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Sleepy Hollow 2x11 Ichatrina Heart-to-Heart: Apocalypse Delayed

Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow 2x11, The AkedaShow/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 11, “The Akeda”
Ships: Crane/Katrina and Katrina/Abraham (Katless)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x11, “The Akeda.”**

Captain's Log Ichabod/KatrinaAt a critical juncture during “The Akeda,” Crane and Katrina agree to set their relationship aside for the duration of the battle against Moloch and act as soldiers in a war rather than as husband and wife. It is Katrina who quietly suggests this after Ichabod questions her loyalty, and it was then that I realized she really isn’t playing some bizarre game of slap and tickle with Abraham. Because this is the moment in romance novels when the heroine shows herself a woman of quiet strength, grace, and dignity. In so doing she proves to the reader that her husband is nothing but an asshole for accusing her of taking up with a) his brother, b) his best friend, or c) a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

I think Ichabod came to the same realization himself, but before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning. Surprisingly, even the apocalypse can’t stop Ichabod and Abbie from bickering about the weather. 

Ichabod’s at his best when he’s playing the cranky 230-year-old-man, and, wouldn’t you know it, a lightning strike takes out their car. They make their way to Frederick’s Manor with the Sword of Methuselah on a commandeered motorcycle, but it’s empty save a model of Sleepy Hollow. They realize all of the locales struck by Henry form a pentagram and then hear Katrina screaming. Headless is about to lop off her head in the Binding Ceremony.

Instead, Ichabod chops Headless’s battle axe in half, Abbie frees Katrina, and Abraham reveals a secret about the Sword of Methuselah: It requires a sacrifice of the soul and life of anyone who wields it. Katrina calls a timeout on killing Abraham; what if he’s being truthful? She must investigate, so they haul him back to the Jeffersonian (oops, wrong show). As much as Ichabod would love to kill him, he can’t. Instead, while Ichabbie await Jenny and an obscure lost chapter from the Alexandrian Canon, Katrina stays behind to interrogate Headless In Chains.

Katrina in Sleepy Hollow 2x11Did Katrina seem a little too eager to save Headless? As Ichabbie watch her chain him up, Ichabod admits their marriage is a bit strained. Her saving Abraham’s life doesn’t help, but then, she did it to save her hubby, right?

Jenny confirms the Secret of the Sword. Abbie surmises that both witnesses will need to confront Moloch—whom she imagines will be accompanied by the Horseman of War—together, and pointedly asks Ichabod what he will do should his son interfere with killing Moloch? He responds, “I will lay down my soul to stop this apocalypse,” to which she asks, “But will you lay down your son’s?”

Let’s not let the cart get before the Headless Horseman. Jenny may have the solution to their soul-sacrificing sword problem. If neither of the two witnesses are able to use it, who could? Didn’t Henry trick somebody into signing a soul-sacrificing contract in blood? Why yes, yes he did. It was Captain Irving, wasn’t it? Why yes, yes it was. He wouldn’t lose his life because he’s already lost his soul.

Uh-oh. Ichabod overhears Katrina’s “interrogating” Abraham, which goes like this: “When I was with you, I saw a man I haven’t seen in centuries. I saw how deeply you care for me. and I care for you, too.” 

As she babbles on about staying with Headless while he searches for Captain Irving, we are left to wonder which Katrina to believe. Ichabod clearly wonders the same, but agrees that she may stay. Then he asks if she could kill Henry if necessary. Her argument is much the same as his was, but he’s just about decided she’s a Red Turncoat.

Abbie shows Ichabod a reference to the Sword in the Alexandrian version of the Bible, which is next to the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abbie, as always is the voice of reason. 

Her: Isaac was an innocent child. Henry…

Him: Will die by my hand, if necessary. But do grant me the concession, Leftenant, that it is an unreasonable request.

Not about to buy into his pity party, Abbie reminds him that her own mother sacrificed herself to protect her children. 

Jenny, Abbie, and Irving in Sleepy Hollow 2x11As for finding Captain Irving, at the end of his voicemail last week, he included a set of numbers—92380—that must be 09/23/1780, the date when Benedict Arnold’s British handler was arrested and jailed in Sleepy Hollow. The three correctly surmise Irving is hiding in the tunnels near the old garrison, and after making Jenny pinky swear that if it all goes to shit, she’ll look after his family, he takes the sword. By the time he questions Abraham about Moloch’s location, Irving’s turned all badass: “You know, I never studied fencing, but this sword does all the work for me. How many demons did Methuselah kill with this?” 

Abraham directs them to four trees, but they’re running out of time. The first tree blackened and caused the lightning storm. The second will bring blood. With the third it’s zombie time, as Moloch’s demon army rises from the dead. When the fourth tree blackens, Hell will be in full swing on Earth.

Because it’s time to weapon up, Jenny goes in search of Hawley, everybody’s favorite mercenary/otherworldly weapons expert, and finds him in a bar. At first he refuses to turn over his entire arsenal because Doomsdayers are always wrong, but when it begins to hail actual blood, he gives over the goods and agrees to babysit Headless while the others do battle.

Meanwhile, Ichabod finally confronts Katrina about the whole Katless situation. He is gorgeous in his righteous indignation at the start, but by the time Captain Irving, Jenny, and Abbie interrupted them, I felt she was unjustly accused, and that his lack of faith may have killed what was left of their marriage. 

Her: Everything I’ve ever done has first and foremost been done to ensure our very survival, so that one day you and I could return to husband and wife.

Him: Husband and wife? You’re a spy, you’re a witch, you lied to me about Mary’s death. Sometimes I question the very idea of our marriage.

Her: Perhaps, then, until our mission is complete, we’re both better off considering ourselves in the roles we have to play in this war. Soldiers. Nothing more.

Him: Then we are but comrades in arms until Moloch is defeated.

As this poignancy plays out, the actual apocalypse has gotten off to a slow start. Henry, proving himself more of a titty-baby than ever, needles Moloch about Abraham’s weakness, and whines when Moloch blames him. Moloch sends Henry as War and the first of his demon army to start the battle. Abbie is shot immediately and taken to safety by Jenny. War rides up in his fully-armored regalia, but he’s really schlubby Henry in a Mr. Rogers sweater. 

The Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow 2x11The skirmish continues, and the captain takes off War’s armored arm before killing him (somehow Henry survives), but not before taking a mortal wound. Abbie, recovered from her injuries, loses it when she sees Captain Irving dead. The moment in which Ichabod holds her in her grief is powerful stuff. Equally powerful is her conclusion that until now, they’ve only been asked to sacrifice themselves. Moving forward they will need to be able to sacrifice those they love. Katrina, Jenny, and finally Ichabod agree.

After the skirmish, Henry becomes more and more petulant, not sure why his demonic dad isn’t being more nurturing. That seed, planted, grows larger as the episode plays on, although there’s a good bit of feinting. Is Henry sincere when it looks like he’s bought into the Kumbuya forgiveness thing Katrina and Ichabod try to sell him? Of course not! Will he kill Katrina when Moloch asks him to? Will he kill Ichabod when he offers himself in her stead? 

The biggest feint—or perhaps not—comes when Henry bitterly asks his real father how he could worship a deity who demands that a father kill his own son, adding, “Those days have come to an end. The true lesson of the story comes not from Abraham, but from Isaac. The chasm between father and son was never breached. They never spoke again. Any man willing to sacrifice his son must die.” 

Just as it seems he will kill Ichabod, he stabs Moloch, who bursts into flames and is gone.

Ichabod and Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 2x11Memorable Lines: 

Ichabod: Forgive me for not trusting an electronic device during an apocalyptic storm. 

Ichabod (after his first ride on a motorcycle): I want one of these...as soon as [the apocalypse] is over.

Jenny: Score one for the Doomsdayers. It’s hailing blood. Do you believe me now? Weapons, Hawley.
Hawley: I’ll load up my truck.

Charting the Course: Having faith and losing it, fighting the battle and winning the war, and whatever happened to the third and fourth Horsemen?

Next Stop: Part two of Season 2 begins in January with “Paradise Lost.”


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Lynne Connolly
1. Lynne Connolly
I'm so glad you explained it! I've watched every episode in the series, and I don't have a clue what's going on! I really don't understand the switches and roundabouts on this one. I'm only watching for Ichabod now!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I have to second @Lynne Connolly, I rarely know what's going on, except that Ichabod and Katrina are very concerned about all sorts of things. I am not caught up (two episodes behind), but I have the feeling Capt. Irving will be back, somehow. They can't waste such a good character (at least, I hope they can't).
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@MFrampton, agreed! If they can bring back John Cho after he literally was killed in front of us, they can bring back Irving...in a hopefully better way than the brought back Cho... Plus, Orlando Jones did so much great publicity for the show!
4. Megaera
This is the only episode where Hawley was actually useful. Kill Hawley and keep Irving, I say!
Laurie Gold
5. LaurieGold
I had high hopes for Hawley myself, but he fizzled out for me with his lame Jane Austen flirting a couple of weeks ago, and then as he tried to become "bros" with Ichabod this week. I want Irving back as well. I thought at one point he and Jenny might make for an interesting couple, what with her criminal past and his being a cop and all that.
6. CindyS
I'm trying to decide what it is about Ichabod and Katrina that doesn't work. I think Katrina has been through so much more than Ichabod - losing him, then losing her child and umpteen years in Purgatory. She isn't as black and white as he is because she's lived in the gray. I feel she has a distinct advantage over him so they aren't really equals. I do think she has some sort of feelings for the Horseman and it may be guilt but as she argued to save him she felt too desperate.
Also, any scene with Ichabod and Katrina feels historical and I think if they can move on they would become isolated from the world they live in now. Ichabod seems keen to learn about the world he lives in where Katrina has been forced to just survive.
And I've enjoy Hawley - just think he needs to grow up a bit more.
7. Dm
Irving should not have died but I kind of expected it. I think if fans are loud enough they'll bring him back. He and Jenny did have chemistry. I am a Hawley fan though I don't think they really know what to do with him. It would be cool if the horsemen of war wasn't really Ichabod and Katrina's son (because that's just really weird to me) and if Hawley could be their son and have some witchy abilities. I think that would be cool.
Nadine Robb
8. cmm
I know everyone has been saying that Irving is dead. But I don't think he's going to be dead for good. I think he is going to come back in some form. The writer's have hinted this. I think what doesn't work about Katrina and Ichabod is that Katrina is always keeping secrets from him. She's also always coddeling Abraham. I might have bought the Mary dying secret if she didn't look so guilty after Mary went off the cliff. I would of bought the excuse she gave if it had come from anyone but her. I find it ironic that she treats mary as a distraction and fails to see shes' his biggest distraction. I feel that for the second half of the season, they need to define her more as a witch and as a person. Along side Ichabod, I feel she loses who she is and is constantly the damsel in distress which is a shame. I want to see her do more witchy things and less relying on others. I would also like to see more of abbey's family past story. I thought it was interesting that her ancestor was into witchcraft as well.
9. KatieD
@cmm I agree! Katrina is supposed to be this badass witch and she has done absolutely nothing. Her one job was to kill Molach and she couldn't even do that. She also wasn't at all suspicious, when Henry has done nothing but try to kill her, that she was so easily able to use his mirror to contact Ichabod. Henry manages to completely out think her every single time. I disagree that she was being noble in her agreement to act like comrades instead of husband and wife. I think she was acting guilty that she has done nothing but use and lie to Ichabod. I also disliked how the show made Abby go down so quickly in the fight to a flesh wound in the arm. Ok done with rant. :-)
Obviously the apocalypse can be won in a snazzy cardigan. Also laughed so hard at Cranes joy over the motorcycle.
11. KatieD
@jenniferproffitt Bwahahaha :-)
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