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The Life and Death of Sam Crow: Speculating on Sons of Anarchy’s Series Finale

**Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy and will including speculation on the two-part series finale, “Red Rose” and “Papa's Goods.”**

The fun thing about Sons of Anarchy is that it is pretty impossible to make any predictions on what direction the plot is going to take. The twists and turns are too unpredictable. With that said, here’s some wild speculation.

The final episode is titled “Papa’s Goods" and this suggests that Jax is going to be dealing with his father—John Teller’s legacy. In the first season, Jax was haunted by his father’s manuscript, “The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way.”

The obvious question for the finale  is what is going to become of the club? We already know that the other charters of the Sons of Anarchy are less than impressed with our Redwood Originals. It also seems likely that the SAMCRO body count is going to increase. We also know there is more violence ahead as the boys go after the rat Charles Barosky for ratting out the location of the guns to Lin.

Jax makes a prediction in Sons of Anarchy
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Can the club become the hippie brotherhood acting within the confines of the law that John Teller hoped for? It seems as though they have damaged too many important relationships this season. Even with the Mayans behind them (who have been acting a little bit too nice, all things considered), you have to wonder if there is going to be more fallout from Jax’s misguided quest for vengeance this year.

The question on the minds of most viewers is what is going to happen to Gemma now that Jax knows she murdered his wife, Tara. Jax is going to have to make a decision about what to do. Fans deserve at least one last scene between these two. Although  Jax is going to be contemplating killing Gemma, I can’t imagine Jax actually going through with it, as he heartbreakingly told Nero, “She’s my Mom… I still love her.”

For Gemma, the worst fate imaginable would be to end up alone, without access to Jax and her grandkids. It seems more likely that Gemma would end up alone than dead by Jax’s hand. Not to mention, Unser seems determined to finally solve Tara’s murder and there is a possibility that Gemma could actually end up behind bars. The other possibility is that Gemma goes permanently on the run, maybe she’ll end up selling bird themed folk art on the side of the road in Mexico.

Whether on the run, or in Mexico, either scenario has Gemma on her own and cut off from her beloved grandkids.

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For the sake of making a prediction, perhaps Chibbs and Tig can survive and ride off into the sunset with their respective partners, Sheriff Althea and Venus. Maybe that’s just wish fulfillment, but I could see it happening. Happy would make a great, terrifying nomad, floating around and helping various charters tie up any loose ends. The universe should punish Rat Boy for cheating on his thirteen-year-old girlfriend, so maybe he should die in the finale.

It seems unlikely that Juice could survive Jax’s death sentence on him. We know that Juice is being sent to the infirmary, but it’s unclear what is waiting for him there. Jax is obviously intending to use Marilyn Manson’s power and influence in jail to get to Juice, but wouldn’t it be great if Marilyn decided to spare Juice so that he could keep reading him Bronte poems? #SaveJuice

Interestingly, Wendy and Nero have spent some time bonding this season and it’s nice to imagine them escaping Charming to go live on the farm with all the kids but it just seems way too easy. Nero has been setting up his new life all season and characters on this show never get what they want. So, I’m guessing Nero is a goner.

It may be possible that Wendy ends up raising all the kids alone on the farm. If Wendy doesn’t survive, then maybe Tig and Venus can adopt all the kids and raise them on the farm. And Lyla can put aside her career directing porn and also take her and Opie’s kids at the farm.

As a side note, anyone else see the potential for a spin off show with Jax’s kids? In season 6, Jax was writing journals to set out his thoughts to his children. Just imagine a rebooted show with Abel as club president and Thomas on the right side of the law as a lawyer or police officer.

Finally, it’s time to speculate on Jax’s fate. If SoA really is Hamlet on motorcycles, then Jax has to die. Apologies, if you weren’t paying attention in high school English, but the character Hamlet totally died.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” (Hamlet, Act V, Scene II).

It seems very likely that Jax will share Hamlet’s fate. There is no possible happily ever after for Jax. Not with Tara dead. Not to mention that Gemma has hurt Jax in the most horrific way possible. Regardless of whether Jax kills Gemma, he’s never going to be able to come to terms with that level of betrayal.

In pursuing revenge for Tara’s murder, Jax is responsible for Bobby’s death and countless others. In the first season, we saw Jax growing weary of the violence and criminal behavior of the club. In this last season, we’ve seen Jax become possibly even worse than his stepfather and former club president Clay. In the pilot episode, Jax commented to Clay, “It ain’t easy being King,” and Clay told him, “You remember that.” Looking back, the words have proved eerily true for Jax in his term as club president.

There were hints earlier in the season from Jury that Jax’s father might have committed suicide. It’s true that Jax was despondent and broken when he found out the truth about Tara’s murder and as he contemplated the resulting damage of his misguided revenge plot. As Shakespearean as Sons of Anarchy can be, suicide is just too tragic for Jax. It’s just too difficult to see Jax following that route.

I also can’t see Jax fading into retirement as chilled mechanic and president of a legit SAMCO. There are too many marks on his back. And as I mentioned, there’s no happy ending possible.

As much as I hope it doesn’t happen, it seems more likely that Jax is going out in a violent blaze of glory. His death has to be something worthy of the character and the seven years that we have invested in rooting for him.

What are your predictions for the final ride on Sons of Anarchy?

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1. Torifl
I predict Jax will go out in a blaze of glory, taking the MC with him, and all we will see is the town burning behind Wendy, the boys, and Unser as they walk away into the sunset.
2. wsl0612
I just am really sad about Juice, and I'm not quite sure I feel comfortable with your "hopes" as isn't he really being raped by Marilyn Manson's character? Or did I miss something?
3. To good to be true
1 ending after sending Wendy an the boys with Nero to the farm Jaxs could actually let himself be killed by the mayhem vote cause te other presidents have made it clear it has to land mayhem. But he keeps telling his brothers that everything is going to be ok so. But the Jax Teller that we have all came to know these past 7 years wouldn't do that I don't think, but maybe Tara dieing, killing his own mom and unser, and everything he has done because of Gemmas lies maybe is to much for him maybe he wants to be in peace. This however would be the gayest ending ever and I would throw all of my DVDs of every season into the river and not even buy the 7th season. Hopfully it ends with him destroying SAMCRO the way his father was supposed to as indicated by Jury President of Indian hills. Or maybe we see a betrayal from some1 close to death we seen jaxs meeting with that ADA maybe one of his close brothers don't like the way he's going to end things and at the very end we see one of them putting a bullet in the back of his head and maybe tht some1 is Chimbs think about it the IRA king showed up this last episode maybe chimps an him have a secret meeting I mean chimps does have a connection to the IRA the mother of his child is a 3rd generation IRA member so maybe he decides a change is in order and tht they need to get back to the way things were . I mean chimps and tig have seemed to grown close along with happy jaxs does die by the hands of the club but by a betrayal not by mayhem. But with everything said the worst possible ending would be him giving himself up to the mayhem vote for me that would be pointless and make the show like hamlet gay as hell and a waste of 7 years.
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
Jax survives Mayham vote, but his sudden limp is due to blood clot caused by heart disease Gemma also had and which is said it's hereditary. Basically Jax's heart can't take it anymore and he dies-it's perfectly melodramatic.:|
Julia Tagan
5. JuliaTagan
The blood clot/heart disease theory is amazing, LegeArtis! I think you're on to something there. Maybe he needs a transplant and Nero gets killed and Jax gets his heart instead. Love this line of thinking...
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