Jan 11 2015 4:08pm

“I Don’t Do Romance:” New Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

A new trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has just been released, showing how transfixed Christian Grey is by his Ana. The film comes out February 13, 2015 and stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Do you have plans to go? If so, who's going with you?

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Elizabeth Halliday
1. Ibbitts
It seems to be fashionable to pick on all things 50.
Well, I liked the books. A lot.
I think the movie casting is fabulous. Jamie Dornan is perfect. Dakota Johnson is great. She has an outrageous sense of humor - the "Jamie has a fluffer" line has been indelibly burned into my memory - giggle!
I've seen a couple of snippets from the trailers of lines that did not appear in the books, but they seem to enhance the scenes. And every single time I see a picture of Jamie Dornan clean-shaven, I can hear Beyonce, "Uh oh, uh oh, oh no, no, no, no....."
So, yeah, you could say I'm looking forward to it.
Helena J
2. Helena J
I'm one who couldn't read the book beyond the first few pages, because it was so badly written. And this was when it was fashionable to like it! Since then I've heard enough about other apects of the book to decide that I'll never see this film.
Terri Rose
3. Terri L
Meh… That is basically how I feel about this movie. I read the books but I wasn’t in love with them. It was more like watching a car crash that I couldn’t look away from than guanine interest. I consider the Crossfire series to be along the same lines, but much more suited to my taste in books. Some of the material in 50 shades just isn't for me. Anyway, that being said... I was only mildly interested in this film. Again I am more interested to see what this means for other movies (like the effect the book had on literature) than I am the actual movie. However, I have to say I am not sure Jamie Dornan can pull off this roll. He seems rather cold to me, but the movie might change my mind when I see it. I was actually much more interested in it when Charlie Hunnam was attach to the project. I actually started watching SOA just to see if I thought he could pull it off. He is an amazing actor. I will probably see this movie when it is released to DVD.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I am more intrigued, having seen this trailer. The last bit, where it seems that Ana is making fun of Christian seems different from the books (as I recall), and I'm wondering if they're going to make her character a little more joyful. I have been slowly sucked into Jamie Dornan's allure, although I definitely prefer him with facial hair. I'm gonna see it. I loved the first book and so I'm psyched to see the filmed version.
5. ChelseaMueller
@MFrampton - I liked this trailer more mostly because Jamie Dornan is removing clothing and/or shirtless during most of it. (Hey, I'm honest about why I want to see this one.)
6. nic919
I thought Jamie Dornan was great in The Fall, but he was playing a serial murderer. I can't help but think of him being that when seeing these trailers.

Also, I noticed that neither of them seem to have much chemistry at the Golden Globes when they presented. I would have thought that having already made the film that wouldn't be the case.

The source material is so poorly written the movie will have to be better.
Nicole Leapheart
7. BoxyFrown
This is a better trailer, but what I noticed (or rather whom) was Max Martini aka Jason Talyor. Rwaaaar! To me, way hotter than Dornan.
And I agree, they had zip chemistry at the Globes.

I've said before I'm sure at some point I will see it...but I'm not that excited. I'd rather see James and Bianca Cavendish on the big screen :P
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@nic919 --

I thought Jamie Dornan was great in The Fall, but he was playing a serial murderer. I can't help but think of him being that when seeing these trailers.

It's like you read my mind. SAME!

I feel like we should open up a Fifty Shades Confessions thread or something...
Helena J
9. Sarah Schwartz
It looks better than the book so long as the words "my inner goddesss" are never spoken I will be a happy women.
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