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Telling the Truth in Blood: Anne Bishop’s Others Series

Written in Red by Anne BishopWarning: This post contains SPOILERS for Anne Bishop's Others series.

Written in Red, the first book in Anne Bishop's urban fantasy series, starts off almost like many a romantic suspense novel: a mysterious character is on the run from her captors. What makes this scenario totally different, however, is where she finds refuge.

Readers are introduced to Meg Corbyn, a character who is mentally not quite a girl but not quite a woman on the run from those who have held her prisoner. There is magic in Meg’s blood—she is a cassandra sangue which translates to “blood prophet.” That means Meg gets glimpses of the future. The only problem? You have to cut Meg’s skin to do so. And there are a limited amount of times a cassandra sangue can be cut before she goes insane.

Meg ends up fleeing to the Lakeside Courtyard. There, Meg meets Others leader and shapeshifter Simon Wolfguard. To make a long story short, the two form a friendship where Meg now serves as the Liaison for the Others (vampires, shape shifters, etc.) who want human goods. Meg is basically a UPS store for the Others. As the leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, Simon is one part Meg’s boss, one part Meg’s friend, and one part Meg’s potential love interest.

While there is an underlying plot of suspense and Meg’s captors wanting her back, the premise of Written in Red really focuses on the day-to-day life of Meg living in the Courtyard and getting to know powerful figures like Erebus, the leader of the Sanguinati (vampires), or Sam, Simon’s charge who is reluctant to shift to human. Bishop goes into a great amount of detail describing the different stores and stories of side characters, you’ll want to visit Howling Good Reads and many of the other Others shops.

Murder of Crows by Anne BishopMurder of Crows, the second book in the series, takes a different bent. Rather than focusing on the day-to-day, Bishop takes readers outside the Lakeside Courtyard and into the outskirts of Lakeside as well as a tiny community linked to the cassandra sangue. Meg is pretty well established in her role as Liaison by this point and now serves as both a human point of contact in the Lakeside Courtyard and a foreshadowing character as Meg starts to use her abilities to the advantage of the Others.

Meg’s power is both a blessing and a curse in that she can see glimpses of the future but those who have come before her have gone mad. Now the cassandra sangue are basically institutionalized, with their visionary powers being sold to the highest bidder. The book really pivots on what to do with the cassandra sangue.

Vision in Silver by Anne BishopEventually, they are given their freedom, but there may be consequences in the next book, Vision in Silver, because things are coming to a head—humans are trying to push the Others out of their communities and the human communities that support the cassandra sangue are trying to keep the blood prophets from going insane. Add in an extremely slow-burning romance (so far there’s been no overt moves made by either party) between Meg and Simon and the reader has a powder keg of a book coming up. 

While the series is taking more of a suspense bent, I am hoping to see more of the day-to-day life interactions that made the start of the series so powerful.


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1. Peach
The Others is my favorite urban fantasy romance series!
Sofia Altaf
2. Salt
I absolutely love this series and can't wait for Vision in silver, I love the slow build up of Simon and Megs romance and the jealousy that Simon displays even though he's niot sure why?? I love the fact that this is a really smart book, but I shouldn't be that suprised as this is Anne Bishop after all...
3. Kareni
I've now enjoyed all three of these books and am looking forward to more.
4. Pam Blome
I love this series and had the great pleasure of reading an ARC of Marked in Flesh (my review is on GoodReads). Each book just gets better and better!!!
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