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First Look: Falling Hard Anthology (May 31, 2015)

Falling Hard by Shelly Bell, MK Schiller, Aliza Mann, Sage Spelling, and Heather Novak

Shelly Bell, MK Schiller, Aliza Mann, Sage Spelling, and Heather Novak
Falling Hard  (Anthology)
Smash Publishing LLC / May 31, 2015 / $16.99 print, $0.99 digital

From sweet & heartfelt to steamy & spicy, FIVE brand new college campus novellas filled with alpha heroes and tenacious heroines for every romance reader. 

This anthology is intended for mature readers, 18 years of age and older. 

Forbidden: Freshman Year (An Erotic Suspense Novella) by Shelly Bell 

A BDSM romance between a professor and his student turns deadly… 

It was only supposed to have been one night of passion, but when Professor Tristan Kelley and freshman Isabella Larsen meet again in the classroom, they’ll jeopardize everything to be together...including their lives. 

Tin Man's Dance (A New Adult Novella) by MK Schiller 

If he only had a heart... 

Former marine James Hutchinson thought they might have amputated his heart right along with his right leg. That is, until he sees Lilly Franklin dance. In a crazy ploy to meet her, he steals her front row concert seat... but it’s only fair since she stole his heart first. 

Dark Hearts (A Paranormal New Adult Novella) by Aliza Mann 

Dark secrets, hidden lives... 

While struggling to contain the beast within, Mitchell Rowland imprints on the beautiful and mysterious Aurora Tanner. With Mitch’s dangerous lycan secret and Aurora’s demon father out to kill her, they must band together to fight against the very things that could ultimately keep them apart. 

High Stakes (A New Adult Novella) by Sage Spelling 

Betting on Seduction . . . 

When rich boy, college jock Blake Holland wagers to seduce the sexy librarian Catalina Vega, he never anticipated the gamble would cost not only his pride... but also his heart. 

Hunting Witch Hazel: Book 1 in the Lynch Brothers Series (A Paranormal New Adult Novella) by Heather Novak 

When the person you must destroy is your soul mate… 

Witch hunter Grayson Lynch must make the devastating choice between condemning his brother to death or destroying the forbidden love of his life: a witch.

(Full Disclosure: Sage Spelling is one of the many awesome bloggers at Heroes and Heartbreakers who is also a published author!)

Falling Hard is an anthology by authors Shelly Bell, MK Schiller, Aliza Mann, Sage Spelling, and Heather Novak.  The common thread in each novellas is the legend of Hayvenwood University’s bridge, Pont d’Amour: when lost souls look upon the bridge and make a wish, they will find their true path to love.  The stories in the anthology are also connected through a  cast of overlapping characters. Each story has a vaguely new adult vibe and is set on the college campus, although happily they are all quite different and each author has a distinctive voice.

The anthology kicks off with Shelly Bell’s Forbidden: Freshman Year where heroine Isabella shows up to a sex party wearing black leggings and a pink bakery logo T-shirt. That is totally something I would wear to a sex party too.  Anyway, Isabella catches the attention of commitment-phobic dominant Tristan and they share a one night only bdsm f**kfest. Only problem is that it turns out that Tristan is actually Isabella’s new professor and boss. Yeah, things are totally going to get awkward. Tristan is soon lusting after Shelly big time. She’s really focused on selling cake pops to her fellow students. Don’t worry that’s not a new drug euphemism. Isabella is just really into baking. Given their new proximity, it’s not long before Tristan and Isabella can’t fight their attraction any longer, only Isabella has some issues from a previous relationship that threaten her new happiness with Tristan.

MK Schiller’s Tin Man’s Dance is about 24-year-old former marine Hutch who is an amputee starting college. Hutch feeling numb and lost, has reconciled himself to a future of lonely nights.  However, his roommates take him to a dance recital, where he sees dancer Lily perform.  Both Hutch and Lily are incredibly lonely souls.  Hutch hasn’t been with anyone since he lost his leg and Lily has been in a single-minded pursuit of her dancing dream leaving no room for anything else in her life.  Hutch is an intriguing, heartbreaking blend of strength and vulnerability and it was interesting to see Lily learn all the facets of his personality and what he has been through.  This story is catnip for hopeless romantics and anyone who digs the wounded warrior vibe.

Dark Hearts by Aliza Mann tells the story of Aurora, a half-demon hiding from her father behind the enchanted Pont d’Amour bridge.  Werewolf Mitch is having a lot of women problems, he’s a werewolf playa (“with the swagger of a hip-hop star”) and he seems to attract stalker-like attention from the women he bangs. On a crazy night on campus where the entire student population is smoking it up, Mitch finds Aurora and while her seriously crazy eyes should totally scare him off, or maybe the fact that she’s a demon theology major, he’s really into her.  Like the horny college kids they are, they immediately succumb to their primal lust.  The only problem is that this causes some wolfie-imprinting thing and now they’re bound together – and Aurora is still in danger.  Fear not, Wolf Boy is going to do everything he can to protect Aurora in this sexy, dark story.

In High Stakes by Sage Spelling, virgin-librarian Cat is keen to hide her epilepsy and live a normal life, but basketball captain Blake is intent on sleeping with her in order to win a bet. However, Cat promptly tells him, “I’m not having sex with your sweet-talking, panty dropping sexy ass.” Well, we don’t want the sexy librarian to go too easy on the campus bad boy.  Blake’s nasty Dad decides that Blake needs a tutor and straight A’s and Cat is given the job forcing her to spend time with him.  Expect a lot of sexy banter as these two really get to know each other.

Hunting Witch Hazel by Heather Novak ties the whole anthology together, with the main character Hazel being the witch who enchanted the Pont d’Amour bridge at the behest of her ghostly twin sister.  Hazel is powerful, smart, loyal and protective of her friends who rely on her healing potions. The hero Grayson is a witch hunter who is ridiculously good looking and a bit of a jerk: “Here’s the thing about being as goddamn good-looking as me – everyone expected me to be a giant prick. And I really hated disappointing people.” The story gets interesting when these two fall for each other with explosive chemistry. The tension in the story lies in the fact that Grayson is unfortunately (as a witch hunter and all) obliged to destroy Hazel in this quirky paranormal.

When it comes to reading, some of us have multiple personalities and there is literally something here for every mood.  This anthology is a very cost-effective solution for your vacation beach reading needs - there is great value in a collection of novellas that can offer so much. Bubbling away in this anthology cauldron is a bit of sincere and sweet, some paranormal and suspense, and a dash of kink and erotica.  If you’re wanting a bit of everything from an anthology, then the men of Hayvenwood College are sure to please.


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