May 28 2015 7:04am

Throwback Thursday: Did You Ever Read Tanith Lee?

Prolific author Tanith Lee, whose contributions to fiction (particularly science fiction and fantasy) included more than 90 novels and 300 short stories and spanned more than 40 years. Our sister site,, had a lovely tribute to her work. Lee once said while her stories were based in fantasy, her stock in trade was people and the human condition. What is more human than love? Many of her stories, including the one pictured here, featured love in its many phases—both the good and the bad. 

Have you ever read Tanith Lee? What was your first book? What was your favorite?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I read a lot of her YA fantasy, so for me it was The Wolf Star. Great read, it was one of the first books that I remember being aware of the need for an HEA and wanting the H/h to get together!
2. Lammie
I have not read any of her books - what should I read first?
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
The one in the post is a classic (it had a sequel as well). I'll ask our H&H readers what their recommendations would be!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@Lammie, someone on Twitter just suggested Piratica and said it was super fun!
Howard Brazee
5. HowardBrazee
To me, one work stands out from the others - that is the story "Red as Blood". Later on Neil Gaiman copied the basic concept, but I like Tanith Lee's take better.
6. EC Spurlock
Tanith Lee was one of my idols. I had the great good fortune to meet her at World Fantasy Con years ago and was able to spend almost half an hour in conversation with her. A wonderful, warm, personable lady with a wild and wonderful sense of humor. Silver Metal Lover is a classic Romeo and Juliet story with a SF twist, and the first book of hers I read; it made me an instant fan. She wrote so many wonderful stories that straddle SF/Fantasy/romance. She will be greatly missed.
Cecilia Rodriguez
7. Mombie29
I love Tanith Lee, and I have read Silver metal lover. I also read Red as blood.
Mary Lynne Nielsen
8. emmel
Tanith Lee had such a hypnotic writing style. The Silver Metal Lover would definitely appeal to romance readers. I'd also recommend The Birthgrave and the Death's Master series. If you've never read her, she's well worth seeking out.
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