Dec 26 2014 9:30am

Trope of the Month: Unrequited Love

Winter Garden by Adele AshworthAcademically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s],“ which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing.

But they’re totally not! Romance novel fans all have their favorite—not to mention least favorite—tropes, from friends to lovers, chick in pants, secret baby, marriage of convenience, opposites attract, May-December, boss-assistant...the list goes on.

Each month, we’ll be picking a romance novel trope and ask you to offer recommendations falling under the trope rubric (again with the academic talk!).

This month we're thinking about unrequited lover—that specter that follows all those heroes and heroines whenever they look at the one they love, and think that person doesn't love them in return. And sometimes that really is the case! But those fearless characters who are ready to take the bold step to get the one they want and take fate into their own hands can be sight to behold!

If you're looking for this trope, here are a few of our favorites. What recommendations would you give to someone looking for unrequited love, done well?

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1. Kareni
At the start of the book, the heroine of Kristen Ashley's Breathe has had a crush on the hero for many, many years.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Ooh, good pick, Kareni! I loved the Maya Rodale and the Laura Lee Guhrke mentioned--both are on my keeper shelf!
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