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Lost Girl 5x03 SPOILER THREAD: Sayonara?

We'll be doing full recaps for Lost Girl when it airs in the United States on the SyFy channel. Meanwhile, enjoy a quick summary of last night's episode and discuss!

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night's Season 5, Episode 3, “Big in Japan.”

Tonight, Bo and Tamsin take on a case, Dyson teaches Doctor Lauren to defend herself, and Bo loses her mojo. Oh, bee-have, baby.

Bo has lost her mojo. Big time. She can’t feed and while she wants to bang, not even a half nekkid (Hot Tattoo Alert!) and totally willing, no-strings-attached (hah! Heard that one before) Dyson can rev her up. Neither can Doctor Lauren’s tepid neck kisses or Tamsin’s matter-of-fact offers. This essentially makes Bo human—unable to feed means unable to heal—and it comes to a quick head when she’s stabbed by her case-of-the-week (yay for returning to cases!). Doctor Lauren stabilizes Bo at her fancy schmancy new Fae clinic but is unable to heal the internal bleeding. Tamsin prods Bo into confessing the heart of the matter: the loss of Kenzi. Bo is convinced she’s destined to be The Chosen One alone, slowly but surely abandoned by all the ones she loves. “I’ll always be alone.”

First Trick (“We share the same blood. Wherever you go, I go. You’ll never be alone.”), then Doctor Lauren (“you stole my heart and I’m never going to ask for it back. You’ll never be alone.”), and finally Dyson (“I’m not going anywhere. Ever.”), vow to never leave her. Bo’s gets her mojo back in a big way and kicks everyone out of the hospital room but Dyson who she keeps to jump start her healing. 

This leads to the hilarious and seriously AWKWARD scene of Doctor Lauren and Tamsin sitting outside listening to Bo and Dyson loudly bang. I think Dyson even growls at one point. It’s funny because it’s so clearly a homage to when Hale and Kenzi did the same in The Dal in season one. But it’s also one of the sweetest scenes as the doc puts her hand on Tamsin’s thigh…and the Internet melts down from the metaphoric ritual sacrifice of doccubus fans everywhere. Alas, it’s merely the doc reaching out to Tamsin to basically thank her for being a blowhard with no filter because while her surprises are often horrible (according to the doc), every so often she does or says exactly what’s needed and Doctor Lauren is grateful for that. Her sincerity is genuine enough to make Tamsin uncharacteristically teary. That was darling.

In the A plot, Bo and Tamsin take on a case involving a Japanese Fae who’s been targeted for assassination. An actual case! And Bo is wearing actual clothes that aren’t all black leather! Including a gorgeous coral dress and fabulous navy hat. Don’t tease me, costume people! 

Anyway, their client is a legendary warrior who Tamsin totally freaks out over and who is destined to ascend any day now. Except he’s really a fraud and if he ascends, he’ll become some kind of Fae lizard toilet brush. His sister is actually the warrior who won the legendary battle. She also took out the hit in order to try and poke her brother into confessing the truth. Bo and Tamsin go all Kill Bill ninja on the ascension ceremony, complete with a leather biker outfit for Tam Tam, and the truth is finally revealed. But the disgraced brother stabs Bo in retaliation for her ruining his life, which is how she winds up in the doc’s clinic for the whole “alone” thing.

Meanwhile, Doctor Lauren and Dyson consult over the elevator crash from the end of last episode. She’s identified three human blood sequences and one Fae, which he sniffs out in an instant putting her hundred-thousand-dollar equipment to shame. The lingering Fae is the blonde from the elevator who is now dead on a slab in the doc’s mortuary. Dyson and Doctor Laruen both agree to keep investigating. More callbacks to season one. Dig it.

Doctor Lauren has been getting death threats due to her sudden ability to de-fae the Fae. Huh. Imagine that. Though she brushes it off, Dyson is concerned and offers to train her to defend herself. She declines at first but after a scary false alarm, heads over to the gym where he’s working the heavy bag (not like that) to take him up on the offer. Also, she’s likely the only woman in the world to tell him to put his shirt on. Sadly, he complies. 

They quickly figure out that straight on boxing training doesn’t work and instead Dyson focuses on helping Doctor Lauren go with her gut and channel her natural passion toward medicine into self-defense…by way of a Chinese throwing star. He also admits that Bo blames him for allowing Kenzi to throw herself into the portal, though the doc thinks Bo also blames herself. Dyson’s training pays off though when a patient takes the doc’s assistant hostage and demands Doctor Lauren turn over the de-faeing serum. Instead, she loads a needle with some ketamine and throws it like a throwing star into his neck. Unfortunately, she’s not around later when the blonde from the elevator magically revives and breaks the assistant’s neck. Ruh roh.

Later, Dyson makes popcorn with Tamsin at Hilton Hovel. He tells her he considers himself single and just helps Bo out when she needs to feed. Coupled with Doctor Lauren’s earlier admission to the Valkyrie that she and Bo are “just friends,” it looks like the show has jumped ship on the ‘ships…for now. Dyson encourages Tamsin to leave the police force and keep doing private investigations with Bo. He holds up the pamphlet Kenzi made up in season one for Bo’s investigative services. Good times. Doctor Lauren arrives with wine and beer and thanks Dyson for the training, saying she finally followed her gut. They join Bo on the couch and all declare horror to be on the movie menu. Dyson wants the werewolf flick. Underworld: Awakening maybe? Bo snuggles into Dyson and drapes her legs over Doctor Lauren and Tamsin’s laps. Faemily redux.

Next week: Vex is back!

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1. drusilla_doll
Will eventually post something more serious/analytical but first the shallow: hot dayum I am digging Bo's 'not just black' wardrobe this season. That coral dress and navy hat near the end was particularly flattering, I thought.

Also....I actually chuckled when Lauren asked Dyson to put his shirt back on. Glad we got some nice naked back shots in the opener.
Susan White
2. whiskeywhite
As I said very recently -- and it's proven here one more time -- thank goodness I have you to explain this show to me, Kiersten. I didn't pick up that the woman on the slab was the same one from the elevator. What was the deal with the candle now?

I agree 1,010% with @TheGardner (in the Ep. 2 discussion) that the FotW and the associated plot was boring, boring. (Give me his fellow Japanese fae -- the Kappa -- who sucks out people's guts any day.) But to be fair, and to continue the fine tradition of shallow, this fellow was very cute. I appreciated @nypinta's reflection (also in the previous discussion thread):
Seeing them play on the idea of other heroes being automatically assumed to be a male and have it be wrong (yeah, girl power!) was AOK by me. ... exposing automatic misogyny is fine by me too.
I am surprised to find myself feeling less kindly towards Lauren than Kiersten (is the sky falling?), but only in one small way. The part that I found man hatey in this episode was Lauren telling Dyson to put his shirt on in a tone of voice that was not joking at all but rather implied revulsion (as a woman and a lesbian) at his bare-chested maleness and the sexuality it exudes.

Oh, and I'm not keen on Dyson being relegated to filling station again. I think, as I've said before, that Dyson needs to go out and find himself a sexy woman wolf-shifter. Imagine the growling then! But it was cute that Tamsin offered, half-heartedly, to do her part in the healing. So much for any prospects of a grand passion between Bo and Tamsin.

I was very, very pleased to see Lauren welcoming Tamsin to the team. It would be cool if they all work together to solve cases. If only they have more interesting cases.
3. nypinta
I thought Lauren said the thing about the shirt because he was sweaty. Which, even for man loving women, is sometimes ick. ;) But I can understand other intereptations of her comment.

Now... if Bo was truely Dyson's "friend" she would have introduced him to the true great hero. Because that woman is right up his alley. Ass kicking and honorable? Puhleaze.

I can't believe people don't find ninjas interesting. Richard Castle would be so disappointed in you all! Fae history, ninjas, tradition, a sister trying to save her dumbass brother! NINJAS. Sheesh.
4. drusilla_doll
Hmm I don't know if I can articulate it well, but I will go with the 'gut' reaction as to why I (for the most part) enjoyed this episode. For me it was important to have Kenzi's loss be tangible for Bo, and it was. Because she'd been avoiding the emotional fallout from her death with her 'save Kenzi from Valhalla & bring her back' quest and then to have her BFF voluntarily cut ties WAS a big thing to have to cope with, even if she understood why Kenzi made that decision. Then add in all the extra family drama with what her mum went through while enslaved, step mom sex, Daddy bullshit/mind games etc it's not hard to see why her confidence took a hit.

I, for one, really enjoyed the MOTW quality of the episode. It took me back to S1 & S2 in a good way and it also explored some interesting themes about what makes a true hero, leadership, being 'chosen' as an obligation & burden as well as an honor. Granted, Buffy & Angel handled these themes with much more success & finesse, but I still appreciated the attempt to touch upon them & how they related to Bo's current situation.

The group dynamic got shook up and is in the process of resettling itself. I liked the lessening of shipping conflict and really loved Lauren giving Tamsin credit where it was due. One of my fave moments of the episode.

I found Lauren's shirt request funny because it seemed so deliberately meta, an EA throwback when she used to love to have Dyson go out of his way to be nice and get snarked on by DL in return. It seems they are growing closer & trusting each other more as friends and that is fine by me.

I still think Tamsin is a wild card and less 'settled' in terms of how she views Bo & her place in the team. That could mean the writers were looking to increase sexual tension/awkwardness or maybe they just weren't sure themselves yet if Tamsin was going to be the 'nu-Kenzi' sidekick or a potential love interest for real. I do think Tamsin has been feigning disinterest regarding feeding with Bo. For one thing, she'd be a heck of a step up from Rainier. *wink*

That said, I would be fine if they just hint at some sort of poly-amorous arrangement and focus instead on Bo's daddy issues (long overdue) and what the heck is going on with elevator woman.

I like that Lauren is having to deal with her decision to de-Fae Evony maliciously & word has gotten round. Nice to see some negative consequences for bone head decisions rather than whitewashing after the fact.

I have a question I hope will be answered soon or by one of you: how the heck did Lauren get the funds to build such a swanky new clinic, with $100,000 equipment? Is it Evony hush money? But then who would have told all other fae about what happened to the former Morrigan?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
I like Dyson/DL scenes b/c I love seeing Kris and Zoie work together and know (because they've said so) that they love doing it. But I seriously dislike this bromance between Dyson and DL because it takes all the blood out of the fight. There'e no more character ambiquity, no more shades of grey (and sometimes outright black) in character for either one of them, but mostly for DL. By whitewashing out all her dubious allegiences and decisions/choices and retconning her character to be more heroic and thus more overtly an alternative to Dyson, it's backfired to make her more meh. Now Dyson works overtime in the Doctor Wonder Lauren show while DL still takes shots at him (admittedly, with more overt fondness than before) but he's still the one doing most of the work. And with everyone united in being whatever Bo needs (bleh), there's nothing to root for, nothing to argue about, no skin in the game for any of the players. And I think the show has lost a lot by bleaching everyone out like that.

Granted, ZP is having a blast playing the more farcical humor scenes (the stuff with Kenzi last week was a hoot) and as I said in the recaplet, the scene with Tamsin was sweet and touching. But there's no relationship angst any more. Everyone's in a holding pattern, like a collective shrug of "eh, whatever". This also allows the show to play with the polyamorous angle without actually setting up an outright polyamorous relationship. Bo bangs whomever she likes; Dyson and DL are there if she wants them and Tamsin's inhouse as roomie and morning kick start if wanted. Dyson, DL, and Tamsin are all free to pursue others partners if they want. No harm. No foul. Everybody's "happy".

The show courted the 'ship wars, realized the monster they unleashed, and, rather than making a decision and dealing with the inevitable fan fallout from the dissed 'ship, (which, either way, wouldve been more interesting than this bromance and the "everyone loves Bo and Bo loves everyone") have now homogenized the more ambiguous aspects of the characters, esp DL, until they're all really just tropes waiting for the back end of the season next year to finally have a chance to do something interesting. Or at least, that's what I hope will happen after this filler/waiting game plays out in these first 8 episodes.

For the record, *love* ninjas and I was happy to see a different culture mined for it's mythology. But this A plot just lacked...pizzazz. They was no risk, no high stakes. We didnt get a chance to care about Mushi and his sister (did we ever even get her name?) enough to care about their fates. They were just blah characters there to hold the A plot and serve as metaphors for Bo's hero complex.

Vex is back in the next episode, so chances are we'll get more information about what happened with Evony and where the Dark Fae politics in particular stand right now. Dyson made it sound as though there was a tacit agreement between factions that everyone is status quo for the mo as they're all simply happy the Una Mens are gone.

I do think DL is funded by Evony somehow, that or she got the money from looting Masimo's lair. I've always said DL skates on all the bad she's done, particularly to Bo and Dyson, so it's nice to see her facing some consequences for her actions for a change. That said, Dyson sold it more as her being targeted for doing something "good" or creating something revolutionary, which she did, granted, but without a judgment on the fact that she did a seriously henious act. More that now she has a powerful weapon other Fae will kill to get, not that she's created something that can take away the very identity of a Fae against his/her will. Evony is still painted as getting her just deserts and DL as being heroic for giving them to her. So she's still painted in a somewhat victimized or even heroic light for some truly nefarious behavior. But that's just par for the Lost Girl course.
6. jdknight
I think that Bo's reaction to Kenzi's loss was to be expected but that the way Kenzi deserted her in such a cruel and unfeeling way was totally out of character. I suspect that she may not be back but hopes she does return she she was the heart and soul of the show but the writers started making her less lovable in series 4. I am glad to see the cast back to form and will continue watching it in spite of the fact that I feel that the Kenzi fans have been really badly let down by the way she has been written out of the show
Susan White
7. whiskeywhite
Interesting suggestion, @nypinta, about matchmaking Dyson and the sister ninja. But I'm still pitching for some wolfy love.

I agree that the ninja mythology is interesting in its own right, and no doubt much richer than gutsucking :-). But pizzazz-less here, as Kiersten says. I could have done with a little flying in treetops or running up walls, a la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the like, which I adore. But I realize that requires a FX budget that LG just doesn't have (and done badly would be just embarrassing). Speaking of a strong, brave woman s/hero, CTHD has a great one (the senior woman).

Do you really think, Kiersten, that Tamsin is available for a "morning kick start" for Bo? Maybe I need to watch again, but all I remember seeing is an "only if you really need it to not die" offer. Your suggestion, @drusilla_doll, that Tamsin is faking disinterest is definitely a possibility. But the last thing we need, having apparently laid down the triangle, is a quadrilateral!

I get your point about a vague polyamory thing, Kiersten, but Bo having sex with anybody she wants, with a couple of 'regulars' available in Dyson and Lauren, is not polyamory. That is, shall we say, free sex. Polyamory, as I understand it, is an established relationship among three or more partners with clear, carefully and jointly worked out rules or understandings about how things are going to work. That's not what's happening here but would be fascinating to see (I'm definitely not holding my breath).

I agree, @jdknight, that Kenzi fans have been really badly let down by the way she has been written out of the show. But it seems like it was Ksenia's decision to go, no? (Which, of course, doesn't negate your point.) Dumping Hale is one (bad) thing, but the showrunners would be crazy to write out such a popular character (and great actress).

Happy holidays to all.
8. Lurker
I am really disappointed in Bo. I understand that Bo is hurt by Kenzi leaving but after last season I could care less about Bo's selfishiness displayed in 5x03. This is the supposed Queen of the Fae?!?! When she needed everyone's assurance that they won't leave her made me roll my eyes so hard I was afraid I would knock myself out. FFS Lauren and Kenzi are human so chances are they will die eventually. Dyson Tamsin and Trick are her family and allies so they are in danger as much as Bo is. Tamsin should have told Bo that Guess what there are no guarantees in life period.

The ending scene was just as bad. I wasn't seeing Bo being with her friends. I saw Bo's friends trying to reassure her for the umpteenth time when at this point in the game Bo should be clearheaded and strong.

Honestly at this point I find no difference between Bo and Aife. Actually there is one. Aife acknowledges who she is. Bo doesn't realize what a schmuck she is. Kenzi, Tamsin or Lauren would make a much better Queen than this Bo.
9. jdknight
Having read the Michael Grassi interview it seems that Kenzi will not be back at all. It is unclear what she will do on a foreign island where she does not know anybody - does she speak Spanish?

Bo acted perfectly normally in episode five. The person she had regarded as her best friend - her heart - had in a most unfeeling and uncaring way - destroyed that friendship. It is not surprizing that she felt hurt and betrayed by the person she loves most in the world. Her friends understood that and rallied around her even though they probably felt betrayed as well.

If the writers wanted to get rid of Kenzi they should have left her in Valhalla instead of destroying her personality by making her cruel, unfeeling and selfish which is not the Kenzi we had all grown to know and love - that Kenzi would have stayed with Bo and the gang until the very end
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
Kenzi will definitely be back. We know for a fact that Ksenia was on set for the part 2 finale aka series finale and that she was on set for some of the last episodes of part 1. Grassi said she was going to be in less than half of the 16 episodes.
11. stacymd2
Hi all! I finally got to see 503. Like 501 & 502 it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn't love the episode, another "meh". 503's storyline was coherent. It was better than 502.

Kenzi's presense was missed.

The Good:
AS's acting in the hospital scene, Bo's crying speach. She really tried hard to sell that scene.
RS's last scene, where Tamsin was crying and telling herself to, "get it together". She sold Tamsin's awkwardness and deep emotions. Emotions that Tamsin is not use to feeling.
Tamsin & Lauren's awkward scene outside Bo's hospital room where Lauren basically thanked her for snapping Bo out of her self pity.
Dyson: "I'm not going anywhere, ever." Touches Bo's hand. Bo's eyes turn blue.
Tamsin: "Edamame? Yum."
Dyson and Wonder Lauren's scenes at the gym. It did not feel forced as all of their S4 scenes did. They were two people who respect each other talking. No backhanded comments and eyerolling from her for once.
Tamsin and Bo's scenes. They are fun together. It's not Bo and Kenzi, but I wasn't expecting them to be.
Bo's outfits. I liked the white jacket. I loved Tamsin's Kill Bill-lite white and blue motorcycle outfit.
Dyson looked SOOOOO HOOOTTT working out at the gym. I wanted to lick the sweat off him.

@Lurker: I do agree, somewhat, that 503 had Bo rehashing "chosen one" issues she should be over at this point. Bo was THE champion years ago in Season 2. Bo titles herself as THE unaligned succubus. Season 4 she was THE Queen, THE Queen bee. She said the "chosen one" stull was Fae Poo back then, so her freaking out now didn't have the emotional punch it should have. Bo has never done any adventure alone. Bo's family has it much harder than she does. They unfailingly support her emotionally and physically without having her strength, power or being "chosen". Bo fears losing them, but she has neglected various family members many times, especially in Seasons 3 & 4. Has she asked about Aife yet?
12. stacymd2
Lost Girl's writers are trying to show that they are going back to what worked in S1 and I appreciate the effort. They are trying hard to show that S5 Bo is different than S4 Bo.
I liked that Bo had an episode to process her feelings about Kenzi leaving.
Why is Trick still tending bar? Isn't he acting Ash?
I liked that Lost Girl incorporated Japanese mythology into a FotW case.
Loved Bo's pink kimono. AS looked so cute this episode.

The writers left Bo wide open, so to speak, relationship wise. They made both Dyson and Dr. Magic Serum friends with benefits to her. They left the door open to explore a Bo-Tamsin romance.
We know how Lost Girl rolls. This episode had Team Badass. Next episode will have Doccubus. Another episode will have Valkubus. I can't get worked up about the Team Badass wink.

There is no such thing as "no strings" attached sex between D & B, for either of them. (Just like in S3.) There is no such thing as "feeding sex" between them at this point either. Bo knows Dyson is in love with her & is giving her time, because he directly told her so. Not once has she kick him out of her life or told him not to wait for her. Bo chose to feed from him because she loves him, he loves her, they are comfortable together and enjoy being together. He is her stability, strength and best friend, after Kenzi.

I did get the feeling that the writers are trying to make it seem as if Dyson & Wonder Lauren are sooooooo happy ("A-Okay") just being in Bo's orbit, delighting in whatever sex scraps she gives them. The last scene looked like Bo with her Angles. Or, Bo with her Tralls.

Wow, Dr. All Knowing actually asked someone for help instead of going off halfcocked as she did in S3 & S4. Color me surprised. It's a baby step in growth, I guess. Although, it is ridiculous that she hasn't told Bo, Trick or Dyson about the death threats sooner, so they can do something. I still feel Dr. Badass is waiting until the Fae-hits-the-fan, so Bo can ride in to save her.

The formerly dead blonde lawyer is intriguing. What is her power? What type of Fae is she? Is she Demeter like we guessed based on 502? According to Wiki: Demeter (Greek myth) is the goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains & the fertility of the earth. She presided also over the sacred law & the cycle of life & death. What that has to do with being seen is anyone's guess. Demeter also has a whole horse myth of her own, according to Wiki. In mare form she birthed a daughter (Despoina) & a horse (Arion) with Poseidon. Damn! Those ancient Greeks were kinky.

I'm glad Bo & crew are not killing people, unlike last season. Bo didn't kill Musashi (sp?) & Dr. Ninja Lauren didn't kill the robber. This has been my gripe with Supernatural for a few seasons now.

Everyone always has a different opinion about what Lost Girl is trying to say--if they are saying anything at all. IMHO, I thought 503's A-plot was about what being a leader means, what being a "chosen one" means and how getting caught up in your own hype can turn someone into an Ash-hole. It was trying to show Bo's change from last season as well as what Bo may have become if she gave into the ego stroke of being the "chosen one." The writers used the FotW case to show Bo's struggle and what she is learning.

@Kiersten: I totally agree that Lost Girl once again whitewashed Dr. Poor Me Lauren, M.D.'s S4 actions. They have done this for 3 seasons in a row. What coma girlfriend, AmIRight? Lauren saved everyone from Dr. Taft, AmIRight? Lauren saved Bo from Evony, AmIRight?

Dr. Lauren Moreau deliberately created a toxin that can wipe out an entire species. She used that serum on someone based on erroneous info which she could have easily verified. The Vagina Serum was created without permission, used against will, could have killed the subject and was administered in the most despicable possible. Lauren created the Fae version of Conversion Therapy. She is the monster in this situation. I don't expect Dr. Ethics to face consequences, (why start now?), but someone should say something about what she did being wrong. I doesn't have to be one of the gang. Instead her amoral actions are turned into "Wonder Lauren is a victim of the EVIL Fae."

The writers could have partially redeemed Dr. Reparative Lewis, M.D. if she had said that she destroyed the serum and all notes/evidence, but some evil Fae are still out to get her, but the writers have not done so.

It also makes little sense that Fae would go to a hospital and agree to be treated by a doctor that doesn't have a licene truned one of them human against their will for no reason.
13. stacymd2
The one major plot hole made the A-plot not really work for me...
Just like all of Season 4 this entire storyline could have been wrapped up before it began. The A-plot had a simple solution. Tell. The. Truth. Any girl power moral Lost Girl may have been making was sucked out because of it. IMHO Tomoe (sp?), the sister, didn't deserve to ascend either.

Not telling the truth is dishonorable. It IS Tomoe's truth to tell. The lie directly involves her. She let her brother take her glory and allowed him to become an arrogant jerk for centuries. If she had been honest centuries ago, none of this would be happening and maybe her brother would have grown into a warrior in his own right. In S2 Lost Girl said that Fae women have always had power. They have not traditionally had the struggles with sexism that human women face. It is a retcon to imply that Tomoe couldn't say anything because she is female.

Tomoe also hired an assassin to kill her brother. In no culture is it honorable to kill a sibling or hire someone to do so. How is she saving him by getting him killed? How did she know the assassin would not succeed or would not go through with murder? Musashi would have died if he had drunk the poison. Musashi would have died if the assassin hadn't looked for the scar/mark on his neck. In the end, the person she hired died. Getting someone killed for no reason is dishonorable.

When the assassin attacked B, T and Musashi, B & T went down quickly & easily. That doesn't jive with the later Kill Bill-lite fight scene where B & T crash the ascension ceremony & fight trained ninjas.

The "plot twist" was given away after the first attack. Musashi just stood there gaping. No attempt to defend himself. No effort to move out of harm's way. No hidden weapons even though he knows someone is trying to kill him. It was obvious that he is no great warrior.

It was so obvious that it didn't make sense (to me) that Musashi's brothers didn't see it for centuries.

After reading other sites (shutter) I wanted to say how much I liked HeroesAndHeartbreakers. What I like about coming her is that this community is rational, insightful, funny & smart. Most of us know that Lost Girl is just a TV show. AS, KHR, KS, KCC, RH, RS, PRA, EV & ZP are actors playing a role. They are real people. We don't confuse them with the characters they play. As Lost Girl stumbles drunkenly to its finale, we should try to remember not to let this show and the chaos of the characters overtake us and remember that what we have in common is more important: community, love & an appreciation of fickle succubuses, flawed wolf shifters, snarky runaways, sexy abs sirens, lonely valkyries, mischievous mesmers & secretive blood kings.
14. Lurker
Relationship wise 5x03 was a fanservice mess where LG teased all 3 ships due to Bo's neediness. Like you said it reminded me of Aife with her thralls. I take what was stated romance wise at face value. Bo and Lauren are friends and there are no strings with Bo and Dyson. Dyson reiterated that he was single at the end of the episode. Tamsin loves flirting with Bo and would take things further if Bo lets her. TBH they all should leave Bo. Kenzi was smart to flat leave Bo's ass. Sorry but this Bo is not worth hanging around and I hate that everyone panders to her worthless ass. Season 4 really diminished Bo in my eyes and whatever progress occurred in the first 2 eps went down the drain the last episode.
15. jdknight
I know Kenzi will be in the last episode - she has already been in 3 so she will be in a maximum of 4 others. The 'Big Bad' has claimed her so it is likely that Bo's reclaiming did not work and possibly Kenzi is in the same situation as Tamsin in this respect. We will not see what Kenzi is gettin up to while she is away but she has a stunt double in the finale so I guess that she is not just chatting up the locals whilst abroad ;o) Hopefully, she will come back with more powers - maybe she has gone to a proper shadow thief school?

I have always liked Tamsin ho has always been a good friend to Bo, even when she was meant to be hunting her - the Kitsume and Brazenwood incidents for example. She has always beena lonely outsider but is a true and loyal friend to Bo and the gang when not under the 'Big Bad's' control

Lauren was a lot nicer later in this episode - she finally seems to have gained some humility and Lancelot's song, C'est Moi from Camelot is no longer her theme tune, she appears to have finally realized that she is not infallible and that her friends, including Dyson and Tamsin, deserve some loyalty and respect.

I think that Bo was very likable in this episode she too has learn how to be humble and not to take her friends for granted.
Carmen Pinzon
16. bungluna
I finally cured myself of my Lost Girl thrall after the horrible Season 4. A remnant of curiosity brought me here to see what's going on with the new season. I've enjoyed readint y'alls comments and will probably lurk again, but am I glad that I don't watch this drivel anymore! Talk abaout wated opportunities.
17. jdknight
Ksenia's stunt double is also in 5.15. Very strange future cast lists- most of the regulars are not mentioned in the later episodes. I guess a certain symmetry if Kenzi is in the first 2 and last two eisodes. Still very unhappy about the long gap between episodes 8 and9 - suspect that they will lose a lot of fans because of it
18. nypinta
Just wanted to point out that although Lachlan called Bo the "champion of the fae" in S2, she herself never accepted that. She told him instead that she would work with him. And it wasn't until they lost one battle, losing Ciara in the process, and Trick being nabbed by the Garuda did she accept that she had to be the one to lead them. (And it was, in her mind, a one time thing.) And as for her being the Chosen One (ugh), Bo never accepted it as a real thing. When Tamsin told her she was the Queen Bee and whatnot, Bo didn't accept it then either. She rails against the idea of it at all turns, being chose, destiny, being the "Queen". So why anyone would think she would be OK with it now confuses me. The entire point of the episode was that no one is their hype. Bo is more than a title that others keep trying to put on her and she's also someone with serious abandonment issues and her best friend, the first person that actually accepted her completely, just left. Of course she'd be a wreck! Everyone she has ever known has abandoned her at one time or another. Her parents did when they kicked her out. She finds out at the same time her real parents did too. (Even if she didn't know why.) She couldn't let anyone close to her for a decade. She finds the fae and first Dyson left (albeit not totally by choice) and then Lauren. Tamsin showed up and she turned out to be working against Bo (albeit not by choice...) So the fae aren't exactly great for her abandonment outlook, ya know? When they said "clear headed" I think they just meant that Bo wasn't under the influence of any spells or memory loss anymore. Doesn't mean she still doesn't have serious issues to work out.
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