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Taking Center Stage: Vivienne Lorret’s Wallflower Wedding Series

Daring Miss Danvers by Vivienne LorretVivienne Lorret has captured our hearts with her entertaining and clever Wallflower Wedding Series. What is it about Lorret’s books that are so appealing, making them ideal reads for when we want to escape back in time with strong spirited heroines, squee-worthy heroes, and happily ever afters?

The Main Characters:

The heroines are fun! I am positive they would accept me into their inner circle, despite my ineptitude with a needle and thread. They also have backbone. Our wallflowers are no push-overs and manage to interject feisty banter and witty musings, sprinkled with more than an ounce of courage as they navigate their relationships.

Take our Miss Danvers in Daring Miss Danvers. Emma must uphold an image of modicum and propriety even though she is more like her Bohemian artist parents than she would like to admit. Her inner musings are priceless and had me snickering out loud. Initially hiding in embarrassment from the ton after being shunned by her long-time beau, Miss Merribeth Wakefield, in Winning Miss Wakefield, realizes she has more courage than she could have imagined. Which leads her to steal the first kiss from our rake, the Marquess of Kinghtswold. Delaney McFarland, in Finding Miss McFarland is eccentric, independent, bullheaded, and scattered. And I love that Lorret doesn’t make her a lemming to high society. Finally Penelope Rutledge makes the bold move to be spontaneous whereby sending Ethan Weatherstone’s meticulous life in upheaval.

In regards to our heroes, they possess just the right amount of honor and decency mixed with vulnerability and imperfection underneath their crafted exterior. If they are a rake, like Bane, the Marquess of Knightswold, or Oliver Goswisk, the Viscount Rathburn, we have an explanation for their wild ways and can understand and forgive them, luring us into their seduction as the story unfolds. For our more restrained heroes such as Griffin Croft, heir to his uncle’s Earldom with pressures to produce an heir of his own, and Mr. Weatherstone’s OCD with a ledger, we see enough glimpses of desire and uninhibited abandon that leaves us breathless at the mere thought of a ruffled cravat. As the heroes grow and recognize their love for our heroines, I can believe in the transformation.

Finding Miss MacFarland by Vivienne LorretThe Supporting Cast:

These folks make for great dinner-party conversation. We all know them because their qualities exist in our relatives today. They are peculiar and layered, providing humor and opportunities for the hero and heroine to banter, falter, and/or show more of their true selves. Lorret does such a good job inserting these characters to bolster the storyline that I find myself hoping she will follow through with their own happily ever after. In particular, I was crossing my fingers that Ms. Lorret would write Rafe Danvers’ and Calliope Croft’s story…and low and behold, my wish has come true and they are slated for 2015!

The Plot and Tone:

I know there are only so many ways you can write about a rake and a virgin wallflower, yet Lorret seems to have found fresh ways to spin the old into new. I like how we are surprised with the quirks and twists in the story. Especially with our characters’ idiosyncrasies. Lorret does insert a little more 21st century humor and expression into her writing whereby potentially displeasing historical purists. However, I find them refreshing. Let’s face it, today most women in society don’t come with a dowry and most men are not forced to produce an heir and a spare. While it’s fun to have historical accuracies in order to understand life back in the day, I personally read in order to lose myself in the fantasy of the ton. Historical romance is my guilty pleasure and it entertains me to no end when I can imagine myself along with my friends and family in the shoes of the characters, making that time period a little more accessible and amusing. Finally, she reinvents some of my favorite tropes: Friends to lovers (Tempting Mr. Weatherstone), Deceptive marriage scheme (Daring Miss Danvers), Flirting with one to win another which always backfires (Winning Miss Wakefield), and Pride and Prejudice/misfortunate event to lovers (Finding Miss McFarland). Ms. Lorret begins a new series, the Rakes of Fallow Hall, in 2015 and I can’t wait.

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1. Kahintenn
I read the Wallflower Wedding series last month, with no expectations because Lorret was a new author to me. They were surprisingly good, and I recommend them to anyone who likes historicals. I'm now waiting for her Rakes of Fallow Hall series, due out next year.
2. TanyaLK
Hi Kahintenn,
I'm fairly new to her stuff too and read all of them at once. Like you, I am eagerly awaiting the Rakes of Fallow Hall series too! :)
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