Dec 4 2014 8:11am

Throwback Thursday: What’s On Your Old School Christmas List?

Longing by Mary BaloghAs digital publishing becomes easier for both the author and the consumer, many authors are republishing their backlist in e-book. Remember when you used to look longingly at books for sale online, only to be dissuaded from purchasing because of the very high prices? Not anymore (hopefully!).

So what books and what authors from back in the day are you most anxious to see available digitally?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
The one I am dying for--longing for, actually, is Mary Balogh's Longing, pictured above. I own it in pb, but it's buried in the back of my keeper shelves, and I want to reread it. I don't think I've read it for maybe ten years at least? It was one of my first Balogh historicals (not traditional Regencies), and I remember being blown away by it.
Lady A.
2. Lady A.
Exactly the same: Longing :) The best Balogh for me. I'm wondering why this title is not very popular. It's so good...
Trish Copley
3. Vol Fan
Dying for "Hummingbird" by LaVyrle Spencer. Love that book. Many of her others have been made into ebooks, but not this one, for some reason. Have the paper version, but want it on my kindle too.

Also, "Stormfire" by Christine Monson. I have my doubts if I would actually like this book, but because of all the hype, I want to find out. Can't find a paper version anywhere.

Lastly, I want one of my favorite books "The Raging Winds of Heaven" by June Lund Shiplett digitalized. I have a paper version, but would love to add this to my kindle for my DIK folder.
Lady A.
4. pamelia
I would love for Jan Cox Speas "The Bride of the MacHugh" to come out in digital form. One of my favorite books ever!
5. Kareni
I can't come up with any titles perhaps because I'm fairly new to e-reading; however, I'm amused at the fact that I just bought a beautiful copy of Longing at a local thrift store. My copy has a different cover though which is shown here.
Lady A.
6. Kahintenn
I wish you could get everything that's ever won a RITA, in ebook form. I went looking for some older RITA winners last year and they weren't in ebooks and I couldn't find paper copies.
Lindsay Emory
7. lindsayemory
OMG! Hummingbird! My family shamed me for reading that. This post made me look up my favorite old school Mary Jo Putney series - the Fallen Angels- and I'm pleasantly surprised it's already on Kindle!
Lady A.
8. MaryG
Longing comes out March 3rd on Kindle, btw.
Trish Copley
9. Vol Fan
I may have to check out Longing since you all loved it. <hangs head> Confession: I've never read a Mary Balogh book. I'm not one for regencies. I burned out on them years and years ago. I am going to try The Bride of MacHugh. Sounds interesting. Will try to find it at UBS, doubt my library will have it. But I do see it can be ordered on Amazon.
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