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We’re Not So Different, You and I: Heroines in Sarah MacLean and Christina Lauren

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLeanRomance readers have a plethora of options to choose from like, billionaires to regular Joes to dukes, all kind of heroes and heroines are found within the pages of your favorite books. These characters can be found in various genres across romance storylines. Each division has particular attributes that distinguish each of them, whether it is time, characters or setting. While some genres seem to be polar opposites, similarities can be found in even the most unlikely.

Sarah MacLean’s One Good Earl Deserves a Lover and Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Player are examples of such stories. Sarah MacLean writes amazing heroines set in the Regency period. Historical romance can be a hard line for some readers, as sometimes the historic detail can be overwhelming. MacLean has the ability to easily integrate you into the time periods and write stories relevant to all. Christina Lauren is a hilarious duo with witty, independent heroines. Unlike MacLean, their books are contemporary modern novels. Their books are contemporary modern novels.

Sarah MacLean and Christina Lauren have two heroines that blur the lines between these two genres. Each of the heroines are in fields where women do not conform to the norm. Unique heroines, Pippa and Hanna are two characters that have touched a chord. These are two “average” women who are grabbing life by the reins and taking control.

In One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, we meet Pippa, a lady of nobility who has an interest in science and practical things. Unlike her peers, her days do not revolve around becoming the perfect future wife but in logic and experiments. Pippa feels stifled in a society that largely caters to men. She surrounds herself with books, plants, and dogs.

Beautiful Player by Christina LaurenIn Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Player, Hanna is an up-and-coming geneticist who is carving out a career that is largely dominated by men. Similarly to Pippa, Hanna is an introvert, and aided by grad school, her social life is non-existent. She hasn’t felt inclined to have a livelier social life. She’s immersed herself in her work, and her family has begun to worry.

Both Pippa and Hanna have a strong sense of family. Pippa doesn’t want to disappoint her family, as they have already felt the sting of scandal. She means to marry well but knows she won’t be having a love match. Before she commits herself to her future loveless husband, she wants to learn the mechanics of seduction, and who better to teach it to her than a rouge rake. Secretly going to a notorious gaming hell, she demands that Cross, an elusive scoundrel, take her under his wing not knowing she will get more than she bargains for.

Hanna knows she’s let her social life wither away and has decided to liven it up after nagging from her family. When her brother connects her with his old friend, Will, sparks fly. Deciding to use this familial connection to its full advantage, she pushes Will to teach her how to be a temptress.

Both of these heroines are seeking more from life. Hanna and Pippa are highly intelligent, honest, but at times socially-awkward women. Independent, they keep you on your toes —one can never guess what’s going to come out of their mouths next. They are two of my favorite heroines, regardless of genres.I loved both of these books that transcend time periods.


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