Sep 8 2015 8:30am

What’s in the Box!?: “Box” Sets for Book Lovers

Book subscription boxes seem to be all the rage right now. So I’ve been on the hunt for fun book boxes and I’ve come across some pretty spectacular items. So far, I’ve only signed up for three of these because I couldn’t make up my mind! So I’ll describe the three boxes I actually subscribe to and other boxes that I’ve heard about.

BookWorm Box

BookWorm Box:
Items: Signed books and swag
Reaction: Slightly Apprehensive but then AWESOMENESS

I first came across subscription book boxes when I was introduced to Colleen Hoover’s, Bookworm Box. Proceeds from this box go to charity and they’ve raised thousands of dollars so far. This box feeds into my signed book desiring heart and has been steadily adding to my paperback horde. It contains two signed (not personalized) books, various swag from different authors and (my favorite) a bookworm pen. Seriously, it’s my favorite pen and has the best ink. Each month the books received in the box are a surprise and waiting to see what I get usually require a glass of wine after. Kidding, the wine is a life requirement. But it’s a lot of fun waiting to see what you get.

Bookish Box

Bookish Box:
Items: Book-related items
Reaction: My fandom heart is exploding

As my quest continues in surrounding myself with amazing book products, I came across another subscription service from the Appraising Pages shop, The Bookish Box. Each box you receive monthly has a bookish theme usually involving a shirt and various items (but no actual books). I’ve been receiving the bookish box for a couple of months and I love it. My favorite product, I inadvertently killed. It was a Harry Potter magnet plant cork but, I have no green thumb and I forgot to water it. Lol, but it was an amazing office plant while it lasted.  The themes speak to different fandoms, this past month was science fiction themed and I received a Doctor Who headband, a Princess Leia bookmark, among other things.

Uppercase Box

Uppercase Box
Item: YA book picked personally for me.
Reaction: Surprised! and Thrilled!

The Third box is Uppercase box, a YA monthly subscription box. It’s a unique book experience each month. There’s three different options to choose from and I chose the personalized recommendation box. It chooses a book based on your tastes, you fill out a form with your favorite reads and surprise! I am thinking of switching plans because the expert pick looks so much fun too! For the expert pick, there’s a signed book or bookplate from the author but it’s not a personalized match. As a fellow book addict, you can understand the struggle of deciding. Thus far I’ve received The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows and Uprooted by Noami Novik and these recommendations have been spot on!

But if these might not be for you, no fear, there’s plenty more to choose from. There’s Litcube, centered on YA, that includes books and bookish items. OwlCrate was just featured on the New York Times and it has one YA read and bookish items using Etsy artists to create unique products. There’s the Book Candy Box that gives you a hand selected book, a model photo and a swag pack—this sounds interesting for non-YA readers. There’s the Indie Box (tonyasindiebox.com) that cater to Indie authors across genres. The box includes signed books and swag.

What seems to be the common theme is a surprise box of book items, as well as, sometimes, books to indulge in your booknerd needs. That’s the best part of it for me, not knowing what I’m getting each month and being surprised.

Are there any other boxes you’ve tried that I should know about? Have you tried some of the above? Let me know! 


Learn more about the books mentioned in this post: 

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows  
Uprooted by Noami Novik  




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Books Darling
1. BooksDarling
Oh my geezie! Thanks for sharing this. I love subscription boxes and had no idea that the concept expanded to include books!!!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I am not signed up for any of these...yet! You see them all the time for underwear or makeup, but I always just think those aren't worth it for me. But these totally are... Bookworm seems very tailored to my personal reading tastes just based on what you said, it sounds right up my alley, and I'm definitely intrigued by the Bookish items...and I want those socks from Uppercase! Haha, I can't have them all but I WANT them all!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
Hmm! I remember being in the Babysitter's Club book club back in the day, but have never tried it as an adult. The concept is intriguing, but I worry I'd fall behind on keeping up with all the new books at some point. Maybe someday! This could DEFINITELY be a good gift idea for people in my life, though...
Jessica Moro
5. JessicaMoro
I've been lucky enough that the books I've received from Bookworm i've read most of them. The Ya book box is a challenge to read so I may pause that one to catch up. But I'm loving the book item boxes those are sooo awesome
6. ShaunaBuck
I subscribe to LitCube and love it!! They now offer a middle grade choice too. I wish I had money to subscribe to them all!
7. Julia aka mizzelle
I've subscribed to Bookriot's Quarterly boxes at different times. One is regular bookish vs one geared for YA. You get at least two books (sometimes more w/ extras!) and several bookish paraphrenalia (i.e. cards, mug, etc.) They included Sarah Maclean's Rogue by Any Other Name in my first regular box, so they're definitely not afraid of the genre. I switched from the main box to the YA version this year.
8. Taragel
Great post! I subscribe to a few yarn sub boxes but never thought to look for them for books. Wish there was more adult romance options though, might have to do some investigating. (Those socks in the Uppercase box are pretty awesome though...)
9. Jennifer C
I get Book Riot YA Quarterly. I've had one box so far, and it was pretty good. I had not heard of any of the books before, but I like that because it gives me the chance to read books I might not normally read. The book related items with it were pretty cool as well.

I have been getting UpperCase for three months now. I like it a lot. It is always newly published books, that I have heard of, and that I likely have on my wishlist. I got a cute rosegold ampersand necklace in one of them. I've gotten library card socks. So far it's one I'd like to stay in. Additionally, they have a letter from the author, and sticky notes placed inside the book for discussion on their website.

I got my first Owl Crate last month, and I loved my items that came with my book, and also the book was a new release that people are talking about.
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