Dec 12 2014 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Unusual Historical Heroes from Vikings, Outlander, Marco Polo, and More!

Clive Standen in VikingsYou guys know we love a good unusual historical—we could have a duke any day, but a viking? Or a Highlander? What about a late-Victorian era detective, or a few gangsters from post-WWI England? Yeah, that's the stuff of dreams! While we offer you monthly books set in unusual venues with our Not-Your-Usual Historicals Shopping List, we decided to take it to the screen and present our favorite beefcake who portray men from all sorts of times and places—even if they aren't always hero material.

Tom Hardy in Peaky BlindersTravis Fimmel in VikingsLorenzo Richelmy in Marco PoloFrancois Arnaud in BorgiasJude Law in Cold MountainEliot Cowan from Da Vinci's DemonsCillian Murphy in Peaky BlindersAdam Rothenberg in Ripper StreetL to R: Tom Hopper, Toby Stephens, Mark Ryan, Luke Arnold in Black SailsBlake Riston in Da Vinci's Demons

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Julia Tagan
5. JuliaTagan
Just started watching Peaky Blinders last night, so Cillian is on the top of my list!
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