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10 Wishes for Mulder/Scully in the X-Files Revival

IT'S ALL HAPPENING! Just minutes ago, believers everywhere were rewarded—FOX has officially OFICIALLY confirmed the long-rumored return of The X-Files to television for a limited new season (!!!) starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as iconic Truth-seekers and former FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Yes, you read that right: The X-Files and Mulder/Scully are back, baby!

Need a sec to process? Go ahead. I'll wait.



Okay, are you back? Then let's get right down to it: While details are still emerging about the 6-episode “event series” in the works (set to go into production this summer), X-Philes have had a very long time—7 years, to be precise—to ponder what they'd like to see in an X-Files Revival. Here's what this fan would like to see for her beloved OTP (one true pairing), Mulder and Scully:

1. A Mulder/Scully Sex Scene  We've spent 22 years, 9 seasons, and 2 movies with these guys, yet casual fans still debate whether Mulder and Scully are, in fact, an item. (To be fair, series creator Chris Carter said for years there was nothing between them and then made a complete hash of the William storyline, among other things, but more on that later!) My suggestion: Let's put this question to rest forever with a sex scene! We deserve it.

Mulder and Scully in The X-Files: I Want to Believe2. Mulder Asks Scully “Aren't You Even Curious?” at Least Once — This may seem like a silly request, but curiosity is what first truly connected these two, and Mulder's challenge never fails to provoke an answering thrill in Scully. Sure they're enablers, but they're OUR enablers.

3. Monsters of the Week — Some of the very best X-Files episodes involve alien-free cases in which the agents chase monsters in the dark for an hour and then go home. Favorites that immediately come to mind are “Bad Blood,” “Home,” “Post-Modern Prometheus,” “Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose,” and “Monday.” Honestly, a mini-season without one or two MotW stories would not be the same.

4. The Scullys — Mulder's family is all gone now (R.I.P. Samantha, Bill, and Teena) and his parents were jerks anyway, but last we heard, Scully's mother and brothers Bill Jr. and Charles are still out there. We've never met Charles, but Margaret Scully and Bill Jr. made big impressions, as they loved their Dana dearly but understood her not at all, which is just fascinating. Plus, Bill haaaaaates Mulder with the fire of a thousand suns for what he perceives as Mulder's responsibility for everything bad that's ever happened to his sister (which...is a lot), and I love seeing them interact. Bring on the Bill, Jr. cameo, pretty please!

5. Callbacks (But Not Too Many) — The wonderful and terrifying thing about reviving a series with as big of a canon as the The X-Files has is that you're swimming in history. A callback here and there is necessary to continuity and will be hugely appreciated by the fans. That said, too many callbacks, or callbacks that serve no purpose other than to be cute (a few of these instances stand out in I Want to Believe), could easily wreck the show. Which brings me to...

6. Don't Let the Characters Stagnate Out of Nostalgia — Strong storytelling with organic character development is key to any project, and The X-Files Revival cannot be an exception if it's to be a success. Nothing will doom the new episodes like playing it safe and relying on 22-year-old ideas to try to regain favor with the fans. I really hope the writers tell the story they want to tell and let Mulder and Scully be a little older and a little wiser and a little richer for their experiences, whether we easily reconcile them with who we thought they'd be or not. That said...

7. Creative Team Reunion — A little nostalgia doesn't hurt, right? No one knows the show and characters as well as the original creative team, including writers like Vince Gilligan and Darin Morgan, directors such as Rob Bowman, and composer Mark Snow. I sincerely hope we get a lot of the old gang back together.

8. Few, If Any, Samantha References — As tragic as Samantha Mulder's story is—abducted by aliens at 8, returned to the Cigarette Smoking Man and subjected to painful tests, dead by 14—it is one that has been put to rest and should stay that way. A mention or two for new fans is probably necessary, because it explains a LOT about why Mulder is the way he is, but the story HAS to go beyond that.

9. Colonization — The end of the world was forecast for 2012. Did colonization happen, and everyone's living under alien rule? Did the aliens miscalculate and put things on hold? So many unanswered questions! The Revival is the perfect—and maybe last—chance to tie this storyline up. A fresh take on the too-complex mytharc could do wonders for reviving the reputation of the show, which took a beating in Seasons 8 and 9 because of how muddled and off-the-rails the mythology got, including:

10. William — The conception of Mulder and Scully's miracle baby, William, was so shrouded in mystery that it wasn't until Mulder directly referred to William as his son in the series finale, “The Truth,” that viewers had a definite* answer. The worst part? There's still room for interpretation—after all, William had alien powers, and Mulder may just consider William his son because he loves Scully so much and damn the biology. Suffice to say, the kid's origins could use some clarification, as could why there are whole prophesies about him. My biggest hope for the Revival is that something happens to bring Mulder and Scully back into their son's life, and that we get to see them together again. Mix that in with a colonization storyline (after all, at least one cult thinks that Mulder and his son together have the power to save the world, whereas William without his parents' influence could be swayed to the side of the aliens and thus bring about his planet's end) and you've got lots of drama potential.

*except not really


What do you hope to see in the X-Files Revival? How do you want to see Mulder and Scully's story end—or do you hope, like I do, that it never does?

P.S. Please feel free to come and celebrate this news with me in the comments of my post “You're My 1 in 5 Billion: 18 Times The X-Files's Mulder/Scully Ruined Us for All Other TV Romances,” in which I demonstrate my insane love for this pairing.

ETA 3/24/15 1:18pm: FOX already has an X-Files page up on its official site! Check it out and read a press release with comments from series creator Chris Carter.


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Mala Bhattacharjee
1. Mala Bhattacharjee
Everything you said, plus some Doggett and Reyes! I actually loved them as a potential XF spin-off and thought Robert and Annabeth had lovely sparks.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Mala -- I go back and forth on having Doggett and Reyes back. I like them both, but I want M & S to be the clear leads, so...maybe a cameo or two? Idk.
Mala Bhattacharjee
3. Mala Bhattacharjee
I would be fine with cameos! I just want to check in on them, you know? As well as the Lone Gunmen. Basically, the whole old crew.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
Oh I see so many hours of X Files in my future. Loved the show and the movies, and if Mulder and Scully don't get into some sexy times on screen I am going to be super disappointed! And the Lone Gunmen! Aww love those guys! SO excited!!
Teddy Pierson
6. TeddyP
I just want it to be as good as the original. It is a lot to ask, I know. So I am half excited and half scared.

Great artcile, BTW!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@Mala -- The Gunmen!!!!!!!! Love them. They appeared to Mulder as ghosts in "The Truth," so maybe they could get back to haunting him?

@wsl0612 -- Sources say an offer is out to Mitch Pileggi and it sounds like he's in as well, woo-hoo! I should have included a specific mention of Skinner in my list because X-Files absolutely would not be the same without him.

@BoxyFrown -- We are on the exact same page! :DDDD

@TeddyP -- Thanks, man! Half-excited and half-scared sounds about right. I worry Carter will try too hard to recapture the original spirit instead of thinking about where the story should organically be by this point and letting the magic appear in new ways, you know?
9. rubymydear
SKINNNNEEERRR rubbing his sexy dome and looking frustrated.
10. rubymydear
ALSO I didn't like the alien eps, but I would also like some Krycek speaking Russian.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@PhoebeChase -- Yessssss. And it's on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu so it's never been easier to catch up or rewatch.

@rubymydear -- I am a little worried that with only 6 episodes there won't be time for Monster of the Week episodes (those were some of the best episodes), but hey, at least it's happening! And yes, Skinner!
Nikki H
12. Nikki H
Yes! to Skinner and the LG! For sure we will have to rewatch them to get ready!
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
@Nikki H -- Sounds like the whole gang's trying to reunite. Exciting stuff!
14. PhoebeChase
@rubymydear -- KRYCEK!!!

Which reminds me, I went to Netflix yesterday to see if they had every season and there were a lot of comments complaining that they had stripped out subtitles when characters were speaking a foreign language.
Heather Waters
15. HeatherWaters
@PhoebeChase -- Yep, it's been forever and they still haven't fixed it. Bizarre. Also missing is the tagline "The Truth Is Out There" in the credits. I usually watch on Hulu or Amazon Prime because it annoys me so much.
Kristen Oh
16. Kristen Oh
Im right there with you about William, I alwasys wanted to know more. His powers, what has happened since Scully gave him up and so on.
Heather Waters
17. HeatherWaters
@Kristen Oh -- Right?! Even if his powers are gone, he's clearly still a special kid, and of course I'm just devastated to think Mulder and Scully will never see him again.
Kerly Luige
18. Celebrinnen
I loved the show and am happy they are reviving it with Mulder and Scully. I hope they do a good job.
I also often preferred the casual monster episodes. I hope they will bring them in but now I probably can't watch these without thinking: "Man, they need Sam and Dean" :)
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
@Celebrinnen -- Most of my favorite episodes are Monsters of the Week, so I'm with you, we need at least one or two!

And I haven't watched Supernatural in a while, but I know exactly what you mean--those two are expert monster hunters too!
Heather Waters
20. HeatherWaters
One of the journalists who helped break the "X-Files Revival is a go" story early, Patrick Munn of TVWise, is now saying that he's hearing Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish are being eyed to return for the new episodes, but that they don't have a deal yet.
Nikki H
21. Sophia Ryan
The only bad thing about bringing back Scully and Mulder at this time is that it might mean that, with Gillian Anderson busy, Netflix won't be making a season three of The Fall any time soon. She's brilliant in TF, and it'll be great to see her in XF.
Nikki H
22. Kaina-girl
Yay!  Super excited for the revival! I'm specifically commenting for anyone who still is questioning William's paternity.  I was lucky enough to fall upon sources that give confirmation straight from the creators' mouths, themselves.  I have also included where you may reference those sources directly.

1.  "...'The final scene was meant to say that Mulder and Scully had consummated their relationship and this child was a result of that,' Spotnitz said.", as quoted from an article by Tom Kessenich.  The question of how William was concieved answered.  The mysteries remaining are how Scully got her fertility back and how William got his telekenetic abilites.  (Regarding William's "powers", I've heard the theory it was inherited through Mulder, but other babies have the same skill set, as seen in 'Trust No.1'.)
* http://www.eatthecorn.com/itw/2001/
***There's a bunch of articles, in their entirety, listed-starting with most recent in 2001.  It was published in July 2001, so you'll have to scroll to the very last article on that page.

2.  There's CANDID VIDEO of Frank Spotnitz admitting Mulder is the father at New York Comic Con 2013.
* https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoX-recOhsw
***It's within the last minute and a half of the video.  However, that whole segment was quite entertaining and laughs abound.

3.  Last but not least, Chris Carter himself admits it.  In a book Tom Kessenich wrote, the same author as that for the article listed in #1, Tom, aka-'Unbound', was confused as to what the episode, 'Trust No.1', was supposed to be about.  So, he calls Chris directly to get the scoop.  In a very brief and what may be viewed as an abrasive telephone conversation, Chris straight out says, "...Mulder's the father of Scully's baby."
* p.198
EXaminations : an Unauthorized Look at Seasons 6-9 of The X-files
By Tom Kessenich

Hope this helps!  Xoxo!
Heather Waters
23. HeatherWaters
@Sophia Ryan -- Don't quote me on this, but I hear The Fall Season 3 will indeed happen and that Gillian Anderson & co. will be filming that late this year/early 2016.
Heather Waters
24. HeatherWaters
@Kaina-girl -- Yay! Thanks for bringing those quotes to the table. I'm really glad Carter and Spotnitz have been clear that Mulder's the father in interviews over the last few years, but I do hope they further clarify in the show itself too, because it's pretty complicated and has been intentionally muddied in the mythology to keep us guessing!
"The question of how William was concieved answered. The mysteries remaining are how Scully got her fertility back and how William got his telekenetic abilites."
I'm glad to see this laid out, because this is how I've interpreted Mulder's comments to Skinner in Season 8 when he says he can't explain how the baby exists but that revealing the baby's paternity is Scully's choice.

Buuuuut I don't blame casual viewers, like my roommates, for being VERY confused and assuming that how Scully got pregnant + who the baby's father is = the same answer.

Now, theory time: I'm interested in the theory you mention about William getting his TK powers from Mulder. I mean, Mulder was experimented on enough that maybe something changed him and he passed that down. Or maybe it was always there? Any guesses on that? This theory would better explain the prophecy about how Mulder and William together could save the human race but without his father, William would fight for the other side (totally ignoring Scully, wtf).

On the other hand, I've always been curious about when/how Scully's fertility was restored and if that then led to William having those powers. Maybe it was that alien artifact/spacecraft Scully studies at the end of Season 6/beginning of Season 7? She did seem to think it could have healing powers, if I remember correctly?
Nikki H
25. Kaina-girl
@HeatherWaters: Sooo sorry for the late reply! But here's a good article that really puts the "science" into the "science fiction" that is the X-files.


In regards to the theory about William inheriting his supernatural abilities from his father, I go along with that specifically his TK came from Mulder. Scully does seem to have a type of sixth sense ability (like in that episode where she "just knew" Mulder was alive-I forgot what specific episode but, know it's from one of the earlier seasons.) but Mulder's mental capacities are specific in coming from an extraterrestrial source. The biggest correlation is the ship artifacts' relationship and effect to both Mulder and William (Amor Fati/Sixth Extinction-Mulder, Providence/Provenance-William). The extraterrestrial variable comes into play with William overall. We kept hearing on the show that William was "part alien". I've been told that a main difference between viruses and colds (bacterial infection) is that bacteria is able to be rid of but viruses, like cold sores, somehow become apart of an individual's DNA. They just become dormant, so thus not showing symptoms. Some viruses get passed on to progeny, such as the HIV virus. Both Scully and Mulder were exposed to the alien "virus"-and that was the key word in my mind. Even though they were administered the vaccine, all it did was render the virus inactive, but not abolished. In thus sense, Mulder and Scully had "alien" attributes, themselves. So, Mulder and Scully passed along this "addition" to their DNA to their offspring. There was also the theory posed in the series that humans have "inactive/junk" DNA, which is supposedly alien (Gibson Praise related). Maybe Scully's but, if this theory applies, then definitely Mulder's was activated by the ship and that could've been what was passed on to William. Furthering it, in Amor Fati/Sixth Extinction, CGMB indicates he thought Mulder was the savior himself, as a compatible human hybrid. I read somewhere that CGMB's brain hemorraging issue that he was dying from came from having "genetic material" extracted from Mulder and put into his own brain, hoping he would acquire what was neccessary to survive the "apocolypse".Season 7 was a doosie I had to watch an infinite number of times to make sense of. LOL. Little did CGMB know that it was Mulder's son who was to be the savior. The "fate" concept in All Things clicked when the prophesy of William and Mulder was coming together, especially when it was in All Things that supposably William was concieved. I read a theory that since CGMB was in the know usually before everybody else, he probably heard along a grapevine that Mulder was to be the father to the savior and realizing this, gave Scully her fertility back, be it through implanting mutated eggs/mutated chloramine (Nothing Important Happened Today Ii-season 9 but actual implantation may have been in En Ami.) or the chip in her neck. CGMB, for all the observing he did of Mulder and Scully, was more than aware of the dynamics of their relationship and where it was heading. He even pretty much hit the nail on the head when he psychanalyzed Scully in En Ami. Before I go off on that tangent, it was heavily implied in the series Scully and Mulder were destined to be together, now there was at lease one reason specifically stating why-William. The visions Mulder had in Sixth Extinction were, in one conclusion, of him and his son. Mulder has mentioned having dreams/visions and then them becoming reality. Now on to Scully's fertility... Simply, I've got it down to 3 possible scenarios:

1. The ship-when she was in Africa
2. Chip in her neck-via CGMB
3. Implant of her mutated ova/choralmine by CGMB in En Ami.

All 3 have equal supporting variables. Something I definitely hipe they answer in the revival.

Definitely with yah on feeling for those who have just started watching. It does get super confusing. But, I think that's what I enjoyed about the X-files. It made me think beyond the typical relationship drama scenarios in series. Much aloha!????
Nikki H
26. Kaina-girl
****note: If I go with Scully did get mutated ova, it was just ova, not a fertilized embryo, so that part of the equation was still needed.

The question marks at the end of my post was actually supposed to be a smiling monkey emoji. :)
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