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Fall by Chance: New Adult Romance Best Bets for September 2015

Fighting Wrath by Jennifer Miller

This month’s New Adult reads range in setting but one thing is the same, they all took a chance on something bigger than themselves. They took a leap into the unknown and whether it be in a strict religious community or a football stadium, they managed to carve out a new beginning with love.

Fighting Wrath by Jennifer Miller is the second in her Deadly Sins series but, can be read as a standalone. Tyson is dealing with residual anger from his childhood and he’s turned to underground fighting to let it out. He meets Sydney at the local bookstore that he takes his niece to for story time (swoon). Their attraction is instant and their relationship blossoms but, secrets threaten to tear it apart. Will they fight for their happy ending or will their secrets prove to be too much?

Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward is a forbidden romance. Sevin has been raised in a strict religious family and has always felt as though he’s been suffocated by it. However, tragedy forces him to reevaluate and he’s soon courting his future wife but, it’s the wrong sister. The pull to Evangeline can’t be ignored but with family values, relationships and religion in the way, will they get the ending they deserve? This book pulled me in all different directions! THE FEELS!

Storms Over Secrets by J.A. Rouen is the third standalone in her Over series. Celia is living a life of regret. She’s faced a lot of broken promises and has paid the ultimate price. Cain is her lumbersexual, hot landlord, now friend that she can’t help but have feelings for. With killer angst, mysterious secrets and hilarious antics, Storms over Secrets is a story that poignantly delivers forgiveness and redemption.

Fear Us by B.B. Reid

Fear Us by B.B. Reid is the continuation of this dark series, Broken Love. Each book has kept me captivated and engrossed in this no-holds-barred storyline. Keenan (our anti-hero) has completely changed, once the fun-loving guy of the group he’s now a cold, arrogant monster. He’s forced to return after four years to face his past, Sheldon (our heroine). What ensues is chaos with kidnappings, murder and mayhem. It kept me on the edge of my seat!

Delayed Penalty by Sophia Henry was a treat! With its quick wit and hilarious heroine, I found myself wishing I was bff’s with the heroine. Our hockey hero is not one to be missed. A recent transplant from Russia, his bad boy reputation hides a charming, extremely nice guy that is more than meets the eye. With more in common that than they thought, Auden and Aleksandr realize there is a silver lining in tragedy. This was a fun read and I highly recommend to any hockey sports romance readers.

The End Game by Kate McCarthy features Jordan, Australian soccer star and Brody, American BMOC. Jordan is focused on making it professionally in American soccer and doesn’t have time for dating or any extra activities. When forced to work with Brody, they discover a connection that lights a fire in them. We follow their trials and upheavals from college out into the professional world and it’s a story that tugs on your heartstrings.

Sacked by Jen Frederick. A college football star and virgin?! Packed with humor and great characters, Sacked is a fantastic tale of new love. With Knox’ adorable romantic overtures and charisma he swoops Ellie (and you) off her feet. I can’t wait for more in this series.

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren is the one I’ve been waiting for! LOLIVER FOREVER! After annulling their quick wedding, Oliver and Lola remained the best of friends. These comic book loving nerds love hanging out and are a great support system. The banter! The nerdy hotness of Oliver was off the charts. When lines are crossed, will they able to keep up the friendship? Or will new goals and settings destroy everything they’ve achieved?

Grayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan is the tale of a witch and her dragon. Showing a lot of influence from the Libra sign, Kira and Grayson are two opposites that balance each other out. Kira challenges Grayson, an ex-con trying to rebuild his family-owned winery into seeing past the negatives in his life. Kira is a firecracker that fights for the people she loves, Grayson is at his wits end. Together they use their strengths to build something that will even surprise themselves. With a fast-paces plot and also playful banter, this is a departure from Mia’s usually darker reads to a more light-hearted story.

What books are you reading this month? Will you take a chance and read one of the book mentioned above?


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Sophia Henry
1. Sophia Henry
Thank you so much for giving DELAYED PENALTY a shout out! I'm floored and honored and WOW! Thanks!! <3
2. Kareni
Some enticing choices here! I enjoyed Kate McCarthy's Fighting Redemption, so I'd certainly be interested in reading her newest.
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