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Formidable Females Facing Foes: Paranormal Romance Best Bets for June 2015

In the Air Tonight by Lori Handeland

This month’s paranormal round up features some formidable heroines facing some seriously scary drama.  These ladies aren’t afraid to kick some serious ass to get what they want!


In the Air Tonight by Lori Handeland

Four centuries ago, in a small Scottish village, three baby girls escaped the wrath of a witch hunter. Today, one young woman will learn about her secret history, her heart's destiny, and the sisters she never knew she had...

With her blue-black hair and dark eyes, Raye Larsen has never fit in with the Scandinavian community of New Bergin, Wisconsin. Being adopted is part of the reason she feels like an outsider, but what really sets Raye apart is her ability to see dead people. Everywhere.

She’s learned to keep her visions to herself . . . until she stumbles onto the ghost of a murder victim who needs Raye’s help. Enter Bobby Doucet, a distractingly handsome homicide detective who has been tracking a killer all the way from New Orleans. Could this be the break in his case he’s been looking for all along?

Meanwhile, the deeper Raye gets involved with the case—and with Bobby—the closer she comes to unlocking the mystery of her own origins. What she discovers about herself could destroy everything she knows . . . and everyone she loves. Is finding the truth worth the risk?

Filled with dark magic, dazzling romance, and dire suspense, this is the first book in a thrilling new series by New York Times bestselling author Lori Handeland.

A funny sweet heroine who has always felt a little different and a protective, smart, loyal lead star in these story.  This is even set in Wisconsin, where I assume nothing bad ever happens. Talk about sweet! Or at least it would be a really sweet story if a serial killer wasn’t targeting Raye. With some magical insight, Raye and detective Bobby might just be able to solve this case and save the day. As someone constantly on alert for ghosts, it was inevitable that I would love this book. Ghosts, witches and detectives, oh my! I can’t wait for the rest of the series!

**Read an excerpt from In the Air Tonight by Lori Handeland here.**

Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti

Realm enforcers!
Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti

Alexandra Monzelle is a hard-fighting, heat-packing Seattle vice cop, and she’s not much interested in being protected. Her short skirt and sex-kitten heels are tools to lure her suspects into talking about the deadly new drug hitting the streets. She can take care of herself and then some. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get that through to Kellach Dunne.

Kellach is a fresh import from Dublin, and he’s landed at the heart of a vicious motorcycle club that deals in guns, narcotics, and mayhem. He’s all male, all rough power—and all interference in her damn investigation. Maybe he’s one of the good guys. Maybe not. Lex knows an affair with an immortal like him would risk everything. No matter how delicious he looks…

Lexi is very much into her duty as a cop – busting ass and taking names, and when she comes across the Kellach and his dangerous world, it’s obvious that these two are in for a difficult ride to love.  Kellach is a kind of witch enforcer and he has that alpha male affliction too.  That fact that he’s Irish, super hot and posing as a member of the Titans of Fire motorcycle club? Bonus. Lexi has found herself thrown headfirst into a world of vampires, witches and demons. This is a passionate and sexy paranormal with a modern feel to it.  Prepare for some suspense as you sort the good guys from the bad guys.

Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

The “smoldering heat, epic romance, and awesome action” of Nalini Singh’s New York Times bestselling series continues as two Arrows find themselves caught in a chilling conspiracy that spans all three races…

Awakening wounded in a darkened cell, their psychic abilities blocked, Aden and Zaira know they must escape. But when the lethal soldiers break free from their mysterious prison, they find themselves in a harsh, inhospitable landscape far from civilization. Their only hope for survival is to make it to the hidden home of a predatory changeling pack that doesn’t welcome outsiders.

And they must survive. A shadowy enemy has put a target on the back of the Arrow squad, an enemy that cannot be permitted to succeed in its deadly campaign. Aden will cross any line to keep his people safe for this new future, where even an assassin might have hope of a life beyond blood and death and pain. Zaira has no such hope. She knows she’s too damaged to return from the abyss. Her driving goal is to protect Aden, protect the only person who has ever come back for her no matter what.

This time, even Aden’s passionate determination may not be enough—because the emotionless chill of Silence existed for a reason. For the violent, and the insane, and the irreparably broken…like Zaira.

After 100 years of protecting the Psy race, the Arrows are finally coming into their own.  There has been a lot going on in the psy changeling world, and it takes an epic couple to hold their own and Zaira and Aden definitely do.Zaira is one of the most amazing, awesome heroines that I’ve read in awhile.  She’s a badass. Interestingly, it’s the female character that is super protective and possessive in this one.  Nalini’s Psy-Changeling series is bottled magic.

Bengal’s Quest by Lora Leigh

Bengal Breeds!
Bengal’s Quest by Lora Leigh

New York Timesbestselling author Lora Leigh tells a story of two Breeds who are united by animal desires, only to find it’s vengeance that stirs the mating heat…

He was a shadow, ever shifting and insinuating, able to blend in everywhere and anywhere. The elusive ideal conceived and created by the Genetics Council, he went by just as many names as he had identities—the last one being Gideon. 

Now calling himself Graeme, he hides in plain sight, terrifyingly close to his goal. A rogue Bengal Breed, he has loyalties to no one but himself. And he has a need for vengeance that surges hot and swift through his veins.

Graeme plans to exact an extreme and ruthless vendetta against those who wronged him—Breed and human alike. All will suffer his wrath: those who created him, those who pretended to love him, and those who betrayed him.

That includes the one at the center of it all: a seductive, enigmatic woman helpless against the man whose desire is just as desperate as his need to destroy.

And he’s on her scent…

Cat was born human with a genetic defect and the only was to cure her was to turn her into a Bengal tigress.  She was given to another Bengal, Gideon for protection and safekeeping. Years later Cat and Gideon meet, only he is going by Graeme now and he’s on a super quest for vengeance.  Cat and Graeme are a mated pair, but there is so much hurt and deception between them that there is quite a journey before the two can find their way to love.  Cat is not going to roll over for this alpha male though, she’s a seriously smart, brave heroine happy to  fight her own battles.  Yeah, she’s more than got the eye of the tiger, she is the tiger and you’re gonna hear her roar!

Deal with the Devil by Cynthia Eden

Paranormal Mashups!
Deal with the Devil by Cynthia Eden

Eric Pate is used to making his own rules—as the director of the PARA Unit, he is the boss. Everyone rushes to obey his commands, and no one knows his secrets. No one ever gets too close to him. But then he meets her.

Ella Lancaster is tired of being a prisoner. She escaped one hell just to find herself in another, but Eric doesn’t consider her containment with his agents as punishment. He actually thinks it is a form of protection. But Eric is so very wrong. Ella doesn’t need protecting, not for anyone or anything.

But when the PARA Unit comes under attack, Ella and Eric both find themselves battling a supernatural beast that they never expected. Forced to join forces, to make a deal, Ella and Eric are soon fighting side-by-side, and their attraction for each other can’t be contained or controlled. Hot. Wild. Consuming. Ella’s deal with her devil is soon taking over her life.

And as Eric falls deeper and deeper under the mysterious Ella’s spell, his legendary control begins to crack. The beast that he has kept chained so carefully inside rises to the surface. Unfortunately, when the devil loses his control…there is real hell to pay.

Burnt by love and imprisoned, Ella has a heartbreaking backstory. She has searched for her mate for over her century, but being the last of her kind she has finally given up hope.  But she’s about to be forced to make a deal with the devil. Eric is the director of the FBI PARA unit and he’s cold, manipulative and ruthless.  This book keeps you guessing about Eric and Ella’s paranormal sides. It’s a sort of guess who of paranormal genetic mash ups.  Whatever they are, they’re both hormonal animals.  Expect some heat. There’s action with a villain from Ella’s past and the PARA Unit is attacked with lots of unexpected twists and turns. 


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