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Out of the Zone: New Adult Best Bets for July 2015

When You’re Back by Abbi Glines

This month’s round up includes some pretty hot badasses of new adult that can break down barriers whether it be emotional or even, the friend zone. Being stuck in the proverbial friend zone can be the absolutely worst but, these men show that you can be nice and friendly while maintaining their alpha selves.

When You’re Back by Abbi Glines is the second in the Mase and Reese story but the 12th Rosemary Beach novel. I can’t believe there’s so many and I’ve read them all — think the OC meets the South in this series, as it heats up. What happens when Mase and Reese reunite and there’s a lot more obstacles in their path than they originally thought? Will their fairy tale romance come to an end?

Fighting Shadows by Aly Martinez is a fight to the finish. Ash Mabie shines throughout the story with her resilience, and pure joy at experiencing life. Flint is drowning in his bitterness over his condition, lost love and struggling to keep it together. When they meet, sparks fly but is it enough to bring Flint out of the darkness?

The Hurricane by RJ Prescott is a fast paced awakening. Emily has lived a life shrouded in fear and is running from a dangerous past. She’s a broken shell but when she meets Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell, her life is turned on its axis. Through time and healing, she’s able to find her true self. Cormac sets your heart a flutter with his dangerously delicious alpha need to take care of Emily.

Taming Lily by Monica Murphy

Taming Lily by Monica Murphy is the last in the Fowler sisters’ trilogy. Lily dashes to Hawaii when she finds some incriminating evidence and Max is sent to watch Lily but distance proves to be a problem. As lines are blurred, secrets are revealed that could rock the very foundation of the Fowler Corporation. The hottest of the series (in my opinion) Murphy definitely brings on the steam.

Never Loved by Charlotte Stein is a witty tale. Beatrix is living her life despite an abusive household. She finds a kindred spirit in Serge, who by appearances is her complete opposite. Showcasing slow and sensual heat mixed with vulnerable heroes makes this a great read.

Carry Your Heart by K. Ryan is a tale of opposites attract. Isabelle returns to her hometown as her family life is in shambles. Her homecoming isn’t great and after finding a job at the auto shop run by the local MC, strikes up a friendship with the local bad boy biker, Caleb. This friends-to-lovers story engrosses you through the story and character development

With a Twist by Staci Hart is a lighthearted, funny read about a young ballet dancer, Lily and her friend, West, a TA. West wears a man-bun, is tattooed and bearded, basically completely at odds with Lily’s ideal man.  Longtime friends, this lumbersexual dream of a man is in for a wild ride to knock himself out of the friend zone.

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Flawed Love by Bella Jewel is a second chance romance rife with pitfalls. When Emalie finds out her past love, Rainer, is back in town, she’s beside herself with joy. But when she finally sees him and he doesn’t recognize her, Emy is crushed. Starting off under false pretenses makes for a rough ride one that I couldn’t stop reading.

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid is a quirky read of a girl who’s in love with the wrong brother. Beau makes Jessica’s knees weak, Duane makes her want to knee him. So, what’s a girl to do after she mistakes one for the other? She has no clue, but the journey to figuring it out is filled with hilarious shenanigans, love and discovery.  

Chaos by Jamie Shaw is the third in the Mayhem series. Kit and Shawn have a past connection that they overlook but when they’re in close quarters, it’s impossible to ignore. This slow burning, friends-to-lovers book brings a rock god and girl guitarist together. With a lot of sexual tension and plenty of LOL moments, lovers of rockstars will enjoy this story.

July’s NA reads definitely made me lol and swoon. What are you reading this month? 


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