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Serious as a Hart Attack: Cristin Harber’s Titan Group

Hart Attack by Cristin HarberHart Attack is the seventh installment in Cristin Harber’s Titan series, a military romantic-suspense series about an elite group of operatives.

Roman Hart is a member of the Titan Group, haunted by a mistake he made that cost someone's life. The heroine, CIA operative Beth Tourne, is also suffering from her past, wishing she could go back and correct her own mistake, one that meant she failed her husband when he needed her most.

Beth’s inner turmoil over her husband’s death keeps her from being able to move on and enjoy a physical or emotional connection with another man, too afraid to risk it when, for all her love for her husband, she missed clues to his ultimate unhappiness. Lately, the most stimulation she’s gotten has been baiting and poking at Roman safe in the confidence that it can never go anywhere real.

Beth is also stuck in her professional life where she’s so successful in her role as party girl monitoring the social elite of Washington D.C. that the CIA has no desire to fulfill her request for more challenging field work. Until Beth is given a new assignment: woo an international money-launderer and keep his attentions and affections by any means necessary. Yeah, like that. Now the personal and professional walls she’s constructed to survive her heartache are crumbling down at Roman is right at the center of the eruption.

Roman is still raw from being left in the dark while his sister played dead for ten years as part of an undercover operation. He’s determined not to be that vulnerable again. But then Beth changes the parameters of their game and he’s forced to realize he has genuine feelings for her. Finding out that she’s been ordered—and worse, is willing—to sleep with her new assignment if necessary pushes him across the line that has kept him safely uninvolved for so long. When Beth’s assignment goes overseas, Roman insists on going with her in the guise of a bodyguard.

Hart Attack opens with my kind of romantic suspense crack that makes me want to retroactively read into the rest of the series. Military boys with smart mouths and strong team complex. No serial killers. No moody winter settings with cold weather metaphors for emotional dearth. No kidnapped damsels in a dark hole with Chianti on the menu. World needs saving, y’all, and these heroes are ready and raring to go. Hoorah.

The friends-to-lovers trope is one of my favorites in Romancelandia. I like the investment this shows that the heroine and hero already have in one another and that something new has happened to raise the stakes and take that relationship to a deeper level. Beth and Roman aren’t necessarily friends when Hart Attack begins, but they’re definitely connected on several levels, both by the bonds of family and friends and by the sexual attraction that feeds the game they’ve played together for so long. A failed mission for Roman and Beth’s new assignment bring them individually to pivotal personal moments that in turn rest on the emotional crux they face together.

Hart Attack features very steamy love scenes that are at first key to Beth letting go of her husband in a very physical way and later a means by which Roman is able to show an emotional resurgence he can’t yet put into words.


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