May 7 2015 7:18am

Throwback Thursday: What Do You Miss About ’80s/’90s Romance?

The Conqueror by Brenda JoyceWe've been thinking a lot about the '80s and '90s romances that were the introduction for many of us to the genre—check out our lists on the Top '80s romance and the best of the 90s to see what our bloggers thought. There are some things that make them so uniquely a part of that time period—the family sagas, the story lines that just swept us away.

What do you miss about '80s and '90s romance? What would you like to see come back about them and what do you think should stay in the past?

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1. Miss_D
The Conqueror is one of my all time faves. Old school Brenda Joyce is good stuff!

I would love to see Sandra Brown do a follow up to Another Dawn and Shirlee Busbee to follow up While Passion Sleeps.
2. MaryD
Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux romances were my jam in the late eighties/early 90s. I was very disappointed when Julie moved to modern day crime novels.

Also, my bff and I had a shorthand code. If a book we read was labled a "Woodiwiss" that meant it was very long and wordy. :)
3. Kareni
And I'd enjoy reading a new LaVyrle Spencer romance. I hope that she's relishing her family and retirement!
Elizabeth Lo
4. Kwansum
Really liked The Conqueror - too bad about the historical inaccuracies!
5. 90's Romance
I miss all the romantic comedies in 90's romance. Humorous romances were a very strong subgenre during the last part of that decade and the first part of the aughts. They seem to have disappeared except for a scant few of the strongest writers who were putting out books in that category. I'd like to see the humor category make a resurgence.

I could do without a return of the angry boner rapey type of hero though.
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