Dec 1 2014 8:10am

What Was Your 2014 Reading Challenge?

Many readers like to challenge themselves to read a certain amount of books in the course of a year. And now that it's December 1, it's time to examine what you've completed so far—and how many more books you have to go to meet your challenge.

If you did a 2014 Reading Challenge, how many books did you challenge yourself to read? How many more do you have to go before 2014 closes out?

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Wendy the Super Librarian
1. SuperWendy
My challenge is always to hit 100 - and I've met my goal for this year already. It helps that about halfway through I decided to start counting books I listened to on audio :) I also count DNFs, which I guess is technically cheating - but hey, my challenge my rules.

Current total on DNFs for this year is 10. I've discovered I'm pretty quick to DNF something on audio that isn't working for me. With print I'll at least skim through a few more chapters before throwing in the towel.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I live in eternal hope to read all the books I have so my TBR pile is more manageable--below 40 (or 20 if I'm being hopeful) would be the ideal... So far that is a challenge that I have accepted and not completed
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I never challenge myself, reading-wise, because I just have the feeling I'd fail, and then I'd feel like a failure. I think I've probably read 100 books, maybe, but my TBR (as I have been lamenting lately) is just ludicrous.
4. keen23
My goal for the year was 200, I'm at 227. Yes, I read and finish a book every day or every other day. Much of it is fluff reading.

I also set a goal to read a book set in each of the 50 states this year, and gave up sometime in June, because I stopped tracking...
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
@keen23, we had a feature titled Perfect Unions that covered books set in each state.
6. Norwegianne
I challenged myself to read one more book than I read in 2013 - so, 491 books.

So far, I am at 620 books.

It has been a year where I moved away from friends and family for 6 months, and did not have a car, and while I was not a complete hermit, there was a lot of reading that got done in the evenings after work, and on public transportation to work.

I noticed a decline in the amount of books I read weekly when I returned to my real life. But I still read quickly, so it is adding up.
7. PhoebeChase
Just a generic less TV, more books pledge. Which definitely happened!
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
I read so fast I'm all caught up in my wish list, so this year I challenged myself to find more male authors to read. I found 1 thas has become an auto-buy for me: ML Buchmann.
9. Kareni
bungluna, I've been enjoying ML Buchman's books, too. I've read his Nightstalkers series as well as the Firehawks books. Have you read any of his other books such as Angelo's Hearth? If so, how do those compare?
10. JaneKriel
@Norwegianne, that is such an impressive effort!

I don't really have a goal, I read about 120-150 books a year. Although I go through Netflix phases where I don't read anything for an entire week so that lowers my total. Then I binge read 10 books in a week. That said, I always set a low challenge on goodreads so that I can see how many books I've read in a year. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when goodreads tells me that I've hit my goal.
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
General you guys keep track of what you've read on Goodreads or do you write it down, or just look at what you've bought on Amazon... I could ballpark how many I've read based on how many books I can finish in an average week times 52 weeks in a year, but I'm curious how y'all keep track!
Wendy the Super Librarian
12. SuperWendy
@JenniferProffitt - I keep track on GoodReads now, mostly so the list is viewable to anybody who cares. In the past I've used spreadsheets. I used Excel for a long time until a Great Computer Meltdown in 2005 wiped out my reading history dating back to 1999 (lesson learned: back up your files). Then after that I moved to Google Docs so they'd be "in the cloud." I finally bit the GR bullet 2012.
Jennifer Proffitt
13. JenniferProffitt
@SuperWendy, yeah, I thought it might be that a lot of people would use GoodReads, my excuse has always been that I read so fast that I don't want to pause to say I just finished this or I'm reading this. And oh my gosh, I think I would cry if I lost a list that extensive!
14. willaful
I also DNF audiobooks much more quickly. A bad narrator is the worst.

I don't do numerical challenges, so my main challenge is Wendy's TBR challenge. I'm very pleased that I haven't missed a month in (I think) over two years. My rule is that I have to pick something from my print TBR and it's gotten the pile down nicely.

I've also been doing an untimed alphabet challenge (up to E) and a Harlequin Presents in order challenge, which has kind of fallen to the wayside lately because the books are getting hard to find.
15. Kittywhacko
Goodreads makes it so easy to keep goal was 225 and I just hit 227. Good news: a month to go with at least 20 books by favorite authors but Bad News: it's officially the holidays with all of the chaos and not a lot of time to read until after Christmas!
Dana Buchert
16. danabuchert
My goal on Goodreads was 100 books and I made my goal earlier this week. Just barely made my goal of 100 last year. I don't count short novellas and didn't count the one audio book I listened to. My mind wonders to much to listen to them so I may have to listen to it again. Sadly my TBR pile just keeps getting bigger. Oh well.
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