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Arrow 4x04 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Here Comes Trouble

Oliver announces his run for mayor in Arrow Season 4, episode 4Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night's episode 4x04, “Beyond Redemption.”

Arrow 4x04 Captain's Log graphicShow/Episode: Arrow Season 4, Episode 4, “Beyond Redemption”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

This isn’t a particularly Olicity-heavy episode, so let’s start with the candy: The salmon ladder is back! The fancy new Arrow Cave has the salmon ladder, and Felicity gets to watch Ollie work his way up shirtless. It was a great callback to when she used to watch him workout and have to pretend it wasn’t doing anything for her. Now she gets to gaze unabashed.

“Beyond Redemption” wasn’t about Oliver and Felicity. It was about unearthing secrets, and what happens under the weight of that knowledge. In regards to Olicity, this was a whole lot of groundwork. Ollie and Felicity are working well together. While they had eight scenes together this episode, they were primarily about working as a team to save the city.

Thea looks for a ring in 4x04 Felicity is confused in Arrow 4x04
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However, in her own subplot Felicity discovers she can hear Ray’s last words. She does not want to open that door, but at the end of the episode we get to watch her weep as she hears her ex-boyfriend’s last words to her. There’s no way this doesn’t impact her and Ollie’s relationship. Being pulled back to what happened six months earlier isn’t going to change her love for Ollie, but it may bring up concerns about mortality (both his and hers) and where their future lies. We haven’t seen another shot of the engagement ring in the candy dish, but at some point she’s going to find it. Or at least I hope so!

While we didn’t get to see her open to Oliver about Ray’s recording, their communication has improved so much it’s hard to believe that talk won’t happen. Though, will it happen before Ollie finds out about Sara?

He loved Sara, and—full disclosure—I loved them together because badass squared. However, he and Felicity are where it’s at now. That said, how Ollie handles the resurrection of his ex is going to impact his relationship. I believe he can care for Sara and the rest of the Lance family without it getting in the way of his relationship with Felicity.

Both of them will just have to deal with their pasts. How they lost past loves and the traumas of each loss being brought back to the forefront at the same time is sure to make for palpable conflict. If we’re lucky, it will also make for some deep emotional conversations and some more of those sweet, backlit kisses Arrow is so good at.

A final, non-Olicity comment: Can I just say I love the guest stars this season: JR Bourne last episode (who will forever be “hot dad” Chris Argent from Teen Wolf for me) and then Rutina Wesley (a.k.a. Tara from True Blood) this week. Arrow is bringing the awesome.

Oliver finishes up on the salmon ladder in Arrow 4x04 Felicity gazes at shirtless Oliver in Arrow 4x04
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Memorable Lines

Oliver: I’m running for mayor.
Thea: *laughs*
Oliver: Don’t everyone congratulate me at once.
Digg: Oh, you’re serious?


Felicity: Don’t worry. I burned a lot of incense.


Captain Lance: What, I don’t get a code name like the rest of you?


Oliver after finishing his Salmon Ladder workout: You all right?
Felicity: Hmm?
Oliver: You’re doing that crinkly thing with your eyebrows.

Charting The Course: It’s about to get complicated. Past loves and old wounds are coming to the surface again, but if anything this will give Ollie and Felicity a chance to talk about their future.

Next Stop: Arrow, Season 4, Episode 5, “Haunted”


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