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The Mindy Project 3x21 Dandy Heart-to-Heart: The Gesture

The group is back together in The Mindy Project 3x21

Show/Episode: The Mindy Project Season 3, Episode 21, “Best Man” (Spoilers, naturally)
Ships: Mindy/Danny (Dandy)

The Mindy Project 3x21 Captain's Log

Peter crashes a staff meeting his wedding, and is met with nothing but love...until Danny assumes the wedding is off. It's not, so Morgan's first concern is bachelor party, until he learns Peter is in the market for a new best man. Can Morgan fill the bill? Nope, that honor goes to Mindy.

Mindy invites Danny to her parents' going away party before they move to India. Danny might want to bring gifts, but not talk baseball. She's digging Danny's new scruff, but her parents will hate it, so it's got to go before the party.

Jeremy tries to beg off Peter's wedding, despite Peter's pleas. Sure, Jeremy, it's all dedication to work, not that you still have a thing for the bride.

In Boston, Mindy, looking gorgeous in in a stunning sari, gets a phone call from a scruffy, scrubs-clad Danny, fresh from the operating room, who regrets there's no way he can make it to dinner in time. Mindy says she understands, but we're suspecting otherwise.

The next day, Danny pops in while Peter examines Mindy, to apologize. He can meet her parents when they get back from India. The baby will have been born, they'll have their house all set, and if he can get their address from Mindy, he can send some flowers. Mindy warns him off; flowers are a symbol of are candy and fruit, so don't send anything. But it's all fine, really.

Peter doesn't buy it. Does Mindy even have parents? Yes, but they don't know Danny exists. Well, they do, but only as her co-worker, not her boyfriend or father of her baby.  Mindy wasn't even sure she and Danny were going to stay together when she discovered she was pregnant. Peter counters that Danny is already practicing jogging with a stroller.

Mindy had meant to introduce Danny to her parents at the dinner, but he bailed on that. She'd told her parents that her baby's father was some man she'd dated, who isn't in the picture anymore. Peter protests. Danny is going to freak out about this. Morgan, intent on doing whatever it takes to snatch the best man position away from Mindy, overhears and assumes the worst.

Peter urges Mindy to give up the charade, and to see another doctor for her high risk concerns. The doctor starts off on the wrong foot by calling Mindy both fat and old. It doesn't get any better, as she also forbids Mindy from riding anything - no mechanical bulls, no men, and no airplanes. This means no going to Peter's wedding in Texas, which means Mindy can't be best man.

Later that night, Danny escorts Mindy to a surprise baby shower, with her co-workers, Annette's walking group …and Mindy's family, via video chat. Mindy is less than thrilled, and it's Morgan to the rescue as he storms in with a string of Mindy's ex-boyfriends. He announces to one and all that Mindy and Danny's relationship is a lie, and one of the men behind him is Mindy's real baby daddy. (Schmidt, is that you?)Okay, maybe not such a great rescue. Danny leaps to his feet and demands to know what's going on, while Mindy mournfully asks Morgan what he's done. His answer involves Mindy's sexual history, several thousand dollars and the plot of Mamma Mia.  He hands Mindy a rose to give to the man who really knocked her up.

Mindy refuses. Danny is the father. She confesses to Danny how she's kept her parents in the dark about the identity of her baby's father. He couldn't meet her parents once before they moved to India for a year, but these casual dates all have spent time with the Lahiris. She doesn't want to introduce her parents to yet another guy and have it not work out.

Danny admits that it wasn't only the late hour that kept him from Boston. He was afraid Mindy's parents were going to ask him why they weren't married. Annette doesn't see why that's a big deal; they're going to get married eventually.  Danny doesn't know if they have to get married at all, or if he wants to. He loves Mindy, but he doesn't know about marriage.

This does not sit well with Mindy, who needs some time alone. Danny seeks her out and has to face the big question; since when does he not want to get married? Since he got divorced. He loves Mindy, he's committed to her and their baby, but he proposed to Mindy because he thought it was the right thing to do. When she said she didn't want that, he felt relieved.

Mindy never said she didn't want to get married. She wanted Danny to propose because he loved her, not out of obligation. She wants him to love her in a way she can show on Instagram. She wants him to get down on one knee, meet her parents, get her a ring.

He'll get her twenty rings, he answers, but for Mindy it's not about the ring. Danny reminds her he was married once, and it didn't go well. Marriage means nothing. No, Mindy contests, it means something to her. Why doesn't she get to try it out? She knows he loves her, but this isn't fair.  She makes a tearful exit.

Later, while doing dishes with Annette, Danny begs her not to be mad at Mindy. Annette isn't mad at Mindy; she's mad at herself for letting her lousy marriage completely mess up her son. He thinks things are always going to end badly, so he stopped taking chances. Danny contends he's only realistic; he doesn't believe in fairy tales, that's all. Well, then, Annette retorts, he picked the wrong girl to knock up.

Danny cites his and Annette's failed marriages as evidence; he doesn't want to end up hating Mindy and not live with his son, because that's what marriage is. Annette only hugs Danny and lays on the motherly advice. The problem isn't marriage, it's that they went into their marriages with people who didn't deserve what they had to give.

As he slips out of their apartment in the wee hours, Danny leaves Mindy a note on a Post-it, while Mindy gets on her laptop to email her parents. Danny is the father of her baby. She doesn't know if they will ever figure out their situation, but he is the most important man in her life, and she knows he will be a great dad. With Mindy's email in voiceover, we see Danny, first boarding in a plane (oh these two and planes have a history) then examining his facial hair in the bathroom.

Mindy saves her email as draft and closes the laptop, then  gets Morgan's take on Peter and Lauren's wedding via telephone. Jeremy ended up being best man, and Morgan is jealous...and missing Danny, who did not attend. Wait, if Danny didn't fly to Texas, where did he go? Back to his seat, now baby-cheeked, because our boy is headed to India. When Danny touches down, he's truly a fish out of water, but makes his way to the Lahiri lodgings straightaway. He knocks on the door and announces himself. He's Danny Castellano, and he's in love with their daughter. Now how long until next season?

Memorable Lines:

When your heart is filled with lies, it makes it difficult for your feet to be light with dance - Peter.

Charting the Course:  Mindy comes clean about what she wants from Danny, and almost comes clean to her parents, who now have Danny on their doorstep, while Peter weds Lauren and rekindles his bromance with Jeremy.

Next stop:  Season four. 


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I had heard there would be a cliffhanger, but I really liked how it was handled. That quiet last few minutes was lovely.

The show's future is uncertain but I'm hoping against hope we get a Season 4, because it can't end like THAT!

My only issue is that after this they really need to put to bed Danny's commitment issues. He can't balk at EVERY. SINGLE. CHANGE. in their relationship like he has been. There are other issues they could and should face in a relationship.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@HeatherWaters, I'm with you. I loved the quiet last few minutes, and that Danny headed off to India..melt.

Definitely hoping for a season four - Danny has to meet Mindy's parents (and so do we) there's the baby to come, hopefully a wedding, and the whole delightful supporting cast. They can't leave us hanging. They can't.

I have the same issue with Danny's committment phobia. Something has got to put that to bed, and soon. We've already seen how deeply and strongly he loves; now let's see that love be stronger than his fear of change.
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