Dec 15 2014 8:10am

What Do You Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like Reading?

Clark Gable reading Gone With the WindYou probably just read the headline and thought, “there's never a time I don't feel like reading!” And maybe not, but every once in a while, you just don't feel like it, for no particular reason. It's not a reading slump, or that you're sick or too stressed; it's just—you're not in the mood for reading at that moment.

What do you do when you just don't feel like reading? 

(Added fun tidbit: Gone with the Wind debuted on this day in 1939).

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Maggie Boyd
1. maggieboyd66
Watch TV, go to a movie, write a letter (I still love snail mail), play with the kids, go for a walk, make a card (deeply attached to my rubber stamp collection), bake - but that is so rare because I also feel so busy!
2. Kahintenn
Housework. Yard work. LOL! If you could see my house and yard, you would know just how seldom I don't feel like reading.

I read while on the treadmill, so I don't have to stop reading to exercise. But if I don't feel like reading, invariably I want to get up and move around, do something physical.
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
I watch TV. I'm happiest if I find a good series to binge on on Netflix.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I listen to music--this happened to me the other day while commuting on the subway (hence the post!), and I pulled out my phone and had a blast listening to a new mix I'd made for the gym.
5. PhoebeChase
I'm curious how big @maggieboyd66's rubber stamp collection is. :)

I either watch the tube or bake -- sometimes both!
6. Scarlettleigh
Like Kahintenn I do do housework and yard work but not enough . . I also spend a lot of time -- more than I should playing spider solitaire. I know -- total waste of time. But it relaxes me -- unless I keep losing.

I spend a lot of time on the computer too. Reading news articles, checking Twitter. Sometimes -- more times than I like actually, there is not anything I'm interested in reading, so I just surf the web.

I hardly ever listen to music anymore. I am at that stage, where most of the time I don't really like what's new, but hate to be classified as only listening to oldies.
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
I find myself binge-watching TV or spending more time on Pinterest. But for the most part I just keep reading! I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't at least try to read, even if I pick up a book and put it back down a second later because I'm not feeling it!
9. Miss Bates
This is rare rare rare ... but, in the few times in my life it's happened, like maybe twice, I knit, take a walk, or call a friend. Which means I haven't actually *done* one of those.
Janet Webb
10. JanetW
This certainly doesn't happen to me very often but when it does, I call a friend, listen to a baseball game, or watch TV and iron ... I'm impressed by the number of folks who turn to exercise :)
11. lauralee1912
It's also rare for me to not feel like reading. A few months ago I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and that was one of those rare times I didn't feel like reading, not to mention my brain was not the sharpest from pain meds! I watched some TV shows I had never seen before and did some serious napping. When I felt like reading, it was to re-read a few favorites on my Kindle.
Terri Rose
13. Terri L
I (like kwanawrites) am happiest when I find a new show to binge watch. Unfortunately that rarely happens because I have just about seen everything that I would be interested in watching. I do occasionally find on though! It usually happens as a result of this site actually! I have found Sons of Anarchy, The Mindy Project, and many others from posts here. Anyway, I usually balance what little free time I have by either reading or watching tv/movies. Lately I haven’t found a lot of new books I have been as interested in so I am kind of in a slump.
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