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May 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in May. We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases. For those who’ve got a very specific obsession, we also divided the list up by subgenre and there are some great books to look forward to, and you can can find them in our printable version. Our shopping list is the biggest yet, so don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

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Heroes and Heartbreakers May 2015 Shopping List!
Week of May 1 through May 7


Title   Author   Series   Date
Wolves   Simon Ings   N/A   05/01
Hotwire   Simon Ings   N/A   05/01
Missing!   Bilha Kalisher   N/A   05/01
Relentless Flame    Jillian David   Hell to Pay   05/04
Ultimatum (e-only)   Annmarie McKenna   Graham Pack Mates   05/05
Combustion (e-only)   Elia Winters   N/A   05/05
Releasing the Shifter (e-only)   Summer Devon   Solitary Shifters   05/05
The Windup Girl   Bacigalupi, Paolo   N/A   05/05
Cat's Lair  

Christine Feehan

  Leopard   05/05
Midnight's Kiss   Thea Harrison   Elder Races   05/05
Title   Author   Series   Date
Chance the Winds of Fortune   Laurie McBain   N/A   05/01
Sacrati    Kate Sherwood   N/A   05/04
The Secret Life of Violet Grant   Williams, Beatriz   N/A   05/05
The Unlikely Lady   Bowman, Valerie   N/A   05/05
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake   Lee, Jade   N/A   05/05
Kilts and Daggers   Roberts, Victoria   N/A   05/05
What a Lass Wants   Keats, Rowan   Claimed By the Highlander   05/05
Title   Author   Series   Date
That Loving Feeling   Matthews, Carole   N/A   05/01
It's Now or Never   Matthews, Carole   N/A   05/01
This Thing Called Love   Liasson, Miranda   N/A   05/01
So This Is Love   Freethy, Barbara   The Callaways   05/04
The Election Connection   Monica Tillery   N/A   05/04
Shattered (e-only)   Janet Nissenson   Inevitable   05/05
Unworthy Heart   Dorothy F. Shaw   The Donnellys   05/05
A Shattered Moment   King, Tiffany   A Fractured Lives novel   05/05
Tessa Ever After   Walsh, Brighton   N/A   05/05
Glimmer   Kery, Beth   N/A   05/05
The Confession   Kincade, Sierra   The Body Work Trilogy   05/05
All Things Rise (f/f)   Vaun, Missouri   N/A   05/05
Two of Hearts   Lee, Christina   Between Breaths   05/05
Make You Mine   Ashenden, Jackie   Nine Circles   05/05
Summer on Lovers' Island   Alward, Donna   A Jewell Cove Novel   05/05
Lawless In Leather   Scott, Melanie   New York Saints   05/05
Twice a Texas Bride   Broday, Linda   N/A   05/05
Saving Grapes   Lundy, J.T.   N/A   05/05
Riding Passion (f/f)   Leigh, D. Jackson   N/A   05/05
Bouncing (f/f)   Maddox, Jaime   N/A   05/05
Same Time Next Week (f/f)   Smith, Emily   N/A   05/05
Way of the Warrior   Brockmann, Suzanne   N/A   05/05
Crazy for the Cowboy   Thompson, Vicki Lewis   A Sexy Texans Novel   05/05
Busted   Walker, Shiloh   N/A   05/05
Walking on Sunshine   McLane, LuAnn   Cricket Creek   05/05
Room for More   Beth Ehemann   N/A   05/05
Room for You   Beth Ehemann   N/A   05/05
Love on the Ledge   Beth Ehemann   On the Verge   05/05
Across the Distance   Meyer, Marie   N/A   05/05
Room for Just a Little Bit More   Ehemann, Beth   N/A   05/05
Cape Cod Kisses   Bella Andre and Melissa Foster   Love on Rockwell Island   05/06
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Naked Flame (e-only)   Desiree Holt   Naked Cowboys   05/05
A Royal Romance  

Jenny Frame

  N/A   05/05
Wolf Bride   Elizabeth Moss   N/A   05/05
Desire Me Now   Tiffany Clare   N/A   05/05
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Last Kiss   Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick   A Hitman Novel   05/05
The 45th Parallel (f/f)   Lisa Girolami   N/A   05/05
Escaping Reality   Lisa Renee Jones   The Secret Life of Amy Bensen   05/05
Her Wild Hero   Paige Tyler   N/A   05/05
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection   Vetsch, Erica   N/A   05/01
Bayou Secrets Romance Collection   Lynne, Deborah   N/A   05/01
Escape to Paradise Trilogy   Tyndall, MaryLu   Escape to Paradise   05/01
Dear to Me   Brunstetter, Wanda E.   BRIDES OF WEBSTER COUNTY   05/01
Will You Remember Me?   Prowse, Amanda   No Greater Love   05/01
The Normal State of Mind (f/f)   Bhattacharya, Susmita   N/A   05/01
Far from My Father's House   Gill, Elizabeth   N/A   05/01
When We Were Sisters   Miller, Beth   N/A   05/01
Re Jane   Patricia Park   N/A   05/05
Second Chance Friends   Jennifer Scott   N/A   05/05
At the Corner of King Street   Mary Ellen Taylor   Alexandria Series   05/05
Dear Carolina   Harvey, Kristy Woodson   N/A   05/05
An Echo Through the Snow   Thalasinos, Andrea   N/A   05/05
The Art of Baking Blind   Vaughan, Sarah   N/A   05/05
Save the Date   Andrews, Mary Kay   N/A   05/05
The Seven Sisters   Riley, Lucinda   The Seven Sisters   05/05
A Simple Prayer   Clipston, Amy   Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel   05/05
Double Lucky   Collins, Jackie   N/A   05/05
Summer Rental   Andrews, Mary Kay   N/A   05/05
I Take You   Kennedy, Eliza   N/A   05/05
The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay   Gillies, Andrea   N/A   05/05
A Promise of Hope   Clipston, Amy   Kauffman Amish Bakery Series   05/05
The End of Always   Davenport, Randi   N/A   05/05
Making Your Mind Up   Mansell, Jill   N/A   05/05
The Far End of Happy   Craft, Kathryn   N/A   05/05
A Midsummer Night's Romp   Macalister, Katie   A Matchmaker in Wonderland   05/05
Sweet Girl   Rachel Hollis   N/A   05/05
No Story to Tell   K.J. Steele   N/A   05/05
The Silken Web   Sandra Brown   N/A   05/05
Shadows of Yesterday   Sandra Brown   N/A   05/05
Keeping Secrets   Linda Byler   Sadie's Montana   05/05
Inside the O'Briens   Lisa Genova   N/A   05/06
Week of May 8 through May 14
Title   Author   Series   Date
Peripheral People    Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore   Ylendrian Empire   05/11
Born of Defiance   Sherrilyn Kenyon   League   05/12
Blood Stitches (e-only)   Erin Fanning   N/A   05/12
Dark Tides (e-only)   Celia Ashley   N/A   05/12
Desire (e-only)   Cindy Jacks   N/A   05/12
Griffin's Secret (e-only)   Cate Masters   N/A   05/12
Title   Author   Series   Date
Highlander Redeemed   Laurin Wittig   N/A   05/12
Title   Author   Series   Date
Candlelight Conspiracy   Dana Volney   N/A   05/11
Southern Love: The Complete Series   Synithia Williams   N/A   05/11
Playing Dirty   Parker, C. L.   N/A   05/12
Summer Brides   Wiseman, Beth   A Year of Weddings Novella   05/12
All Played Out   Carmack, Cora   Rusk University   05/12
Spotless   Monk, Camilla   N/A   05/12
Hardpressed   Wild, Meredith   Hacker   05/12
Hardwired   Wild, Meredith   Hacker   05/12
Getting Lucky   Seasons, Jennifer   A Fortune, Colorado Novel   05/12
Faking It (e-only)   Leah Marie Brown   It Girls   05/12
Special Deliver (e-only)   Laura Browning   Mountain Meadow Homecoming   05/12
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Just for Him   Alison Tyler   N/A   05/15
For the Love of a Soldier   Kristina Wright   N/A   05/14
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Lemon Grove   Helen Walsh   N/A   05/12
Shadow of a Doubt   Tiffany Snow   N/A   05/12
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Delicious!   Reichl, Ruth   N/A   05/12
A Wedding in Provence   Sussman, Ellen   N/A   05/12
The Guest Cottage   Thayer, Nancy   N/A   05/12
The Glass Kitchen   Lee, Linda Francis   N/A   05/12
Luckiest Girl Alive   Knoll, Jessica   N/A   05/12
Home Leave   Sonnenberg, Brittani   N/A   05/12
Love and Miss Communication   Friedland, Elyssa   N/A   05/12
Love Is Red   Jaff, Sophie   The Nightsong Trilogy   05/12
Hard Limit   Meredith Wild   Hacker   05/12
Hardline   Meredith Wild   Hacker   05/12
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Taken   Stein, Charlotte   Under the Skin   05/12
Week of May 15 through May 21
Title   Author   Series   Date
Eighth Grave After Dark   Darynda Jones   Charley Davidson   05/19
Title   Author   Series   Date
Emily & Herman   Healey, John J.   N/A   05/19
Title   Author   Series   Date
High Octane: The Complete Collection   Rachel Cross & Ashlinn Craven   Anthology   05/18
The Perfect Letter   Harrison, Chris   N/A   05/19
Heat Wave of Desire   St. John, Yahrah   California Desert Dreams   05/19
Life After Perfect   Naigle, Nancy   N/A   05/19
Escaping Vegas   Bourdon, Danielle   N/A   05/19
The Love Game   Hart, Regina   The Anderson Family   05/19
Stallion Magic   Fletcher Mello, Deborah   The Stallions   05/19
Touch of Paradise   Girard, Dara   Kimani Hotties   05/19
The Last Chance Collection   Ramsay, Hope   Last Chance   05/19
Home Sweet Home   Terry, Candis   Sweet, Texas   05/19
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Atonement   Winter Austin   Macintire County Series, Book One   05/19
Erotic Romance/Erotica
Title   Author   Series   Date
Passion & Pleasure: Four Spicy Romances   Alicia Thorne   Anthology   05/18
Light a Candle    VJ Summers   N/A   05/18
Hot Alphas   Lora Leigh   Anthology   05/19
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Life and Death of Sophie Stark   North, Anna   N/A   05/19
Beach Town   Andrews, Mary Kay   N/A   05/19
The Love Season   Hilderbrand, Elin   N/A   05/19
The Canterbury Sisters   Wright, Kim   N/A   05/19
Snatched   Saperstein, David   N/A   05/19
The Silver Swan   Delbanco, Elena   N/A   05/19
The Knockoff   Sykes, Lucy   N/A   05/19
Water from My Heart   Martin, Charles   N/A   05/19
The Sweetheart Deal   Dugan, Polly   N/A   05/19
Disclaimer   Knight, Renée   N/A   05/19
The Summer's End   Monroe, Mary Alice   Lowcountry Summer    05/19
Week of May 22 through May 31
Title   Author   Series   Date
Naturally Enchanted   Christy Newton   N/A   05/25
Footsteps in the Sky   Keyes, Greg   N/A   05/26
When Darkness Ends   Ivy, Alexandra   N/A   05/26
Talon of the Hawk    Jeffe Kennedy   Twelve Kingdoms   05/26
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Lady Hellion   Shupe, Joanna   Wicked Deceptions   05/26
The Marriage Season   Miller, Linda Lael   Brides of Bliss County   05/26
Love in the Time of Scandal   Linden, Caroline   N/A   05/26
Dearest Rogue   Hoyt, Elizabeth   Maiden Lane   05/26
A Match for Marcus Cynster   Laurens, Stephanie   N/A   05/26
A Kiss for Lady Mary (e-only)   Ella Quinn   Marriage Game   05/26
Title   Author   Series   Date
Crossing Lines    Elley Arden   The Clash, Book 2   05/25
Love Gone South: The Complete Series   Alicia Hunter Pace   Anthology   05/25
The Diplomat (f/f)   Sophia French   N/A   05/26
Rescuing the Bad Boy   Lemmon, Jessica   Second Chance   05/26
Wedding Bells in Christmas   Mason, Debbie   Christmas, Colorado   05/26
Searching for Beautiful   Probst, Jennifer   Searching For    05/26
O'Hurley's Return   Roberts, Nora   O'Hurleys   05/26
Picture Perfect Love   McClone, Melissa   A Year of Weddings Novella   05/26
Rules of the Game   Wilde, Lori   Stardust, Texas   05/26
All of Me   Bernard, Jennifer   Between the Bases   05/26
Summer by the Sea   Wiggs, Susan   N/A   05/26
Brokedown Cowboy   Yates, Maisey   Copper Ridge   05/26
Heartbreakers   Foster, Lori   N/A   05/26
Texas Tough   Dailey, Janet   The Tylers of Texas   05/26
Back to You   Dane, Lauren   N/A   05/26
T-Minus Two (f/f)   MacGregor, KG   N/A   05/26
The Underwriting   Miller, Michelle   N/A   05/26
Under the Lights   Stacey, Shannon   A Boys of Fall Novel   05/26
No Better Man   Richardson, Sara   Heart of the Rockies   05/26
Cherry Lane   Alers, Rochelle   Cavanaugh Island   05/26
Sanctuary Cove   Alers, Rochelle   A Cavanaugh Island Novel   05/26
Angels Landing   Alers, Rochelle   A Cavanaugh Island Novel   05/26
The Calamity Janes: Gina & Emma   Woods, Sherryl   The Calamity Janes   05/26
That Summer Place   Barnett, Jill   N/A   05/26
Led Astray & The Devil's Own   Brown, Sandra   N/A   05/26
Shades of White   Northrop, Kate   N/A   05/26
Home Sweet Home   Terry, Candis   Sweet, Texas   05/26
Wild With You   Stone, Sara Jane   Independence Falls   05/26
Hard to Be Good (m/m)   Kaye, Laura   Hard Ink   05/26
Need Me   Bailey, Tessa   Broke and Beautiful   05/26
Just One Taste (e-only)   Kimberly Kincaid   Pine Mountain   05/26
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Closing the Loop   Jane Davitt   N/A   05/25
Letters to Penthouse Vol. 51   N/A   N/A   05/26
Playing The Game   M.Q. Barber   N/A   05/26
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Electra's Complex (f/f)   Perez, Emma   N/A   05/26
Against the Tide   Martin, Kat   The Brodies of Alaska   05/26
Falling Hard   Dimon, HelenKay   Bad Boys Undercover   05/26
Fatal Flaw: Book Four of The Fatal Series   Force, Marie   The Fatal Series   05/26
Fatal Consequences: Book Three of The Fatal Series   Force, Marie   The Fatal Series   05/26
Suspicious   Graham, Heather   Harlequin Bestselling Author   05/26
Consumed by Fire   Stuart, Anne   N/A   05/26
Winterkill   Turner, PH   N/A   05/26
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
One Mountain Away   Richards, Emilie   Goddesses Anonymous   05/26
Invisible Ellen   Shattuck, Shari   N/A   05/26
Absolutely True Lies   Stuhler, Rachel   N/A   05/26
Things You Won't Say   Pekkanen, Sarah   N/A   05/26
Sea Glass Sunrise   Kauffman, Donna   The Brides of Blueberry Cove   05/26
Family Trees   March, Kerstin   N/A   05/26
I Do Not Sleep   Finnigan, Judy   N/A   05/26
Million Dollar Road   Connor, Amy   N/A   05/26
Landing Gear   Pullinger, Kate   N/A   05/26
The Blessings   Juska, Elise   N/A   05/26
Four Friends   Carr, Robyn   N/A   05/26
Huckleberry Harvest    Jennifer Beckstrand   Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill   05/26
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Again The Magic   Lisa Kleypas   N/A   05/26
Worth Any Price   Lisa Kleypas   Bow Street   05/26
Duke of Midnight   Elizabeth Hoyt   Maiden Lane   05/26
Thief of Shadows   Elizabeth Hoyt   Maiden Lane   05/26
The Devilish Mr. Danvers   Vivienne Lorret   The Rakes of Fallow Hall   05/26




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1. Kareni
What a boat load of books! I see a Thea Harrison title is coming; I'm looking forward to that.

Thanks for compiling the list.
2. Nurcate
Desperate to get my hands on Elizabeth Hoyt's Dearest Rogue. Georgians are just so much more fun than their Regency counterparts.
3. gibneys1
What about Gini Koch's new Alien series book Alien Separation? On May 5. Love that series. So funny
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