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Sleepy Hollow 2x15 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: The Mystery of the Grand Grimoire

Ichabod and Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 2x15Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 15, “Spellcaster”

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x15, “Spellcaster.”**

Sleepy Hollow 2x15 Captain's LogThere’s lots of shippy Ichabbie banter and teamwork in “Spellcaster,” which begins as the Man in the Black Hat appears in an auction house, steals John Dee’s sought-after Elizabethan journal, then incants a spell while cutting his arm with a knife. His blood sizzles as it hits the floor and before you know it, two auction house’s employees are dead. The Cause? Boiled Blood.

Before hearing about the crime, Crane learns Realtor-Speak from Abbie, whom he called to take a look at a nifty three bedroom/two bath Craftsman. “‘Cozy’ is code for too small to live in, ‘rustic’ is needs a little landscaping.” Abbie tries to explain the importance of marketing in the modern world as he happily, and without irony, nabs a few mini-muffins from the Realtor.

The book stolen by Man in Black Hat (MIBH) is the Grand Grimoire, a volume of forbidden black magic collected by John Dee. He wanted to understand evil and keep it, like the Tsar, far, far away from us. (There’s never a bad time to reference Fiddler on the Roof.)

Katrina is oh-so-glad her mad skills are returning; now she can levitate a flower. But when Crane suggests that the culprit in The Mystery of the Grand Grimoire (henceforth known as “GG”) is “another tormented soul released from Purgatory after Moloch’s death,” she’s reminded of Henry, whom she hopes has found peace after killing the demon.

Not peace...exactly...more like boredom. Henry’s sitting in a motel room watching infomercials when he learns that the auction house’s bizarre deaths involved “unusual blood activity.” The motelier asks whether he’s ever seen anything so weird. His Very Henry Response: “Yes I have, and if I could forget all about it, I would.”

Ichabbie learn from the forensics report that there was moonflower on the auction house’s bloody floor. The stuff’s used in blood magic, a dark, destructive type of witchcraft that taps into EVEEL forces.

Speaking of EVEEL, the visual turns to MIBH, now MW/oBH, snorting enough moonflower powder to turn his eyes entirely white. He throws off his cape, revealing a six-pack, begging the question: Do EVEEL guys in Purgatory exercise for hours a day like evil guys in prison have done since I first saw Robert De Niro bulk up in Cape Fear?

Solomon Kent in Sleepy Hollow 2x15The auction house’s security footage is too spotty to identify MIBH. A friend of Abbie’s at Quantico told her about a new FBI program that isolates pixels off reflective surfaces. She asks Crane if that makes sense. The look the brilliant Tom Mison gives her on the sly conveys that it doesn’t make sense but he’s going to bluster his way out of it.

Abbie’s FBI friend comes through with a legible image of MIBH, whom Katrina identifies as Solomon Kent, “the warlock all witches fear.” The visual returns to Kent rubbing blood across the GG’s pages while incanting a spell that causes fire to rise from its pages (totally beating Katrina’s levitating flower to hell).

Kent was a pastor in Salem and a pillar of the community. Katrina’s grandmother, Helena, settled in Salem because of its strong coven, led by Kent, who fell for a young woman named Sarah. He came on to the young woman, who rebuffed him, and the knife he’d given her as a gift became the accidental instrument of her death. Instead of fessing up, he used magic and convinced the townsfolk that Sarah was a witch.

Helena suggests she will tell the truth for Kent if he doesn’t come clean. Again he uses magic, convincing the town she is also a witch. The town hangs her, kicking off the Salem Witch Trials, and her family (including Katrina’s mother) leave Salem the same night.

Abbie talks about Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as a parable for the hysteria surrounding communism in the 1950s and Crane responds with a quote from Edward R. Murrow, who famously took down Joe McCarthy. Sublime.

Katrina in Sleepy Hollow 2x15Katrina believes that when Kent was freed from Purgatory, he cast a summoning spell for the GG. As Katrina tries—and fails (what else is new?)—to locate it, she realizes the GG is not “whole.” John Dee placed a ward on the book. It can’t be used unless it’s whole and right now it’s split in two.  Time for Ichabbietrina to find the second part!

While Abbie searches, she encounters Frank Irving, who explains that Katrina gave his soul the green light. He doesn’t begrudge Abbie for thinking he still might be under Henry’s thumb. In a later scene they share a beer and he gives her the “coach before the big game” speech about not backing down or taking no for an answer. Though Abbie had been suspicious of Frank’s loyalties, she’s back on Team Frank.

Ichabbie realizes that Kent plans to use the GG’s resurrection spell to bring back Sarah from the dead, but if he does, it’ll “open the gates of the afterlife and the world of the living will be overtaken by the world of the dead.” Wait a minute, is this a cross-over episode with Resurrection? Nope, that’s on ABC.

Abbie teases Crane while they search a dark warehouse for the GG’s other half, saying he and the warlock share some similarities. Both are men out of time unwilling to give up on the women they love. “How heartening,” Crane replies, “to know you compare me to a murderous warlock.” Soon they hear him Kent skulk around, and though Crane has his crossbow and Abbie her modern weaponry, it takes but a moment for the man from Salem to knock them out with magic. Before he can kill them, Katrina appears and zaps him with hers.

She vows to stop Kent, but his words stop her. “[Darkness] has given me powers that you couldn’t possibly fathom. Or could you? Have you never wondered why your powers betray you when you need them the most? You are walking the wrong path. You cannot defeat me because you are not one with yourself.”

When Ichabbie awaken, Kent conjures blood demons. Abbie shoots one, but the other runs off. Katrina will distract the warlock while Ichabbie goes after the demon. Just as Kent combines the two GG parts and the tome glows golden, Katrina momentarily incapacitates him.

Ichabbie takes out the blood demon, but not before Crane attempts some trash talk, which is reminiscent of his sad attempt to sing Kareoke. “Curb thy stench, unholy minion” doesn’t quite work in 2015.

Before Kent escapes (you knew that was coming, right?), he tries to convince Katrina to come over to the Dark Side, where she will “come into her full potential.“ She does dip a toe, becoming EVEEL for a moment, then forcibly shaking it off.  “Now you see,” says a pleased Kent before absconding with the GG. Back at the cabin, Katrina distances herself, saying her efforts have taken their toll. She alludes to the fact that there are facets to her magic that she has not explored, but Crane fails to grasp what she’s really telling him.

Ichabbie realizes that Kent doesn’t plan to bring Sarah back from the dead. He plans on traveling into the past, which, for anyone who has ever watched the Joan Collins episode of the original Star Trek series knows, the future will change in generally awful ways.

Frank joins the Witnesses in battle because Jenny and Hawley are out of pocket. Who will face Kent, though, Abbie or Crane?

The Witnesses plus one attack Kent in the woods. When it gets hand-to-hand combatty, Crane unleashes vengeance for Katrina and her family on the warlock's ass. Abbie pulls an out of control Crane off a bloodied and beaten Kent and they look for Frank, who calmly walks up to Kent's body and takes the GG. He snaps the living EVEEL out of the warlock’s neck with his foot, and Kent disappears into thin smoke.  Frank hides the GG, and lies about it to Ichabbie before the three leave, satisfied over their ”good win.“

Before Ichabbie head out for a beer, he asks if, during his beat down on Kent, he'd improved his trash talk. Yes, but Abbie'll take him to a hockey game so he can really practice. Katrina doesn’t join them. Instead she once again levitates the flower, only this time it explodes. Is she surprised...or pleased?

Whoa, back up there, you say. Frank lied? Yes, he lied, which can only mean one thing. His soul isn't his own after all. Frank presents Henry with the Grand Grimoire, telling the former Sin Swallower, former Horseman of War that, ”the Witnesses were desperate to believe in me.“ Such cynicism for an undead man! And an epiphany for Henry, who sees it all as a new beginning.

(Other) Memorable Lines:

“Sooner or later I must find a place of my own. Preferably with granite countertops.” -Crane

“We may be dealing with an undead problem, and you’re the closest thing we have to an expert on the topic.” -Abbie

Charting the Course: Shippers would rejoice in a Katrina gone bad as it would give Ichabbie a real chance together, but here’s my question: Would an EVEEL Katrina finally be an interesting Katrina, just as evil Ward is so much better than good guy Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Next Stop: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 16, ”What Lies Beneath."


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1. CindyS
Resurrection? Exactly what I thought with that line.

Real estate speak was awesome.

Ichabod pretending to understand pixels - well played.

It took me half the episode to figure out why Katrina's presence was bothering me and I realized it is the first time I've seen her with a sweater on.

just as evil Ward is so much better than good guy Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Not just better but sexy better.
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