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Your Supernatural Highness: Paranormal Romance Best Bets for April 2015

Mate Bond by Jennifer Ashley

With excitement over Will and Kate’s royal baby (#2!) at an all-time high, it is perhaps fitting that this month’s paranormal offerings seem to have a bit of a theme—the hereditary ruling class. We’re talking time travelling Earls, dragon Lords, alpha pack leaders, vampire Kings and royal witches. So if you’re keen on the ruling ranks then prepare to dive into this month’s paranormal releases!

Shifters leader!
Jennifer Ashley's Mate Bond (Shifters Unbound #7)

To cement the leadership of his North Carolina Shiftertown, Bowman O’Donnell agreed to a “mating of convenience.” Two powerful wolf shifters, he and Kenzie keep the pack in order and are adored by all. Bowman would do anything to protect Kenzie, for in each other’s arms they’ve found far more than friendship. But as strong as their attachment is, they still haven’t formed the elusive mate bond—the almost magical joining of true mates.

Now with a monster ravaging the countryside and threatening the Shiftertown community, some in the pack fear that a pair without a true mate bond isn’t strong enough to lead. Bowman and Kenzie will have to rely on their instinctive trust in one another to save their Shifters—and the ensuing battle will either destroy them or give them the chance to seize the love they’ve always craved.

There’s no “meet cute” in this one. Pack leader Bowman and his mate Kenzie are an older couple, married for 15 years with a 12 year old son.  Together, they’re the power couple of North Caroline Shifterland. Unfortunately Bowman and Kenzie don’t share the elusive “mate bond”, the metaphysical connection of loved up shifters. This means that if either of them ever meets their true mate, they’re supposed to go their separate ways, no questions asked. It’s an interesting premise. Conventional paranormal novels usually have couples discovering those fated bonds first and then forming a relationship later, this is the other way around. I love the world building in this series. As alpha pack leader, Bowman faced some serious challenges and there’s an unknown monster lurking about.  There’s also some deception and betrayal and a huge emotional pay off.

Dragon Kings
Lindsey Piper's Hunted Warrior

Demonic gladiators, ruthless mafia villains, and a race on the brink of distinction: What will become of them? One proud leader wields his power to unlock dark mysteries in the third in this fierce, sensual new paranormal romance series.

When the head of the Five Clans of the Dragon Kings wants something, he gets it. Raised among the most privileged of his dying race, Malnefoley conceals a devastating tragedy from his youth. Now, many call him the Usurper because of his unconventional rise to power. His influence is waning while the Dragon Kings must solve the puzzle of their slow extinction. So when a particularly important captive escapes his compound in the Greek mountains, Malnefoley leaves nothing to chance. She is his prisoner to retrieve.

The woman is known as the Pet, a former associate of a sadistic doctor from the Asters, a human crime cartel. Her loyalties cannot be trusted, even when she claims to hold the secret to conception—an invaluable secret for a race unable to procreate. Neither can her unique gift from the Great Dragon be believed. She’s a soothsayer, able to see glimpses of the future. Her quest is to find and save a Cage warrior on the verge of her first match—a young woman whose destiny is bound to a timeless prophecy.

Malnefoley has no respect for the ancient superstitions that brought about his childhood trauma. His only goal is to return the Pet to his compound and use her knowledge for the betterment of their people. Yet her restless energy and raw sensuality are as intriguing as her predictions about the rise of the Great Dragon. He dares not trust the crafty fugitive’s loyalties, but as their treacherous chase turns passionate, can he even trust himself?

The Dragon Kings are an ancient race of demons. They used to be worshipped in as gods, but now they’re controlled by these nasty human cartels that seem way too fond of cage fighting. The Dragon Kings are also facing extinction and they’re not sure why.  There is a lot of awesome world building in this one, it’s not quite like anything I’ve seen before. It’s so gritty and raw but I like the gladiator setting. This one might appeal to those who like MMA fighters. Piper creates strong and emotional love stories and I’m really looking forward to the release date on this one.

Kiss the Earl by Gina Lamm

Time travelling Earl! (scary)
Gina Lamm's Kiss the Earl

On the eve of her first comic book release, Ella Briley has a problem: no date to the launch party. Things go from bad to worse when she stumbles into the past . . . and straight into the arms of her very own Mr. Darcy.

Patrick St. John, Earl of Meadowfair, is too noble for his own good. To save his friend from what is sure to be a loveless marriage, he's agreed to whisk the girl off to wed the man she truly loves. But all goes awry when Patrick mistakes Ella for the would-be bride . . . and finds this modern girl far too tempting for even the noblest of men to resist.

Prepare to geek out over this quirky offering from Gina Lamm, there’s a time travelling mirror and an Earl. The heroine Ella is a comic book author, she’s smart, funny and independent. On the night of her comic book launch, a magical woman suggests she fix her hair using a mirror. Only the mirror is magic (ooh) and Ella is transported through time and space and right into the clutches of an earl. This novel is all about the hero Patrick. He’s handsome, the perfect gentleman, a little stubborn (but I can work with that), honorable, wealthy, a great fighter and did I mention Patrick was an Earl? Sure you’ll have to suspend disbelief at some of the crazy situations, but it’s all in good fun! Besides, what romance lover hasn’t imagined herself with a regency Earl? With the time travelling loophole, we get a heroine who is sassy, unapologetic and very modern. It’s great so see a relationship blossom between two people from very different worlds. Delightful. Also, check out that Mr Darcy worthy cover!

(Can we please have a picture of the cover of this book?)

Vampire Lord!
Brooklyn Ann's Bite at First Sight

When Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London, stumbles upon a woman in the cemetery, he believes he’s found a vampire hunter—not the beautiful, intelligent stranger she proves to be.

Cassandra Burton is enthralled by the scarred, disfigured vampire who took her prisoner. The aspiring physician was robbing graves to pursue her studies—and he might turn out to be her greatest subject yet. So they form a bargain: one kiss for every experiment. As their passion grows and Rafe begins to heal, only one question remains: can Cassandra see the man beyond the monster?

I swear this book has something for nearly all romance readers. It’s historical, there’s a vampire, a scarred hero with a title. That’s some impressive box checking.  The heroine Cassandra Burton is hell bent on being a doctor. Only they weren’t so keen on lady doctors back in the 19th century. So Cassandra takes the only logical route. Self-teaching and stealing bodies from graves. Well at least we know she’s not squeamish.  This heroine is seriously awesome. She’s ambitious, determined, intellectual and strong. Of course when Vampire Rafael sees her, he assumes that she’s a threat so he wisely kidnaps her only to discover they have some major chemistry. Rafael is 300 years old, kind of gruff and very powerful. He questions whether he is worthy of love because of his disfiguration but Cassandra is able to see past that.

The Shattered Court by M.J. Scott

Royal Witch!
M.J Scott's The Shattered Court

Entangled in a court ruled by tradition and intrigue, a young witch must come to terms with newfound power and desire—and a choice between loyalty and survival.…

The royal witches of Anglion have bowed to tradition for centuries. If a woman of royal blood manifests powers, she is immediately bound by rites of marriage. She will serve her lord by practicing the tamer magics of the earth—ensuring good harvests and predicting the weather. Any magic more dangerous is forbidden.

Lady Sophia Kendall, thirty-second in line to the throne, is only days away from finding out if she will be blessed—or perhaps cursed—with magic. When a vicious attack by Anglion’s ancient enemies leaves the kingdom in chaos, Sophia is forced to flee the court. Her protector by happenstance is Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a member of the royal guard, raised all his life to be fiercely loyal to the Crown.

Then Sophia’s powers manifest stronger than she ever imagined they would, and Cameron and she are inextricably linked in the process. As a witch unbound by marriage rites, Sophia is not only a threat to the established order of her country, but is also a weapon for those who seek to destroy it. Faced with old secrets and new truths, she must decide if she will fight for her country or succumb to the delicious temptation of power.…

In the magical kingdom of Anglian, Sophia Kendall, a Lady in waiting is waiting for her 21st birthday to discover if she has any magical abilities that will earn her a place as a Royal Witch. Her powers will determine her future, including which lord she will marry.  Fate intervenes and Sophia is on a shopping trip when the castle is attacked. As a result, Sophia misses the birthday ritual and ends up with her magic “unbound” (she’s supposed to be bound to the goddess and a husband). Through circumstances, Sophia is also inextricably linked to Cameron is one of the crown’s loyal bodyguards. There is a good blend of fantasy and romance and we get some of the drama and intrigue of court life. This is tantalizing start to a new series. Can’t wait for the next one!


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