he would turn into the bad asses, bad ass to have ever bad assed in Lost Girl history, unitl his motives and plans for world domination became stupid.

Zee & Heratio are the mythological Zeus & Hera (plus Odin and other major ancient gods), but:
1) Super Dr. Lauren, Terrorist, MD made a bug spray in zero time to combat Hera's gadflies.

2) Zee can body hop yet she could not find a better body to inhabit than Wonder Lauren on her way to the courthouse? Actually, why didn't they take hold of a billionaire, senator or President after the initial bodies they took? That would have put them in better positions over Bo & Co. and maybe even Hades.

3) The two confrontations between Bo (super suck) and Zee (lightning) ended in rolling on the floor and Zee/Hera voluntarily walking away.

4) Zee is selfish, murdered a bunch of people for fun, yet in the end she helped Bo by giving her a deus ex machina...um, sorry, a horseshoe.

5) The mid-season big bad was a whiny teenage girl with mommy/daddy issues just like Bo & Massimo.

Really? Zee/Hera were laughably lame and weak adversaries in the end.

Bo's big bad fight with daddy (3 seasons in the making) was her holding up her hand. Really?

Hades went to monumental effort & countless centuries to create Bo, but near the end any egg & uterus would do. Hades has a wife & in myth many children. There are other succubae in Amsterdam, not to mention other Fae who seem stronger than Bo. Why did he need Aife or Tamsin? Why would he put all of his eggs in Aife's basket (ha ha!), when he had the means to orchestrate multiple plans from Hell? If he wanted a Valkyre spawn, why not Freya?

Also, Hades' big plan was to turn the world into zombies? Surely, I'm not the only one who doesn't see the point in that.
28. stacymd2
Lost Girl would have been better if it had not wasted time on Dyson & Alicia's forced quickie, instead focused on Mark & Vex's friendship/romance and Mark & Dyson's father/son bond. Every thing with them was off screen. Although it was sweet, Mark/Vex holding hands made no sense. Mark had not indicated that he's gay nor expressed interest in Vex outside of friendship. PRA/LB and KHR/LB put as much chemistry into thier scenes as they could with little screen time or story focus.

Kenzi & Bo's sister-mance took a hit because she as not there. Kenzi leaving for Spain at a crucial time for Bo was WAY out of character. Then, she showed up at the end to do nothing and not bond at all with Bo (or the people she has deep connections to like Tamsin/Dyson/Vex).

Lost Girl would have been better if it had gone back to its heart -- Bo & Kenzi's relationship. This was why the endings for S3 & S4 were terrible in part. B/K should have challenged Hades. Kenzi's departure with Dagny also made no sense and was out of character. She has no experience with a baby or actually rasing a child. Dagny is Bo's sister. It would have made much more sense if Bo & Kenzi raised Dagny together.

At least Bruce was in the finale. I was very disappointed that KCC was not asked back in S5, even for a brief Hale flashback.
29. stacymd2
Evony put the God who dumped her in a box for eternity out of spite. It's WAY out of character for her to just accept her humiliation and death sentence because she fell in love with human gossip. How funny is it that Evony suffers from a "karma" disease yet Bo killed scores of people for 10-years and Wonder Lauren lives a high life after the murder of 11 people in a terrorist attack she made the bombs for?

How can Evony raise $100 million to cure a magic non-disease that she got becasue of a karma spell? Super Dr. Lauren turned Dr. Taft into Cabbit with scotch tape & bone marrow. Evony said she "shared a room with her sisters" so she could pay to harvest their bone marrow to turn her back. Even if Dr. Super Terrorist didn't want to return Evony into a Leanan Sidhe for personal safety reasons, she could still turn Evony into a less powerful Fae. What could a Cabbit do to Dr. Axe Thrower? Smack her with a carrot?

Before anyone rants that Evony is totally evil (she is), but TPTB have shown her helping team Bo--especially Wonder Lauren. Let me know if I'm wrong, fore I don't remember everything, didn't Evony:
1) Give Bo the nail that helped to wake up Nadia

2) Showed up to help Bo kill Massimo & save Dr. Wonder Damsel

3) Bring Wonder Lauren back to Fae-town after the Taft incident, gave her an apartment, job, money, resources, freedom and protection

4) Ultimately helped Bo defeat Eros

5) Gave Super Lauren everything she has now - freedom, Fae hospital, funding for research

Evony has done as much for Dr. Terrorist as Bo & Co.

It didn't bother me that the writers had Dyson act like Wonder Lauren was a hero for being a bad ass terrorist who made bombs to kill people. (To be fair the victims "weren't supposed to be there." eyeroll) In my humble opinion, TPTB tried to again whitewash her actions, but it failed. The scene reminded the audience in the finale that Lauren Lewis, aka Karen Beattie, is a liar and a terrorist who got rewarded for murder with a charmed life.
30. stacymd2
What to say about Tamsin? At this point, she has all or most of her past life memories. In S4 she left Kenzi to find out more about her kind. So how does she not know that giving birth equals instant death? Wonder Dr. Lauren knows everything that is anything about Fae biology & Trick knew Fae history, but they said nothing. Tamsin had never once expressed interest in babies. So why would she choose to not abort a child conceived via rape and that she never wanted.

Also, the writers on this show are awful when it comes to science, biology, medical ethics, storytelling, etc.. Giving birth means death for the mother of a child that cannot defend itself makes no biological sense. (even for fiction) This is the same show that gave us a topical vagina serum that can change a species, so whatever.

What also didn't make sense is Bo not trying to put chi into Tamsin to save her and Tamsin, on her last life with a newborn, chooses to die. What about the booster shots Tamsin bought from Massimo? She couldn't find another druid to save her life? Wonder Lauren has time to instantly conjure a magic sedative gun, but she never thought to make a magic serum to save a pregnant friend?

Tamsin's death was pointless. It felt like TPTB did it becasue they wanted a death in the finale.

RS did a great job this season. She made me care for Tamsin from her fist episode to her final scene.

Ok...Here we go. The Triangle of Doom!!! IMHO, Lost Girl ended with the status quo. Dyson gave his usual speech about being by Bo's side forever. Wonder Lauren gave the exact same vow to Bo that Dyson made multiple times before. Ten years later, neither Bo nor Super Lauren wear wedding rings. Bo isn't even wearing the vagina necklace. It's only 10-years, Dr. Lauren would not have aged drastically, yet.

I assume, based on what the writers showed this season, that Bo/Wonder Lauren continue thier toxic cycle of getting together for brief periods then breaking up for long stretches. For E.g.: #1. Period between S4 (Massimo death) to most of S5 (Oh boy yes) and; bonus #2. Period S301 (its time) to "the break" to S4 (finale kiss).

During their cycles, Bo bonds with Dyson even more, especially in the absence of Kenzi & Trick. She'll bang Dyson and other Fae. Dyson will have flings with other women. There will be no Ethan or Charlotte. In forty to fifty years, Bo will visit Dr. Lauren in a nursing home, where Lauren will feel up Bo's young body like a lecher.

Hey! I didn't create the pop up message nor write the scripts.

TPTB didn't have to make reference to this, but they choose to, which makes me wonder why. It's the final episode. If MG wanted to end with BoLo why do it in a half assed, vague, can-be-interpreted-differently sort of way? There are no more audience ratings to loose. The last five minutes is what the audience leaves the show with. Like a novel, readers remember most the last paragraph before "The End". Why have Bo stand next to Dyson and Dr. She-Who-Stabs-Strangers-With-Needles, MD instead of having BoLo hold hands?
31. nypinta
I believe that Zee chose to take over Lauren because she knew it was the only way she could get Bo to listen to her because Zee was trying to warn Bo about Hades and after all the crap Zee pulled it wasn't likely Bo would listen to her as she was.
32. stacymd2
Finally, H&H and Kiersten's recaps have always been our Dal Riata (with a few trolls) in the Lost Girl fandom, so I will miss you guys.

"Look, I've been through more relationships than you. And I know that lying about who you are, and trying to change the person you care about never ends well. I can be intense. I can be territorial. And God knows I can be mule-headed, but I'm also yours. If you'll have me."
-Dyson to Bo

Special shout outs to: @bungluna; @Cmm; @lonewolf; @Isbloom; @RKG; @whiskeywhite; @nypinta; @SuzyM; @DeannaC; @Zara; @LindaL and @Char. It has been a pleasure posting and sharing this experience with you guys. You and Kiersten have made watching a pretty silly show about a succubus and her faemily into an engaging debate. Through the good times and bad, Lost Girl will always hold a special place in my heart.

@Kiersten: Please let us know what you are recapping next. I remember seeing your The Liberians recaps on Entertainment Weekly.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow..."
33. stacymd2

Picture time!

@Nypinta: I can't wait for S2 of KillJoys. EA's episode scripts were god awful on Lost Girl, disorganized messes. That is what I meant about her redeeming herself a little. The episodes she wrote for KillJoys were not bad. I'm over the moon that there will be no J/D/D' triangle. The thought...Ugh!
Sorry, but I disagree about Zee taking over Wonder Lauren's body to get Bo to listen. Still think it was not nesscessary. She could have taken over the Judge. Plus that episodes was riddled with plot holes.
Nadine Robb
36. cmm
I enjoyed reading your response Stacymd2. I don't need to add anything to it you've said everything I felt. You're awesome! You managed to stick it out 5x16. I stopped after the mid season break, I just read the recaps. If it weren't for Kiersten I would of stopped. It's been a pleasure posting with you as well. Thank you for the recaps Kiersten!
37. The Gardner
I didn't read that Dyson/Lauren scene as them agreeing to 'time share' Bo, rather Lauren felt better knowing Dyson would always be around for Bo after she dies. There is nothing romantic between Bo and Dyson anymore and hasn't been in a long time. Besides that was a big part of his arc this season, being with Alicia showed him he could move on from Bo. Dyson is the only other character to understand what it means to love Bo, so I guess it is fitting that he is the one who convinces Lauren that she and Bo can work. Still, I agree with other posters, Lauren should have come to that realization on her own.

@whiskeywhite of course I had to comment on the finale :) I skipped out on posting for the last couple of episodes because I quite honestly didn't have much to say about them. I really feel like the second half of season 5 was very weak and suffered from poor writing and pacing issues. I think KHR's acting has been on the decline since early S4, anything dramatic he drops his voice to that growl and hams it up. Even so, I could at least buy him as a wolf unlike RS who just does weird shit with her face and acts like a brat.
38. The Gardner
@nypinta That's the problem with Tamsin, TPTB never had a plan for her character past S3. I liked snarky Tamsin and finally there was a character not under Bo's spell, but then they saddled her with this love storyline, kind of like Dyson, and whatever she could have been was lost. I get bringing her back in S4, she was popular enough, but she was reborn and forgotten about for most of the season. Then in S5, her only storyline is being in love with Bo, until the final episodes gift her with a rape baby, wtf? She was supposed to be this bad ass warrior, and instead we got a whiny, teenage brat. RS is no KS, but she could have filled the role of Bo's partner suitably enough, she has her moments. The love thing just killed anything good about the character.

As for KS, the 2 times Kenzi came back, in 5x10 and the final 3, I was not feeling her it between her and Bo. Maybe they were trying to show how Kenzi has changed and grown up or something, but the heart had gone out of that relationship. It's such a shame, the show started with Bo and Kenzi, to have it end up here, le sigh.
39. nypinta
@TheGardner (This starts out a response to you, but it gets long and is more just thoughts I have on the entire series...sorry.) I don't see his tryst with Alicia as proving to him he could "move on" but that he could have other loves, just as Trick said. The problem for me is that the show wasn't definitive because each instance comes with some exception. They show Bo letting Dyson down, but it was while she was under the influence of whatever was done to her and Rainer. He tries to call Bo on it, but to no avail; just as Lauren tries to confront Bo about her sudden turn to Rainer later when they have their fight. They do have some voodoo woman tell Dyson he's put himself in his prison, which is an attempt at walking about the "mate for life" caveat of his kind. But later the effects of whatever spell was on Bo have worn off both Dyson and Lauren offer themselves to Bo in different ways, putting the triangle back in play. S5 opens and Bo is just friends with everyone, too focused on Kenzi to want anything else. She gets Kenzi back but then Kenzi promptly leaves. Bo is all messed up and goes through a thing (kind of rolling my eyes, BTW) and Tamsin yells her out of it. She uses Dyson to heal. Later she accepts Tamsin as a b-day gift. Then Bo has a strange dream about Lauren & the gift from Hel and suddenly she's, "oh right, Lauren..." and pursues her in Tamsin's face. Not a fan of the Tamsin obsession, but doing both that and Bo getting back with Lauren at the same time really made Bo come across as a jerk too because there is no way she should have been as clueless about Tamsin’s intentions as she was. Then Zee unleashes the Oracles and they say very specific things:

To Trick: His dead wife says they will be together soon. He dies.
To Vex: He see's Mark and it's not as beer buddies. Vex and Mark becomes a couple.
To Bo: She see's both Dyson and Lauren. Dyson reminds her she chose him for a reason, Lauren says as long as she is alive she and Bo can't not be together. Bo and Lauren get back together; Lauren and Dyson discuss Bo's future once Lauren is gone.
To Dyson: Bo tells him she thinks about him every day but she can't be with him right now. See the above referenced conversation between Lauren and Dyson.

Those are prophecies and three of the four come true before the end of the series. I think Bo being all about Lauren now is the writers attempt at showing that although Bo might not be able to be physically monogamous, she is emotionally so. And the audience is supposed to be left with the idea that after Lauren lives out her natural life (because extending it with science is no longer an option) and that Bo and Dyson will get back together.

I'm not saying this because that's what I want it all to mean. Because I think it sucks and doesn't really do any of the characters involved justice. They never depicted Lauren and Bo well in S3 and 4. They started to in the beginning of this season, but once again Lauren started keeping things from Bo and again started to lose herself to the fae. They break up, again. That's when I was thinking they were going for a Bo/Kenzi riding off into the sunset ending. But then they include dialog leading back to Bo and Lauren getting together, initiated by Dyson, but even in the last episode the two aren't on the same page as Lauren is in the RV acknowledging she was the one that pushed Bo away but Bo is outside blaming the break up on Hades. Then they tacked on a Bo/Lauren reunion in the last moments, but with Dyson in the background and I think that was on purpose. And later in the bar, Dyson is there again in between Bo and Lauren. Camera setup and staging are not an accident. It’s all planned out. They could have left him behind the bar, or brought the entire gang around behind Bo as she was facing Dagny, or moved the camera so that it was just Bo with no one behind her. But they didn't.

So instead of an epic love story between Bo and Lauren the fans have to almost create it for themselves with the small moments tossed at them, like Bo looking at Lauren after the group chi suck. (Which, BTW, doesn't say to me true love but instead shows what an ass Bo can be since she group sucked and nearly killed them all, including a recently traumatized and very pregnant Tamsin. Because the narrative, as someone mentioned up thread, is that Bo loves everyone. That she cares for everyone. She has a big heart and their love for her is what grounds her. So no, Bo might not love Tamsin most or romantically but FFS have the grace to pretend she gives a damn that she's OK.) Or fans have to make screen grabs of Bo looking at Lauren as if it's some proof that she's her one and only. Problem is that's not really Bo looking at Lauren. It's just a pair of actresses playing a moment. The writers didn't create an epic love. They wasted time on a triangle that even in the final frame they continue to push.

(**This is where I started to think about the show as a whole and it’s disservice to characters.**) For me, they should have stuck to their guns and ended the Bo/Dyson option in S2 when what the Norn took was spelled out. The fact Bo never even attempted at trying to get it back is pretty much when I stopped wanting them as a romantic couple. They could still be Team Badass, two fae that have each other's back unconditionally the way Dyson and Tamsin eventually did. And he did promise her back in S1 that he would always be available to her for healing, something I think he would only retract if he was in a relationship with someone else. I'm not sure they should have gotten Bo and Lauren together in S3 either. I think they were initially intending on Bo exploring her darker nature but then EA argued for them to be a couple and well you can't have Bo behaving badly and be in a loving relationship at the same time, can you? So I do think the storyline was altered to the Dawning in order to service that ship and I don’t think there is a fan of the show that liked the Dawning plot one bit. Plus, they had an undertone of fae vs. human the entire season and the arguments Bo and Lauren had were just to push that theme and they undermined them as a believable couple. It’s easy to say in retrospect, but I think they probably should have ended the Garuda storyline much sooner in S2, left the last 9 episodes for Bo to go dark while the others deal with their own losses and end the season with Bo coming back to her big hearted selfless self after nearly falling off a proverbial cliff. So when S3 starts and she is acting weird, the others think she’s just going dark again, but it’s not, it’s the Dawning. Then it wouldn’t feel like a cheat, and it would be understandable when her friends question her stability. Or use the ceremony of the Dawning for something else completely and just let Bo be her usual self, but the others maybe don’t believe her because of previous experience in S2 of her going “dark” when a few kills pop up around town. Bo is certain it’s Aife who has returned and uses that mind altering magical temple to go on a vision quest to get answers about her past and where Aife might be. That way they could still have Bo and Lauren but not kneecap their relationship for theme purposes.

I did like the idea of how memory alters a person but Season 4 was just such a mess that I’m not sure how it could have been done better, but for starters they should have given both Kenzi and Lauren their own arcs that season separate from Bo all together. They missed an opportunity to alter how the others relate to each other via the memory loss and instead simply reset everything back to status quo once they all recalled Bo. Dyson could have been helping Bo get her memories back, because she knows she left someone behind and perhaps she mentioned seeing Ciara, so he has a dual purpose of wanting to help her: for her and for himself. It’s ok for the other characters to want their own thing. And never have Dyson refer to Lauren as Bo’s girlfriend, since it was not at all true. I get that they wanted Bo muddled seeing as she’s been through a traumatic experience. But the rest of them should be clear headed so we see the difference between Bo’s confusion and struggle and what is reality, which is Lauren is doing her own thing and she and Dyson are not vying for Bo’s affection while at the same time having Lauren pushing her away to do a thing she can’t tell Bo about for, uh, reasons. How about letting Lauren be Lauren, Dyson be Dyson, and Bo be a fucked up mess because someone did something to her, instead of Lauren giving off mixed signals, Dyson as cheerleader for Lauren, and Bo as delusional yet still magically always right. (Also, I’d like it if Rainer made sense, but if wishes were horses... oh, ha. A Pyrippus joke.)

Season 5 started out well enough, but around the middle it started to just not feel like Lost Girl at all and I do think it was just all of what was wrong with the previous seasons finally & irrevocably harming whatever story they decided to tell . It was like it became this other show that starred all the same people. I’m not sure how I wanted it to end, but it certainly wasn’t that Bo was the product of rape and then have the circumstances around her birth be replayed against one of her friends just so Bo can avoid the mistakes made by Trick with someone else. If they were going to replay a storyline with a different outcome, why not the fae trying to split her and Lauren up the way they did Luann and her husband? But this time they’re up against Bo and all of her friends and that is not going to happen and the result is she finally starts to pull down the arbitrary rules all of the fae have been forced to live by while also elevating humans in fae standing. Go allegorical with it and fulfill Bo’s wish from season one to not let others tell anyone how to live, or love, especially her.

I guess since the show is over I'll mention my ship preferences, not that mine ever had a shot:

Bo and Ryan. I’m still totally Team loki. He’s the Tony Stark of the frikkin’ fae and they just played off each other well. Why he wasn’t brought back for the finale of season two when what he does is make weapons, I have no idea.

Dyson and Ciara. But not really the Ciara we got because her back story had one too many husbands in it. Sorry Stephen, you’ve got to go into the void. (If they truly wanted to end the triangle for certain then when the oracles came they should have waited till after Trick explained who they were to reveal just who Dyson saw and when we go back to his experience and he turns around the audience would expect him to be looking at Bo but instead he sees Ciara, which might even shock him to realize what it really means. But it’d be a clear message: Not Bo.)

Kenzi and Nate. Anyone that writes a song about a letter a six year old wrote and makes it not creepy is a winner. But I did like the idea of her and Massimo before they turned Massimo into a simpering idiot with mommy issues. Kenzi should have gotten the love triangle in Season 4.

Lauren and autonomy. That ship sailed in S1 and then the writers shot it with torpedos to make it an artificial reef, never to float again. But she did have pretty amazing chemistry with Evony. When she wasn’t using chemistry *on* Evony...

Tamsin and no one. Sorry Valkybus shippers. I wanted Bo to have an equal and a friend, the kind who called her on her shit but could back it up too. I do understand why some were on Team CopDoc. I think Tamsin and Lauren had a lot more in common than they thought and could have brought out the best in each other if the show had given them a chance.

Vex and redemption, which we only kinda sorta got but more so via exposition than through action.

For Mark I had a head canon that he shifted into a gryphon because he saw Zee push Cassie off the balcony and he saved her because they seemed to be about the same age and maturity level & I just didn't want Cassie dead. She was an oracle. She should have seen that he would save her so in actually Cassie outsmarted Zee by tricking her into pushing her to safety. #CassieLives. (Get it trending.) But I’m not too fond of Mark and Vex because he just reminds me a bit too much of Massimo, who Vex considered a son. If Mark had been older, in fae years, not the actor, and they had actually allowed something to be show to grow between them throughout the season, then yes. But Mark is just way too young and Vex has way too much baggage as they stand now. Their pairing just felt unearned.

So. There’s all that.
40. nypinta
Seriously, sorry about all of that above. ;)
41. The Gardner
@nypinta One thing you forgot with the oracles is that when Dyson says their love is still there, Bo agrees, but states that it changes. At which point the oracles turn into Lauren. So whatever Dyson and Lauren discuss, the lady has a say and it's clear she is not feeling the wolf. I agree that DyBo should have been done in S2, they never went back to them as anything close to a couple with Bo only using him for feeding and something to have control over in S4. I kind of feel like Tamsin and Dyson as characters had similar problems. They both had potential to be interesting, but were instead saddled to loving Bo and it ruined them. The show would have been better served if they had just put Bo with Lauren, dealt with the drama of their relationship and left it. Kill the triangle and never start that one-sided Valkubus crap. The way they handled the romantic side made everyone look like dillholes.

I don't agree that Bo shoved anything Tamsin's face. The relationship she created was all in her head. They go from sharing a dude and birthday sex to Tamsin thinking they were in love, that's not Bo's fault. I think Bo got it right in fully putting the kibosh on things when Tamsin declared her love.

When it comes to wasted plot threads, this show has them in spades. One thing that I wish they had followed up with is Lauren and Evony. The two actresses played off of each other well and it could have been something with their cat and mouse dynamic. Sadly it was dropped until the de-faeing debacle, which ugh. That could have been a turning point for Lauren's character. Her playing god and destroying someone, not because the woman threatened Bo, but because she could. Another missed opportunity.
Carmen Pinzon
42. bungluna
Thank you, Kirsten!

I abandoned this show many seasons ago. I just couldn't stomach all the ret-conning and WonderLaureness whitewashing, but I sure have enjoyed reading your re-caps more as separate pieces than as part of the show.

P.S. I will never stop mourning the fact that an Urban Fantasy show that started with such promise turned into such a soapopera hot mess. Now I don't dare get invested in any such shows because I don't want to go through this again.
43. nypinta
Actually, Dyson doesn't turn into Lauren until Bo asks why he's telling her all this stuff now. Then he changes into Lauren and Lauren says "Because now is all we have." Supposedly they've known from the beginning of season five how they were going to end it & both that episode and the finale were written by Michael Grassi, which means the oracles were a perfect time to spell out where everyone would stand at the end. If they wanted to be clear about where Bo's heart is then Dyson shouldn't have appeared to Bo at all. And Bo shouldn't have appeared to Dyson either or what Bo says should have been changed to reflect their relationship as something that is in the past. Because the truth that oracle tells Dyson is that Bo thinks about him every day but can't be with him now. That, combined with what Oracle Lauren says is a neon sign for the "Lauren now, Dyson later" ending that is backed up with them also putting him in the frame of Bo and Lauren both times at the end.

So, yeah, the show gave a Bo/Lauren ending, but it comes with a giant Dyson shaped asterick. So, the writers don't really deserve the accolades or cookies that some fans want to give them for the pairings they ended with seeing as one comes with the looming future where one partner is dead and the other moves on to a different choice and the second set is sort of thrown in as an afterthought with no true build up.

When I say Bo shoved her attraction to Tamsin in her face, I'm specifically talking about the cheerleading episode. Bo is supposed to be able to read auras and she can tell just by looking at how into someone another person is. In season one the day after she and Dyson were together for the first time (because she called him to heal her from a knife slash to the neck) she gets pissed to see him with someone else, even though there wasn't anything declared between them at all. So having had that done to her and with her supposed ability to see how into her Tamsin is, it's really pretty crappy of her to be standing right in front of Tamsin who has a very clear look of unhappiness on her face that she's talking to Lauren in the flirty manner she was. Even Dyson and Lauren could tell Tamsin was into Bo and they don't have her succubus powers. So Bo was either being especially clueless, or she knew damn well that Tamsin had feelings for her but she was being jerky by calling Lauren hoping she wouldn't have to deal with Tamsin's feelings head on. In season 1 Bo could tell the crazy human the Fury wanted dead had a thing and she was very clear with her where they stood. (The fact the girl was crazy is not Bo's fault. I'm using her as an example because of how Bo approached the situation with empathy.) But she didn't do the same for Tamsin until she was pretty much forced to by Tamsin. No, I don't blame Bo for telling her she didn't feel the same for her, because it was true. I blame Bo for being oblivious when it's supposed to be her damn super power and for basically behaving the same towards Tamsin that others had behaved towards her that she hated previously. (And to make it worse, Bo is a jerk to Tamsin at the party after Tamsin moves out. WTF was that all about?)
Dyson, why all this now? Lauren: Because now is all we have. Read more at: http://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=16121&sid=86e480995becc74af38d24c51e196d71
44. SpellboundGrounds
@Kiersten - Thank you for your recaps. I truly appreciate the way you provide your own insight into the show and the workings of the characters. When I didn't see things the same way you did, reading your opinion helped me to open my mind instead of slamming it closed. I am really sorry that people were so intolerant and ugly to you. I can honestly say before I read anything online about this show, I thought that it would be a welcoming environment for all - a place to share ideas. I have not been involved in online fandom before either, and I discovered quickly that things were not all that pleasant. This place was an exception. There are a lot of great posters here. I lurked, read every post, and chimed in late in the game.

@nypinta - I love reading your ideas because they make a lot of sense to me. I was wondering, do you think that the whole Evony situation (becoming human) and the Lauren situation (not being able to be Fae) also reinforced the idea that Lauren and Bo were for Lauren's lifetime? Lauren can't live that long life with her and Bo can't choose to become human because of what happened to Evony?

I think that also makes sense with the oracle's prophecy. Just because love "changes" once, it doesn't mean that it can't change again. Not that I am hung up on the shipping wars; I am rather hung up on the growth (or lack thereof) of an awesome female protagonist. I really liked, no, loved the idea of a woman who wasn't trapped by sexual stereotypes, to the point where there was no OTP. I mean, here they've given us a TTP (?) I guess, but it was really handled so poorly that it doesn't make sense. If only they had maybe explored more accurately how couple love isn't the happy ending everyone gets. If you are someone like Bo who has a different relationship with sex than your average person or fae. I would love to have seen a bit more fae/fantasy exploration of what's possible rather than the very human happy endings that most shows go for. But, that is just my own wishful thinking. I study the cultural uses of storytelling for a living, so these things interest me. I, like many others, really feel sorry for the potential that was this show.

@whiskeywhite - I loved reading your ideas as well! Thank you for sharing them!
45. nypinta
@SpellboundGrounds I do think the intent of Lauren's medical scare while being a conduit was the writers way of saying she wasn't going to become fae. Not sure if they intended Evony's illness to reinforce that becoming fae isn't an option for Lauren. I think honestly with Evony they kind of painted themselves into a corner and just didn't know what to do with her. Not even sure why they would bring up the illness knowing the season was the last and knowing too they weren't going to have enough time to finish her story. But with both, it seems pretty unlikely that if the show had continued that Lauren would ever find a way to make herself permenantly fae, even if she decided to try again. Because I really do think the message behind that story was that changine oneself for someone else is never a good idea and won't work out in the long run.

But, I have seen some people taking the fact Lauren looks no different in the final scene as some sign she has come up with an anti-aging formual and while it doesn't make sense to me, seeing as we already know valkyries age swiftly, since we've seen Tamsin do it, the baby Tamsin had was already looking near toddler size when Kenzi left with her, and Lauren actually mentions Dagny's accelerated aging in that final scene, since the show is over there really isn't any reason to not let people come up with their own "what's next" story. It just niggles at me when it's stated as if it's out of some kind of show canon, when it's not. But seeing as the writers weren't awesome at stating facts and sticking to them, it's not like canon means that much. I already have an idea of what would happen next and it has zero to do with canon.
46. The Gardner
@nypinta For me, the writers can poke the triangle in the last episode if they want, but it still doesn't change what has already been presented. Bo has continually chosen Lauren as the person she wants to be with and Dyson is firmly ensconced in the friendzone. If people want to read that it is Lauren now, Dyson later, have at it. It doesn't negate the fact that Bo didn't choose him.
47. nypinta
But did she really, continually choose Lauren? (BTW, friendzone doesn't exist. That's not an actual thing. It's something guys created so they can be pissy when a girl they like won't have sex them for being nice, as if treating a women like a person shouldn't just be what you do, or that sex is a reward for doing it.)

In season 1, she chooses Dyson. That ends because of the Norn.

In season 2, she doesn't get to choose anyone as both Dyson and Lauren are no longer options. But she spends most of season two jealous of Dyson and Ciara or just plain angry at Dyson.

In season 3, she chooses Lauren, but she doesn't think Dyson is an option at the time. And when she finds out that Dyson has his love back, she's angry. Is it because he didn't tell her at all, or because if she had known she would have made a different choice? But at the end when she and Tamsin trace Lauren's phone calls and find Taft's facility, Bo is there to save Dyson, not Lauren. She doesn't even seem to care she doesn't know what happened to Lauren at the end before she goes off with Tamsin to have their confrontation.

In season 4, she keeps throwing herself at both Dyson and Lauren, even using her time with magical creatues in the underworld to help her pick between them. She has arguements with both but makes no choice at the end even though she appears to make up with both, accepting Dyson's weird vow and Lauren's offer of being hers, which to me sounded like a call back to Bo offering to claim Lauren when they were reunited at Evony's.

In season 5, she's back to being friends (and apparently friends with benefits with Dyson) with both until she is reminded of Lauren's humanity and the fact that Lauren won't live as long as Bo. Even Lauren questions whether or not Bo actually wants her for longer if she is able to achieve it. But it doesn't work anyhow and Lauren breaks it off again after her scare. They don't get back together until Dyson urgers Lauren to give it another shot. So it appears more like Bo took the option of who won’t be around the longest, knowing that Dyson will be there after Lauren was gone. Because he’s told her that. A lot. Bo isn’t choosing one over the other. Bo was never put to the test and made to choose between them. Instead they just ground Dyson and Lauren down to accepting each other and in a way they make the choice for Bo instead. So, to me, that isn't continually choosing Lauren at all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
48. Kiersten
Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

At present, I don't have a current show on my recap docket, but I'll be sure to announce if/when that changes.
Suzanne Metaxas
49. SuzyM
Thanks stacymd2 :) i will miss everyone too. Though I have been so disgusted with the writing of this show I haven't been participating much ;)

Thank you Kiersten for making the show enjoyable with your recaps even when the writing was crap. Your humor and sharp wit have kept it fun.

Thank you H & H for providing us with a safe place to discuss the show without being attacked by a faction of bullies who took over most other sites. This really meant a lot to me :)
Linda Losik
50. LindaL
Thank you Kiersten for putting up with all of the heartbreaking and mind blowing changes that the writers threw at us ...your quick wit and well-turned phrase helped me get thru all of this with laughter and the fact the you have the great sense to totally agree with me, helped to brighten my day. It was a pleasure and I hope to see more of your recaps in the future as well as your writing.

BTW: you were absolutely right that I was lurking..:-)
Susan White
51. whiskeywhite
Now that the series is finished in the US I was re-reading the comments on the finale as fond remembrances of times together. Thanks @SuzyM, @stacymd2, and @SpellboundGrounds for the shoutouts. Back at 'cha.

I was glad to hear, Kirsten, that you're not entirely abandoning the thought of future recapping. I'm sure you have other projects on the go, and new ambitions for the future, but you're too good at this to stop.
52. BrianAcadian1964
I just watched the series finale on Netflix and was a little disappointed. First, I never understood why Kenzi left the series and why she wasn't present for the final scene. Also, I was sad to see Tamsin die as she was one of my favorite characters. I was hoping for several seasons now that Lauren would be killed off because her character just bugged the hell out of me and I was waiting for an ending where Bo would finally come to her senses and choose Dyson. The scene with Lauren and Dyson working out some kind of bizarre time sharing arrangement with Bo was quite odd.
53. brianacadian1964
Remember, Bo passed over both Lauren and Dyson for Raner because he was her "destiny". As a succubus, Bo will never be able to be satisfied with a monogamous relationship with Lauren, and Dyson will always be waiting in the wings. Perhaps she is just not capable of monogamy. Also, I just don't see the chemistry between she and Lauren who has the personality of a cinder block, constantly lies or withholds information and is a fugitive mudering terrorist in the human world, which she sees no reason for which to atone. To say the least, she is my least favorite character in the series. If the writers chose to go the lesbian romance route, Bo had much better chemistry with Tasmin, whose heart was broken by Bo. Lauren was even pursuing Bo when she knew how much Bo loved Dyson and failed to enlighten anyone about the supposed love of her life "Nadia", still lingering in a coma. Yes Lauren is a real peach, I can see why everyone is so thrilled that she and Bo ended up together.
54. RiShuan
I agree with everyone that said Lauren should have come to that conclusion on her own. I thought it would have come in Follow The Yellow Trick Road but no. 5 seasons of them and they only gave us 2 minutes of them in the finale.

I think the writers did drop the ball skipping over their issues instead of hashing them out. For instance at the end of Here Comes The Night when Tamsin tried to leave Bo went after her twice but let Lauren walk off during their last break up.

One last note I only counted two break-ups unless people are counting the Dark Fae party when they met up and Bo thought they had reconciled. lol
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