Oct 9 2015 1:15pm

J.R. Ward Shares Excerpt from The Beast

Moments ago J.R. Ward shared a snippet of The Beast on her Facebook page. While the book is still months away—slotted for an April 2016 release—this excerpt is just enough to whet our appetites for more. What about you?

Check out the full scene of Rhage wondering at his luck in finding Mary on Ward's Facebook page, but in the meantime, here's a taste:

But that would be like touching up the Mona Lisa or hitting a rose bush with some Febreeze.

There were a hundred thousand ways to detail his mate's physical attributes and not one single sentence, or indeed an entire book, that could come close to describing her presence.

She was the watch on his wrist, the roast beef when he was starving, and the pitcher of lemonade when he was thirsty. She was his chapel and his choir, the mountain range to his wanderlust, the library for his curiosity and every sunrise and sunset that ever was or would ever be. With one look or the mere syllable of a word, she had the power to transform his mood, giving him flight even as his feet stayed on the ground. With a single touch, she could chain his inner dragon, or make him come before he was even hard. She was all the power in the universe coalesced into a living, breathing thing, the miracle that he had been granted in spite of the fact that he had long been undeserving.

Quite simply, Mary was his life.

Are you excited for Rhage's second book? What do you think of his sweet musings on his mate, Mary?

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