Dec 7 2014 2:00pm

Shipping Sunday: Friends’ Monica and Chandler (Mondler)

Everyone loves the friends to lovers trope and no one more than the writers behind Friends. In January, viewers will have a chance to relive all of the Friends goodness, or discover it, when Friends goes to Netflix! For me, Ross and Rachel were great to watch—Ross was always so bumbling, and even Rachel was bumbling in her own way—but it was the “side” couple of Monica and Chandler that held my interest and my love.

Monica and Chandler's love (Mondler for those looking for a ship name!) was born out of friendship. While their initial relationship started off a little rocky—Chandler may or may not have called Monica fat, and Monica may or may not have tried to seduce him in revenge—they found a way to not only get past it, but truly be there for one another.

Knowing how it ended just made those pre-Mondler days even better:


They spawned one of the age old friends to lovers promises: If we're both still single at 40, I'll marry you/have a kid with you.

However, that promise never really needed to be fulfilled because they not only found someone...they found each other!

And when Monica and Chandler exchanged their vows, we believed in love...


However, their love didn't stop there—and because this was an ensemble show, my interest in Mondler never waned even after they got together. Their love was so epic and wonderful and simple. They would get in their little fights—which just made them real—but at the end of the day they were each other's Happilly Ever After.

At the end of the day, no matter how many years pass, they would always be themselves and accept one another...sort of.



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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
What a lovely ode to Monica and Chandler! May have to rewatch when the show hits Netflix soon, eeeeee!
2. willaful
My favorite eisode of Friends was the alternate reality in which Monica never lost weight and Chandler fell in love with her anyway. Ah...
3. keen23
They're my favorite TV couple. So much better than all that Ross & Rachel nonsense. Joey & Rachel, I totally would have gotten on board with that.
Lexie Matias
4. OtterPuff
I loved them both. They just got each other's crazy and loved it.
Terri Rose
5. Terri L
Monica and Chandler were great. I didn't really see it coming, which is hard for me to say about most other couples on TV.

@keen23 - I am with you on the Joey and Rachel thing. They were my first couple that I shipped before I even really knew what that was lol. I was sold the minute he looked at her when they were watching Cujo together in the chair. I was always bummed she ended up with Ross. It felt like such a boring pairing to me... though I know everyone else loves them.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@keen23 @TerriL -- I thought I was the only one! I loved the idea of Joey and Rachel until the writers went and turned it into an unrequited thing. Poor Joey. That was painful.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
My favorite eisode of Friends was the alternate reality in which Monica never lost weight and Chandler fell in love with her anyway. Ah...
THAT'S MINE TOO! It's so great--it showed that their love was so strong that even in a world that wasn't real they STILL got together! That's one strong ship, my friend!

Agree with all of you about Rachel and Joey, I actually was never a huge fan of Rachel at all--I was just telling @redline_. Her relationship with Ross never felt equal (to quote redline_) and I always felt like she was too good for Ross or Joey. I'm looking forward to watching it all on Netflix, but I'm also concerned that seeing that dynamic played out while I binge watch it will cause the issues to build up...but at least I'll be able to focus on Monica and Chandler!
Shark with Lasers
8. Shark with Lasers
They had me at "I've never done that with YOU before." One of my favorite episodes is the one where Phoebe and Rachel are trying to make Chandler and Monica tell them the truth about their relationship by forcing Chandler to put up or shut up when Phoebe fake-seduces him.
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@Shark with Lasers, oh my gosh I had forgotten about that! I'll definitely be looking forward to the episodes being on Netflix this winter so I can remember moments like that and all the others!
10. willaful
I need to watch the last season, which I never got around to... perhaps I'll do an entire show rewatch. I finally stalled on "Gilmore Girls" (first I thought I'd watch til the end of season one, then til Jess, then til Lindsay -- finally it was Logan that did me in.)
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
@willaful, I found that bingewatching Gilmore Girls for me just hit home all the flaws in that show...mostly that I got frustrated with Lorelai. I can watch one-offs, but had to stop too...but much sooner. Probably around the Lindsay time too, which is when I stopped watching it in Real Time. I never really watched much of the college years.

I'm mildly worried that will happen with Friends since I never completed the show either--missed a few episodes from almost every season. I'm excited to try though!
12. willaful
I confess: on both the original watch and the rewatch, what drove me absolutely up the wall was how careless with money they were. They buy every stupid toy that catches their eyes, eat out constantly, and then get angry when people won't loan them money? When Lorelai promises to repay loans, I think, "How? Are you actually going to change your life in any small way so as to be able to do that? Of course not!"

(I'm not trying to diss on poor people here, frugality and poverty is a completely different situation.)
Jennifer Proffitt
13. JenniferProffitt
@willaful. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! My roommate and I had a similar conversation when we were rewatching. I think you make a good point that being frugal and in poverty are two very different situations, but it never made sense to me. When I'm pinching pennies, the first thing I do is stop eating out. There were times when I was in college and recently graduated (granted not that long ago) where if I messed up a meal, I didn't say "Oops, let's just go to the diner" I said, "Whelp, this tastes disgusting, guess I gotta eat it anyway."

Stars Hollow was an idyllic little place, and I loved the Gilmore Girls for the most part--I look back on our time fondly!--but there were moments when I wish it was slightly more believable. And in fact, I think it could have been hilarious if Lorelai had tried to cook more often.

To go off on a tangent, Carrie Bradshaw was similar--never cooked, spent all of her money on shoes, etc. But she a) rarely complained about her finances (even though in the early years she was scraping by) b) when she did, she was realistic that she was in a bind because of her spending extravagances.

Okay, tangent done.
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