Oct 20 2015 12:00pm

Lost Girl 5x15 Recap and SPOILER Thread: My Kingdom for a Succubus



Editor's Note (3/15/16): This article is being repromoted in honor of Lost Girl 5x15, the penultimate episode of the show, which aired last night on SyFy in the U.S. Come back next week to dish about the series finale!


Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including for Season 5, Episode 15, “Let Them Burn," which aired Sunday on Showcase in Canada. We'll re-share this Bo/Dyson-centric recap when the episode airs on SyFy in the U.S. in early 2016!

HILTON HOVEL IS ON FIRE!!! Dyson, Kenzi, Mark, and Doctor Lauren stand in the common room gaping at the fire as it tears through the house. They worry where Bo might be and race for her room, but are blocked by fire and debris as the floor above collapses into the stairwell. Kenzi screams that she’s not leaving without Bo and when she tries to climb over the debris to get up the stairs, Dyson lifts her up and hauls her back into the common room shouting, “It’s too dangerous!” They head for the front door, but that too is blocked by debris and fire. Kenzi spies the microwave and then looks above it to the not-working smoke alarm. She realizes Jack set the fire. Outside, the line of kerosene streaks down from Hilton Hovel and out to the street where Bo stands, kerosene can in hand, coldly watching her home and her family burn.


24-hours earlier, Kenzi sets the smoke alarm off in Hilton Hovel with her attempts at microwave cooking. Kenzi cooks? Wait, Hilton Hovel has a smoke alarm? It’s a condemned building full of stolen furniture and powered by electricity illegally siphoned from power lines—but they have a smoke alarm? She yells that Bo was in a coma and should probably stick to a liquid diet anyway. Bo stalks in, all business, and tells Kenzi she should better get going. Kenzi is shocked Bo thinks she’d leave her bestie in such a time of crisis, but Bo knows Kenzi went to Spain to get away from all the Fae nonsense and she’s concerned about what Jack might do to her. Kenzi refuses to leave Bo on her own. “Besides, this crack shack will always be home.” They smile warmly at each other.

Kenzi wants to know Bo’s plan for defeating Hades, but Bo doesn’t have one outside of knowing that any plan has to involve the Pyrippus. “Mythology says that it’s Hades’ hell horse—and I just have to find it.” Kenzi corrects that *they* have to find it. They smile at one another again and then Kenzi goes upstairs to check on Tamsin, “see if preggo wants some Eggo.” Heh. But when she gets to the attic, she finds Vex lying on the floor bleeding where Jack left him. He’s been there all night and still isn’t dead? Kenzi yells for Bo who trundles up the stairs, takes one look at Vex, and calls for help. As she waits for someone to answer the phone on the other end, she notices the open window Vex tried to close before Jack attacked him and knows it means bad news for the missing Tamsin.

Cut to Mount Olympus Penthouse where a cradle awaits the delivery of Hades’ next child. There’s also a rocking horse, lest we go too long without reiterating the horse theme. True to form, he’s put his Baby Mama, a.k.a. Tamsin, in a cage to finish up her pregnancy in comfort and luxury. Hades stops by to see how she’s doing. “Knock me up, lock me up, and now you wanna chat?” Tamsin mutters listlessly. Hades offers faux concern for Tamsin’s well-being, telling her she needs to learn to put the baby’s needs over her own. “So you can raise this baby to be a demon child?” Tamsin snarls. She warns that if her child turns out to be like Bo, Hades will be out of luck—again. “Raising her to be your ‘agent of darkness’ didn’t really pan out, did it?” This is why Hades chose a different breed for the mother this time, someone better able to serve his needs.

Tamsin: “I think I’m gonna throw up.”
Hades: “Morning sickness, huh?”
Tamsin: “Genuine disgust.”

Hades is completely unconcerned. He wants to do a full workup on Tamsin to make sure everything is OK with his baby. Tamsin glares up at him and struggles to her feet. “Last time I checked, it was my body, so don’t think for one second this baby is yours.” He praises her spunk then walks out and Tamsin cries with frustration.

At the clinic, Doctor Lauren tells Kenzi, Bo, and Dyson that Vex is only alive because the blade cut his vocal chords, not his artery. Bo, always concerned for the welfare of her friends, stalks up to the nearly unconscious Vex’s side and demands to know if Jack did this to him. Kenzi immediately follows to ask where Tamsin is and Dyson backs this up by asking if Jack took her. Look, I know they need the info, but the guy nearly bled to death. Give ‘em a sec. The doc reminds them that Vex can’t talk at the moment and gives him a small white board to write on instead. In response to Bo asking who did this to him, Vex writes “GUESS”. Heh.

Dyson correctly concludes that Jack has Tamsin. Bo realizes Jack is doing the same thing to Tamsin that he did to Aoife. “Who knows what he has done to her?” Um, the same thing he did to Aoife? That’s all Dyson needs to hear: “Let’s go.” But Bo won’t let him tear off after Tamsin since confronting Jack doesn’t work given how much more powerful he is than them. Dyson protests that they can’t just leave Tamsin with Jack and Bo counters that they can’t just waltz into Mount Olympus Penthouse either. “That’s how people get killed. We have to be smart.” Dyson glances over her shoulder at the doc, Kenzi, and the injured Vex, and reluctantly agrees that she’s right, “but I can’t just sit here!” He stalks out. Vex takes the moment to mesmer the doc into giving him more morphine. Kenzi grabs his wrists and silently admonishes him. Vex glares back, but then sighs and releases the doc. She rewards him with a new pump of the good stuff. “Turn me into an enabler,” she grouses.

Kenzi takes out the Hotphaestus Horseshoe and asks Bo what they’re going to do with it. Bo repeats that she doesn’t know Jack’s plan, but she thinks it has to do with the Pyrippus and that Hotphaestus Horseshoe can control it. Kenzi is all for going after the crazy horse, but Bo stresses they first need to come up with a plan. Da plan. Da plan. Sing me a new one.

 Kenzi takes a moment and then counts off Jack’s victims, realizing that all of them have one thing in common.

Bo: “Whatever he is planning.”
Kenzi: “All roads lead to Bo.”
Bo: “Whatever was his end game, he’s been planning it from the moment I was born.”

Is it me, or is it like they’re having two completely different conversations here?

Doctor Lauren wonders who else was there at Bo’s birth who might know Jack’s end game. Bo and Kenzi realize everyone who was there who might have answers is already dead. Vex starts scribbling and displays his white board where he’s written MIDWIFE ALIVE. Bo wonders how he could possibly know that. Vex rolls his eyes and scribbles again: ASK EVONY.

Bo and Kenzi enter a swanky mansion in which even Marie Antoinette wouldn’t mind having her cake. Kenzi, despite having her own Spanish castle, is eating up all the glam, which includes a butler who has his own butler and fresh mimosas at the ready. Bo warns that Evony’s been sick and may not look like her full Morrigan self. Kenzi snaps her fingers. “Her karma’s a bitch disease. Got it.” 

They hear Evony’s voice coming from the ballroom where she’s thanking her committee members for all their hard work putting together the fundraiser of Ladies Who Lunch to raise money for a cure her disease. Isn’t Doctor Lauren supposed to be working on that? Evony, as usual, looks fabulous and not at all like she’s dying from some karmic disease. She introduces Bo and Kenzi as her special guests who have arrived just in time for high tea. The Ladies Who Lunch all coo and clap with excitement. Bo grouses to Kenzi that with Tamsin missing, she has no appetite. Kenzi: “Yeah, well, we need answers and it looks like we’re going to have to high tea to get them.”

Evony leads Bo and Kenzi through the crowd, teasing guests as they go. She loves being human especially the new level of gossip. “This committee has more drama than a Dark Fae blood feud.” Heh. Bo admits the fundraiser is impressive and Evony says she figured if she couldn’t cure her disease, she might as well throw money at it. She’s already raised $100 million.

They get down to brass tacks as Evony asks what the hell the two of them are doing there. Bo tells her she’s looking for the midwife who abducted her baby self and Kenzi adds that Vex said Evony knows where she is. Evony gives them a coy look then tells Bo how she’s wanted to kill her from the moment she met her. Not like she kept that a secret. “And not just because of your porcelain complexion. When I learned the Unaligned Succubus could suck multiple chi, I knew I had to keep my eye on you.” She admits that when she couldn’t figure out what made Bo tick, she just wanted her dead. “What else do you do with a weird mole? You burn it off.”

However, now that she’s human, Evony is much more relaxed about Dark Fae secrets. Bo presses for information on the midwife. Evony explains that after Trick saved the midwife from execution years ago, thinking he pulled one over on Evony in doing so, she stole the midwife back in case she came in handy when it came time to take Bo down. Bo’s insulted that Evony knew all this time and said nothing. Evony: “I wanted you dead. Why would I tell you anything?” Good point.

Being human has changed everything though and where before Evony couldn’t understand why Bo chose humans, she’s now starting to understand. She compliments Kenzi on the ring Trick left for her and offers condolences for his death. “If the Light wasn’t always so much of a gong show, I can’t imagine what losing The Ash will do.” Seriously, has nobody on the writer’s staff watched season two when The Ash effectively died and the Light Fae had to pick a new one? In other words, we already know what losing The Ash will do to the Light Fae! Eh. Whatever.

Bo tells Evony how Hades got Tamsin pregnant and then kidnapped her. Evony warns that Hades will not stop until he gets what he wants. Bo presses again for the midwife info.

Evony: “She plays with my ponies.”
Kenzi: “Bo’s midwife is a brony?”

Evony locked the midwife up at her ranch when it turned out she was good with horses. Bo: “Fae horse ranch?”

Back in Mount Olympus Penthouse, Tamsin can’t get the lock on her cage opened. Jack comes in and offers her breakfast of phoenix eggs on a silver platter. Literally. Tamsin forces it down for the sake of her kid.

Dyson and Mark arrive at a somber Dal Riata that is filled with condolence gifts for Trick’s death. Even though The Dal’s been closed since his death, the deliveries keep coming. Dyson: “He was loved by many people.” Mark is mourning Trick; he can’t believe the Trickster is not right there in his place behind the bar.

Dyson moves behind the bar and announces he’s decided to call a Consilium, a gathering of the most powerful Fae elders in the world, so that they might gather their strength to defeat Hades. Each of the tap pulls on the bar has a lily in it. Nice touch. No Consilium has been called in more than 1200 years. Pop-up video informs us that the Consilium Principis was a council created by the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Mark sadly fingers some paper cranes that have been left on the bar for Trick.

Dyson gives Mark a bunch of foliage and instructs him to burn the bundle in the fireplace in Trick’s lair to summon the Light Fae elders, much like the Fumata Bianca, or white smoke, that is used by the Catholic Council of Cardinals to signal the election of a new pope (thank you, Pop-up Video). Mark wonders how the Dark Fae elders are summoned and Dyson explains in that case, you release a flock of ravens called a Black Cloud, but they won’t be doing that as this is Light Fae business. Mark thinks there’s power in numbers and they need all the help they can get, but Dyson explains that the Dark have no place in at Light Fae councils. Mark doesn’t understand the difference between the two and wonders how you know if you’re Light or Dark Fae. “Trust me, you know,” Dyson non-answers. “Stick with the Light.” Oh yeah, Mark’s totally going to call in the Dark Fae because he’s just that douchy a kid. Sigh.

Kenzi and Bo arrive at Evony’s ranch. They stalk across the whole damn ranch with no luck until a small herd of six white horses gallop over the hill and come right at them. Damn. Gandalf only got one Mearas. Kenzi: “She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes.” Heh. Pop-up Video tells us the American folk song “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” was derived from a Christian song depicting the second coming of Christ. Does this mean Bo is the Fae Messiah?

The horses run right up to a stunned Bo and stop to form a small half circle with Bo at its center. Bo just stands silently before them. Kenzi: “Ah, Bobo? Are we like Fae horse whisperer now?” Bo continues to stare at the horses. “They’re happy to see you,” a woman says. Bo turns around to see LouAnn Heidegger, the woman whose family was murdered by Vex as an example to warn Fae from trying to have a life with a human mate. Somehow, Bo has never put together that LouAnn was her midwife. The last time Bo saw LouAnn she was on death row. “You’re supposed to be dead.” LouAnn explains how Trick saved her from execution. “I owe him my life.” Bo realizes LouAnn was her midwife.

Bo can’t believe LouAnn didn’t say anything when they met years ago at the jail. Hmm. Season 1. Good times. Trick made LouAnn promise not to clue Bo in for her own protection. She explains that Trick knew he’d made mistakes with Aoife and wanted to make up for it, so he hired LouAnn to rescue Aoife from the Dark Fae dungeons. When Trick learned Aoife was pregnant, he asked LouAnn to birth Bo and take her too. But she’d already been born by the time LouAnn arrived. Aoife was sick and in her madness, she wanted to kill her newborn daughter. So LouAnn took Bo and hid her among humans. Trick wanted to keep Bo as far away from the Fae as possible to protect her.

LouAnn asks why Bo has come now and she explains that Jack, her father, is trying to get her back and she needs to find the Pyrippus, a stallion that breathes fire. Kenzi explains they think they can control it with the Hotphaestus Horseshoe. LouAnn tells them to saddle up.

Tamsin is not doing well in the cage. When Hades says he’s leaving for a while, she tries to escape using the fork she took from the silver platter to pick at the lock, but she fails. Hades never left though and he returns to taunt her about trying to “stretch her legs”. Tamsin reminds him that when he chose a “breed” he forgot that Valkyries like her have wings. She goes to expand her wings in the cage…and nothing happens. Hades clipped her wings while she was sleeping. “It’s not wise to fly in your condition.” Asshole. Tamsin brokenly says she knows now why Aoife wanted to kill Bo and that if her baby is evil, she might do the same thing. But it’s a bluff and he knows it. Tamsin vows not to let the baby be evil or serve Hades. He’d like to see her try, because they both know what will happen when her baby is born. He walks out and Tamsin breaks down into sobs.

Bo, Kenzi, and LouAnn are all riding horses. Kenzi wants to know the horses’ names. Bo is riding Llamrei who was once King Arthur’s horse. Pop-up Video tells us in Wales, there is a hoof-print etched into a rock called the “Stone of King Arthur’s Horse,” which was supposedly made by the horse Llamrei, which pulled an Addanc monster from the lake. LouAnn’s horse is Bucephalus who led Alexander “the Fae” to victory. Pop-up Video tells us that, according to legend, Alexander the Great tamed the wild horse Bucephalus in 344 B.C. when he was just 13. Kenzi wants to know about her own gassy horse, Otis, who never had a master but “is definitely one of a kind,” according to LouAnn. Kenzi: “Of course I get the farty pony.”

Bo is impatient to get to their destination. “I’m kinda on the clock.” LouAnn assures her they’re almost there, but warns that the stallion they’re going to see is wild and extremely dangerous. Bo makes small talk, asking LouAnn how she went from midwife to rancher. LouAnn somberly replies that the Morrigan took her from one prison and put her in another. But she’s really apathetic about it all since nothing matters with her kids gone. Though she admits working with the horses helps, “having something to love that loves you back,” and that the ranch has actually saved her more than be her prison. Bo is righteously indignant on her behalf for what was done to LouAnn. Crying, LouAnn says she misses her kids and her husband every day.

Eager to change the conversation, LouAnn calls back to Kenzi to see how she’s doing. “Unicorns are known to be a bit gassy.” Kenzi can’t believe Otis is a unicorn and LouAnn tells her he’s a rescue from Scotland. “His horn was cut off by poachers. He’s the last one of his kind.” Kenzi: “I can’t believe I’m riding a freaking unicorn!”

They final reach a stone corral in which is a black horse that shoots fire from its nose every time it rears up onto its back legs.

“Is that a horse or a dragon?!” Kenzi exclaims.
Bo: “It’s the Pyrippus.”

The elders have arrived at The Dal—both the Light and Dark elders because Mark is a total wanker who thinks he knows everything but really knows nothing. He deliberately invited both sides. They are, naturally, fighting like cats and dogs.

Dyson is pissed that Mark disobeyed him. “These are the most powerful Fae that exist in our world!”
Mark: “So, what are we talking about, a bunch of wizards in bathrobes?”

Shut up, Mark. Dyson knows he doesn’t get it. “With The Ash dead and The Morrigan human, there’s no one in control here.” Mark argues that Trick left them The Dal because it’s a sanctuary. “Just because they’re Dark doesn’t mean they can’t help us!” Though it probably means that they won’t. Dyson insists the divide between Dark and Light Fae has always stood for a good reason. Mark grumbles that of course Dyson would say that. Shut up, Mark.

Back at the corral, LouAnn explains they’ve done everything they could to get the stallion’s trust, but no one has been able to break him. Horses are wild by nature, so the one who breaks them gains their loyalty and servitude for life. “They need to surrender to be trained properly.” Bo grabs up the Hotphaestus Horseshoe and goes into the corral to confront the horse. When it rears up and blows flames at her, she deflects them with the Hotphaestus Horseshoe. The horse calms down enough for Bo to get close and touch its nose. She pours on the succujuice and the horse is hers. Kenzi: “Well if I ain’t a brony.”

Bo pulls up the horse’s back leg, but the hoof doesn’t match the Hotphaestus Horseshoe. Bo doesn’t get why since the horse exactly matches the painting of the Pyrippus. LouAnn asks if Bo is sure she’s looking for a horse. “Horses have often been used in works of art to depict powerful forces of nature.” Bo realizes Jack has been trying to break her to ensure her loyalty and servitude, just like the stallion. LouAnn remembers one of Aoife’s rants when she railed that she wanted to kill her baby because someone put something evil inside it. Bo: “Does that mean the Pyrippus is…?”

Bo and Kenzi leave LouAnn and the stallion and struggle to process the idea that Bo is the Pyrippus has they head back to the succmobile.

Kenzi: “I’ve know you for what? Five years? And yes, you have a lustrous mane of hair, but you don’t have a horse face! It’s more…oval”
Bo: “What if when I chi sucked all those people to save (Doctor) Lauren from the Lich…”
Kenzi: “And supersucked us to save Dyson during your ydawning…”
Bo: “What if that was the Pyrippus taking over? What if it’s been inside me all this time?”

I’d say you spent two season looking for something you had the whole time. Also, that Hotphaestus Horseshoe is *not* going to fit on the heel of your stylish boots.

Bo worries that she can’t control the Pyrippus inside her. She loses herself whenever it takes over. “Scary voice, crazy eyes,” Kenzi recalls. “I know.” Bo remembers she felt her father taking control of the Pyrippus when the Cinvat opened (at the end of season four). She’s afraid of losing herself again. Kenzi vows not to let that happen.

Bo stops in her tracks when she realizes that if Jack created the Pyrippus, then he must need it. “I have to go to him.” Kenzi immediately protests that Bo said they couldn’t just go barging in again to confront Jack. Bo: “If he’s trying to break my spirit like a wild horse, then I have to help him with the next step.” You’re going to help him break your spirit and take control of the devastating power locked inside you? How does that make any kind of sense at all? Kenzi wonders how she’s going to do this.

Bo: “I surrender.”
Kenzi: “Ah, can you explain that last part again please?”

Boy. Howdy. Bo says that Jack is not going to stop until he gets what he wants, “The Pyrippus. Me.” So they should just give him what he wants. Sure. That’s a…strategy. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad one, but it’s a strategy. She tells a protesting Kenzi that she has no choice.

The elders are still arguing at The Dal. Dyson tells Mark they have to get them all out of the bar, but Mark argues that Dyson could instead lead the council. Dyson doesn’t think it’s his place. Mark: “Right, because you don’t lead. You just serve.” Shut UP, Mark. “We don’t work with the Dark,” Dyson snaps back. Unless it’s Tamsin. Or Vex. And sometimes, Evony. Aoife once in a blue moon. But otherwise, no fraternizing with the Dark Fae. Really. Mark wonders what Dyson would do if Mark was Dark Fae. Dyson clearly doesn’t like this hypothetical. “You’re not,” he points out. Mark takes a contemplative moment. “Vex was almost killed trying to protect Tamsin.” Ah, no, he was almost killed trying to close a window. Tamsin wasn’t even in the room at the time. Also, they’re both Dark Fae, so that doesn’t help your argument, but carry on.

Dyson points out that for all they know, Vex could be working with Jack, which is a bit mean spirited given he knows by now that Vex is permanently on Team Bo. Not to mention he just got his throat cut by Jack, something that doesn’t tend to inspire loyalty and collaboration. Mark hisses that Dyson has never trusted Vex, but he does. “And unlike you, he’s not a coward!” Whoa. Step back, infant. For a second, Dyson considers what Mark might look like without a face. Then he tells his son he’s going to let his unbelievable insult go because Mark doesn’t know what it is to be responsible for other people. “I will let that go because you are still a child who runs from his own problems!” he yells. “You haven’t even shifted yet.” Proving his point, Mark runs out the back of The Dal. Dyson gets a hold of his temper, his face awash with regret and frustration, and then pursues his son.

Out in the alley, Dyson doesn’t find Mark, but he does hear a low growl of aggression. He calls him out. “Talk to me.” Instead of Mark, a black panther jumps into Dyson’s face. Mark has shifted and Dyson couldn’t be more proud. He talks Mark down from the shift, explaining how to find his Fae self inside the animal. “The pull of the animal is strong in the beginning. You can get lost in it.” Mark shifts back to man form. Dyson grins. “You did it.” He takes his jacket off to cover Mark up. “I thought you’d be a wolf, but you manifested what’s inside of you.” He tells Mark he now gets to choose whether to be Light or Dark Fae, but Mark decides he’s not going to choose. Dyson insists they all have to choose and Mark points out that Bo didn’t. Dyson: “That’s different.” Yeah, no kidding. She got a whole TV series outta not choosing.

Mark holds his ground, prepared to leave rather than choose, or perhaps deciding to choose Dark just to prove the point to his farther. Dyson calls him back. “I love you. You’re my son and you will always be my son.”

Bo cautiously enters Mount Olympus Penthouse. Tamsin hears her call for Jack and shouts her name. Jack warmly welcomes Bo “home”. Tamsin continues to scream for Bo, but Jack tells her not to worry about Tamsin. “She’s emotional, but she’s fine. Hormones.” Asshole. Bo says she’s didn’t come for Tamsin; she came to see Jack. He’s a bit doubtful given that the last time they spoke, Bo was pretty pissed at him. Bo says she’s there now to help him. Hades claims to have moved on to Plan B, i.e. “baby”. Tamsin screams for Bo to help her. “He took my wings!” Pop-up Video tells us the script text here is “Dread crosses Tamsin’s face as she realizes Bo hasn’t come to save her.” Hades chuckles.

Bo points out that a baby isn’t necessarily a sure thing. “I’m a sure thing.” Hades reminds her that babies have a tendency to grow up. “’Cause if I’m anything, I am patient, as you know.” Bo acknowledges that he waited a long time for her, “But I’m here now.” He’s happy to hear that, so she continues that he doesn’t need Tamsin and there’s no point now for her to die in that cage. Hades forcefully declares that he has no intention of killing Tamsin. “Unfortunately, the baby will do that all by itself.” Valkyries die in childbirth and Tamsin will do the same.

Bo is still trying to get Hades to take her on, but he’s not buying her “act.” She insists that it’s not an act. “For a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out who I really am, where I really came from, what I’m really meant to do. And the people who I have come to call my family have been lying to me from day one.” Hades is happy she’s finally figured that out. Bo admits that Hades has never lied to her, not from the moment she released him from Tartarus. Bo claims to understand why Hades killed Trick and Aoife, that it was the only way Bo could see the truth. “And the truth is, Dad, we have a greater purpose. You’re the only one that I can trust. You’re my family.” Hades is again happy to hear this, but he tells Bo if she wants to work with him, she has to do one more thing.

Back at The Dal, the Light and Dark Fae elders are still arguing.

Dark Elder: “Just like the Light to cower in fear!”
Light Elder: “Just like the Dark to go running into the enemy’s camp!”

Someone asks what they’re expected to do. Light Elder suggests they summon the Jotunn, the Frost Giants, like they did for the Battle of Ragnarok. The Dark Elder thinks the Light Elder is out of her mind. Are we gonna have a Thor/Lost Girl crossover?! Pop-up Video tells us that Ragnarok means the doom of the gods. It’s a battle predicted in Norse mythology that will end with the death of many great gods and then give way to the rebirth of the cosmos.

A returned Dyson and Mark silently watch the squabbling elders. Dyson finally roars: “I CALL SANCTUARY!” Everyone shuts up and Dyson steps up to the head of the table. He tells them he called Consilium to forge a peace. A Light Fae elder scoffs at the idea of peace with the Dark Fae “parasites”. The two sides flare up again until Dyson shouts “ENOUGH!”

He takes them all to church. “The Light and the Dark have been on the edge of war for a thousand years, but we are about to face the greatest foe the Fae have ever fought. Now more than ever, we must come together.” The Dark Elder wonders why Dyson’s even considering the Light Fae for this. “Only the Dark can vanquish Hades.” Dyson: “Hades is neither Light nor Dark; he transcends both.” Convenient. Another Dark Fae elder wonders why they should trust a wolf, “especially one who’s been intimate with the Unaligned Succubus, Hades own daughter.” Dyson admits that Bo is Hades’ daughter, neatly sidestepping the whole intimacy thing. “But she is also the granddaughter of the Blood King.”

Shocks of surprise flitter through the room. Dyson admits that Trick hid his secret well. “He could have killed you all, but instead he chose peace. To him, The Dal Riata was a place of sanctuary. So, as a tribute to the Blood King, I ask that you join me in creating that peace.” The elders look around at each other and come to a silent decision. Finally, a Light Fae elder asks Dyson what he proposes they do. “We must unite our strength if we are to vanquish Hades,” he tells them. Dark Fae Elder ceremoniously draws his sword and lays it across the table. “I offer Naginata.” Light Fae Elder raises his spear. “And I, Kalidanda, Ballast of Death.” Another declares “And I, my ax!” OK, no one does this, but clearly this is the Council of Rivendell Fae style. Last week we had the Giving of the Gifts, and this week the Establishment of the Fellowship. Someone on the writer’s staff has a big time Tolkien jones. I approve.

One by one, they lay their weapons on the table in service to Dyson’s plan to unite against Hades. And he didn’t even need a magical horseshoe.

At Hilton Hovel, Bo packs her dagger and then picks up the kerosene can. She glances around at the place she’s called home for five years. Setting her jaw resolutely, she splatters kerosene all over the common room and kitchen—the couch, Kenzi’s laptop, the scrolls, all of Trick’s books that Mark and Vex brought over from The Dal (THE BOOKS!), and even the microwave. She then turns the dial on the microwave timer all the way up. Before she goes, she pauses to call Kenzi and tell her to gather everyone up and meet her at Hilton Hovel. “Yes, now. I have a plan.” Looking sad and apprehensive, but resolute, she promises she’ll see Kenzi soon and disconnects. “Sorry guys, but it’s better this way.” She picks up her bag and the can, takes one last look at Hilton Hovel, and strides out the door.

Dyson slams into Hilton Hovel, Kenzi, Mark, and Doctor Lauren right behind him. He smells the kerosene right off. Doctor Lauren calls for Bo. Kenzi tells them Bo said she had a plan. She barely gets the words out before the microwave timer goes off. Immediately, the microwave explodes and Hilton Hovel erupts in flames.

Dyson, Kenzi, Mark, and Doctor Lauren stand in the common room gaping at the fire as it tears through the house. They worry where Bo might be and race for her room, but are blocked by fire and debris as the floor above collapses into the stairwell. Kenzi screams that she’s not leaving without Bo and when she tries to climb over the debris to get up the stairs, Dyson lifts her up and hauls her back into the common room shouting, “It’s too dangerous!” They head for the front door, but that too is blocked by debris and fire. Kenzi spies the microwave and then looks above it to the smoke alarm she destroyed while making breakfast. She realizes Jack set the fire. Behind her, Dyson does his best to shield a terrified Doctor Lauren from the flames. “We’re completely trapped,” the doc says, tremulously. “Jack did this!” Kenzi shouts.

Outside, the line of kerosene streaks down from Hilton Hovel and out to the street where Bo stands, kerosene can in hand, coldly watching her home and her family burn. Hades comes up to stand next to and just behind her. “I know that was very hard for you,” he says. He tells her she can still save her friends if she wants to. “What do you want to do?” Bo: “Let them burn.”

Trapped inside the burning Hilton Hovel, Dyson shoves Kenzi out of the way a second before a collapsing roof beam crashes down while Mark covers Doctor Lauren. With a growl, Dyson grabs the beam where it has split in the middle to keep the roof from crashing down on top of them. Through coughs, Kenzi declares that Bo is upstairs and they have to get to her, but Doctor Lauren counters that Bo isn’t even in the house. Mark shouts that they need to find a way out of the burning Hilton Hovel. Dyson growls that he can’t let the roof beam go or the whole building will come down on top of them.

Hades and Bo have returned to Mount Olympus Penthouse. Hades leads Bo to a stone throne that some faceless, nameless minion has positioned in front of the balcony while they were gone. He says it’s for Bo. “Do you like it?” Bo steps in front and takes her place on the throne. “I love it,” she declares. This pleases Hades. “It’s time for the next phase.” He puts his hand on Bo’s chest and returns his glowing hand print to her flesh while Bo sits enthroned and without resistance. “I’m gonna need your help,” he tells her. From her cell, Tamsin calls Bo’s name. “Why won’t you help me,” she sobs. Oh, poor boo boo. Broken, pregnant, and bitterly disillusioned about a woman she loves and admires. Even if this is some plan of Bo’s to deceive Hades (and, ill-conceived as that would be, it probably is), this is a shitty thing to do to Tamsin.

“Does that bother you?” Hades asks Bo, reducing Tamsin to a “that.” Asshole. Bo ignores Tamsin. “Not at all,” she says. Again, this pleases Hades. He asks if Bo is ready. A creepy smile creases Bo’s face and her eyes go succubus blue. “I was born ready.” She stares out over her domain of Faeronto. Hades: “That’s my girl.”

End credits.

Next week: The last episode of Lost Girl EVER. The series finale!


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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1. nypinta
Obviously it's Bo's plan, but I'm really hoping that it's one the others are in on as well. (Except, of course, for Tamsin- because there was no time to tell her what they're doing. Which super sucks for her. And the wings thing? Oh, Hades better die painfully.)

At first I thought that perhaps this was actually the story that they orginally intended, for Bo's personal history. Because knowing now that Hades took Aife from the Dark Fae that kept her alive for all those years did fit given what Aife said to Bo in S1 and how she acted in S3. For a while there was confusion over the vision Bo had of Aife in rags killing a nurse in order to take Bo, but that is rectified with Hades and Aife's claim that Aife went a little nuts after Bo was born and tried to kill her. (I do think that Hades used a softer approach on Aife then he is using on Tamsin. He used his "saving" her from the Dark Fae king to leverage her gratitude into having Bo. She even confirmed that she had loved him because she thought there was good in him. But her crazy and him just not being able to keep what an evil f**k he is hidden led to her being back in a cage.) So that makes Cassie's vision in S1 makes sense, the vision in her Dawning makes sense, it all fits. Except how did Luann fit into all of this? That's what I kept wondering. Well, now we know. EXCEPT.... if Trick hired Luann to rescue Aife and Bo but she was too late and was only able to get Bo out and hide her among humans on Trick's say so, then how is it Trick didn't know who Bo's father was? They played it as if he genuinely did not know and was trying to find out himself. We saw him looking at the painting of the Pyrippus and saying, "No, not him..." at the end of S3, but it seemed like something he was worried would be true, Not that it was true. (Or did Trick mean that the Pyrippus is an entity that is inside of Bo and he was freaked out that Hades had put it inside of her after seeing what she did at the Dawning? Hmmm.) But that still doesn't explain how he couldn't know it was Hades if he hired Luann to rescue Aife. Are we supposed to believe that Luann took the job, rescued Bo, then never told Trick where she rescued her from?

Mark drives me nuts. He doesn't just do regular dumb kid that-doesn't-know-any-better stuff. I mean, I was annoyed when he told Alicia about the fae but at least that was in a moment of emotional turmoil (for a girl he know about 2 days total) so it was kinda sorta forgivable. But the stunt he pulled by calling the Dark and then AFTER that indicating he had no idea who they were or the nature of the people called by dismissively asking if they were wizards is astounding. He could have accidently caused the war between the sides to restart just because he had to do the exact opposite of what Dyson said for no other reason than because Dyson said it. I get that he's new and he has issues with Dyson that we never actually got to see them sort out because they went from Mark blaming Dyson for pretty much everything that ever happened to him despite the fact his mother never told Dyson about him to them being buddy cops on a crime scene. In that time however it seems that Mark has learned everything about all of the fae and knows each and every way Dyson is wrong. Mkay. He's been told about all the things Vex did and I do believe that Vex feels had about them. PRA does a very good job at barely concealed self loathing. But that doesn't negate the fact he's done some seriously horrible things and he hasn't really done anything for Dyson's benefit to disuade Dyson of his opinion of him. But for Mark, the fact they've hung out a few times and that Vex can make him laugh means he's a good guy and Dyson is once again just completely wrong to distrust the guy that shoved a hot poker into his back, ran an S&M club that used women against their will, and oh yeah, murdered children. But he's sorry. So, yeah, Dyson's the one who's wrong. OK. Sure.

I realize they needed to get the Light and Dark together for the big showdown and I supposed the most interesting way to give us the details on just how they do that was if it was in the middle of an argument between two characters, but their argument itself was dumb. Mark came across as willful and contrary, while Dyson apparently responds to Mark's insults with mockery and both of them came across as jerks, when they didn't have to write it that way.

I had come up with an alternative way to have that scene, because it did bug me so much. The first being that Dyson didn't just not want to call the Dark, but that he couldn't. What kind of Dark fae elders would they truely be if any Light fae could call them all to a meeting? If I were Dark, I'd be thinking it was an ambush. I wouldn't go. I'd just roll my eyes and go back to whatever depraved thing I was doing. Very easily it could be that a Light can't call the Dark to council. And if a Light and a Dark got together and agreed to call a full council then it would really indicate to the Elders being called that something VERY SERIOUS is going down. So Dyson wants to call the Light, Mark thinks they should call the Dark, but Dyson says he can't. Mark thinks that's stupid. Dyson pretty much agrees, but the divide is what it is. Mark asks him what the difference is. Dyson gives him a real answer OR he says he used to be sure, but he isn't anymore. Maybe he could point out that Vex's father was Light and that a lot of what Vex did is because it was the only way to survive being Dark. Maybe then Mark says his dumb thing about Vex and Dyson tells him off. Says that Vex made his choice. Mark storms off, or so Dyson thinks, but it's actually what we saw and he shifts for the first time. After he returns to himself Dyson says he has to choose and Mark chooses Dark. Dyson wants to freak out, but Mark tells him that now he can call the Dark to council and that he's learned by Dyson's example so maybe the Elders can learn by theirs and get their heads out of their asses and work together. Maybe it's a little bit After School Special, but with the show coming to a close they need to push the idea that Bo's influence has actually begun to change the fae, because wasn't that part of the point of her? What better way then one of the staunchest supporters of the Light vs Dark divide accpeting his Dark son unconditionally? Plus a little fae history, we see some of Dyson's growth on screen, plus Mark's too. And we get to the same point of both sides coming and needing a telling off.

Did Bo really burn all the books? Man. That's cold.

And what about that painting Lauren found in the Dark archives? Is that going to make another appearnce?
2. J.Fall
It's a bit ludicrous isn't it really. I know Bo's plans generally need a bit of tinkering with but even with the possibility of being chi'd back to life, I can't help feeling a tad of resentment may be felt by some of the incinerated. Maybe there's a tunnel in the basement of The Crack Shack because the windows people usually get through or the walls held together by a family of woodworm have suddenly developed impenetrable strength. :)

Bo isn't very bright, maybe she took it to heart when Dyson skimmed The Dal from Trick's will, Lauren dumped her x 3 and Kenzi kept waltzing off to her castle in Spain and thought ... you know what, once Tammers dies, I'll have a Dad and a real sister and we'll rule the world for realsies!!!! She might even keep soppy Tamsin just for the adoration, since even Dyson has got too big for his boots and now has plans to usurp her as LEADER OF ALL THE FAE!!!!

Now, ignoring the nonsense of the horse farm and open prison inmate Louann, may I just ask for clarification on the point of where Bo was born and where Louann rescued her from. We have Daddy Hades with the crib and stuff in Hel or some such gubbins and then Trick pays Louann to rescue Aife and Bo from the Dark King, presumably somewhere in Faeland. Not every Tom, Dick, Aife and Louann can totter between the otherworlds with magic shoes, swap a soul for a soul shenanigans. Where was Bo born and where was she escaped from, she can't be born in Hel, midwifed by Louann and then rescued from a Dark King or did I miss some part of this intricate mythology.

Also, everyone knows that Hades is Bo's father and yet no-one knows Aife and Trick are related to Bo!!! The Morrigan, Vex, Tamsin all know whats-the-what and are all apparently paragons of discretion.

You know the finale is going to stink like a barrell of last weeks fish, I can smell the whiff from here.
3. nypinta
I think the big secret was that Trick was the Blood King, not that he was Bo's grandfather. But they were pretty free with that fact too, so... yeah. The surprise is funny. (Unless this particular set of fae Elders are the kind that don't mingle among the regular folk so they're out of the loop.)

From what I gathered, Trick somehow discovered that Aife was pregnant and that's when he hired Luann to rescue her, but Luann didn't show up until after Aife had Bo and so she had to choose and she took Bo. I think (but don't hold me to it) that Luann was able to get into Tartarus. That's why I am having trouble with the idea that Trick didn't know who Bo's father was. Unless Luann used the Death Train and it wiped her memory and all she knew was that someone wanted to hurt Bo and gave her to a human family. I mean, if Rainer had a handprint, that means Hades had access to that train. If Hades can get to it, then other fae should be able to get to him via that train... OK, I'm just waking stuff up now.

So yeah, Aife is handed over to the Dark. The Dark King decides to keep her instead of execute her. Hundreds of years go by and Aife is driven crazy. Hades "rescues" her. (I'm thinking she finally died and Hades just revived her. It is kinda his thing.) She gets pregnant. Somehow Trick finds out Aife is pregnant, hires Luann to rescue her and help her have the baby, Luann is late and Aife already had Bo, Luann apparently got to stick around long enough to hear Aife's rants but she takes Bo and escapes, I guess she brought the baby to Trick which would explain why Luann was in the woods anywhere near where Trick was with Bo so that Will of the Wisp could see her, gives Bo to the humans. Which also makes Trick quadrupilly a jerk because he had to know just about when Bo's fae powers would kick in and he should have had someone nearby that could have helped her when they kicked in so she wouldn't end up killing people for ten years. But that gives more meaning to what he said to Bo when she was upset her parents would abandon her to think she was a serial killer and he offered the idea that maybe they were hiding her from something much worse. Because turns out, he was. So, this new timeline they've offered us is 99% perfect. (I'm being generous.) All of that with Luann really was just so Trick would finally realize that Trick did indeed save her and for Bo to realize Jack is using her as a Trojan horse for a force of nature, just like how Zee and Hera used Iris. So, she actually is Iris this time. And someone is going to have to pull the pyrippus from Bo and send it to the void, just like she did to Iris... but the Jack in the Box has been used and can't be again. Hmm. But once separated from that force of nature, Bo will just be a regular succubus, (if she survives.) Hmm.
4. J.Fall
Doesn't Lauren put things back in the box. Haven't they got the shield that's made out of Adamite. Lauren's been promising all along not to let Bo go the full monty. Of course this would mean that Lauren had to take up space in the finale and we've still got the Valkyrie birthing to endure and presumably another batch of lives for Tamsin. No way that screen hogger is going to quietly fade away.

If Bo doesn't actually achieve anything but being rescued by her buddies in this last episode, apart from going Dark Bo and eating the world before she's burped and brings it back up, then I call FAIL!!!

I'm also seeing the baby as her new purpose to protect and teach if she does make it. If she kills it, obvs it won't be a baby it will grow up fast but I doubt that will happen. I'm calling it now, Tammers will survive and she and Bo will make a pact to protect the baby and Lauren and Dyson will get the 'I will always love you but my life is all about protecting my new sister ....' and they'll both tearfully understand.
5. Nypinta
Zee gave the shield to Hephestus to make the horseshoe for Bo, so they don't have it anymore.

The baby as a plot is kind of a waste now since Bo "joined" Team Evil but I don't see it much differently than Lauren being inserted into last season's finale when she went after Evony & ended up needing to be rescued by Bo instead of Bo just dealing with the pending escape of her dad. But the fact they keep saying Tamsin is a goner makes me think she's so not.

I don't think it'll be so much that Bo has to be saved by her friends so much as she's relying on them to pull her back after her fishing expedition.
6. Devin
I hope it's Vex that's rescues them from the fire, to prove to them that they can fully trust him
7. nypinta
Devin, that is a fabulous idea. Because he isn't there, is he? Maybe he shows up with the RV and gets them out. Ha. If they had the money he could drive it through to make an opening... ;)
8. CorkyStClair
I thought LG had hit its cruelest point when they had Kenzi give Massimo the twig of Zamora so that Hale's death was essentially all her fault, but this rape/baby storyline is even lower, especially now that they've added kidnapping, bodily mutilation and scenes of the rapist teasing his victim. I wouldn't wish this storyline on Dawn from Buffy and she is my least favourite TV character of all time. I am not one of those people who thinks rape is impossible to depict on television but this is a classic example of how not to do it. What a disgusting plotline.

I also question the wisdom of bringing Luann back to remind us that Vex and Evony are evil child killers after they spent several seasons softening them up.

The mesmering for morphine was a nice touch. Physical comedy seems to be Zoie Palmer's forte.
9. nypinta
I agree about Luann, although what she had to say was necessary. But they probably should have done it a few episodes ago and Luann should have stuck around so we got a Vex/Luann confrontation and some kind of closure for her. Not sure Lost Girl though is the show to do that kind of situation any justice. I mean... it'd be one scene and then we're all supposed to believe she feels like she got justice while Vex would still get to walk around and even join the team. (Unless Luann has some kind of Eric Draven like fae power and she's able to shove all of the pain she and her children went to at his hands straight into his brain, which instantly and drastically changes Vex forever.) I'm liking this actually. Luann the badass. I mean, she did supposedly get into Tartarus and snatch the child of the god of the underworld from under his nose and get back out. The woman's got skill. Maybe they should do a spin off with her?!
10. J.Fall
Re-writing the plot to make it better doesn't really help anything Nypinta, glaring plot holes abound.

I'm unclear as to Jack/Hades actual powers. He seems to be less able than Zeus who body hopped, he can only impersonate family members and has no lightening bolt. His big plan is to harnass the Pyrripyrri, rather than show his own repetoire of skills. He's, so far, your average serial killer but has overpowered Aife, Trick, Vex and Tamsin, so what are his actual skills?

Dyson's army, presumably will fight the 'army' of Hades, so there'll be more moronic zombie fillers while Bo gets a quick course in what it takes to control her hot sauce (thought she could do that already, she certainly boasted she could when she brought Dyson back to life by Chi sucking the others.) Then there's Tamsin and the baby, is that Lauren's job and Kenzi uses her lock picking skills on the cage?

I'm predicting something dopey from Bo, she'll find her inner Cherry Blossom Queen, send a rainbow of love Chi to human and Fae alike and Hades will have to run back to Hel or risk sticking flowers in his hair and dancing around the Mae Pole with the others.
11. nypinta
It helps me cope. You should read what I did to the Star Wars prequels. ;)

The thing with all the ancients is that there actual powers aren't that impressive. Well, I mean, Hades can resurect the dead and that is pretty cool... but Trick could actually alter the world, change people's minds with a sentence, erase a person, etc. It seems that they're seen as the most powerful because they seem to be impervious to other fae powers. But how did Evony trap Eros? And why isn't Bo asking Evony how she trapped Eros?!

The promo videos that Showcase releases, they've always had their scenes in order right? Because they released one for the finale but it seems to be out of order to me.
12. nypinta
BTW, I did want to say that the more I think about it, the I really dig the idea that the Pyrippus is something Hades put in Bo and isn't Bo herself because it's an actual twist on the prophecy girl/all powerful Bo that they've been pushing for the past two seasons. It's actually kind of clever. So Hades is using Bo as just another box (sorry) so that the force of nature that he wants to control could be taken out of Tartarus. What exactly it does or what it's for, who knows. Maybe he just wants to recreate Tartarus on Earth? Kind of a lame goal. But whatev. But Bo has the horse shoe, which apparently, if the Kenzi Bo saw in her moth induced coma is to be believed, can be used by Bo to take control of this force and change it's nature. She can't do that if she lets Hades drive her crazy by being stubborn while he picks off her friends one by one. So... there was this cartoon I recall as a kid. Johnny Quest. In one episode Johnny gets caught up in some kind of vine and he's fighting to get out but it just keeps getting tighter, until his dad tells him to calm down and stop struggling. If he does that the vine will slack and he can carefully untangle himself. That's what Bo is doing. The more she fought, the more Hades tightened his grip. So she gives in, giving his control slack, so she can get out completely. Nice. So, the team might not have to "save" Bo at all.

Not sure how the finale is going to be though, because the show isn't really known for finishing any season strong... :/ But taking advantage of the idea that Bo will just chi suck the entire city so all they need are a few bodies lying around and a token army to fight (probably fae since they seem to have stronger chi than humans) is smart. Will seem less ridiculous than the "army" from the end of S4 or the berserkers that the Garuda had.
13. ron grant
It all makes perfect sense now. Back at the end of the episode when Bo defeated the Garuda, she was walking out of the Dal when she looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes turned an intense blue and she had this devilish (yes, pun intended) grin on her face. That had to have been the first clue to Bo being more than just a succubus.
But now the big question remains, will she be Hadeddies queen or will she find the strength to overcome his influence via the horseshoe, or maybe she draws in enough chi to have the strength to defeat him that way. Or maybe, Bo distracts hadeddy long enough for Dyson to give him a good dose of Laurens Fae to Human serum. If this ends with her being the naughty lost girl that he wants her to be I'll be bummed. Guess we'll find out tonight.
I was told by someone that there will be a season6, can this be true, I can see another season. The show seems to have gotten back on track after the S4 disaster.
And while this has nothing to do with Lost Girl, I am protesting the decision that there will be no more OB recaps! Anyone else feel that way?
14. nypinta
There will be no season 6 of Lost Girl. The episode tonight is the final finale.

Do you mean Orphan Black recaps on this site?
15. nypinta
Well, that happened. Last night as it ended I felt it was pretty good considering what they had to work with. But as I was thinking about it this morning the only word that really came to mind was anemic. They were trying too hard for the "full circle" and they ended up taking away the one thing about the pyrippus that I started to appreciate and that was it was a foreign thing in Bo so she should be able to get rid of it. And the more I think about what Jack did to Tamsin the less it makes sense. He choose Aife specifically for how she feeds, so his child could take the chi from all & leave them empty for him to fill. A Valkyrie can't do that. She wouldn't work for his plans. So he tricked her into sex to impregnate her which he knew would kill her & cut her wings and taunted her out of spite. And adding that plot line just to create another "lost girl" is silly as it isn't the same and actually it just highlights how awful what Lauren did to Evony since it really brings home how it was exactly the same thing. I'm kind of sad now.
16. Mecca
Lmao @ the Lauren hate.

I absolutely loved Evony as a character. But, she was a foul, vile creature who prayed on the innocent and tried to kill the woman Lauren loves on multiple occasions.

The list of the former Morrigans transgressions are to many to name. But, the fact that she couldn't manage a ounce of sympathy for her overcompensating, idiot of a son, who she abandoned and turned into a psychopath , is a clear indication that she deserved far worse.

I generally love the recaps on this site. But, your anti-Lauren rhetoric is so ridiculous.

Dyson is permanently in the friend zone and Doccubus is endgame.

Nothing left to see here folks!
17. nypinta
WTF? If you've ever bothered to even read any of my posts here you would know that I have always argued that Lauren was right to go after Evony, but was never a fan of how (or her stated reason, it being for Bo.) But I had reconciled the icky factor of how she did it to them trying to parallel the spybang, or Lauren getting even for setting Crystal up to do it to her. But then they had to go and have Hades assault Tamsin and the outcry over that vs. the cheering people did for Lauren has really brought it home how awful it really was. Just look at the scenarious, actually LOOK at them, instead of brushing it aside just because one includes your OTP.

Hades tricks Tamsin into sex, so he can get her magically pregnant, which will end her life.
Lauren tricks Evony into sex, so she can get her to ingest some serum, which will make her human and end her life.
Hades physically assaults Tamsin afterwards by taking her wings.
Evony physically assaults Evony afterwards by punching her in the face.
Hades mocks Tamsin when he has her in the cage and vulnerable.
Lauren mocks Evony when she's newly human and vulnerable.

How is what Lauren did any different than what Hades did? Who Evony is or what she's done doesn't make what Lauren did ok. And the willingness that people are to excuse it is so baffling.

PS Dyson isn't permanently friend zoned because that isn't an actual f**king thing.

So odd how the show itself was about no lables by doccubus fans are so quick to throw out the hater lable when someone points out their favorite is totally problematic. And after the glow of the rammed in doccubus endgame wears off, people are going to slowly come to the realization that the show itself was horrible with issues of consent and whatever supposed legacy it had will be tarnished by that. IF people actually care about the show for all that long.
Susan White
18. whiskeywhite
I just wanted to say @nypinta that I liked your re-write of the Mark/Dyson scene re: calling the fae elders meeting. Imaginative as always.
19. Tamsin's Panties
I got disillusioned by this stupid show by the end of season 4, and barely had the stomach to watch 2 or 3 of the first episodes of season 5. Needless to say I think the last episode in season 5 was I dunno I think one where Bo dressed up like a ninja I guess. LOL!! well that there should tell ya how unimpressed I was with LG, and the utter stupidity the showed sunk into. I have to say Kudos to the rest of you for gutting it out, and I am really not sure how the hell any of you did it. I did want to stop by one last time to see how just out of curiousity things turned out...TAMSIN GOT ASSULTED yep soooooooooooooo glad I didn't waste my time with season 5. Again kudos to the rest of you that did. You guys were obviously way better fans than I, or maybe just gluttons for punishment? Well when I was here I enjoyed my time to bad this show dissolved into the disaster that it did. Well at least I never ever have to deal with doccubus fans again. Whew glad that nightmare is over! good luck guys its been real.
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