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Shipping Sunday: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Phryne/Jack (Phrack)

Phryne and Jack, off to the rescue in Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesIf you haven't yet watched The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, you're missing out on lovable characters, a fabulous recreation of 1920s Australia with clothes to die for, one of the most enjoyable female leads to ever appear on television, and an exquisitely slow burning romance.


Phryne hands basket off to Jack in Miss Fisher's Murser Mysteries
Source: Willaful

I've read that in the books the series is based on, Detective Jack Robinson is happily married; it's a very good thing they decided to change that for the show, because no way could the chemistry between Jack (Nathan Page) and Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) be ignored.

Phryne and Jack at the Races They're a classic strait-laced boy/wild-girl couple, with Jack continually exasperated by Phryne's insistence on poking her nose into mysteries and putting herself in danger. But he can't ignore how clever, charming, resourceful, warm-hearted, and simply wonderful she is.

Phryne dances to no one's tune Phryne is an intelligent woman
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What makes the series extra fun is that Miss Fisher isn't sitting around pining for Jack—oh no, she's not only off solving mysteries in amazing clothes, but she's also enjoying a dazzling social life in amazing clothes. And a fair number of her romantic escapades end up in bed; Miss Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman who knows how to enjoy herself. But we know—of course, we know—who her heart really wants! They speak almost entirely with their eyes, but those eyes say everything; shippers cherish every simmering second they're together.

Phryne and Jack stare into each other's eyes in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


And when they move beyond looking... swoon.

Jack Kisses Phryne in Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesI won't reveal the progression of their romance, except to say that by the end of Season 1 and 2 (all that is currently available on Netflix), you will be absolutely panting for season 3. And if you're in a part of the world where Season 3 is already available... do you have a comfy couch?


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Jules Jones
1. Jules Jones
It's a gorgeous series, for so many reasons, and the slow development of the relaitonship is a shipper's delight. Perfectly paced delayed gratification, and I continue to sulk at the lack of third series on DVD.
Jules Jones
2. Olivia Dade
I think what I love most about Phryne and Jack's slow-burn attraction is how subtle it usually is--communicated in small gestures, eye contact held a bit too long, a secret smile when no one else is watching. So when the grand gestures occur or one of them speaks plainly of his/her feelings, it feels momentous and breathtaking. No over-the-top antics, just the lingering pleasure of watching two people circle each other, helplessly moving ever closer.

In other words: Phryne and Jack (AKA Phrack) FOREVAH!
3. willaful
Yes, it's a ship that keeps us constantly on our toes and loving every second of it.
Jules Jones
4. Travelover
We are Americans, and my husband and I absolutely LOVE this show. The costumes, acting, architecture, cars, jewelry, settings - EXQUISITE - and a marvelous advertisement for Australian tourism. I follow the show's facebook page and people from all over the world send them items to be featured on the show - AND they display these items at various announced locations for tourists and fans of the show. She is a "modern" sexually liberated woman (the day her new maid/companion found her diaphragm under the bed summed it up!). I am so glad Jack is not married on the show. These two are "GROWN UPS", and they steam up the screen with just a look. Although they haven't as yet "consummated" their relationship - she LOVES to "tease" him. The day he walked in while she was working a case "undercover" in a house of ill repute and he walked in while she was doing a "fan dance" - the look on his face was priceless. My favorite scene - the day he played the piano and she sat beside him, and they sang, "Let's Misbehave" - it was adorable AND sexy at the same time. I highly, highly recommend the show - get the disks and see it from the beginning. It is well worth it. You will also love the supporting characters. It is my understanding they want to do a full length movie - I hope they do as it deserves the attention and prestige.
5. willaful
You just mentioned my two favorite scenes! "Let's Misbehave" is the second one. The look on Jack's face when the fan dancer's face is finally revealed... that look of "of COURSE it's her" is the first.
Jules Jones
6. Travelover
willaful - you should check out the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries facebook page - it really is very interesting.
Jules Jones
7. Lady Gray
Flying low under the costume drama - cozy murder mystery radar this show delivers on many levels - sloooooow burn romance - gorgeous stars in Essie Davis and Nathan Page - subtle nuanced acting - stunning costumes - nitty gritty social history - solid supporting cast - the power of sisterhood - the lingering scars of war - vintage cars and planes, humour and sass in spades.

Fans - female and male and across generations - are not slow to show their love of the the show - check out Facebook or the more wild and crazy world of Tumblr.

Netflix USA started streaming Season 3 today and Acorn and Amazon have DVDs.
8. willaful
"Netflix USA started streaming Season 3 today"

Jules Jones
10. Ange
Just finished Season 3. Please have a Season 4 and a movie.
Kerly Luige
11. Celebrinnen
Oh, they are just made for each other.
Actually, so are Dottie and Hugh, but whereas Dot and her beau are just ... sweet, the relationship between Jack and Phryne takes on every colour of the spectre - I mean, to put together two such personalities who won't admit their attraction and yet are ready to die for each other, the subtle gestures already mentioned, all of it ... sorry, I know I'm blabbing, but I just love them both so much :)
12. willaful
It's interesting seeing what happens between Dot and Hugh in season 3.... but more on that later. ;-)
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