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The Best Kind of Trouble: The Top Books in Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters Series

Out of the Control by Suzanne BrockmannIt has been fourteen years since Suzanne Brockmann's first Troubleshooters novel, The Unsung Hero, was published and I can still pick up almost any of the sixteen full-length novels and enjoy every thrilling, nail biting moment.

In the series, Brockmann created a rich world full of FBI counterterrorism agents and Navy SEALS that was more than simple romantic suspense; her heroes and heroines were complicated and three dimensional, human, kick-ass, and sometimes gay. You know, like the real world. Brockmann includes hours of military history and indulgent side stories, in fact, this series spawned one of my favorite couples in romantic literature: Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. The Troubleshooters were like your friends, except with really dangerous jobs; they even make regrettable choices that usually start with alcohol just like us! The only difference is that they could possibly wake up in the morning (despite the hangover) and save the world, the President, or small country from exploding. Seriously, the Troubleshooters series is in the top among my favorite series, and here are my top 10 Troubleshooters books to help explain why.

1. Out of Control (TS#4)- SEAL Ken “WildCard” Karmody gets hooked into taking rich girl Savannah von Hopf into the jungle to pay a ransom for her uncle. Their adventures lead them to Molly and Jones, another ridiculously hot couple; she is an older and curvy aid worker, he is a sexy, mysterious pirate. There is just enough Alyssa/Sam to make you cry.

2. Dark of Night (TS#14)- Presumed dead operative Nash and his wife Tess get to come out of hiding when they go against The Agency, Sophia and Dave finally officially get together, and Decker and Tracy are the hottest couple to come out of nowhere. This one answers so many questions and ties up a lot of loose ends.

3. The Unsung Hero (TS #1)- This is the book that started it all. Navy SEAL Tom Paoletti is recuperating from a head injury in his hometown, but he swears that he has seen a previously thought dead terrorist. In the meantime he finds love with Kelly, the gal he always had a thing for. Also, Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke meet for the first time and it doesn’t go well. At all.

4. Over the Edge (TS#3)- Stan Wolchonok has a major crush on the beautiful and a tad younger pilot Teri Howe, but he can’t pull the trigger. Meanwhile, Alyssa and Sam are working together again when a plane hijacking brings SEAL Team 16 together with the FBI lead by Max Bhagat. Passenger Gina Vitagliano is posing as a Senator’s daughter on the plane; Max/Gina and Sam/Alyssa have the most heart-wrenching storylines.

Into the Night by Suzanne Brockmann5. The Defiant Hero (TS #2)- The main storyline here is about SEAL John Nilsson who is called in to deal with a hostage situation because he knows the suspected kidnapper, Meg Moore. Also, Alyssa and Sam hook up for the first time! Handcuffs and chocolate syrup, people.

6. Into the Night (TS#5)- Fresh faced SEAL Mike Muldoon is beautiful, and lots of ladies let him know it. But he only has eyes for Joan DaCosta, a full figured and slightly older White House staff member. Mary Lou Starrett gets a redeeming storyline here, and FINALLY sets up for Sam/Alyssa’s HEA in the next book. (This was my first TS book. I happened to be scoping around looking for BBW heroines, and had to start ALL THE WAY OVER before reading book 6. OCD FTW.)

7. Hot Target (TS#8)- The Troubleshooters go Hollywood when SEAL Cosmo Richter is on the team assigned to protect producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick and her brother, actor Robin Chadwick. Our favorite FBI agent Jules Cassidy finds love with Robin, but Robin isn’t ready to be out of the closet. As a bonus, there is a short Sam/Alyssa story where Sam finds out how the loved ones of soldiers cope when waiting for word of their loved ones after Alyssa’s chopper goes down.

8. Gone Too Far (TS#6)- Sam and Alyssa’s official HEA! Except...Sam is on the run because he is suspected of killing his ex-wife. His daughter is missing, and of course, Alyssa Locke is put in charge of the FBI investigation. We get a glimpse into Sam’s incredible past, and a peek into the future for Troubleshooters, Inc, Max/Gina, and or course, Sam/Alyssa.

Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann9. Breaking Point (TS#9)- Max Bahgat has been in love with the 20 years his junior Gina Vitagliano since he rescued her from a hijacked plane books ago. Another of my favorite couples, they FINALLY get over the angst and get together, along with the long awaited HEA of Molly and Jones. Angsty deliciousness!

10. Hot Pursuit (TS#15)- This wins the prize. Sam Starrett walking around with a Baby Bjorn? Yes please! Alyssa has lost none of her ass kicking ability as a wife, mother, and operative for Troubleshooters, Inc. Now she gets to go head to head with The Dentist, a serial killer who has been around for almost the whole series.

Honorable Mention: Into the Fire (TS#13)- Vinh Murphy has been mourning his wife’s murder for a few years via alcohol, and he’s also in love with his wife’s best friend Hannah, who is dealing with losing her hearing while on duty as a cop; they are both in danger when the man responsible for his wife’s death turns up dead, possibly by Vinh’s hand.

That’s my list! Do you agree or disagree? Do you think I should change the order or switch out some books? Let me know!


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1. Jaymy M
I too love this series. Was hooked from the getgo. Always had a thing for men in uniform but Suzanne Brockmann really brought Team 6 alive for me in a way other military roms never had before. Loved following these guys and Alyssa and Starrett into hell and back. Bring it on!
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
I love SEAL Team Six. I always thought it was a great coincidence that in real life SEAL Team 16 took out bin Laden.

Sam Starrett makes me swoon like no other!
Vickie Russell
3. Vickie Russell
My favourite is also your fave, # 4, Out of Control. I adored that book. Ken and Susannah were a fabulous couple, one of my faves ever, and I adored Molly and Jones. It was a fab book all round and I reread it from time to time. I also loved Breaking Point, # 9, because it was the continuation of Molly and Jones and also the continuation of Max and Gina, another two in one! I loved #3 for the start of the Max/Gina story which was quite harrowing, it made me cry what happened to the heroine. The other really great one was Gone Too Far, # 6, which was Sam and Alyssa. Unlike most others who read this series, I didn't like Sam or Alyssa at all. I pretty well only read the book for the other ongoing stories, but in the end I did fall in love with Sam, although he'll never be a fave hero. I needed his childhood story to understand him and then I loved him. I never did like Alyssa, I still don't, but the story and Sam made it a GR five star read in the end.

So all your faves were my faves too; #4 is by far the best, and the others I don't have an order.

PS - I HATED Into the Night, #5. The heroine was a b*tch and I thought the hero was rather dumb!
4. HJ
Oh no, now I need to find the box these are packed in and read them all again... I laughed when I saw your comment about reading series in order ("had to start ALL THE WAY OVER before reading book 6. OCD FTW") because I was flinching reading this list *because* it was out of order... I do understand that you were ranking them by favourite, but it still hurt!
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
@Vickie Russell
I love that we have the same affinity for this series but that my most favorite characters are not necessarily yours. Suzanne Brockmann has got to be an evil genius! -Nicole

The OCD as I was putting this together was driving me nuts. Did I do them in order, do I do them by faves, what do I do? Yay for us OCD folks! I also pulled out all of my books on one of my shelves, and it reminded me that I started reading these way before I had my trusty Kindle. -Nicole
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
I'm almost all the way with you here, though I wouldve put Defiant Hero higher b/c of the twist and Sam & Alyssa scorching hot first time and I like the first Nash and Tess's original story Flashpoint better than Dark of Night. But yeah, Kenny's book ranks highest for me. Such good stuff for everyone in that book.

But for Sam and Alyssa, I really didn't like Hot Pursuit and I didn't reread Into the Night or any of the other B team members of the SEAL Team. I am a HUGE Sam and Alyssa fan from the get go (I started reading with Defiant Hero) and was stewing for their book like a madwoman but, frankly, after the (overally disappointing) Gone Too Far (which, being Sam and Alyssa, is still at a much higher level than any other disappointing book), this beloved series stopped being a must buy for me though I stuck it out for Max and Gina's HEA Everything after that just hasn't had the same zing as those first 5 or 6 in the series. But I'll reread those first 5 or 6 to shreds...and have
Vickie Russell
7. DianeN
Great choices! I enjoyed most of the older titles more than the newer ones. In particular, I just never got behind Izzy Zannella as a romantic hero since he'd been the annoying comic relief in so many of the earlier books. My honorable mention would go to Into the Storm, the one where the SEALs and the Troubleshooters got to train together. I loved Jenk and Lindsey!
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