Dec 17 2014 9:30am

Quiz: Who Is Your Ideal Romance Hero?

It's the holiday season and while hot cocoa and eggnog go a long way to warm us up, nothing beats a hero! Heroes and Heartbreakers has put together a special quiz, just for you, so you can find out what type of hero is your ideal match! Let us know your result in the comments!

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1. Scarlettleigh
Not surprising my hero is the guy next door -- a little bit nice, and a lot sexy.

Great job on creating this -- 100 percent accuracy!
Jessica Moro
3. JessicaMoro
Of course i got Lord of the Manor, now when am I getting the castle?!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Lord of the Manor! I'll take it, I love me a good duke (or a bad one **wink wink nudge nudge**)
6. LDFerris
I'll take my Lord of the Manor and enjoy! I always figured my ideal man was tall, dark, handsome... And lived 200+ years ago. ;-)
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
I got a cowboy, which seems off to me. But the QUIZ GODS must know!
K.M. Jackson
8. kwanawrites
I got Lord of the Manor. I think it was the fireplace and the library that sealed it for me. Mr. Darcy do you hear me calling?
9. LizzieP
So shocked by Lord of the Manor, I took the quiz again. And then again. The truth will set you free? Heads off to find a lord, a manor, and some tea...
Lege Artis
10. LegeArtis
I got Man in Uniform.
My uniform kink is following me everywhere and I might as well face it...
11. PhoebeChase
I got Lord of the Manor. That is going to be one busy Duke!
12. S. Spelling
I got lord of the manor too...I'm hoping that were not all sharing him, and that he has brothers, lots of brothers . lmao
Kim Miller
13. kdhmhmm
I got Man in Uniform, which I would love to look at for hours, but I'm not sure I could live with....
14. Sewlively
Oh Jamie! Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan. I'll take that braw lad in any incarnation, any day.
Jessica Moro
15. JessicaMoro
@JenniferProffitt Lord of the Manor?! We really are like super reading twins!
17. lauralee1912
Guy next door for me. Well, he could be a cowboy, a duke, a SEAL, a Highlander ....

Loved Ben from Sugar Jamison's Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas!
Jennifer Proffitt
18. JenniferProffitt
@Jessica Moro, hey buddy! Yes we are! It's fate that we share a duke! And @PhoebeChase, he may be busy, but I figure for all the man-whore dukes that have been written, I figure one man can take care of us (and I don't meant that as sexually as it's coming off...just that he knows how to juggle... oh forget it). AND exhibit B, if we follow romance logic there are a MILLION dukes, and I would settle for an earl, or a marquess... a second son with a courtesy title...
19. Bianca
Man in Uniform

How anyone came up with those questions is a mystery to me though. Why did I have to pick a poor animal in an ugly costume?!?

I think the perfect guy is probably SuperSEAL Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-0. And not just because Alex O'Loughlin is so incredibly hot. Though one should not forget about that...not that I could if I tried.
But it's more the fact that he's a good guy, one of the best really. Dedicated, a hero, a SEAL turned cop, trying to keep everyone safe, always fighting for good and making sure he's in between innocents and the bad guys (okay that might suck if he were to be my boyfriend....)

So I think this is pretty spot on, even if the questions were rather silly.
Manda Collins
20. mandacollins
I got Lord of the Manor. Thank goodness! The quiz gods have decreed I'm sympatico with my own creation!
21. TanyaLK
Lord of the manor for me too! Mandacollins, I now have your book on my to read list :)
22. LenoreJ
Cowboy!? Really!? that I think about it, there are real possibilities with that...
23. Manitougrl
Billionaire!!! Yippee, except he'll never have two free seconds to spend with me.
26. shanabashaw
Roped me a cowboy! Can I have the one in the picture please??
27. lisalee
Actually, I would take any one of these hotties! Doesn't really make a difference to me. I've swooned over a variety of heroes in many of the novels I've read!
28. akirah_iris
lord of the manor !!! now, where's my duke ?;)
the tea probably did it ! lol!
29. Kenyalori
Really surprised I thought Lord of the Manor or Man in Uniform would be my ideal holiday hottie. I guess I am higher maintenance than I thought- I need a Billionaire...
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