Dec 3 2014 10:55am

The Flash 1x08 Oliver/Felicity Heart-to-Heart: Olicity’s Trip in Flarrow Crossover

Show/Episode: The Flash 1x08, “Flash vs Arrow”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (with mentions of Barry/Iris)

**Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of The Flash, with references to Arrow, including last night's episode, “Flash vs. Arrow.”**

So there’s a meta-human who can influence people’s emotions just by looking them in the eye. In this case, he makes them feel anger and rage. Barry is able to save the day at a bank robbery, but just barely. Meanwhile, Iris and Eddie are having some issues in their relationship, mostly as pertains to The Flash and Iris’s interest in him. That’s a development Barry doesn’t mind one bit. I feel pretty bad for the guy, but at the same time, he hasn’t made a proper move towards the girl he’s been in love with most of his life. A lot of this episode has Barry stewing in his feelings for Iris and, unfortunately, I think Oliver gives him some guidance in that regard at the end of the episode.

But first! Our favorite team from Starling City shows up in Central City, just in time for Oliver to save Barry from Bivolo, the emotion-manipulating meta-human.   Barry meets up with the rest of the team to talk about the boomerang that they lifted off a victim in Starling City and Diggle’s reaction to Barry is just about the best thing I’ve seen in a month. HILARIOUS. Oliver wants to keep a low profile but Felicity wants to go back to Star Labs to talk business and Barry is quick to snatch her up in his arms and take off. What was that look, Oliver?  The friction from the trip catches Felicity’s shirt on fire so she has to rip it off, leaving her topless before Cisco and Caitlin and I fear for all their lives if that ever gets out to Oliver. Seriously, Cisco, I’m looking at you; keep it under wraps.

The next day at Jitters, our favorite couple are having coffee together and it. is. adorable. There’s much puppy dog eyes exchanged between the two of them. Iris even makes her own set of puppy dog eyes at Oliver, telling Barry that he’s in her “three”(list of men she can cheat on Eddie with). Barry is annoyed, and I can’t help but think its payback for the grief Oliver got off Barry last year. Felicity talks Oliver into agreeing to work with Barry, proving that yes, they are actually married. There’s much eye-banging right here, and Oliver is smiling and I just feel like I wrapped myself in a warm, cozy blanket from all the fluffy feels. 

Oliver Felicity in The Flash 1x08

Barry meets with Oliver to “train” him and it’s kind of a lovely little scene in which Oliver kinda torments Barry. The cocky kid has it coming, and it is quite fun to watch Oliver yank arrows out of Barry’s back. Meanwhile, back at Star Labs, Dr. Wells has a word with Felicity and this is less…“friendly” than their last meeting. He tries to get Felicity to reveal to him the Arrow’s real identity but Felicity refuses to divulge that information. That’s my girl, loyal.

Barry goes to apprehend Bivolo and ends up getting “whammied”. At first, it doesn’t look as though it had any effect on the permanently cheerful Mr. Allen, but then he starts to express frustration at Oliver, at Joe, at everyone he comes across. He accuses Oliver of being jealous of him for his super-speed, despite being “handsome, rich, can have any girl he wants.”  Oliver denies it, but we see a bit of Barry’s insecurity regarding Oliver and, let’s be honest, probably Eddie as well since Eddie is currently dating the love of his life. 

Felicity faces off against Wells in The Flash 1x08Wells has figured out the Arrow’s identity on his own and tells Felicity that they need to call in Oliver Queen to help bring Barry back in to Star Labs. He better hurry too, because Barry interrupts a lover’s quarrel between Iris and Eddie and he arguably takes things too far when he beats on Eddie relentlessly until Oliver arrives. Then, he shifts his anger to his former idol and proceeds to beat on him instead. The battle is rather epic, as far as comic book battles go. Oliver gets in some great hits, but Barry gives just as good as he gets, even going so far as to drop Oliver off a roof (our boy is okay though, don’t worry) (okay, I was worried for a half a second) (so was Felicity!). While I’m on the subject, Felicity’s continued concern for Oliver’s safety/wellbeing is another thing that warms the cockles of my heart. 

Oliver is able to subdue Barry long enough for Joe West and Wells to arrive and use color and light to un-whammie the Scarlet Speedster. Phew!  They lock up Bivolo in the Star Labs super-prison and Oliver threatens the Central City team to keep the secret of his identity. Felicity softens it, as Felicity often does with Oliver’s rough edges. Felicity asks Caitlin to run a DNA sample for them, to help track Sara’s killer. 

Oliver gives advice to Barry in The Flash 1x08 Oliver and Barry in love in The Flash 1x08

Oliver and Felicity stop by Jitters to say goodbye and Oliver gives Barry some advice. Romantic advice. He was able to see how Barry feels about Iris and warns him to stay away from her. This is where we get a good glimpse at how Oliver feels because clearly he’s referring to how he feels about Felicity as well. Barry gets the message, but is clearly doubtful. However, Iris is still pressed about the Flash beating up her boyfriend and she tells him to stop contacting her. So there goes that little crush. This is a hard night for Westallen shippers. 

My niece pointed out to me that she hopes there’s another crossover down the road, after things have smoothed out with Oliver and Felicity, where Oliver can tell Barry, “You know what I said about guys like us getting the girl?  I was wrong.”  My niece is a smart woman. 

Also in Jitters, we get the moment that both Stephen Amell and the show’s producers have been teasing for weeks. Oliver sees the girl he got pregnant and it visibly affects him. Nothing is revealed to Oliver, but the audience sees her talking on the phone to a child. Unlike some of the shippers, I’m not the least bit worried about a negative impact on Oliver and Felicity’s relationship either; Oliver isn’t interested in the baby mama any longer and Felicity is not the sort to turn up her nose at a child. 

At the very end, we get a glimpse at Firestorm, otherwise known as Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin’s former fiancé. This is relevant to my interests because I think Ronnie and Caitlin are a cute couple and I can’t wait to see her reaction when she learns he survived!

Memorable Lines:

“But then I see her smile…man, that cannot be science,” -Barry’s internal monologue about Iris West.

“I’m glad I decided not to go bra-less.” -Felicity, when Cisco and Caitlin found her topless.

“You’re going to hawk me about this until I say yes, aren’t you?” -Oliver, smiling, to Felicity when she tries to get him to agree to working with Barry.

“That is not my secret to tell, Mr. Wells.” -Felicity to Dr. Wells when he asks for the Arrow’s identity.

“Since when do we have facial recognition software?
“Happy Hanukkah!” -Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak.

“I still believe in you, Barry.”  -Oliver to Barry during their fight. No hard feelings!

“Guys like us don’t get the girl.” -Oliver to Barry about Iris and Felicity. 

Charting the Course: Oliver’s speech to Barry at the end gives us maybe a glimpse at how Oliver is coping in the aftermath of discovering Felicity kissing Ray Palmer. Clearly, his heart was broken (as was everyone's!) and he’s warning his friend from having his heart broken as well. We don’t have a real read for how Felicity feels for Oliver from this episode but I’m encouraged that we’re getting some good scenes coming. I also want to point out: a definite parallel was drawn between Oliver’s feelings for Felicity and Barry’s for Iris. For all the doubters out there, those that cling to comic canon, if that isn’t a clear indication of endgame intentions on the writers' part, I don’t know what is!

Next Stop: The next episode is tonight, Arrow 3x08, “The Brave and the Bold.” More “Flarrow”crossover goodness is coming when the Central City crowd comes to Starling City. I’ve already seen a good teaser about the salmon ladder so there’s that to look forward to!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I tried to catch up on The Flash in time to watch the crossover last night, but alas, I'm still about an episode behind. Loving the show, though, and of course I'm a huge Arrow and Olicity fan. This crossover is a brilliant idea, and it's so cool to see lots of critics praising both shows and how wonderfully executed the crossover is.

Plus, I mean...more Oliver and Felicity! How can that not be amazing?

Can't wait to watch.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
All. The. Feels. This was a pretty great episode--I don't like The Flash as much as I do Arrow, but the same can be said for my fledgling feels in Season 1 of Arrow. Anyway, love this--my heart was a little broken along with Oliver's over the Ray Palmer kiss, but I'm glad to see his feelings are still there!
Marilyn Porter
3. Marilyn Porter
It was a huge geektastic moment, watching that crossover last night. The energy of the entire episode was AMAZING and there was a surprising focus on romance, given the action. It always amazes me how well Arrow makes that balance and it was nice to see The Flash do the same.
TWO NIGHTS OF OLICITY. I feel like its my birthday (that's actually in week or so... close enough)!
Marilyn Porter
4. Marilyn Porter
I think everyone was a bit heartbroken! It actually did my heart good to hear Emily Bett Rickards say in an interview from the crossover screening that SHE was a bit heartbroken when she saw the scene . How awesome did Stephen Amell pull off those feels there? Amazing.
I'm hoping for more tonight from these two and a bit nervous about next week, from all the hype we've gotten. I have a feeling our hearts are going to be SHATTERED.
(I also don't love The Flash as much as I love Arrow but I don't think I love *ANYTHING* as much as I love Arrow ... well, except for my family ;) )
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@marilyn_porter -- Happy early birthday to you!

Question: Do you have thoughts on Barry/Iris and Barry/Caitlin? Do you have a preference? I'm kinda surprised to find I don't really ship anyone on The Flash (yet), but I've noticed the fandom seems split, or even more in favor of Caitlin/Barry.

I guess I'm curious because I feel like a lot of people think Iris is Laurel-like, but I like Iris just fine! I certainly don't prefer Caitlin over her or anything. Don't feel we know either well enough. Yet there are already some very passionate opinions out there...
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
Also, THESE GIFS! The Olicity eye-banging is, like, giving me heart palpitations.

@JenniferProffitt and I were just talking about how far these two have come in the past few years. As cute as I always found them, some of their interactions in Season 1 and early Season 2 seemed awkward to me, but they're so comfortable together these days. I'm in awe of the relationship arc we've gotten.
Marilyn Porter
8. Marilyn Porter
Thank you! Birthdays start getting a bit real right around my age and I'm mostly concerned at how they keep COMING at this point.
AND YES. I have some feelings about Barry and his women. I will admit, I am a "Westallen" shipper.. Barry/Iris. I love Barry and Caitlin's friendship but I don't see romance there. Once we saw that flashback with Caitlin and Ronnie, I was all "YEP, that's where its at." I mean, I don't *really* ship on The Flash yet, because I'm actually a rather reluctant shipper and I also tend to ship the canon thing so this probably unsurprising, but if I had to pick a side, it would be Barry/Iris. (Though I enjoy Eddie/Iris right now but I think that could be my affection for Rick Cosnett showing)
DEFINITELY do not see any comparisons between Iris and Laurel. Actually, if we're going off vibe/pesonality, I think Caitlin is a bit more reminiscent of Laurel in that they are both cool, smooth and calculating. But I like Caitlin a LOT more than I like Laurel. ;)

The gifs are ACTUALLY going to kill me. Their eyebanging was epic this episode, and they were just. so. damned. married. Is this what they're like when we get them out of Starling? If so, we must do that more!

Oliver and Felicity are epic. EPIC. Endgame, I tell you. Comparing them to Barry/Iris just affirms that even more.
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@marilyn_porter, seconding @redline_'s birthday wishes! And I have not tracked the spoilers that you have?! gah! Shattered!? Because of baby mama shenanigans? Ray Palmer shenanigans? While I'm on the thought of the Baby Mama...agreed that I don't think it'll stop the romance between Oliver and Felicity, but I do think Oliver would want to put a pause on everything to get his head on straight about having a kid out there...
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@marilyn_porter -- Thank you! Yeah, I feel like I'd lean more toward Iris/Barry than anything, 'cause I love childhood friends to lovers, but I was seeing more Caitlin/Barry stuff on Tumblr. Guess we'll see... And dude, I didn't watch The Tomorrow People, but if Robbie Amell's half as awesome as his cousin, Ronnie's gonna be great fun to have around more.

Is this what they're like when we get them out of Starling? If so, we must do that more!

I second this. They need to take more road trips. At least one per season.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@JenniferProffitt -- Ugh, I keep forgetting about the baby stuff. :( Wonder how they're going to deal with that. I can't picture Oliver toting a kid around. Is that the show I want to watch? NERVOUS.
Michele S
12. Michele S
Omg! Last night's episode was epic! So much goodness with all the humor; the amazing, exciting, tense fight scene between Barry and Oliver; Barry flipping the "f" out on everyone and Oliver's baby mama walking into the coffee shop! My favorite episode yet! Can't wait until Arrow tonight!!!
Marilyn Porter
13. Marilyn Porter
I'm not the least bit worried about the baby mama... I think the child itself will be an issue but not for Felicity... or rather, the child himself will not be an issue but Oliver's dealing with it might. Keep in mind Felicity's dad walked out on them, I'm pretty sure that'll play.

And yes, I'm a spoiler hound! I think we'll be shattered next week because of what Oliver does with the LoA. Those pics released today showed him facing off with Ra's al Ghul on a snowy mountaintop. That ain't gonna end well (considering Oliver is MIA from the first 3 eps of the new year). Also, Marc Guggenheim warned fans on Twitter that we would cry "like you wouldn't believe" after 3x09, and that the episode also contains the best Olicity scene we've seen so far to date, rating it a 9 on a scale of 1-10 (when asked why not 10, he said cuz its not sex). SO..... I'm saving myself some shots of Patron so I can deal with that. (I apologise in advance for my recap next week as a result.)

The Snowbarry fans are vocal on Tumblr but Westallen is gaining traction!

Tonight's crossover ep is airing right now east coast but I'm west coast so.... *cooling my heels* No ep for me yet!
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