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Sleepy Hollow 2x13 Heart-to-Heart: Do Those Crazy Kids Actually Stand a Chance?

Date Night for The Cranes in Sleepy Hollow 2x13Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 13, “Pittura Infamante”
Ships: Ichabod Crane/Katrina (Ichatrina)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x13, “Pittura Infamante.”**

Sleepy Hollow 2x13 Captain's LogTonight’s episode is Latin for “defaming portrait,” and the Tarot deck’s Hanging Man card is like the Renaissance’s version of an urban myth—though thought to have been painted on frescoes, none have ever been found. The Hanging Man, BTW, is actually an upside down hanging man.

It’s date night and the Cranes are preparing to attend an exhibit of John and Abigail Adams’s personal belongings hosted by the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society. Katrina the Grown-Up Witch developed a close friendship with Abigail Adams after serving as her midwife, and she tells Crane that when the Don’t forget the ladies First Lady wasn’t raising their children by herself or advising John on matters of state and diplomacy, she solved mysteries.  You know, in all that spare time.

We’ve seen before that Crane cleans up well, but when Kat appears in her LBD, it’s as though Jessica Rabbit started speaking with an English accent. He eats her up with his eyes and later, at the exhibit, introduces her to the Hand On Ass PDA. “In modern America,” he tells her, “touching in public is quite permitted. It’s also led to the expression, ‘Get a room.’”

Their storyline involves a painting once owned by the Adams family.  Shortly after the painting’s art restorer tells Crane that there’s something hinky about the painting, he turns  up, well, down...hanging upside down in a pool of his own blood.  The Cranes realize that its painter is James Colby, an 18th century colonial serial killer. Colby was supposed to have been an important chronicler of the American Revolution, but after much drinking and whoring, he was kicked out of society. He disappeared in 1782, after which the murders began. Abigail Adams deduced he was responsible, tricked him into kidnapping her, then turned the tables on him and had him locked into the painting with a spell that included runes on the frame.

Abigail Adams in Sleepy Hollow 2x13Somehow, the madman has discovered a way to escape his imprisonment. He uses the painting to capture those who touch it. Once within the painting, he hangs them upside down and cuts their carotid arteries so they will bleed out quicker. What he does within the painting then becomes real. Each time Colby comes closer to painting an inverted cross on the canvas, and when he complets it, he’ll free himself and resume his killing spree.

The other storyline revolves around Frank Irving turning himself in at the precinct. Because Abbie and Jenny buried him six weeks earlier, when he died to help save the world from the apocalypse. Though Frank seems real enough, Abbie suspects his reappearance may have something to do with Henry, Horseman #2, who, you know, Owns Frank’s Soul.

Abbie enlists Jenny in securing a paranormal weapon, but wouldn’t you know it? Hawley’s out of town. Next thing you know, Jenny’s digging in the forest in the dark of night, soon learning  that Hawley hadn’t told her everything about the platinum bullets forged from the Gates of Hell.

“You’ve got to be kidding! Hawley said the bullets were buried with the guy, not buried in him!” she says before pulling out the bullets in disgust, just like when their mama made Abbie pull the giblets out of a Thanksgiving turkey. As she pulls out the fourth bullet, the corpse awakens and grabs her by the neck. Jenny may be squeamish about retrieving bullets stuck in body snot from dead guys, but she’s kick-ass when it comes to shoving one back in. After she does, the corpse dies again and she yells, “Thanks for telling me to leave one in the body, Hawley!”

Jenny and Cynthia (and even Abbie) want to believe Reanimated Frank is the real deal, but Abbie’s skeptical. There’s an ominous moment at the end of the episode when Sheriff Reyes informs Abbie, “The D.A. has received evidence that could vindicate Irving. He could go free.” I don’t know about you, but to me that has Henry written all over it.

Abbie and Crane are on the case in Sleepy Hollow 2x13Though less time is devoted to the Mills sisters and Reanimated Frank, it is the sisters’ scenes that enliven the episode, even more than the va-voomy stuff between Ichatrina. The dumb stuff—that whole Abigail Adams, Murderer Hunter thing, and Katrina failing at her one assignment. Seriously, does she ever do what she’s supposed to do? While Crane tries to prevent the next kidnapping, she is tasked with keeping everyone away from the painting so, you know, it won’t eat anybody. Instead, she leaves her post to hare off after Colby’s ghost. When she returns, she’s just in time to watch Crane trying to stop The Very Hungry Painting from swallowing his next victim. He’s unsuccessful.

That said, there are some moments between the Cranes that their shippers will adore. For them, I’ll re-cap.

  • When Crane sees Katrina in her LBD, he momentarily loses his ability to speak. That’s what kicks off their evening, a chance to see if they can make it as a modern couple.
  • When Crane introduces Katrina to the PDA, it’s truly foreplay, witty and sexy and fun.
  • When Crane discovers scratches on the painting’s frame that are actually runes, I realized he and Katrina had begun to finish each other’s sentences, just like an old married couple.
  • When Katrina grabs her husband by the lapels and lays a liplock on him so that another visitor to the exhibit won’t be gobbled up by the painting, it looks like a very liberating moment for her. It’s also a good kiss, not on a par with When Danny Kissed Mindy and Put His Hand on Her Ass, but good nonetheless.
  • When Crane attempts to enter the painting voluntarily, she won’t let him go alone, telling him, “No more separating. We do this together.” It’s as though the LBD liberated a modern woman inside the 19th century witch. And doing so puts Katrina on a more equal footing with her husband, which can only help their relationship.
  • When, near the end, Crane tells his perhaps-no-longer-estranged wife, “You and I have been in a state of suspension, trapped in the same old patterns, but the forces which have kept us as such are gone. We will find a new state of being...together.” Who among us does not view this as the old-fashioned Ichabod’s version of a pick-up line?

As for the episode as a whole, I wondered what would happen after the end of the world was thwarted. Tonight’s paranormal Macmillan & Wifey storyline is not a great sign. I never thought I’d say this, but here’s hoping they bring back the apocalypse. That said, last week Fox announced renewals for several of its shows, but didn’t specifically mention Sleepy Hollow. Will there be a third season, and if there is, are we to look forward to another paranormal crime solving series like Grimm?

Memorable Lines:

Crane: “How can one be both business and casual?”

“I can’t believe Hawley’s not here to help me retrieve these creature killing bullets!” - Jenny says on cell call to Abbie. while in the dark forest, hauling something heavy.

“How did Hawley get a hold of platinum bullets made of the actual gates of Hell?” - Abbie

“I have no idea, but he said his previous buyer was satisfied.” - Jenny

Next Stop: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 14, “Kali Yuga.”


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
It’s also a good kiss, not on a par with When Danny Kissed Mindy and Put His Hand on Her Ass, but good nonetheless.

We played, Laurie! I so enjoy the recaps from you and Anna.

Regarding the show itself, though, I just cannot get excited about ever catching up. The idea of Crane/Katrina does nothing for me, and it sounds like Abbie gets sidelined a lot this season, when her scenes with Crane are the only reason I've ever watched!

Regarding renewal, as someone who was obsessively reading Twitter during the FOX executives session at the TCAs this past weekend, I can say that it sounds like renewal is dependent upon creative changes (though nothing TOO dramatic). The new heads of the network have backgrounds as producers, and they've told Sleepy Hollow executive producers that they think the show needs to course correct by going less serial in future (probably among other things). So I'm pretty sure the show will get renewed, as long as the creative team shows a willingness to make some changes.

(Edited to include a link to reports about Sleepy Hollow renewal chances.)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I am not up-to-date with the show, but saw last night there was a 'WitchesBetterThanKatrina' hashtag, and that tells you a lot about what fans are thinking.
Also I'm wondering why Katrina gets to wear modern, sexy clothing while Ichabod is still in his breeches and queue? Hm, wonder if it's because she looks way sexier in modern clothing, while he doesn't as much?
I want to feel the same thrill I felt in Season 1 about this, but it seems as though Abbie and Ichabod are on two different paths.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@MFrampton, I think it's a way to heighten how different they are. Not that Ichabod is stuck in the past, but that Katrina is just operating on a different plane than he is. At least I hope that's the thought. Abbie and Ichabod definitely seem like they're on totally different paths. And I also feel like this is turning slightly into a monster of the week thing--which I'm fine with, but I liked how grand the plans seemed in Season 1.
Laurie Gold
4. LaurieGold
I like the serial aspect of the series myself, and I assumed that, given the popularity of urban fantasy series, which also often have a serial aspect, that it was the main draw of the show. If it's just a weekly "let's solve a mystery," it loses its immediacy. Then again, if the suspense takes a back seat, relationships can move front and center. And that does appeal to me.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
Great thoughts! I'm interested in all the different reactions people have had to this season.

This is only my speculation, but I think FOX's theory is that while some serialization is good, monster-of-the-week stories here and there could help bring in more newbies throughout the season. Ratings have gone way down in S2.

I like mythology a lot myself (especially if there's a planned end game!), but a monster of the week every once in a while gives everyone some breathing room, and a chance for character development.

I'm with you guys on Ichabod and Abbie seeming like they're on different paths. I don't get the thinking behind that. I wonder if it's a fear of the show becoming too dependent on them (as Mulder and Scully ARE The X-Files, new characters Not Welcome). But, I mean, if that's what works, that's what works.
6. Travelover
I've ALWAYS seen this as a "romance" story between Ichabod and his WIFE, Katrina. The "problem" has been they kept them apart for two television seasons - even though she was helping him "from afar". I think Katrina is a GOOD woman who thinks EVERYONE is capable of redemption. She sacrificed herself, wouldn't abandon her "son" and refuses to give up on Abraham. In last night's episode we FINALLY got to see Ichabod AND Katrina work side by side. I think the show can "get back on track" - by reuniting the husband and wife and highlighting the "romance", charm and sensuality between Ichabod and Katrina - via "romance novel" format (the kind WE read!) - give us the courtliness - the old-fashioned romance. I see Abby as a friend - a "business partner" - NOT as a potential "love interest."
Nicole Leapheart
7. BoxyFrown
Katrina has always been shady to me. If the writers are going to start making us look at her face every week, at least make her likeable! I'm as much of a Ichabbie shipper as anyone, however I would be fine if another interested party came Abbie's way (especially since Ichabod IS married.) Hawley is hot but it looks like he is back on with Jenny, Frank is back on with his wife, which leaves the intensely strange but strangely sexy Orion.

I would be fine with Ichabod falling in love with Katrina if she wasn't a) a liar, b) completely useless, and c) obviously in love with Abraham. She has saved his bacon more than she has saved Ichabod's! Funny how her spells always work flawlessly for the Headless Horseman.

Pardon my french.
8. Shark with Lasers
I think the problem with Sleepy Hollow is the same problem as with Grimm, and in both cases should be simple to correct: too much of the hero's journey is being handed off to a late addition character. In both cases the late additions are adorable characters whom I would like to see stick around on their respective shows; but when it comes to the hero's journey, they are just not the characters I signed on to watch go down that particular path, is all. So I get bored and shut off the TV.
9. PhoebeChase
I read, at EW.com I believe, that Fox specifically wanted the show to be less serialized.
10. Pellington
Several things: I'm a Icahtrina shipper, because I bought into Season 1's story that he wanted to reunite with his wife, who has been doing her damndest to keep everyone safe. Also, this is little known, but behind the scenes this season, the show has been off the rails--lots of firings and quittings that have caused all kinds of nightmares. Fox has let the inmates run the asylum (no pun intended) with no real leadership to rein it all in. And finally, not sure how the show is going to course-correct in time, unless they've already started. Shows wrap filming in March at the very latest, and I guarantee scripts have already been written. So it'll take major revisions to get this show back on track. I love Tom Mison and Orlando Jones, but I wouldn't miss this show if it keeps the way its been going. It's been too all over the place.
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