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Come as You Are: Spurts You’ll Never Forget in Spurtember, Part 1

Stygian’s Honor by Lora Leigh

Note: Cover your screens from your bosses—this post is Not Safe For Work (in all the best ways)! If spurts aren't your thing, turn back now; if they are, come celebrate Spurtember with us!

Welcome to Spurtember, the first September in which we celebrate spurts in romance. Today, I plan to share my favorite spurts, ones that have shot long and hard to make me take notice. But it isn’t just about my favorite spurts. We here at Heroes and Heartbreakers are hoping that you will share your favorite spurts with us in order for us to hold a Spurtoff where readers can vote for the favorite spurt, earning an author the coveted Golden Spurt rating. To play along, leave a comment on this post or share the spurt on twitter with the hashtag #Spurtember. We will collate all the entries in another post. Questions? Ask away here or direct them to @JenniferRNN on Twitter.

Since my spurt obsession began with Lora Leigh’s Stygian’s Honor, one of my favorite spurts has to come from this book. But the trouble is that there are 30, yes 30 Stygian spurts in this book. Choosing one was no easy feat. However, I feel the following captures one of the things that makes Lora Leigh’s Breeds so special—the mating knot.

She was jerking beneath him.

She was melting around him.

The feel of his release spurting inside her, the mating knot suddenly extending a portion of the already broad length of his cock, locking her in the desperately flexing muscle that milked at it, sent her rushing headlong into an explosion of of pure violent ecstasy.

Lora Leigh’s Breeds have manly attributes with super powers, a knot that only extends with mates which amplifies the heroine’s pleasure with spurts of aphrodisiac-type pre-ejaculate. Remember this was only one of 30 spurts by Stygian’s impressive appendage.

The Saint by Tiffany Reisz

Some spurts are highly memorable, and I have to give credit to the author for the inventive use of spurt. One that I will never forget is a spurt by Nico in the fifth book of the Original Sinners series by Tiffany ReiszThe Saint. Nora and Nico are enjoying some kinky tomfoolery, with Nora in charge of course.

She reached out and took the empty wine glass off the bedside table.

“Un...deux...trois,” she said, and brought the wineglass over the tip. He spurted into it, coating the sides with his semen as he winced from the intensity of his release.

After she’d collected every drop of him, Nora held the glass up in the light of the fireplace.

Nico opened his eyes and propped himself on his elbows, watching her.

She took the uncorked bottle of Rosanella Syrah and poured an inch of wine into the glass. She swirled wine, letting it lap the sides.

“The two fruits of your labors in one glass,” she said.


She raised the glass to her lips.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never look at wine quite the same way.

The Deep End by A.M. Hartnett

Given the monstrous size of the members of most romance heroes, I had to include the following spurt from A.M. Hartnett’s The Deep End, a book about kinky, office hijinks. In this scene, the reclusive Jacques and Grace, his employee, are watching a video that Jacques took of Grace having sex with another man. Things then get heated for the couple.

The friction of his pubic hair bumping her clit trapped her in what seemed like an unending series of orgasms. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take as the inner walls of her sex shuddered around him. She held onto the chair and cried out, sure he would fuck her to death.

At last he groaned, a long nasal sound that drowned out the pornographic sounds of Other Grace (on the video), and went to the hilt. His cock jumped as he nearly suffocated her with his girth as he spurted into her.

Death by spurt anyone?

Stay With Me by Elyssa Patrick

To be fair, not all of the spurts in romance are love spurts—and they deserve to be mentioned as well. In this vein, I have to give kudos to Elyssa Patrick for the spurt in her New Adult contemporary, Stay With Me. After an evening of partying, ex-child star and heroine, Hailey Bloom isn’t feeling so well the next day. What is the cause of her maladie, you may wonder.

“Hellooooo! Earth to Hailey.” Daphne waves her hand in front of my face. “Where did you go?”

“I’m still out of it.”

“I told you not to drink the Zombie Spurt.”

“Now, I’m the one going to be sick.”

This one made me smile.

So, now it is your turn to nominate some spurts for us. We’ll be back with reader and author nominated spurts before the big Spurtoff vote!


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