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Best Friend’s Little Sister Takes an Erotic Turn in Eden Bradley’s Dangerously Broken

Dangerously Broken by Eden Bradley

The brother’s best friend/little sister trope takes on hard BDSM kink in Eden Bradley’s long-awaited sequel, Dangerously Broken, where the great thing about the combination of this genre and this trope is the merging of taboos into a heightened awareness of sex, feelings, everything. Summer Grace has always been off-limits for Jamie, not just because of the promise he made her deceased brother but because of where his sexual preferences lie. But when he comes upon Summer playing at his BDSM club, The Bastille, he sees her in a whole new light. And the best thing? He doesn’t torture himself about it; he acts on it.

Desire was not the same as taking action. But who the hell was going to protect her from everything and everyone else at The Bastille if he didn’t do it himself? It was the same damn situation Allie had wrangled Mick into. With his help, he had to admit. But this was different. Wasn’t it? He had a feeling Summer Grace hadn’t done this because of him.

He’d seen the languorous lines of her body under that Domme’s hands. Had seen the way she responded to being hit with the leather paddle. She was right there, her body, her mind, committed to the moment. Oh yeah, she was all in. That wasn’t something anyone could fake. Even if she knew he was into kink — and if Allie had brought her to the club, he was pretty sure she’d known before they’d seen each other tonight — she was obviously there because it was what she wanted.

Summer Grace. With the same dark desires he had himself.

Which could lead her into some dangerous territory.

In a book series that highlights the niche of BDSM fetishes, Eden Bradley knows her stuff and shows it exactly how it is. Summer’s a little green but willing and eager to learn, so her exploration is a journey for us too. Jamie’s a sadist with an affinity for chain play, which Summer latches onto immediately. Their even match is made richer by the shared connection of their past. She may not have too much practice on the BDSM spectrum, but she’s been trying to seduce Jamie for years (and the mental images of her sneaking into his bed as teenagers is a potent fantasy), which speaks to Summer’s sexual confidence and sets up Jamie’s control. But as Dom and sub, they just work. The sex starts early—enough years of foreplay—is heavy and makes up a significant amount of the page count but deftly adds to and progresses the story, all good things. And no doubt about it, the New Orleans setting is an entity in itself, the perfect backdrop for dark desires and newfound exploration between these two. The fact that it’s Jamie introducing Summer to what she’s come to be sure she wants is the perfect full circle.

There were moans and groans of pain and pleasure and the startling snap of a whip from somewhere. And all of it enveloped her, adding to her headspace, making her feel her submission in a way that was energizing. Empowering, somehow, despite the tremors of fear running like a small, live wire just beneath her skin.

Jamie stopped in front of an enormous web made of chain that stood on a giant frame. He placed his bag on the floor to one side of the gleaming web and pulled her closer to him, smiling down at her.

“We’ll play here tonight.”

… said the spider to the fly.

Of course, when two people who’ve been a big part of each other’s lives for years, fighting something between them, finally go for more especially in an extreme way, there are complications. The fact that they’ve both suffered major loss both bonds and repels them; in a haunting city, they can’t help but feel they attract death. Then there’s their personal history and the doubt that they can make a lasting romance out of their relationship. But through it all, there’s something that feels good, meant to be, and when Summer and Jamie figure that out for themselves, that’s romance.


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