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Wish List: 5 Authors We Need to Have More From

Trusting Liam by Molly McAdams

Today we're thrilled to be joined by Molly McAdams on Heroes and Heartbreakers! Molly's latest book, Trusting Liam, which came out today, is the product of two HEAs from Molly's other books, Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies. As romance readers, we can all relate to wanting just one more book in a favorite series or from a favorite author, and Molly is no different! Today Molly is here to talk about those authors that she wishes would write just. One. More. Book! Thanks, Molly!

There are always those books or series that we become so invested in that we want to live in that world, be friends with the characters, and read the stories over and over just so we can hold on a little longer. And then when it’s time to put that particular series away—until the next re-read anyway—you wish there was just one more book so you wouldn’t have to put it away yet.

Now, what many people don’t know about me is that I didn’t get into reading for pleasure until I was twenty-one years old; and I’m twenty-six now. And while I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, Young Adult Paranormal was what got me into reading, and is what I still love most. So don’t be surprised when that’s the majority of what you see on this little list of minewhen it comes to series that I wish I could continue:

The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Um, Jacob and Renesmee, hello? I would love to have their story, and will always hold out hope for it. The Twilight series is the first thing I ever read for pleasure, and I read all four books ten times in a row before I read anything else. I love this series if you couldn’t tell.

The Collide series by Shelly Crane

I just need more Merrick, Shelly! Is that so much to ask? Okay, yes, the series ended. Danger was gone. Yes, everything wrapped up the way it should have/needed to. But who ever said I’d had enough of Merrick? This was nowhere near my first series, but Merrick was my first ever “book boyfriend”, so obviously I need for this series to continue.

Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye

Because elevators. That’s why. Okay so this definitely isn’t YA, and it isn’t paranormal, but it had to be on the list! I read this hot little novella three years ago, and I still think about it every time I’m in elevator; it was that incredible. Nearly the entire thing takes place inside an elevator, and hearing that, you do a Fat Amy and think “Eh … betta not”, but it is amazing. More than amazing. And I need more. If a handful of hours in an elevator can be that incredible, just think of what the next day, week, month, even year could be like! Need!

The Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington

One word: Phoenix. I need Phoenix’s story because I loved him even though I hated him throughout a good portion of the five books! And in the end, ugh, my heart! My heart ached so much! But oh my word, it couldn’t have ended more perfectly for all of them. But where did Phoenix go? Did he find her? Whoever her ended up being? Yes, no, maybe? Okay … I’ll wait not-so-patiently. I’m sure the majority of your readers have also demanded his story.

The Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

MY AIDEN! Yeah, I said it. I will fight all of you. Bring it on. I know that Jennifer has already put out one book for Seth, but Seth is not who I’m talking about, so let’s just rewind that thought process and start over. This is an incredible series, and it has an incredible ending to it. But Alex and Aiden have some things that they have to do in their lives once the series ends that I can’t even begin to mention because they are so spoilery, and I would love love love to see that! I want to see their lives now. I also just want more Aiden. I love Aiden. So much swooning when he’s on the pages of the book I’m reading!

Goodness, there are so many—and I do mean so many—YA PNRs that are coming to mind that I wish I could continue. But that’s only because I’m waiting for the next book in the series in all these incredible series. I’m not even kidding; I have a list on my phone of what I’m waiting for, and when they’re coming out. So I would love to add them, but that would be cheating, because they will be continued. So I guess that’s all for now!

Which series do YOU wish had continued on?


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Molly McAdams grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband and furry four-legged daughters. Her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and long walks on the beach . . . which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes.

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1. Kareni
Thanks for a fun post. I, too, enjoyed Hearts in Darkness and would love to read more about those two characters.

I'll have to admit that I'm happy that Lisa Kleypas will soon be publishing the fourth Travis book; I've been wondering about Joe for quite some time.
2. PhoebeChase
Great post! The first series that pop into my brain when I think about wanting more? Harry Potter, Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Ever Silver's Otherkin, and Jenn Bennett's Roaring Twenties.
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