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February 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in February. We know you each have your favorite subgenre, but we also know many of you read across genre and care more about the release date!

Below, instead of being separated by subgenre, we've separated the new releases out by release week. Within each week, we then separated it by subgenre. We hope you find this more helpful, but let us know your thoughts!

But...Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too! We heard your feedback about missing the list by subgenre, and we gave it to you in our prinatable version! Don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop (now seperated out by subgenre)!

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Heroes and Heartbreakers February 2015 Shopping List!
Week of February 1 through February 7
Title   Author   Series   Date
Vampire Watchmen   Tim O’Rourke   Samantha Carter   02/01
Radio Silence
  Alyssa Cole   N/A   02/02
Immortal Flame   Jillian David   Hell to Pay   02/02
Riding the Odds   Lynda K. Scott   N/A   02/02
Escape Velocity   Jess Anastasi   N/A   02/02
The Raven   Sylvain Reynard   Florentine series   02/03
The Accidental Dragon   Dakota Cassidy   Accidentally Paranormal Novel   02/03
Overcome   Lora Leigh   N/A   02/03
Just in Time for a Highlander   Gwyn Cready   Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands   02/03
Jaguar Pride   Terry Spear   Heart of the Jaguar   02/03
Hunger's Mate   A.C. Arthur   The Shadow Shifters   02/03
Ghost Killer   Robin D. Owens   The Ghost Seer Series   02/03
Hunter Reborn   Katie Reus   Moon Shifter Novel   02/03
Casually Cursed   Kimberly Frost   A Southern Witch Novel   02/03
Outer Banks   Anson Barber   N/A   02/03
The Renfield Syndrome (e-only)   J. A. Saare   Rhiannon's Law   02/03
Deep Desire (m/m)   Z.A. Maxfield   Deep   02/03
Windburn (e-only)   Juliette Cross   Nightwing   02/03
Savage Lust (e-only)   Desiree Holt   Night Seekers   02/06
Title   Author   Series   Date
Beyond the Veil of Tears   Rita Bradshaw   N/A   02/01
Earls Just Want to Have Fun   Shana Galen   Covent Garden Cubs   02/03
A Tale of Two Citizens   Elyce Wakerman   N/A   02/03
Forbidden to Love the Duke   Jillian Hunter   The Fenwick Sisters Affairs   02/03
Highlander's Folly, The   Barbara Longley   N/A   02/03
Return to Clan Sinclair   Karen Ranney   Clan Sinclair   02/03
When Good Earls Go Bad   Megan Frampton   N/A   02/03
The Spinster Bride (e-only)   Jane Goodger   N/A   02/03
Temptation Has Green Eyes (e-only)   Lynne Connolly   Emperors of London   02/03
Wagon Train Cinderella (e-only)   Shirley Kennedy   N/A   02/03
The Price of Blood   Patricia Bracewell   N/A   02/05
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Pink Pepper Tree   Muriel Bolger   N/A   02/01
From Notting Hill with Four Weddings . . . Actually   Ali McNamara   N/A   02/01
Flirting with Felicity   Gerri Russell   N/A   02/01
Sound of the Tide   Emily Bold   N/A   02/01
Pairing Off (e-only)   Elizabeth Harmon   N/A   02/02
Emerald Springs Legacy: The Complete Collection   Various Authors   Anthology   02/02
Better When He's Bold   Jay Crownover   Welcome to the Point   02/03
Quarterback Draw   Jaci Burton   A Play-by-Play Novel   02/03
The First Kiss   Grace Burrowes   Single Hearts   02/03
How to Kiss a Cowboy   Joanne Kennedy   Cowboys of Decker Ranch   02/03
Rough Rider   Victoria Vane   Hot Cowboy Nights   02/03
Rough Justice   Sarah Castille   The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club   02/03
Perfect Kind of Trouble   Chelsea Fine   Finding Fate   02/03
Saving Quinton   Jessica Sorenson   Nova and Quinton   02/03
The Distraction   Sierra Kincade   The Body Work Trilogy   02/03
Always Loving You   Sydney Landon   A Danvers Novel   02/03
Give It All   Cara McKenna   A Desert Dogs Novel   02/03
Rescue Me   Catherine Mann   Second Chance Ranch   02/03
Power and Possession   C.C. Gibbs   Reckless   02/03
Redeem Me   Eliza Freed   Lost Souls   02/03
Undressed   Shannon Richard   A Country Roads Novella   02/03
Under His Guard (m/m)   Rie Warren   Don't Tell   02/03
Hero   Samantha Young   N/A   02/03
Firelight at Mustang Ridge   Jesse Hayworth   N/A   02/03
Various States of Undress: Georgia   Laura Simcox   N/A   02/03
Return of the Bad Girl   Codi Gary   N/A   02/03
Be Mine Forever   Kennedy Ryan   The Bennett Series   02/03
The Long Ride Home   Kari Lynn Dell   N/A   02/03
Quakes   R. L. Ugolini   N/A   02/03
Drawing the Devil (m/m)   Jon Keys   N/A   02/03
Destination: Desire (e-only)   Crystal Jordan   Destination: Desire   02/03
Wonderland (e-only, m/m)   Rob Browatzke   Wonderland   02/03
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Somethin' Dirty    Em Petrova   Country Fever   02/03
Seeing Red (e-only)   Margaux Lamont   N/A   02/04
Seeing Red (e-only)   Margaux Lamont   N/A   02/04
Cult of the Serpentari: Chapter 16 (e-only)   Micah Blacklight   Cult of the Serpentari   02/06
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
After the Wedding   Roisin Meaney   N/A   02/01
The Constant Star   Jessica Stirling   N/A   02/01
The Homestead Brides Collection   Mary Connealy   N/A   02/01
Brandywine Brides   Amber Stockton   Romancing America   02/01
Meek and Mild   Olivia Newport   Amish Turns of Time   02/01
Single, Carefree, Mellow   Katherine Heiny   N/A   02/03
Walking on Trampolines   Frances Whiting   N/A   02/03
New Uses For Old Boyfriends   Beth Kendrick   Black Dog Bay Novel   02/03
Beyond the Sunrise   Mary Balogh   N/A   02/03
The Unexpected Consequences of Love   Jill Mansell   N/A   02/03
The Nightingale   Kristin Hannah   N/A   02/03
Butternut Lake: The Night Before Christmas   Mary McNear   N/A   02/03
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Last Hit   Jessica Clare   A Hitman Novel   02/03
The Reluctant Berserker (m/m)   Alex Beecroft   N/A   02/03
Born of Fury   Sherrilyn Kenyon   A League Novel   02/03
Hard Bitten   Chloe Neill   Chicagoland Vampires   02/03
Sugar   Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr   Fate   02/03
Ghost Phoenix    Corrina Lawson   Phoenix Institute   02/03
Going for Four   Erin Nicholas   Counting on Love   02/03
Having Her   Jackie Ashenden   Lies We Tell   02/03
Nobody's Fool   Barbara Meyers   N/A   02/03
Special Delivery (m/m)   Heidi Cullinan   Special Delivery   02/03
Summer Fling   Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon   Compass Girls   02/03
Surrender to Fire    Skylar Kade   Maison Chronicles   02/03
The Deepest Ocean    Marian Perera   Eden   02/03
Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between   J. A. Saare   Rhiannon's Law   02/03
Cowboy Take Me Away   Lorelei James   Rough Riders   02/03
Bear Naked   Dana Marie Bell   Halle Shifters   02/03
As Hot As It Gets    Elle Kennedy   Out of Uniform   02/03
Take Two   Laurelin Paige   Lights, Camera   02/03
Amorous Overnight   Robin L. Rotham   N/A   02/03
Week of February 8 through February 14
Title   Author   Series   Date
Deadly Spells   Jaye Wells   Prospero's War   02/10
Hawk's Revenge   Vivi Andrews   Lone Pine Pride   02/10
Blood for Blood    Darcy Abriel   Zytarri   02/10
Favored by Felix (e-only)   Shelley Munro   Middlemarch Capture   02/13
Title   Author   Series   Date
Literary Love: 5 Wild & Wanton Classics   Various Authors   Anthology   02/09
Miss Winters Proposes   Frances Fowlkes   N/A   02/09
Contemporary and New Adult
Title   Author   Series   Date
All for You (e-only)   Christi Barth   Shore Secrets   02/09
One Real Man   Coleen Kwan   Real Men   02/09
His Million Dollar Risk   Robin Bielman   Take a Risk   02/09
Rock Rhapsody: The Complete Series   Rachel Cross   Anthology   02/09
Rebound   Noelle August   N/A   02/10
ONE NIGHT: UNVEILED   Jodi Ellen Malpas   The One Night Trilogy   02/10
In Her Wake   K.A. Tucker   The Ten Tiny Breaths Series   02/10
Barbecue and Bad News   Nancy Naigle   N/A   02/10
Riot   Jamie Shaw   N/A   02/10
The Wedding Band   Cara Connelly   Save the Date   02/10
All That Matters    Erin Nicholas   Billionaire Bargains   02/10
The Truth As He Knows It (m/m)   A.M. Arthur   Perspectives, Cost of Repairs Spin-Off   02/10
Shameless (e-only)   Brynley Bush   Black Brothers   02/11
Kelly's Rules (e-only)   Barbara Miller   N/A   02/12
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Companion Contract (e-only)   Solace Ames   LA Doms   02/09
Best Lesbian Romance 2015   Radclyffe   N/A   02/10
Best Bondage Erotica 2015   Rachel Kramer Bussel   N/A   02/10
Best Lesbian Erotica 2015   Laura Antoniou   N/A   02/10
The Gilded Cuff   Lauren Smith   Surrender   02/10
Enemy Lovers   Shelley Munro   Clare Chronicles   02/10
Sweeter Than Honey (e-only)   Delilah Devlin   N/A   02/10
Bring the Heat (e-only, m/m)   Audra Carusso   N/A   02/11
Lashwood (e-only)   Debra Glass   N/A   02/11
Cult of the Serpentari: Chapter 17 (e-only)   Micah Blacklight   Cult of the Serpentari   02/13
Love Through Limelight (e-only)   Farrah Abraham   Celebrity Sex Tape   02/13
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Bridged   Kendra Elliot   N/A   02/10
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Secrets of Midwives   Sally Hepworth   N/A   02/10
Shadows Over Paradise   Isabel Wolff   N/A   02/10
Reasons She Goes to the Woods   Deborah Kay Davies   N/A   02/10
An Amish Cradle   Beth Wiseman   N/A   02/10
Heart Full of Love   Kathleen Fuller   N/A   02/10
A Son for Always   Amy Clipston   N/A   02/10
An Unexpected Blessing   Bannetta Chapman   N/A   02/10
In His Father's Arms   Beth Wiseman   N/A   02/10
The Runaway Woman   Josephine Cox   N/A   02/10
Jillian   Halle Butler   N/A   02/10
The Matchmaker   Elin Hilderbrand   N/A   02/10
A Spool of Blue Thread   Anne Tyler   N/A   02/10
Secret Life of Wishful Thinking, The   Lindy DeKoven   N/A   02/10
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Fierce Enchantments   Janine Ashbless   N/A   02/10
Flight of Magpies   KJ Charles   Charm of Magpies   02/10
Week of February 15 through February 21
Title   Author   Series   Date
Night Bound (f/f)   Winter Pennington   N/A   02/17
The Highest Tide (e-only)   Marian Perera   Eden   02/17
In Her Secret Fantasy   Marie Treanor   In   02/17
Cinderella and the Ghost (e-only)   Marina Myles   Cursed Princes   02/17
Black Wolf's Revenge (e-only)   Tera Shanley   Silver Wolf Clan   02/17
Enchanter's Echo (e-only)   Anise Rae   Mayflower Mages   02/17
A Thief's Heart (e-only)   Alyson Conrad   Guardians of the Gifted   02/20
Title   Author   Series   Date
Petticoats and Promises (f/f)   Penelope Friday   N/A   02/17
Bluestocking and the Rake, The   Norma Darcy   N/A   02/17
Jackdaw (e-only)   KJ Charles   Charm of Magpies   02/17
Sister of Rogues (e-only)   Cynthia Breeding   Rogue   02/17
Wicked Discretions(e-only)   Eliza Lloyd   Wicked Affairs   02/19
Title   Author   Series   Date
Reforming Gabe   Alicia Hunter Pace   A Beauford Bend Novel   02/16
Unscripted Love: The Complete Reality TV Romance Collection   Heather Thurmeier   Anthology   02/16
Twilight Time   Emily Sue Harvey   N/A   02/17
The Master   Kresley Cole   The Game Maker Series   02/17
Ordinary Mayhem (f/f)   Victoria Brownworth   N/A   02/17
The Comfortable Shoe Diaries (f/f)   Renee J. Lukas   N/A   02/17
Betting on Love (f/f)   Alyssa Linn Palmer   N/A   02/17
Sin City Temptation   Sharon C. Cooper   Kimani Hotties   02/17
Embrace My Heart   AlTonya Washington   Kimani Hotties   02/17
Snowy Mountain Nights   Lindsay Evans   N/A   02/17
Seduced by Mr. Right   Pamela Yaye   The Morretti Millionaires   02/17
I Do!   Rachel Gibson   N/A   02/17
Make It Last   Megan Erickson   Bowler University   02/17
Snowed In (e-only)   Sarah Title   Southern Comfort   02/17
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Game Play (e-only)   Lynda Aicher   Power Play   02/16
Forbidden   Charlotte Stein   Under the Skin   02/17
How to Avoid a Billionaire (e-only)   Tressie Lockwood   N/A   02/17
Cult of the Serpentari: Chapter 18 (e-only)   Micah Blacklight   Cult of the Serpentari   02/20
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Heartsick (e-only)   Caitlin Sinead   N/A   02/16
Inheriting Fear   Sandra O'Grady   N/A   02/16
Tempered Steele (f/f)   M.E. Logan   N/A   02/17
Developing Desire (e-only)   Jayne Rylon   Playing Doctor   02/17
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Betting on Hope   Debra Clopton   A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance   02/17
Buddha's Bad Boys   Alan Chin   N/A   02/17
For the Love of Cake   Erin Dutton   N/A   02/17
The Deadening   Yvonne Heidt   N/A   02/17
Pedal to the Metal   Jesse J. Thoma   N/A   02/17
Dragon Horse War   D. Jackson Leigh   N/A   02/17
After Birth   Elisa Albert   N/A   02/17
Blue Stars   Emily Gray Tedrowe   N/A   02/17
Housewitch   Katie Schickel   N/A   02/17
The Half Brother   Holly LeCraw   N/A   02/17
Eight Minutes   Lori Reisenbichler   N/A   02/17
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Undertaking Love   Kat French   N/A   02/17
Stormy Persuasion   Johanna Lindsey   N/A   02/17
Angels Walking   Karen Kingsbury   Angels Walking   02/17
Rogue of the Borders    Cynthia Breeding   Rogue   02/17
Wystan   Allison Merrit   The Heckmasters   02/17
Week of February 22 through February 28
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Shape of Temptation (e-only)   Eleri Stone   N/A   02/23
The Immortal Who Loved Me   Lynsay Sands   Argeneau Vampire   02/24
Cursed by Fire   Jacquelyn Frank   N/A   02/24
Fury of Obsession   Coreene Callahan   N/A   02/24
Coral-600 (e-only)   Roxy Mews   DMA Files   02/24
Idol of Bone   Jane Kindred   Looking Glass Gods   02/24
Obsession (e-only)   Eden Bradley   Ink and Iron   02/24
Title   Author   Series   Date
I Loved a Rogue   Katharine Ashe   Prince Catchers   02/24
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower   Jennifer McQuiston   Seduction Diaries   02/24
A Sinful Deception   Isabella Bradford   N/A   02/24
Soulbound   Kristen Callihan   Darkest London   02/24
What a Devilish Duke Desires   Vicky Dreiling   The Sinful Scoundrels   02/24
Highland Guard   Hannah Howell   The Murrays   02/24
Home to Carolina (e-only)   Adera Orfanelli   N/A   02/24
Title   Author   Series   Date
Southern Hospitality   Amy Lillard   Southern Nights   02/23
Texas Wishes: 3 Contemporary Romances   Kristina Knight   Anthology   02/23
One Percenter   D.R. Graham   N/A   02/23
The Millionaire's Deception   Wendy Byrne   Zodiac   02/23
Back in the Game   Lori Wilde   Stardust, Texas   02/24
Her Unexpected Hero   Melody Anne   Unexpected Heroes   02/24
Once and Always   Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper   N/A   02/24
Hot   Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper   N/A   02/24
Meet Me at the Beach   V. K. Sykes   Seashell Bay   02/24
For the Love of Pete   Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper   N/A   02/24
Thoughtful   S.C. Stephens   A Thoughtless Novel   02/24
One Kiss More   Mandy Baxter   A US Marshals Novel   02/24
Playing With Fire   Deborah Mello Fletcher   Sultry Southern Nights   02/24
Taking Fire   Lindsay McKenna   N/A   02/24
Heartbreaker   Diana Palmer   N/a   02/24
First Time in Forever   Sarah Morgan   N/A   02/24
The Truth Is in the Wine   Curtis Bunn   N/A   02/24
When Joss Met Matt   Ellie Cahill   N/A   02/24
After Ever Happy   Anna Todd   The After Series   02/24
Slow Burn   K. Bromberg   A Driven Novel   02/24
Sea Air   Julie Meeringa   N/A   02/24
Once and Always   Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper   N/A   02/24
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Between the Sheets   Cairo   N/A   02/24
Taint   S. L. Jennings   N/A   02/24
Living in Secret (e-only)   Jackie Ashenden   Living In…   02/24
Wicked Shots (e-only)   Katana Collins   Wicked Exposure   02/24
Cult of the Serpentari: Chapter 19 (e-only)   Micah Blacklight   Cult of the Serpentari   02/27
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Degrees of Darkness: The Complete Series   Winter Austin   Anthology   02/23
Tempt the Night   Dixie Lee Brown   Trust No One   02/24
At Wolf Ranch   Jennifer Ryan   Montana Men   02/24
Broken Honor   Tonya Burrows   HORNET   02/24
Where Secrets Sleep   Marta Perry   N/A   02/24
Wild Horses   B.J. Daniels   The Montana Hamiltons   02/24
Running Blind   Cindy Gerard   One-Eyed Jacks   02/24
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Dorothy Parker Drank Here   Ellen Meister   N/A   02/24
How to Catch a Prince   Rachel Hauck   Royal Wedding Series   02/24
All Dressed Up in Love   Ruth Logan Herne   A Year of Weddings Novella   02/24
Secret Harbor   Anna Sullivan   A Windfall Island Novel   02/24
Harvest of Blessings   Charlotte Hubbard   Seasons of the Heart   02/24
Prodigal Son   Danielle Steel   N/A   02/24
Wait for the Rain   Maria Murnane   N/A   02/24
Hearth Stone   Lois Greiman   Home in the Hills   02/24
Writing Romantic Fiction: A Teach Yourself Masterclass in Creative Writing   Barbara Samuel   Teach Yourself: Writing   02/27
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Longest Ride   Nicholas Sparks   N/A   02/24
Bound to be Tamed   Becca Jameson   Emergence   02/24
Thrown   Cat Johnson   Studs and Spurs   02/24



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