Dec 5 2014 1:30pm

H&H Debriefing: The Gift of Reading—Yes or No?

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Tis the Season when Team H&H—and many of you—are thinking about gifts: who to buy for, what to give, what you want. For many avid readers, the gift of a book might make sense, but some members of the team don't agree!

Do you like to receive books as gifts? Do you want your fiction choices to be handled by you, and nobody else but you? Let us know in the comments and chime in with which member of the team you agree with!

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rachel sternberg
1. rae70
I am a book giver and a B & N card giver as well.. I always like to use a paperback as a stocking stuffer and try to tailor it to the likes of the person I'm giving it too.. So I try to stay with the authors they like or series or genre.. the pull is to strong if I am at the store and see one on the "Just Released" shelf... I love to receive books and gift cards as well..
Jessica Moro
2. JessicaMoro
It depends don't give me a self help book because I'm really think into that one. But, I'm a big fan of book related gifts like a harry potter phone case or something like that. I also think gift cards are the way to go.
Coleen K
3. Coleen K
I give books every year to my neices and nephew. I put together a gift bag with little gifts and a book or two and they they get a "bigger" gift. They love the books!
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
When I was a kid, my family knew I liked to read, so they'd buy me books, but the thing about me is I'm very particular and didn't necessarily want to read what they got me, ha ha. So I think I'm hard to buy books for, but if I feel I know exactly what someone would want, I will get books for other people.

But general, I must admit that in general I don't buy books for others as often as I get them a gift card because I know I, myself, have gotten things I'm just not into.
6. Kareni
I love giving and receiving books. The danger is that givers tend to either gift me with a book I've already read or massively misread my taste in books. I like to think (delude myself more like) that my book gifts to others are hits. My husband, sister, and daughter tend to give me books from a wishlist that I provide for the winter holidays and birthdays.
Coleen K
7. EC Spurlock
I just handed my Christmas list of books to my kids this morning. :-) I usually give my family a list of a dozen or so that I want, so it's still a surprise which one I get. I am also good with gift cards.

I usually give a book to each son & my husband as well, but I usually know what authors/series they are glomming at the time and try to aim for a just-released title that they might not even know exists yet.

I don't usually buy books for people outside my immediate family, and people outside my family usually don't presume to know my taste. If I know they are avid readers, though, I have been known to give a gift card to B&N or Amazon, and a couple of people have given them to me as well.
8. wsl0612
I love books and have enjoyed them as gifts, but I'm usually handing the giver a list of options, as I read so much it's highly likely I've already read and/or purchased a book they might find.
I also buy books for my GREAT nieces and nephews ;-) yes, we already on that generation and I want to encourage them all to read and keep reading. I think we book readers are the happiest people!
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