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March Madness, The Secrets Game: New Adult Romance Best Bets for March 2015

The Deal by Elle KennedyThis month brought some very interesting reading material. These characters are plagued with secrets and what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive. From orchestrated encounters, using someone as a front—to gain what you want, to being so painfully honest you almost wish you kept it a secret, these reads will capture your attention.

The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy is the best book I’ve read all year. Quirky, witty banter and swoonworthy scenes make this an amazing read. Garret is the BMOC, captain of the hockey team; he’s struggling with one class when his paths cross with Hannah. They settle on a deal to help each other and along the way they find a lot in common.

Confess by Colleen Hoover uses real confessions and artwork throughout the story, it makes for a compelling emotional read. The heroine, Auburn puts her heart on the line for Owen but he may be hiding a secret that could destroy them both.

Vincent by Sarah Brianne is the second in my favorite mafia series. Lake lives in a state of denial trying to pretend her father isn’t a solider in the mafia and her mother isn’t a selfish gold-digger. In a twisted tale of Goodfellas meets Cinderella, take a journey into Lake’s life and see what happens when the one you can’t stop thinking about turns out to be like nothing you thought you wanted.

Stealing Rose by Monica MurphyStealing Rose by Monica Murphy is the second in a standalone series. The youngest Fowler sister (reminds of Lila from Sweet Valley High) is feeling a little lost. What she thinks is a chance encounter with Caden quickly escalates to a hot affair. Caden might be helping Rose but is there an ulterior motive?

The Design by R.S. Grey is a companion novel to The Duet. The sister of pop star Brooklyn Hart, Cammie is trying to get her foot in the door of the architecture world. A recent college grad, Cammie scores a job with Greyson, a family friend. Cammie has been harboring a crush on Greyson for years and now they work in close quarters. As tension rises both in their work and personal relationship, secrets might destroy everything they’ve accomplished.

Chasing Claire by Paula Marinaro is the much-anticipated second installment in the Hells Saints Motorcycle Club series. Claire is haunted by her past. Reno, a Hells Saints soldier, is driven to protect her but will she keep pushing him away? As club politics and old enemies come into play, the strength of their bond will be the only thing to get them through.

Only for Him by Cristin HarberOnly for Him and Only for Her by Cristin Harber is a novella series. It’s a quick read with high levels of angst and tension. Greyson comes from a broken home and Emma has always been his angel through it all. Their relationship isn’t easy and rife with misunderstandings and secrets. I can’t wait to read the next two!

Reckless Love by Kendall Ryan is an MMA tale of love and family. Told from both POV’s of Ian and Kenzie, you’ll get a look into the world of a beginning MMA star and a nurse who are drawn to each other and helpless to stop it.

The Summer Remains by Seth King is a painfully honest story of love in this technologically dependent age.  Incredibly sad but carries a heartfelt message; this is the type of story that will stay you.

What book will you read to discover their secret?


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The Summer Remains by Seth King



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