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First Look: Kayla Perrin’s Flames of Passion (December 16, 2014)

Flames of Passion by Kayla PerrinKayla Perrin
Flames of Passion (Love on Fire)
Harlequin Kimani / December 16, 2014 / $6.50 print, $5.99 digital

Their spark is burning hot…

Betrayed by love in the past, Nya Lowe has vowed to steer clear of future heartbreak. But when she sees her deceitful ex at a party, she does something totally out of character and puts the moves on sexy San Diego firefighter Tyler Johansen. Her payback plan backfires when her counterfeit “boyfriend” starts breaking down her defenses…kiss by sizzling kiss.

Tyler risks his life every day, but he isn't ready to gamble with his heart again. Yet ever since the sultry photographer kissed him, all he wants is to keep Nya in his arms. As they stoke the flames of a dangerous desire, a suspicious fire and near-fatal collision raise the stakes for them. Will they both be burned again? Or can they trust each other enough to turn their pretend romance into a forever love?

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For Nya Lowe, the heroine of Kayla Perrin’s Flames of Passion, good intentions lead her to the path of lasting love.

After her last disastrous date, Nya had finally decided to go on a dating hiatus. Indefinitely. She’d examined her behavior and realized that she’d been going about trying to find love with a sense of desperation. Which of course led to disaster.

The problem was, Nya didn’t really know any other way to go about dating than to jump headfirst into a relationship. So she’d sworn off dating and was now trying to get to a place where she could accept being happy on her own.

To help her achieve success, Nya sought out—and found—a support group for the love addicted called No More Casual Hookups.

Nya had found this site accidentally while on a lark searching the web for support groups for people who were swearing off sex. One night, after a few glasses of wine, she had decided to see whether there were other people out there like her.

Lo and behold, there were. She’d found this support group for people who were renewing vows of celibacy in an effort to find love.

Thanks to her friends and her own determination, Nya has stuck to the straight and narrow for the past six months. She’s been able to concentrate on her, just like she’d hoped. She has a job she loves at a photography studio and enjoys attending events for them. It is at one such occasion, celebrating a calendar they had created of heartthrob firefighters, that all her careful planning is put to a severe test. Her ex shows up, flaunting the woman he was clearly cheating on her with. Not wanting to be caught without a date of her own, Nya reacts rashly.

No particular plan in mind, Nya found herself trailing her fingers down the arm of the mar beside her. Stunned, his gaze whipped to hers.

Nya looped her arms through his. “Just go with it,” she whispered. The man, whom she now recognized as one of the firefighters featured in the calendar, narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Baby,” Nya purred moments before Russell reached her. “It’s not polite to ignore me for so long.”

“I’m sorry?

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” And before he could say another word, Nya eased up on her toes, snaked a hand around his neck and pulled his head down. And then she kissed him.

She kissed him brazenly, despite the fact that they were in public.

Tyler Johansen turns out to be an amazingly good sport about the whole thing. Not only does he play his role as fake boyfriend to perfection with little prompting, he agrees to commit himself to the role in the week ahead. Nya had been bowled over by their first kiss, how will she handle being one on one with Tyler on a regular basis?

How could she tell him that he was dangerous to her plan, to her heart? The more time she spent with him, the more she didn’t think she could resist him. And over these past few days, she had once again told herself that she needed to resist him, no matter how sweet or hot he was.

Tyler knows Nya is scared of what they have between them. He had his own recent heartbreak and understands why she is afraid to reach out for love after being burned so badly by it. But he is determined to show her that her heart is safe with him.

“I think that you know by now that you can trust me not to take advantage of you.” He held her gaze. “Yes,” she admitted. “I do know that.”

Tyler’s combination of sexy dates and tender loving care (not to mention his hot body and scorching kisses) soon have Nya wondering if her plan to remain celibate till love comes along needs to continue—or if it has already succeeded. Is Tyler temptation incarnate or is he a heavenly reward?

This second book in Kayla Perrin’s San Diego firefighters series is sure to cause spontaneous combustion in readers, whether Perrin fans or newbies,  everywhere. 


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