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What the Valhalla!?: Lost Girl 5x02 Discussion Thread

Lauren, Kenzi, and Dyson in Lost Girl 5x02We'll be doing full recaps for Lost Girl when it airs in the United States on the SyFy channel. Meanwhile, enjoy a quick summary of last night's episode and discuss!

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night's Season 5, Episode 2, “Like Hell, Part 2.”

In Like Hell part 2 Bo bangs her stepmother and walks and talks around Tartarus a lot which last week was Valhalla but I geddit. When you’re filming at the Royal York hotel, you’re gonna milk it for all its worth. Despite walking all over the place, Bo never meets her father YET AGAIN. Instead, Bo is attacked by a pooka goblin, confused by the voices in her head, and ultimately saved by the only woman with a suckier fate than Pandora—Persephone. Their sexy healing times inadvertently conjures some in tandem ghost sex for Doctor Lauren back at Hilton Hovel. Only afterward does Bo find out Persephone is married to her father, Hades. Now that’s keeping it in the family.

Kenzi comes out of the coffin thanks to Dyson and Doctor Lauren in a remarkably bloodless and unemotional reunion. She and the doc drink vodka (priorities!) while Doctor Lauren tries to examine Kenzi without success. Doctor Lauren: “If it walks like Kenzi and talks like Kenzi…” it’s probably a kitsune imposter? Back at Hilton Hovel, the two use Trick’s Ouija board to take on the ghost traveler Kenzi accidentally brought back with her from the afterlife, a sitch that winds up being more buddy comedy than actual in peril suspense. Zoie Palmer looks delighted to have some legitimately quippy lines and a fun B plot that lets her do something more than mope after Bo for a change.

Dyson holds open the gates of Valhalla so Bo has an escape route. Stacy the Bitch Valkyrie (many vie for that moniker, but she takes the title) shows up in search of a soul to replace Kenzi’s. For all her bitchery, Stacy at least knows a good thing when she sees him. “Holy Odin, your jawline is insanely distracting.” Honey, that’s not even his best feature.

Dyson turns on the charm to con Stacy in an effort to stall for Bo’s return. He offers Vex up and preloads him with Dyson’s own backstory to tempt Stacy. But Tamsin shows up at The Dal to wreck that plan, sniping at Dyson for macking with her sister, which rightfully creeps him out. There’s just all kinds of borderline incest happening in Lost Girl tonight! Tamsin and Stacy wind up having a bitch off at Hilton Hovel for Doctor Lauren’s soul. Tamsin wins and the doc remains in the mortal world. Damn.

Dyson in Lost Girl 5x02After taking the express elevator to hell the penthouse, Bo threatens her father, steals the goddess Demeter’s candle and…walks out of Tartarus. No muss, no fuss. Somewhere, Orpheus is going, “now why didn’t I think of that?” In Italian, of course. At the Gates of Valhalla (wait, that’s Tartarus now, yes? No? Eh, whatever), Bo finds Dyson using all his strength to keep the gates open for her. She ducks under his arm so he can finally let the gates close. Bo: “Thanks for waiting for me.” Dyson: “Always.” Hand in hand, they head home.

Dinner at The Dal allows for the following: Dyson and Tamsin lightly bicker about Stacy but when Tamsin genuinely promises she isn’t jealous, they pinkie swear to be friends, possibly friends with benefits but that remains to be seen. Kenzi learns from Dyson that Hale left her Santiago land in Spain in his will. Bo wears a gorgeous, royal blue go-go dress that shows absolutely zero cleavage and it’s so classy and sexy, I almost passed out in shock.

When she and Doctor Lauren go to get another bottle of wine as a ruse to talk about the state of Kenzi, Bo realizes Kenzi’s ghost was never banished but rather made into corporeal form. A form that suddenly appears in the cask room and leaps on Doctor Lauren to gnaw on her neck. Looks like somebody got the message about the doc’s Magical De-faeing Vag of Doom. It’s Kenzi to the rescue! With a gun! Where the hell did Kenzi get a gun?! Bo: “How did you know it wasn’t over?” Kenzi: “With the Fae, it’s never over.” She is so morbidly matter-of-fact, it’s heartbreaking.

Later, safe and sound and back home at Hilton Hovel, Bo is ready for a proper Kenzi welcome home with vodka and Kenzi’s second favorite Kevin Bacon movie (Tremors) and her all-time favorite Kevin Bacon movie (Footloose, natch). But Kenzi is already packed and ready to go. She’s had enough of being the lost human in the Fae world, a gig that ultimately cost her the love of her life. She wants some time to herself to be herself away in Spain. Bo tearfully lets her go. “I love you, Kenzi. Sometimes I think that’s the only thing I know for sure.” Sniff.

Bo in Lost Girl 5x02The next morning, in a totally normal, nearly cleavage-free and, holy Odin, something other than black Henley top (and, sadly, once again wearing the vulgar vagina necklace, returned from Valhalla by Stacy the Bitch Valkyrie), Bo thoughtfully looks out the window. She makes a decision and works two of the boards off the frame, letting the light shine in as Persephone advised. Maybe we’ll actually be able to see people’s faces now when they film in Hilton Hovel!

Slowly, she takes out Demeter’s candle and prepares to light it. In an office building somewhere in downtown Faeronto, a blonde woman obnoxiously chats on the phone in the otherwise silent elevator. There are two suspicious characters whose faces are deliberately obscured or turned away. That could mean something later or, equally, could just be because face time wasn’t in the extras’ contracts. Time will tell. Suddenly, the blonde sports an enigmatic smile…and is shown to be holding Demeter’s candle, the same candle Bo lights up in Hotel 6 Hilton Hovel. As the wick catches, the lights in the elevator flicker then go dark. After that, all that’s left is the growling and screaming…

So that’s two parts borderline incest, one part ghost sex, and zero parts new information on Bo’s daddy issues. Except that he’s Hades, not Odin, or the bloody Wanderer. So I guess that’s…something.

Thoughts? Comments? Snarky abuse for the recapper? Sound off in the comments!


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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
Correction: It's been confirmed by showrunner Michael Grassi in this post-mortem interview that Doctor Lauren's ghost sex was not, in fact, with Bo but rather with the ghost traveler Kenzi accidentally brought back from the afterlife. That does bring back the issue of consent again, something the show has always coasted over or ignored (though they *definitely* played it as DL enjoying herself, but then again, she assumed she was "with" Bo.)

It's interesting that when the now corporeal ghost attacked DL in the caskroom, her face was obscured, she had dark hair...and she was wearing Bo's red kimono. I now wonder if the ghost was actually some metaphysical representation of Bo, like astral projection, that Kenzi and DL made corporeal. This may be how we'll *finally* get Dark Bo.
2. nypinta
I'm glad I'm not the only one that assumed Lauren and Bo going off to the wine room was an excuse to talk about Kenzi. I get that people want some romance, but Bo is still focused on her best friends well being and that feels right. Feels like the Bo that was missing from last season.

And as much as I don't like the idea of Kenzi not being on the show, it feels reasonable to me that she would take the opportunity Hale gave her to get away. I think, for Kenzi, it's partly because of everything she went through, but also I think it's her way of paying respect to Hale, which she never really got the chance to do when he was alive.

I'm confused about the ghost. I think it was infered that because Lauren broke some urn while helping to dig Kenzi up was the reason for the ghost, not that something came back with Kenzi herself. And Kenzi was buried in a human cemetary, so the ghost was human, I'm assuming. None of which makes any sense. Especially given that you have someone coming back from the dead and why not make it something that hitched a ride? Or something that actually was haunting Lauren, specifically? But seeing Kenzi get her gypsy on was fun. And Lauren's scream as she grabbed the board, and "retreat, retreat, retreat!" Hahahahahahaha. Oh god.

As for the ghost scene itself... as I said in the other thread, I'm a little surprised that no one gave it a second thought past the cute sexy time they could film. It felt like a tease and to imply a greater connection between Bo and Lauren, a connection if they decided to stick with would have been just as gross to me. Why would Lauren being forced to participate remotely whenever Bo got it on with someone, which chances are she's going to have to do as a succubus, be something anyone would want instead? Ew. They really should have rethought that whole scenario. But it's interesting that in some mythology, what happened to Lauren is how succubi are portrayed. So I think that played into the idea of using it.

I don't know why I keep expecting more from this show than what it is and then getting disappointed. I think that's more on me than the show actually. I guess I figured that after the initial decision to go lighter with the tone that TPTB would still have snuck in actual gravitas, the way Supernatural, Buffy, and Doctor Who did/do. All of them have seriously light moments but when they go for the gut punch, they don't kid around. And it has nothing to do with budget.

BTW, there are two ways to see the scene between Dyson and Tamsin at the Dal at the end. The first, she isn't jealous because she is in fact still all about Bo. Or two, she isn't jealous because she knows damn well that there is no way Dyson would make the moves on her sister without a real reason and that he was playing her.

And some people are upset that Kenzi didn't say goodbye to Tamsin. I'm thinking Tamsin helped her pack and then got the heck out of the house so Kenzi could say goodbye alone.
3. nypinta
I didn't see the ghost with much clarity, but if they made the ghost corporeal by burning the ouija board, it makes sense the ghost would steal some of Bo's clothes and I figure the kimono was the most obvious to grab, plus the joke of everyone that had sexy times in that house wearing it... But they could have done so much more with that idea. (Like I said above.) Or even gone back to S2 and have it be Nadia that was haunting Lauren.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
I was actually miffed that Kenzi didnt have a goodbye scene with *Dyson* given how close the two of them are, far closer than she is with Tamsin. And I took Tamsin not being jealous of Stacy being because she was never in love with Dyson and always knew their hook ups were just that. Not about how she feels about Bo but how she feels about Dyson esp given she knows very well how *he* feels about Bo. That post mortem interview made it clear they mean for that convo between Tamsin and Dyson to put to finally clarify that relationship and put and end to their sexy times.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
OK I got a better look at the corporeal ghost and its definitely not Bo-like, so there's that theory blown.

On the pop up video of the episode, they even note that particular kimono of Bo's has, over the seasons, been worn by her, Kenzi, Doctor Lauren...and Vex. Heh.
Susan White
6. whiskeywhite
All I can say, Kiersten, is thank god you're back to explain this program to me. Commenters too -- very helpful (including being my window to what is being said elsewhere on the Web). Didn't get the ghost thing at all, though I did see that it had an ugly face that looked only slightly like Bo (black hair and kimono), and I did catch the reference to the broken urn (as its presumed origin). But the point of it all is beyond me.

Didn't get Persephone's candle. As far as my quickie research tells me, there is no connection in Greek mythology between Persephone and candles. What I did notice was that Persephone was portrayed as a seemingly rather helpless abductee wanting Bo only to get a message to her parents. But the Persephone of Greek mythology was, in fact, a character of great power, a 'goddess of vegetation' responsible for, or at least symbolic of, the earth's powers of producing new life. It is believed that she dates back to early agrarian times when Great (or Mother) Goddess worship was common. Although indeed abducted by Hades, she became another powerful figure, the fearsome 'Queen of the Underworld', not the timid almost cowering young women we see on Lost Girl. Imagine what they could have done visually with a powerful woman with vegetation growing around (out?) of her. Another myth messed up (I still haven't forgiven them for what they did to the Garuda, a proud warrior figure loved across Asia).
7. nypinta
What's it say about us that we're looking for more meaning out of a ghost then what was given? ;) Bo's dark side, something that's been waiting for an opportunity to go after Lauren, or why not even that woman that Freya sent away when Bo first arrived but because she was distracted or because Bo had on the shoes, she was able to attach herself to them and hitch a ride back with Kenzi... because otherwise it was just so random and odd. Although it was fun to see Kenzi and Lauren working together, I wouldn't have minded it was on something with a little more weight over the long run.

BTW, I never meant to imply I thought Tamsin was ever in love with Dyson. I do believe there was definite attraction and interest. I mean, she's got eyes. But yeah, pretty sure that scene was for the purpose of saying, "nope, no more!" Because how can you keep a triangle going if what you have are two sets of couples?

Online speculation! Read a tidbit about Hades and the idea that the Artemis Candle indicate a version of Hecate, a goddess often depicted with two torches, and in some stories had her helping Persephone. Could be they're using that as inspiration for the candle suddenly twining when Bo lit it. And some thought that Hecate might be the reason Bo's father has lost much of his power and his grabbing Bo at the end was to keep her from allowing whatever the candle did to be released and that's he isn't actually all encompassingly evil. And that Persephone is playing Bo just a bit...

And I have to say, that although it is super weird that Bo was with Persephone and people keep making incest jokes, they aren't related. If she is there because she was abducted, like the myths say, then she's just like Aife, only she's been able to keep hidden from him. It's not like she was a half sister or something. She's just another fae and being called his wife is a technicality that has nothing to do with her wishes to be married to him. Did she know who Bo was the entire time or did she figure it out after Bo healed? (The sound was crappy and I haven't rewatched yet.)
Susan White
8. whiskeywhite
I, too, noticed that we didn't see Kenzi saying goodbye to Dyson (and Tamsin is another good point. Kenzi and Tamsin have a mother-daughter relationhip). But I guess that's another one of those 'off-screen' moments that we are just to take for granted happened. While I think it would have been incredibly sweet to see Dyson and Kenzi parting, it's understandable that they would want to focus on Bo and Kenzi. So that's it for Ksenia Solo. Right?

Thanks, @nypinta, for the Hecate angle. It's still a mythological mishmash. I agree that the incest thing doesn't work. Bo is Hades' daughter by a captive sex slave, Aife (if we have finally come upon the real story). The Persephone of Greek mythology was indeed Hades' wife albeit abducted (abducting one's wife-to-be, though nowadays only very symbolically so, is common in West and South Asian marriage ritual). Bo is not really related to Persephone.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
That's *not* it for Ksenia Solo. She's definitely back for the last 2 episodes of the show and it's been said she's in a few others or as Michael Grassi said in last week's post mortem, "less than half of the episodes". And while last week she was listed in the end credits in order to hide the fact that she was in the episode, this week, she was back in 3rd billing before the title card.

I agree that Persephone was a wet dish cloth in LG compared to her usual strong role in mythology. It seems clear she knew who Bo was before the sexy times, and yes, while there's no blood connection between stepmother and daughter, the Valkyrie aren't blood sisters either, but the "you kiss my sister" issue was played as valid. LG does this to just scrape the line toward incest without actually going there, an offense I doubt any faction of the fandom would go along with. I call it emotional or technical incest because the familial bonds are acknowledged by the parties involved but the sexual conduct manages not to go over the line b/c there's no blood relationship.
10. nypinta
Emotional incest is a great term for it. It's not actual incest but it's still sqwicky.
11. TheGardner
The stepmother sex, eh. I mean Bo's a succubus, it's her nature to be sensual and respond to people through sex. Also, it's not like the woman raised her and she indicated Hades had been an absentee husband for quite some time. They are both adults, have at it.

The ghost sex was completely unnecessary and felt like one of those 'let's play with the fandom' moments. Just stupid and especially after last year's controversy over the not quite threesome tee hee hee in 4x07, they really should have known better.

So far I am enjoying the season, but I agree with Kiersten that the real Season 5 will begin with the next episode(5x03). These two were more about setup and tying up loose threads from S4. And of course, giving Kenzi her send off.

I wasn't sold on this season, but there has been enough good to keep me coming back next week and see where all of this setup goes.
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
I'm not sold on this season yet. The first two episodes were a bit confusing and although they tied up some loose ends it brought more questins than they answered. And as usual the confuse their mythology. The candle was a symbol for Artemis not Persephone or Demeter. They really need a show bible and better researchers. :( Waiting for next week to see if it gets any better.

I also agree that there should have been goodbye scenes for Dyson and Tamsin with Kenzi. We could have done with less maze crap and more interaction between the main characters.

Tamsin and Dyson should never have been hookedup so I was very glad to see that put to rest! Come on, Dyson was reading her bed time stories and then the writer have them bang!! Talk about inscest EWWW!

Also didn't like the little bomb dropped by Dyson that Evony isn't the Morrigan anymore, does that mean she isn't coming back?
Susan White
13. whiskeywhite
Yes, I'll keep coming back too. And more happily now that I know there'll be more of Ksenia Solo. You have me looking forward more to 5.03. Please don't fail me, faithful plot wizards.

Your mini recap reminded me, Kiersten, that I, too, noticed that Bo wasn't in her usual garb. Even the maid of honour dress, though black, was less all-about-boobs (with leg instead). A welcome change. I hadn't consciously noticed the t-shirt at the end, but I did feel a kind of vulnerability in Bo and that more gently coloured outfit probably contributed to it.

Kenzi's 'couture' outfits left me a little cold. Did you see her pulling down the back of the skirt on the super short one to keep her tiny tush from being on display? Even Ksenia looked uncomfortable. I have to admit I liked Kenzi's wedding dress though it had a bit too much going on for my taste.

I was watching an old episode of The Listener tonight in which Zoie Palmer plays a really mean, cold (and crooked) investigator seeking to bring down Michelle. She made Lauren look look like a fuzzy, warm bowl of mush.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
I definitely think that bit about Evony not being The Morrigan is going to come back in a big way. We know that the leadership of the Dark and Light is not taken lightly. And yes, Evony will make several appearances as we know from her Twitter posts that she was on set several times during the filming of S5
Susan White
15. whiskeywhite
We seem to be writing together. Excellent point @SuzyM:
Come on, Dyson was reading (Tamsin) bed time stories and then the writer have them bang!! Talk about inscest EWWW!
I seem to remember Evony being de-throned. But I would certainly miss her if she doesn't return; I'm so glad to hear she'll be back. She is delicious. Speaking of former cast members, I saw Anthony Lemke today in a TV series called Queen of Swords -- also produced by Jay Firestone in 2000-2001. She's a female Zorro, he's a Yankee captain of the guards. Almost didn't recognize him, but the devilish grin gave him away.
16. Lurker
It was an ok episode but felt more like filler. I'm not sure how I feel about adding Greek Mythology when they have been emphasizing Norse for a year and a half. I understand that Daddy is the Big Bad but they have been stringing this out for 3 seasons that I could care less when they do finally meet. I did enjoy Kenzi and Lauren's B plot. Also a couple of huh moments outside of the ghost sex. Dyson texting (or tweeting) about Bo being in love with Lauren Am I the only weirded out about? Um really? First off who is he texting about this? I also thought the part of Dyson trying to pawn Vex off to Stacy was ill advised. Vex is notorious in the Fae world. Just did not make sense imo.
17. nypinta
Evony should be back in episode 4. Which I think is the same episode that Vex comes back. Coincidence? Hmm!

As for mythology being messed up, Trick told Bo in S1 that they human stories don't often reflect the truth because the fae work very hard to obscure their existence. So having a candle where one isn't supposed to be doesn't faze me. I'd also like to point out that Hades mythology played into how Lucifer is thought of and Lucifer's name means light bringer and Bo lit a candle... just saying. Stuff. But some are also thinking Persephone is playing Bo. So, we'll see in the last 3 episodes, which is when of course everything will happen.

Read today an interpretation of the Lauren ghost scene which was that it wasn't the ghost Kenzi and Lauren brought back, but Bo's father himself and that this might lead to a magical pregnancy storyline. I'm kinda hoping, even though it was disappointing, that it's done and NOT going to be a god getting a human pregnant story. (Even though mythology is heavy with those types of stories.)

Bo's wardrobe has been great so far. But we've been fooled once before. Her initial outfit in the Season 3 opener? Awesome? Rest of the season? OK. (But the blue was great.) Whatev.
18. nuypinta
I don't think Dyson was texting that Lauren was in love with Bo. Stacy just said she inferred from his texts that Lauren is close to Bo's heart. That could just be because they all communicate via text too and Stacy isn't actually stupid. So she knows via those texts that Dyson knows Bo and Lauren and maybe Bo had him do something for her for Lauren and she just put it together. They didn't show Lauren texting him just so he could ignore for no reason. It was to establish that they keep in touch so Stacy would find it to track down Lauren. Not that he waxes poetic about Bo's love.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
Oh for crying out loud. They really will come up with anything as an excuse for the doccubaby crazy. I hope the show is much smarter than that, because getting DL pregnant by a superfae isn't jumping the shark, it's doing fucking cartwheels over it.

There's a throwaway line when Bo is running down the hallway opening doors and looking for Daddy where Persephone says that Bo's father is a Fae so powerful, he's called a god. Not that he *is* a god. Bo's response is that he's such an asshole that she calls him an asshole, or something to that effect.

My point is, as @nypinta said, the Fae work themselves into the mythology and/or humans created the mythology has been around the Fae as they saw them doing supernatural things and sought means by which to explain them. "Hades" isn't the God of the Underworld so much as a Fae so powerful and evil, the myth of the God of the Underworld formed around him. Like Baba Yaga, he lives in a different dimension, one where certain souls are claimed when they die. Or something like that. I found the fact that Persephone made that distinction telling and I think it'll come back to have greater impact.
20. nypinta
I don't know who proposed the baby idea. Could be wishful thinking, could be someone thinking certain storylines might be inevitable considering rumors of someone's condition during filming... or someone who watched Xena. And Angel. Now Sleepy Hollow... etc. I'm not keen on the idea either. But it would give that storyline relevance. Just not the kind I'd want. ;) But I hadn't even considered it! I'd think Lauren would have know if the kind of ghost sex she was having included certain parts... right?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
Yeah, and then you have the whole lesbian-character-being-impregnated-by-a-(presumably)-male-entity-against-her-will major issue and, based on four seasons of experience, LG is in no way prepared to deal with that with any sense of sensitivity and/or dexterity. Frankly, I'd be appalled if they even tried, but then this is the show that gave us the abomination that was the Hecuba prison episode, so I also kinda wouldn't put anything past them.
22. nypinta
That's why I was so hoping that Bo's actual backstory would include something different then what they've basically confirmed this season and that the Pyrippus/Hades/whatever was a red herring, because Bo being the product of rape isn't something that I think the show will be able to do well either. So I really wanted her to be a product of love but then "claimed" by something else who called himself her father and that is who the final confrontation is between. Bo gets her actual entire family, genetic and created, and they all take on this thing that thinks he can just take. Choice vs. er, Not Choice. (I'm tired today. Words not behaving.) Make sense?
Suzanne Metaxas
23. SuzyM
OH my nerves! I really hope that TPTB aren't stupid enough to have Lauren impregnated by Bo's dad! That would be beyond horrendous!! That would be down right pervy! Please tell me that will NEVER happen!

As to Dyson throwing Vex under the bus, I can see him doing that. Vex isn't that well know in the Fae world. If you remember he told the Morrigan he goes to great pains to keep his doings under the radar and that is why he was so angry when the painter painted his doings on the wall. Dyson hates Vex, always has and now with the death of Hale and Vex's helping of Massimo the hate has to be even bigger.
24. nypinta
BTW, I mentioned this on my tumblr, but there's a GIF of Kenzi giving Lauren a hard time about having sex with the ghost and Lauren replies, "It killed my neck!" and it's a funny exchange, but a lot of people are taking that to mean Lauren's weak spot is her neck and she was saying it as an excuse for her getting a little freaky with an incorporeal being. I think it's a clarification, as in she is telling Kenzi she didn't have sex, it just kissed her neck. (Not that it's OK either...) But, and this just occured to me, Bo was doing the same thing to Persephone and later Lauren said the ghost had "Bo moves" and Bo was wearing the Helskor shoes which gives her power of the dead and what if Lauren and Kenzi accidently raised a ghost and it was under the control of Bo at the time, even though Bo nor anyone else knew it and it's just a clue as to what the shoes do? So Lauren isn't wrong that it felt and behaved like Bo. But the ghost wasn't in control either.
25. nypinta
Killed my neck? Holy cow. "KISSED my neck." KISSED! Because, "Killed my neck," is a whole nother level of kinky I don't want to know about.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
26. Kiersten
I absolutely took that as DL saying that her neck is her weak spot, especially since EA tweeted "So now we know Lauren's weak spot!" or somthing like that.
27. nypinta
She also said something about Dyson texting about Lauren loving Bo, so I'm not taking what she has to say as gospel. Because Dyson texting about Lauren loving Bo is moronic.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
Dyson texting about DL loving Bo is SERIOUSLY moronic - but yes, I think it was clear that's exactly what he was doing (although who to remains to be seen) and that Kenzi saying "Dyson texts about you?" to DL confirms it.

You have to remember, *every* EA script is heavily in favor of doccubus with one or two acknowledgements of Dyson's appeal that are immediately undercut by one of the woman snarking and/or offset by somebody, often Dyson himself, reminding everyone how much Bo loves DL and vice versa. So we have Stacy saying how distracting Dyson is and how tired she is of Valhalla's vag fest and then, quickly after, using Dyson's texts to confirm DL is the one of Bo's heart. Yes, showing DL calling Dyson supports their relationship/friendship continues outside of what they do or may mean to Bo, but I think it's clear that "dyson texts about you" bit was very much literal, not general.

EA giveth for seconds and immediately taketh away.
29. nypinta
Well, if true, the only person it makes sense that Dyson would be texting to about Lauren would be Bo, which means Bo talks about Lauren to Dyson, which doesn't exactly scream "solid relationship" to me for Bo and Lauren. So it might have been written at Dyson's expense but it kind of back fires when you think about it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
it always backfires when they do it because it's such bullshit in the first place. A classic case of thou dost protest too much. Constant reiteratation like that only serves to undermine the argument. And absolutely nothing about the doccubus relationship has ever been "solid", so...
31. nypinta
I think the nature of the show, being about Bo and her journey of discovery about herself and the fae and her "destiny" (even though she's not a destiny kind of girl), means that any relationship they try to have her in will always feel uneven or unnatural because I don't think the show ever intended any full on love triangles beyond season 1 with Dyson and Lauren, but when they kept Lauren they had to give her a reason to stay so they added the triangle full force and it's been like an albatross on the neck of the story since. Not just because it feels like TPTB behind the scenes can't make up their minds about who the characters are, they use the relationships to further themes instead of them occuring naturally, but also the fandom focuses so heavily on their preferred ship they miss the story in the show.

The fact that everyone ignored the entire premiere episode just to fight about Tamsin and Lauren's exchange, and this episode most of the comments I've seen are upset that A) Bo and Lauren didn't get it on in the wine cellar and B) Bo is joking with Lauren about what happened to her without considering that it's just Lost Girl. It's how they handle storylines. They happen, they're over, the characters inform you how you're supposed to see them. Also, the way Bo says her line it means that they talked about what happened previously and maybe then Lauren got to vent about how it made her feel or whatever and after talking about it they both eventually found it funny, etc. So, there's another conversation that happened off screen that could have had what everyone was looking for. Or not. Depending on what they want.
Interesting that Lauren's response is to double down on the ghost doing things like Bo does and not to retort, 'well hey, at least the ghost wasn't my step mother'. So, did Bo tell her? Or anyone? Because she was pretty tight about everything when Trick asked what Tartarus was like. Was that to point out that things might still be pretty tense between them or just that Bo wasn't ready to tell anyone what she found. Because finding out what Aife went through is Trick's business too as she's his daughter and his business because it's partially his fault.

I do wonder when Bo is finally going to ask where Aife is. Last she saw her was at Taft's. Wierd she hasn't brought her up since. And I wonder how long Trick will evade telling her what happened.
Susan White
32. whiskeywhite
I swear, watching you folks discuss this show is almost more interesting than the show itself.

Re: Dyson and Bo: when Dyson tells Bo he would come to Valhalla with her if he could and she asks if that's because he's sworn fealty to her, in the pause before he answers we know (at least the Dyson fans think, if I may speak for the pack) that he wants to say, "Because I love you." But he says "Because I love Kenzi too." Which is also true.

We'll see where they take Dyson and Bo. I, naively perhaps, continue to hope that they give up on, or at least play down, the silly monogamy imperative -- that Bo must love, and commit herself to, only one of the two. (Did I promise I would never whine about monogamy again? I had my fingers crossed). She clearly loves them both. I note that in the "previously on Lost Girl" intro. to 5.01, we see Bo saying to Lauren, "I chose you and you broke my heart" while Dyson declares, "I swear fealty to you forever (NB: forever)." So that's the summary of where things are supposed to stand at the beginning of Season 5.

How about they bring back Ryan? Or, I'd totally vote for sexy Samir, but he's missing his head. I know I'm being all hetero here -- who would be a woman equivalent of Ryan, smart, sexy, not interested in settling down? And not Tamsin.
Susan White
34. whiskeywhite
Yah, I was thinking Evony too. But isn't she human now? Kind of breakable from Bo's perspective.
35. Dr. Lewis' Lover
Great recap again, THANK YOU! :)

@nypinta. Yes! Evony! And she seemed to like Bo when she tried to seduce her. But she had a lot of chemistry with Dr. Lauren too (even more than Lauren with Bo, in my opinion).
36. nypinta
I still think Evony will find a way to become fae again. She's a smart dangerous cookie. But not before being brought low will she regain what she lost. Maybe with new understanding and fuzzy wuzzy blah blah blah. lol. But that woman has chemistry with everyone. ;)

BTW, I hope what I write comes across well and not me just being a grumpy gus. I sometimes think one of the things I do love about the show is the puzzle of it all, and I don't mean because it has a tricky suspensful plot, but trying to figure out just WTF the writers meant. Because I can see a bit where they are coming from, in terms of how they approach the world Bo exsists in. (One where fae on fae violence isn't apparenlty bound by the same moral code that humans would judge and act by.) It's like I can see what they intend with certain things or scenes. I just get so frustrated because for some dumb reason someone always manages to muck it up with a weirdly placed line or action. So I have fun going over it from different angles and figuring out what scenes could mean and also how they should have done things too.

For instance, if they wanted Tartarus to seem scarier, they should have been much closer on Bo's face and have her with just a small light (maybe matches of her own?) and have her reacting to noises and movement just beyond the light, and her talking to herself at her father was not just some brave solilaquay but like with Kenzi, her calming herself down. Intercut it with Kenzi in the coffin doing the same and at the same time Bo finds the demon and Persephone, who could have taken Bo away with a bright light, the light fades and it's Lauren and Dyson looking down at Kenzi and there should have been laughing and crying and A WHOLE LOT OF HUGGING! Then their stories diverge as Bo is brought further into Tartarus while Kenzi is finally home, safe and sound, and worrying. The ghost could have been something more connected with Kenzi's return. I do think maybe it mirroring Bo's actions mean something. Just not what some fans wanted. It going psycho at the end might also have something to do with Bo being back with the Helskor shoes still imbeded on her feet. I don't think she can take them off now. We'll see.
37. TheUberFan
I feel like Lost Girl is starting to feel like Lost Girl again. A large part of this is Bo. She didn't seem very Bo-like for large chunks of season 4 and that cast a pall on the whole year but for season 5, it just feels like our girl is back.

I need to look more into Persephone and Hades to get a better feel for that story. lol

My sense about Tamsin/Dyson is that the show wanted to make it clear from the jump that they've decided they're BroTP only and pinky swore as good friends do. Amen to that.

Kenzi's exit felt rushed. I suppose it isn't if you put it fully into context with what just happened to her but it would have made sense to have her pop up in the next episode or two continuing to show signs of wear and finally deciding she needs a long term fae-cation. But she will be back so there's that at least.

The ghost scene...I and others have specced that there is more than one ghost involved. Perhaps the one who caressed Lauren is the same as the one who wrote help on her lab wall but I don't see how this is the same malevolent being who attacked her at the end.
38. nypinta
If it is more than one, it makes Kenzi's statment about "it never being over with the fae" more prophetic than even she might realize.
39. TheUberFan
It just seemed tonally wrong for the ghost who was I guess lovingly caressing Lauren and seemingly asking for help was an angry Edimmu Lauren disturbed when digging up Kenzi with Dyson.
40. Buffygurl522
I haven't posted anywhere about a tv show in like...years but I was so upset about Hale dying that I went looking for show recaps and found this place. So...HI!

I debated whether I should continue watching LG at all after the Hale situation because I was just so angry that they just refuse to allow Kenzi some semblance of a healthy relationship. She's a main character (or was, I guess) and I felt that the writers were doing her a disservice by making every second of her life revolve around Bo.

So I came and read Kiersten's recaps of 412 and 413 to decide whether I was going to bother watching them or not. (Great job btw! Love your recaps.) I ended up reading the recaps and all the comments and then today fast forwarded through the scenes that didn't have Kenzi in them. I have to say, S4 was hellish, but I totally agree that the downhill spiral started way before that. It's a really bad sign that I was super happy Bo was absent for most of 401 and wish I could've seen less of her for the rest of the season because she just got on my nerves.

That being said, the first two episodes of S5 were okay, not horrible. Bo was less unbearable but the story was still super disjointed. Part of me wishes that if they were going to take Kenzi away as a main character that they would've just let her marry Hale in Valhalla and have some happiness/peace once and for all. The alternative was a cop out to me until I saw that she decided to leave and have her own life, which I feel is better than her staying and being all about Bo.

This being the last season of LG I'll probably come here and read the recaps and only watch the show if I know Kenzi will be in the episode. For the past few seasons she and her relationships with Dyson and Tamsin have been the only thing to make the show watchable. My Christmas wish will be that Emily Andras hasn't written too many (if any) more episodes of LG.
41. TheGardner
I was wondering about Dyson's text messages too. Who is he texting and why is he doing it? Is this more of that tired Dyson pining for Bo crap? I hope not, I thought we turned a page last season with him acknowledging Bo was no longer in love with him and him pledging fealty to her? I'm with Kenzi and Lauren, it was weird.

I think one of the best things about these 2 episodes was the lack of focus on Bo's love life. I'm so over it. To me, it looks like she and Lauren are a couple, so I'm hoping that's just the end of it. But it probably isn't, ugh.

I don't try to follow LG mythology, it would make my head explode. I just go with it. Bo's dad is Hades, sure why not.

Agree @Buffygurl522, I hope EA hasn't written anymore episodes as I have really not been impressed with any of hers since 'Delinquents' (3x10).
42. TheUberFan
@Kiersten...take a look at this nugget I may have uncovered. The box in Baby Bo's room:

Could this be the same box from the Season 2 teaser video?
43. jdknight
I took the candle as Bo's way of letting Kenzi find her way home since it is a very old tradition Kenzi is going to appear in less than half the episodes in series 5 ;o( I do not think that enzi would have chosen that time to leave her faemily permanently. I suspect that she and Dyson have some plan - possibly to bring Hale back
44. jdknight
Pluto is the Greek god of the Underworld which is called Hades so I doubt that Hades is Bo's father although Pluto may be ;o)
45. nypinta
Yeah, Bo lighting the candle itself I don't think she meant anyting significatn by it other than symbolically letting the light in and for Kenzi so she can "find her way back home" kind of thing.

I'm not sure about Kenzi and Dyson having a plan. The pity of it is they had to write her leaving because Ksenia wanted to do other things, so we won't get a side story line of her time in Spain. Because Kenzi having her own adventure on the show would have been cool. So, anything and eveyrthing that happens to her till she comes back is all going to be off screen.

I do wonder if it will be that Bo's father is an actual big bad or if he isn't and Bo is being played. Aife never talked to Bo about him. Luann didn't tell her anything. She had that vision in the Dawning and felt love, but Persephone paints him a different way. Maybe, like how Tamsin couldn't communicate even to say she couldn't communicate, he's under similar restrictions. God I just hope it all makes sense.

And to reiterating, Dyson isn't texting about Lauren. That is both stupid and makes no sense. Just because Kenzi asked the question doesn't make it fact. She's just being Kenzi. When someone says, "according to your texts" they don't just mean the ones you wrote. Stacy looked through his text messages after we see Lauren sending him one. Lauren is asking about Bo, because at the time he's supposed to be guarding the gate so Bo can get back out. She's worried. Anyone would be. Stacy sees that. She puts it together. It's actually a bit frustrating anyone would take Kenzi's offhand comment as literal, becaue it makes no sense for who Dyson is. Also, when Dyson had his conversation with Bo about her choices, it was when she was still messed up over Rainer and he was telling her he can't stand by her if Rainer turns out to be evil. She is still going on about destiny (which is NOT her) and how sometimes you don't get to choose and he says, "seems you do" meaning that she is making the choice to be with Rainer despite what he knows about her to be true. Then later when he is swearing fealty he is telling her he knows she is back to being herself and that he is completely on her side and accepts everything about her now that she is herself again, including her tendency to run off to save someone and meet other challenges on her terms.

Random thoughts: I do think that for a while the show is going to back away from Bo's father as a motivation for anything she does. It'll be back to monster of the week, with hints that something isn't right in faetown. Tamsin is her knew Kenzi. Bo and Lauren are probably together and will be for a while, if not till the show ends, they just won't bother commenting or making it a thing like they did in S3 with their relationship causing drama. I'm curious if Kenzi will be back sporadically this season, the way they use Vex, or if she won't be back until the final episodes at the end of next year. I would love it if Bo confronted Trick about her mother and he tells her about Luann. Because I don't think she knows he saved her. I'd also love it if she came back and her and Vex had a showdown, but I doubt that will ever happen. And I bet Karen Beattie never ever gets mentioned again.
46. nypinta
"Tamsin is her knew Kenzi."
Knew = new. *sigh* Just got a little carried away with the K's?
47. Lurker

I'm sorry but I'm going with Kiersten's thoughts on Dyson's texting. There is no way Lauren and Kenzi would have had that reaction to it if we were not to infer that Dyson was texting about Lauren.
Kenzi even said to Lauren "Dyson texts about you"
Lauren replies "I don't know"
connie l blair
49. cjblair
when is bitten coming back on? love both of these shows.
50. nypinta
@Lurker, yes Lauren and Kenzi did have that exchange. But it ends with Lauren saying "I don't know." Which means she doesn't know. Them asking the question doesn't make it so. Why would they bother showing the screen of Dyson's phone with Lauren's name in bright and bold letters if it wasn't so when Stacy stole his phone that she would figure out about Lauren because Lauren was texting to Dyson? It's just silly (and another way for them to demean and belittle him) to think of Dyson texting other people about Bo and Lauren, period. Making a joke about it is one thing. To actually assume that is who he is as a character is beyond me. He's laconic. He keeps things close to his vest, when it comes to feelings and relationships. He doesn't gossip. So what it is about him that makes people think he'd be texting like a 14 year old girl about Bo and Lauren? It was amusing for a while, but the fact it seems to be sticking as if it's fact baffles me.

@cjblair Lost Girl started again in Canada on Dec. 7th. The first two episodes are on the site. I think Bitten isn't coming back until 2015.
51. nypinta
Now that the Kenzi is out of the bag, they released her promo shots. It's the same dress from Part I and her wedding gown, (on the site). So I'm guessing all of the wardrobe might show up. Because Lauren was wearing the jacket she is in the shots in the second part. (The images with the lighter grey background.)
Susan White
52. whiskeywhite
Welcome, @Buffygurl522. Glad you found us and are planning to stick around.

I agree, @nypinta, about Dyson texting. I could totally see Lauren and Dyson texting back and forth about operational stuff since they seem now to be working much more as a team. But, as you say,
It's just silly (and another way for them to demean and belittle him) to think of Dyson texting other people about Bo and Lauren. ... He doesn't gossip.
In my view, the response by Kenzi and Lauren is just supposed to be a joke, via a dig at Dyson. The absurdity of the idea is what makes it funny.

I have never cared about Greek mythology (or Norse for that matter), but this series has sent me off researching a variety of world mythologies. Not to be argumentative (just nitpicky), @jdknight, Hades is the Greek god of the underworld (which place came to be called after him). Later, the Greeks started referring to Hades as Plouton, which became Latinized as Pluto. Interestingly, the later Roman god Pluto subsumed a more minor god, Dis Pater, whose name is classically translated as "rich (or wealthy) father" or "father of the riches". Hmmmm, father.

While the candle may have been intended for Kenzi, that is a secondary purpose, because Persephone explicitly asked Bo to light a candle as a message to her parents that she is OK. Bo promised to do so, and she did.
53. Lurker
@nypinta It's sticking because the reaction of Lauren and Kenzi. If Kenzi did not ask "Dyson was texting about you?" and Lauren responding (like you said) we could think Stacy just looked at texts that Lauren sent concerned about Bo to Dyson. But that was not the way the exchange went down. Lauren and Kenzi's baffled responses are why people think Dyson was texting about Bo and Lauren.
54. stacymd2
Kiersten, thank you for the mini recap. I'm late to the party as always! I finally got to see 502. Maybe it is my low expectations, but 502 wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was another "meh" episode. The plot holes in 502 bothered me way more than the ones in 501, because there were so many and most were just plain dumb.

Wow, I can't believe we still haven't seen Bo's daddy. This story arc has been boring us for 2 seasons and counting. Every year in soap operas TPTB write a "who's the daddy storyline" involving three supposed adults that should know better. It is a soap staple. The storyline always starts off interesting, then months down the line no one cares who the father is nor about the waffling pregnant princess in middle. Lost Girl feels exactly like this. Bo is a woman in her 30s. I no longer care who her big bad Tartarus daddy is. Bo's father is the man who raised her. Why didn't the writers use 502 to end Bo's daddy storyline? I find that more tedious than the triangle and I hate the triangle.

It is obvious Lost Girl's writers didn't plan out who Bo's daddy is until they wrote 502. Think about The Wanderer/Pyrippus (ugh!) worm hole we were dragged down last season. Tamsin's tarot card shower. Trick's fire horse picture. Trans-dimentional trains. Rainer. Fail safe curses. Lazy plot devices...Prophecies that are both brown and blue...vague & specific. None of that gels with 501 & 502.

Why couldn't Tamsin say Hades was her boss last season? She met with the man who hired her to find Bo at a RenFest, the mystery caller in 501 is a retcon.

TamTam got the brains in her Valkyrie family. The sister snark off was funny. Brief, but funny. I wanted to see more. Tamsin's roots comment was low. "You know a Valkyrie's hair is off limits!!" hehe! The actress playing Stacy was great. I hope we see her again. She had chemistry with Tamsin and Dyson.

Ok, Wonder Lauren obviously was not raped as per what was screamed online last Sunday. She made it clear to Kenzi the ghost only kissed her neck. I think the writers had Bo say, "I can't believe you had ghost sex," because they thought the line would be funny. (It was to me!)

Kenzi's exit felt rushed because it was. It was tagged on at the end. HOW did Bo miss the packed suitcases in the living room she was standing in?

I wish the writers had cut out the Touched by a Ghost B-plot to focus on Kenzi. It would have been nice to see her talk to Tamsin about how scared & lonely she felt in Valhalla & most of S4. Or, she could have commiserated with Dyson about loosing Hale, how Hale was the love her life and what he ment to them both. I wanted to see Trick give her fatherly advice & ask what she wants now out of life. Mostly, I wanted to see Kenzi and Bo discuss her moving away to find herself. Seeing Kenzi's process of comming to the decision to move to Spain would have made her departure feel less abrupt.

It doesn't make sense, to me, that Kenzi would leave Bo now after just getting her back and knowing that her daddy confrontation is still pending.
55. stacymd2
Things that I liked:
Bo looked stunning in her dress. (AS is a very beautiful woman.)
The hug between Trick and Kenzi. (Why can't we get more of KS & RH?)
Dyson & Stacy's flirty scenes. (fun!) Tamsin & Stacy's snark off. (double fun!!)
The hug between Kenzi and Tamsin. (I will miss their sweet relationship)
Bo and Dyson at the gate. (With those 2 you know it is a matter of when, not if they will be together)
Bo and Trick's brief scene at dinner. (Why can't we get more of AS & RH?)
Dyson and Kenzi's brief scene at the dinner table. (KHR and KS expressed so many emotions with their pained looks.) I thought Dyson & Kenzi were going to cry for a second there.

Things that annoyed me...aka plot holes and tired writing:
Where did Kenzi get matches from when she was sent to her coffin?

How did Dyson and Lauren know to go to Kenzi's grave and dig her out? How did they know she had been sent back?

Scary Smart Wonder Lauren, M.D. didn't think the vessel she broke at the grave site may have something to do with their ghost situation? Why was she carrying the broken pottery around the whole time?

Bo defeated the Puca (sp?) easily. Bo found the candle easily. Bo got out of Tartarus & Valhalla easily.

After breaking down doors wanting to confront her father she suddenly decides she doesn't want to. Then, when the hand of her supposed father grabs her in the elavator instead of battling him she chickens out. (Don't get me wrong, I think her decision to battle Hades on her own turf, in her own time and with the gang is a smart move, but her sudden decision to do so didn't gel with the previous scenes.)

My crazy speculation: Hades and Trick are brothers. I think this because last season Trick said something along the lines of, "I am the first son of the first son..."

About Persephone:
It was very convenient that Persephone showed up just in time to tell Bo how to defeat the Puca (sp?). It was very convenient that Persephone was there to heal Bo from the convenient Puca (sp?) bite. Which is worse, a fall from 1,000's of feet or a bite? Yet, Bo couldn't seem to resist having sex with Persephone dispite being able to heal herself without needing sex in the last episode.

I felt Persephone was playing Bo big time. Bo was being lead around by her nose from the moment she stepped into the elevator and showed what blue buttons to push. Persephone knew all about Bo but didn't tell Bo she was her step-mother until after they had sex. The hand hickey showed up again not long after.

Persephone is NOT a "child bride". She is not an innocent girl. The Hades/Persephone myth is thousands of years old so she has to be older than Tamsin, Dyson and Vex combined.

If Persephone was THERE when Aife was being tortured, raped and imprisioned, then she did nothing to help. It is logical to guess that she may have participated at worst or ignored/avoided the situation at best. Aife and Lou-Anne's bravery is amazing.

If Persephone and Hades have been together for eons, why don't they have children? She mentioned that Hades's power has been fading. Is she trying to help Hades regain his powers?

Bo is only 30 years old. She has been THE Queen, THE Queen Bee, the unaligned succubus for only 4 - 5 years. How has Persephone heard tales the unaligned succubus and gotten strength to survive her "situation" from them when she has been there for longer than Bo has been in existence?

Judging from the final scene, I think the candle is a beacon that awoke the season's big bad. Those humans in that elevator were killed.

My spec could be completely wrong and everything is as it appeared. All of the above could be the usual Lost Girl plot holes.

@UberFaenatic: The jack in a box certainly looks the same. I hope it comes into play in S5.
I think it was the same ghost throughout the episode. It tried to communicate to Wonder Lauren in the lab, but that didn't work. K & L thought it was Bo. The poor ghost was taken further from its resting place to Bo's home because of Wonder Lauren. It tried to communicate again with Wonder Lauren by caressing her, but that didn't work. Kenzi & Wonder Lauren then summoned & angered it by using the Fae Ouija board. Angry and unable to communicate to Tweedle Dee & Dr. Tweedle Dumb, it attacked the person that disturbed its resting place since it now had a body.

@Buffygurl522: Welcome! I agree that in the two episodes thus far Bo is back to her old, loveable self. She was quite unbearable Seasons 3 & 4.

@cjblair: Bitten & Orphan Black can't return fast enough for me. I'm so happy that KS will be on Orphan Black. Just when I thought that show couldn't get any more awesome, it does.

@whiskeywhite: I like that Lost Girl is using Greek and Norse mythology. The danger in using well known mythology is that most people know them and there is vast available info online. If writers take to much liberty with well-known history, it seems as if they don't know or understand what they are doing. With Lost Girl's current writing...Yikes!

I feel like we are always waiting for Lost Girl to get better. With that said, I hope 503 is better. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!
56. stacymd2
I forgot to mention how annoyed I was by the Dyson texts about Wonder Lauren's love idiocy. Oh, please!

@Lurker: I agree, that is exactly what we were supposed to take it as. It was EA's poke in the eye to fans.

TPTB have been doing this since S2, where they have Dyson constantly say Bo loves Wonder Lauren and how amazing/beautiful/briliant Wonder Lauren is. It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Dyson texting about Bo and her ex-girlfriend like a tween is bizarre and out of character.

EA (& LG's other writers) is that person at a party that tells an unfunny joke, which lands like a lead ballon, but she keeps repeating the same joke thinking that it will be funny the next 10 times she say it. The running joke (since S3) that Dyson's S1 actions that helped Bo when she needed it the most makes him a tool was not funny the first time. Every new reiteration of the same lame joke is not funny.

With that said, I do hope 503 is better.
57. nypinta
@stacymd2 Regarding the two plot holes you brought up: Bo gave Kenzi matches as her "something new" before her wedding.
Something old was a handkerchief from Joan of Arc.
Something new was the matches.
Something borrowed was Bo giving Kenzi her knife.
And Kenzi said Bo was her something blue.
So the Valkyries put Kenzi's body and soul into her empty coffin and she had everything she had on her at her wedding.
As for how Dyson and Lauren knew, when Dyson and Lauren open the gates using Tamsin's lock of hair that Lauren took from Massimo and Tamsin's journal, Lauren is temporarily linked into the valkyrie communal conciousness (is what it seems to be) and through her they announce the return of Kenzi to her resting place and also tell Dyson he's tresspassing. (Which they then seem to do nothing about as he's still hanging around the gates in 502 and Stacy ignores him at first even though he's standing right there. Then they don't seem to notice that he leaves the gates open while he goes off with Stacy to the Dal to stall her. They have lousy security!

The thing with the ghost was too many conicidences and just out of the blue events all designed to give them an excuse to show Lauren enjoying sexy times at the same moment Bo was. And it is annoying because it was a tease to certain fans, a general mind frell, confusing, and they'll never mention it again, but it also took away from time that could have been given to Kenzi to do all of the things @stacymd2 mentioned. I would have loved a scene between Trick and Kenzi, him giving her advice this time to stay, which would be a reversal of his advice in S2 that she was weak and needed to leave. Dyson would have accepted her choice, just as Bo eventually did. But yeah, who did she not see the luggage? I understand her wanting to leave, but do agree the actual scene where she does so could have been done better. It felt more like she was making a reactionary decision and not one for herself. (If that makes any sense.)
Suzanne Metaxas
58. SuzyM
Hi Stacy, I so agree with you about the writers missing a huge opportunity. The first two episodes could have been so different if Ep 1 was the rescue of Kenzi and Ep2 was her coming to grips with her life and deciding to leave the Fae.

I was hopeful about S5 with the change of the show runner but evidently I was dreaming :(
Nadine Robb
59. cmm
I dunno, but I didn't find this episode all that great. I guess all the crap we've had to put up with in previous seasons has made me jaded towards the show. I get the Ksenia is doing other things, but I found the way she left to be stupid. Kenzi would never just admit to being human and leave. It made no sense. I would of rather she'd of been helped out the grave and then kidnapped. Would have been much better. I still dislike wonder lauren. I find she's weaved into every storyline even when it's not necessary. I dunno but this episode of lostgirl didn't feel like lost girl.
60. jdknight
Dyson and Lauren heard Kenzi screaming at the end of episode 1. It appears that the ghost is a link to the next episode - she looks Japanese and episode 3 has to do ith a Japanese warrior. There is no way that Kenzi would leave Bo and the rest in such a cruel way - especilly now Bo has reclaimed her. It was said that Kenzi and Bo's souls were linked during the nonwedding.

I know that Bo lit the candle for Persephone but the fact that she placed it in Kenzi's room is also symbolic - it is a sign to both Persephone's mother and Kenzi that the daughter and the sister will eventually return home. Demeter knows that her daughter is alive and has a means to locate her and you have the candle symbolically showing Kenzi the way home and letting her know that her faemily have not forgotten her - there were plenty of other windows where the candle could have been place.

Kenzi is looking a lot more mature and knowing and seems to retain a link to the Underworld - how else would she know exactly when the ghost was attacking Bo and Lauren? We do not know if she is human or not - she refused to let Lauren examine her properly and the comment about the coldness of Lauren's hand may be significant.

We will be seeing Kenzi for a maximum of 5 more episodes. I think that she and Dyson hatched a plan to get Hale back - her activities will all be offscreen here. The document Dyson gave her was very old If she was going to lead a normal human life why would she go off to a castle off the coast of a foreign country where she knows nobody? It would not surprize me to see Kenzi and Hale getting married toward the end of the final episode or for everyone to die. Kenzi did leave most of her stuff behind. I hope she does come back but will not be shocked if she does not
61. nypinta
I thought Bo put the candle in the kitchen window?
And I don't think Kenzi leaving was meant to be permanent. Even as she was talking to Bo it seemed more like a "I need to get a way for a while" then it was her saying she was gone for good.
It didn't occur to me that the ghost might have anything to do with the next episode. We'll see. They've releases some screen shots. Bo is wearing red and white! And Tamsin looks so much more relazed that we've ever really seen her.
I think KS said she would be in 8 episodes. So we'll get her for 6 more. Will they be spread out or will she come back for the final 6 instead?
I'm till going to give the season a few more episodes to see if there is a difference, because these two had so much to tie up from the mess of last season. (Although, they still could have done it better, IMO.)
Suzanne Metaxas
62. SuzyM
Ksenia actually said she would be in less than half the episodes so that means 5 or less since they only did 16
63. TheGardner
I won't spoIL for those who haven't seen the new episode, but JFC. How does AZ still have a job? And I thought EA's episode last week was choppy, damn. Garbage writing, I'm hoping for a one-off and things are better next week.
Nadine Robb
64. cmm
I guess I didn't miss much then. I just got home from xmas shopping and realized I missed it. Didn't regret not watching though.
65. stacymd2
@nypinta: You are right. I totally forgot that Bo had given her matches. I don't remember the D & L finding out about K. Normally I would re watch 501, but...

@ jdknight & @SuzyM: I'd be surprised if KS is in as many as 5 episodes, but for Lost Girl's sake, I hope so.

So how was tonight's episode? I will not get to watch until later this week.

@TheGardener: Was it really that bad? I haven't been to other sites yet.
66. TheGardner
@Stacy&cmm I mean, judge for yourselves, but to me it was just a S4-esque jumbled mess. I have to watch it again to make sense of it. Also, Bo's a douche again. Like I said, I hope it's a one-off and next episode is better.
67. Stacymd2
Just read the melt down on other sites. Bo was with Dyson.

Anyway, I hope the storyline was good. I will try to watch later in the week.

If I am unable to chat here before the my all my Lost Girl peeps and my H&H peeps...Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!
69. nypinta
I'm not exactly sure how anyone could see that episode as crap writing unless they only reason they watch the show is so Bo can hook up with who they want her too.
The case mirrored Bo's issues, which were a logical progression from last week and events of the last season, (loosing Kenzi.) They addressed Lauren's defaeing of Evony and Lauren's reaction of first denial then recognizing she needs help. They defined the relationships so people would stop examining every moment looking for magical connections to support their ship (because that isn't the only reason the show exists) and just watch the damn show. The team was relating to each other well. The wardrobe was great. It had funny moments but not at anyone's expense, (and I mean name calling). But instead a enjoying the fact that Bo has a real support system or that Dyson and Lauren are clearly actually friends and not "Dyson says nice stuff about Lauren while Lauren snarks" and Tamsin was the one that knew how to snap Bo out of her funk and Lauren of all people accepted her into the team, people were focusing on was how mad Bo didn't make the choice they wanted her too.
70. nypinta
Last sentence should have read, "...people were focusing on how mad they were Bo didn't make the choice they wanted her too."
Suzanne Metaxas
71. SuzyM
NYpinta I have a different view of the episode. I didn't like it because I am tired of the theme of Woman good, Man bad. I did like the last scene in the clubhouse and hope they do keep the team that is left (missing Kenzi & Hale) working together and not sniping at each other. I do want Dyson and Bo together but that has nothing to do with why I didn't like the episode.
Susan White
72. whiskeywhite
A lot of your points are well taken, @nypinta. I'm not sure I would say that Lauren and Dyson are really close friends but they are certainly working together in a friendly and supportive way. I know this is a spoiler, but the final scene of the four (Dyson, Bo, Lauren and Tamsin, in that order) cosied up on the couch with popcorn getting read to watch a movie was both cute and a welcome end to the manufactured sniping and conflict among them.

The wardrobe was outstanding, albeit a bit too eclectic to be a "style". Imagine -- Bo in a gold sequined skirt going out to party! And later a stunning white jacket. And at the end, the big finish, a very sexy red dress that showed off her curves but not her boobs. She only returned to the black leather when she was suiting up for a fight.

They went back big time to the 'old' LG with the early scene of a shirtless Dyson with his punching bag. Tamsin is back to being an adult and did, indeed, help Bo as a result. It was interesting that she seems to be seriously considering restarting the detective agency with Bo.

And they do really seem to have called off the triangle (can it be true?!). On the couch we have Bo cuddled up against Dyson's chest on one side and her legs in Lauren's lap on the other.
73. TheGardner
@nypinta I'm surprised people are still so passionate about who Bo is with. The woman is a terrible partner and all 3 deserve better, but whatever. My issues with this episode revolve around the FotW and Bo whining like a little brat about everybody abandoning her. At least Tamsin called her out on it and it seemed to snap her out of it, for now... The dialogue in the hospital scene was so clunky and such heavy handed cheese, ugh. And the acting, awful.

FotW was just so frigging boring, and seriously did nobody question this guy in 1000 years? Tamsin palling around with Bo like a poor man's Kenzi, just didn't have the same spark and felt forced.

Dyson and Lauren training together worked so much better than them getting drunk in that stupid cramped-ass(4x08) episode. Coupled with the dead girl rising at the end, definitely the best parts of the episode.
74. nypinta
@TheGardner Oh I agree that they all deserve better.
Will Bo's obliviousness finally catch up with her? Maybe. But I'm not really sure how that's any different than how she's been since the show started. And it makes sense to me right now.

But I was reading reaction all over the net and all I was seeing was people upset that Bo didn't immediately jump Lauren once she got her mojo back, (even though it was for healing and a belly wound is probably something more than she could handle). Seeing as Bo's been so focused on finding Kenzi, her not being with any of them makes sense to me and focusing on just when which ever ship is going to happen irks me. There's a story they're trying to tell and who she ends up with is only a small part of it.

As for the FoTW.... I can't recall any of them being particularly interesting. But I liked this one in that finally it wasn't a fae trying to kill another. That hasn't happened since S1, as far as I recall. The honorable sister that wasn't interested in the glory that came with her actions was just trying to save her idiot little brother from himself. Finally a fae I like! I didn't see the episode as saying men were bad while women were good. Because the other brothers all bowed immediately to the sister the moment they realized the truth that she was the great warrior. Seeing them play on the idea of other heroes being automatically assumed to be a male and have it be wrong (yeah, girl power!) was AOK by me. As much as the show can be a little man hatey, also exposing automatic misogyny is fine by me too.

I think with Tamsin, it's that she's trying so hard right now to be Kenzi, but she's not. And then at the end she reverted to herself and yelled at Bo rather than do what the others were doing and just reassuring her and it was that Bo needed. Which is what Lauren told her after. For once Tamsin was being appreciated for being herself. Come on. That was fantastic. (BTW, I didn't see Lauren putting her hand on Tamsin's knee as anything other than her saying she accepts Tamsin too. Even if Tamsin pretends not to care, she does.)

Plus the stuff with Lauren and Dyson. Adorable. But on point because of what happened last season. It wasn't a weird case they had to take like the mermaids.
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